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Born in 1951 Budd Hopkins was a Sculptor, Artist and a important figure in UFO Research. He was the founder of the Intruders Foundation, a nonprofit, scientific research and support organization and investigated over 700 cases of alien abduction as well as writing 3 prominent books on the subject. His books are considered he most influential series of books yet published on  the abduction phenomenon. These works, his Hopkins’ lectures, and his other presentations have been responsible for bringing a number of other noted researchers-David Jacobs, John Carpenter, Yvonne Smith, and John Mack, among others-into this extraordinary area of specialization. One of his most interesting investigations in which he wrote the book “Witnessed” The Linda Cortile Napolitano Story took six years to investigate and he was quoted as saying:

“Either it’s a hoax, with many people going to an awful lot of trouble and expense to set it up, or it actually happened. After six years of research we have more than 20 people who either were involved in it or were witnesses to it.”

hopkins2Budd Hopkins expierenced an UFO sighting himself in 1964 in Cape Cod Massachutes. It was during daylight hours and lasted about threeminutes. He was with two friends who also were witness. At first they thought it to be some sort of flattened balloon but obvious to them it could hover and move at great speeds. This was the beginning of his research into the realm of UFO and Alien Abductions andhe began to research heavily into other sightings. Before long others started writing to him and telling him of their expeirences.

Realizing abductions and sightings can be overwhelming, Mr Hopkins started his foundation. In 1992 a made-for-television film “Intruders”features fictionalized characters based on the works of Budd Hopkins and psychiatrist John E. Mack.

hopkins3Mr Hopkins passed away in Manhattan in August 2011 however his great strides in the UFO Research can never be forgotten.Because of his works and Foundation he has made great headway into this part of the Fringe Sciences.


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Katie Snow

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My name is Kathy Snow however in the Paranormal world I am simply known as katie! My team and I take the paranormal field very seriously and have been up and down the eastern seaboard investigating known and unknown locations. My team consists of all family members giving us the opportunity to work well together with no drama. I am a national as well as internationally published paranormal writer. Our evidence has been shown on My ghost story caught on camera and we work hard within our community to bring awareness and understanding to the field. There are four ordained ministers on the team. After 16 years in the field we no longer do in house investigations as we are out trying to find unknown haunted locations and we consult on cases other teams may have questions on. After founding 3 teams, we have recently relocated and our new team name is Dead Ringer Paranormal. We are proud of the work we do and try to show the community it is a scientific field of study and a lot of work goes into what we all do. We are an old world team meaning we investigate with just what we need, we do not hook up wires and tons of equipment, we believe in studying the paranormal in traditional proven ways. I am excited and proud to have been asked to be a rep for NPS..
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