Dust Is Everywhere


When people are asked why the orb in their photo is paranormal and not just a dust particle, many answer with “The house was clean. There was no dust.”

The problem with this explanation is that dust is everywhere. If there is an atmosphere, there is dust. It does not matter how clean an environment is, there are always airborne dust particles.

Some scientist and industrial companies spend thousands of dollars on air filtration systems to try and create a dust free environment. While they are able to remove a very high percentage of dust contamination with these systems, they still will not cannot guarantee that there is absolutely no dust particles in the air.

I recorded the video demonstration attached to this article with my iPhone 5s. Immediately prior to this recording, I had vacuumed my entire home. All I do here is pound the carpet, and many dust particles are seen flying around.

In a typical investigation situation, people are walking around the environment, which can stir up dust, even in a clean house.

April Abercrombie

April Abercrombie

I was Case Manager for Denver Paranormal Research Society for nearly 4 years. While on the team, I primarily conducted investigations for clients of their private residences. I have since left Denver Paranormal to pursue my own research and conduct investigations of haunted locations. I now focus mostly on historical places.
April Abercrombie

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