The Rehmeyer House

The Rehmeyer House

By: Christopher Rogue Ostrowski


In a Place now known as Spring Valley Park, stands the Rehmeyer House. This place was once Rehmeyer’s Hollow, named after the owner of the House, Nelson Rehmeyer.

Nelson Rehmeyer was what called, in this area, a Pow Wow Doctor. This hits a chord with me because I too practice this type of Folk Medicine.

On Nov. 27th, 1928, Nelson was murdered by a gentleman and three accomplices. John Blymire believed that Nelson Rehmeyer, believed to be a witch, cursed or hexed him. He consulted Nellie Noll, known as the Marietta River Witch. Noll told him that 2 things needed to be down to break the Hex:
1. Steal Rehmeyer’s spell book “The Long Lost Friend” and burn it.
This is a book written in 1820 by John George Hoffman. A type of “Spell book” for this PA German Shamanic Folk Medicine
2. Cut a lock of Rehmeyer’s hair and bury it 6-feet in the ground.

Blymire and his two accomplices broke into Rehmeyer’s home. There was a fight. They brutally beat Nelson and strangled him. The home was set ablaze to cover their tracks.

Somehow, the flames extinguished themselves. The police found enough evidence from the body and scene to charge all three men with Murder of Nelson Rehmeyer.
This became known as the “York Hex Slayings”

Since the Murder, there have been reports of Black dogs with red eyes on the grounds and in the woods. “Smoke” is seen coming from the home. Even “UFO sightings have been reported.

The grounds are said to be “Bad Grounds” by local Native Americans.

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