Intelligent Hauntings

by Virginia Carraway Stark

8511900_f248Intelligent Hauntings has become the designation for what was once the traditional or classic haunting. There are six different types of hauntings, residual, poltergeist, demonic, shadow people, doppelganger and intelligent. Intelligent hauntings are different from the others in that the spirit really wants the attention of the living. Usually intelligent ghosts have a reason for not yet moving on and they seek out the living to help them to move on.

Many spirits may be stuck close to the physical plain because they don’t understand that they have died and they continue to try to go about their ‘lives’ with the unfortunate handicap of being dead. They may know that they are dead but have unfinished business on earth that they need help communicating or physically completing a course of action. They may also want to stay close to loved ones or fear that if they move on that they might face some sort of retribution due to their actions in life.

Signs of intelligent hauntings are the common but benign symptoms that we all tend to associate with ghosts. Objects disappearing and then reappearing in places where they could not have been misplaced to is one of the prime indicators. Temperatures dropping suddenly or a cold spot in a room are also indicators. Temperature is particularly useful as this isn’t a subjective cold spot but rather something that can be objectively measured with a thermometer.

Strange sounds are also common but a difficult to prove symptom. Many times ‘unexplained’ noises have very rational explanations and these must be ruled out before jumping to conclusions. Doors and windows may open and close of their own volition, and again, this can have many mundane explanations such a drafts or uneven windows or door jams. Sudden changes in pressure can mimic these effects of ‘ghosts’ closely and it is vital to assume the everyday before assuming that every door that slams in spiritual in origin.

Electrical phenomenon and things connected to water are also a sign of intelligent hauntings. Light, televisions, radios may turn on and off or even play when not connected to a power source. Water faucets might turn on and drains may back up or the toilet might flush. Again, these can also have perfectly reasonable explanations so rule out an electrical short or a neighbors remote control messing with your television before blaming ghosts.

Intelligent hauntings are remarkably common and need to be handled with compassion and sensitivity. If you think you’re house or your person may haunted by a benign spirit contact a local, reputable team to help educate yourself. With compassion and understanding an encounter with an intelligent spirit can be enlightening and rewarding.