Video Basics

Videography Basics

By: Kent Daniel S. Villavicencio

What is Video?, Video is basically photography but taken a whole bunch of times to give motion as to what was originally known as a still shot.The quality of your video will depend on the size of the sensor going from Full Frame of 35mm down to 1/2.3’’, this is important because it controls the limit as to how much light can enter your camera lens when taking video. Another useful accessory in making your video look it’s best is having the ability to use an interchangeable lens, lenses range from distances of 13-45mm, the equivalent of 3 to 6 feet to lenses of 100 to 300mm which can be 100 feet or more. Things to know about lenses is that the quality works hand in hand with what size your sensor is so if you have a Full frame sensor of 35mm you get exactly the distance of what you lens is suppose to cover however if you have a camera that is the fraction of that size for the sensor you will have to multiply the denominator number to see how much more distance you are getting then normally what your lens would provide. Be sure to look for lenses that are compatible with the ring on the body of your camera, camera rings differ in sizes from full frame and ex cameras share the same size it’s just the mount that changes depending on the kind of mount. The full frames are compatible with EX but the DX are not compatible with full frame bodies. It doesn’t have to do with the mount itself but with the focal lens. Be sure to look for cameras with a dependable external storage, a few years back most professionals use CF cards because they were most secure and don’t break as easily now the current standard is SD “Secure Digital”. Flip Screens are very useful when it comes to video, not strictly necessary but make your composition easier especially in un normal angles. Another thing to note about cameras is the accessories you use, it is recommended to have a tripod, flash, led light, headphones, external power like batteries or powered supply, cleaning kit, stabilizer for shooting for handheld for longer periods of time, pouches for batteries and memory cards, multipurpose screwdrivers for certain accessories and screws for certain accessories as well that cannot slide into a hotshot compartment.You should look for a camera that is High Definition, a dependable brand, has interchangeable lenses, works excellent in low light and has the ability to record with an external Microphone for professional results.