A deeper look into personal paranormal experiences.

Screenshot_1When we hear about personal experiences with the paranormal, we typically dismiss the claims or consider the shared stories as fictitious. It’s hard to truly believe the unbelievable if we hadn’t experienced the event ourselves—if you don’t see it for yourself then you may think it probably isn’t—isn’t it funny how we can dismiss a personal experience so quickly yet we can accept the fable of a popular television show? So what does it take to begin offering proof of our experiences? It can be easily argued (or rather debated) that each and every personal event is indeed individualized and therefore would render or even deem the this quest as nearly impossible; however, whatever obstacle that should manifest itself in our path should in no way disable our ability to press forward.

For this article; I will use my own personal experience (in which you can read in full here: Spirits & Hauntings) as a way to understand a personal experience first-hand.

We will start with acknowledging that while this incident had occurred, I was nearing 14 years old. It should be acknowledged that an adolescent female at age 14 is experiencing sadness and depression. In my case I was not only anxious, I had several bouts of manic depression coupled with A.D.H.D. and experienced mood swings on occasion. (It is important to fully understand the mental stability of the subject with the personal experiences so we can better understand the situation in completion.) During this time I was in psychotherapy as an attempt to handle the recent divorce proceedings between my parents. I will also state that at this time in my life, I wasn’t taking any medication outside of Tylenol for headache, nor was I using any recreational drugs.

We now have established that in this part of my life, I was undergoing a lot of emotion due in large to the separation of my mother and father. We can also understand that I was not only emotional, but struggling with bouts of depression as well as struggling with hyperactive issues associated with A.D.H.D. without it being medically controlled.

Next, we will consider the elements of the location. Port Byron is a village located in Cayuga County in upstate New York. The village is in the town of Mentz and is just north of Auburn. It is estimated that Port Byron in the year of 1825 became a port for the Erie Canal until the canal’s route was changed in 1856 which then the village was considered a ‘railroad’ town. The village plays host to the Owasco Outlet which flows northward from Owasco Lake to the Seneca River. The DEC has reported evidence of phosphorous in the Owasco lake and outlet. Recreational uses in Owasco Lake are affected by bacteriological contamination along the north shore and by excessive growth of aquatic vegetation and algae in other parts of the lake, particularly its southern end. The sources of bacteria include wildlife and waterfowl, agricultural runoff and to a lesser extent residential septic systems. * see http://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/44965.html

In some cases; phosphorous overconsumption can affect the brain, personality and actions. It has also been stated that an individual with phosphorous overconsumption have vivid visualizations, overactive working mind, may believe to experience visits from angels and spirits, and in some cases, phosphorous has been linked to ESP, dreams, mediumship sensory impulsion and other purported strange phenomena. * see http://calypso53.com/jensen/phosphorus.html also https://books.google.com/books… *

We can begin to speculate that the presence of phosphorous has played a major part in this instance. Many theorists have cited other elements such as quartz and limestone as directly linked to incidents in which a spectre, a sensitive, and other contributing facets of personal paranormal experiences are involved.

fog-1If you had read my original experience that I linked you to at the beginning of the article; you would have learned that these events felt very real. There was no doubt in my mind that what I had experienced was very real—as real as someone reaching out and physically touching my arm. You would have as well learned that at some point while swimming in the Owasco Outlet, I had nearly drowned. We shall now go over briefly what our minds could do if we think we’re going to expire.

Perception is a largely overlooked tool of the human mind. In moments of panic and anxiety; we can cast out thought forms that seem incredibly real. For example: I mention that I had a belief that I was going to expire while submerged in this river and at the exact moment, I had a life-recess. In this moment of electrified and heightened fear, I was somehow pulled loose from the small mouth of the underwater opening. (Or so it had appeared) * for education on the powers of our mind, follow these links: http://www.pickthebrain.com/…/mental-superpowers-how-to-un…/ and here https://www.psychologytoday.com/…/your-mind-has-extraordina… I could make an argument suggesting that somehow, the spectre of this since deceased boy had freed me from certain demise; Or I could make an argument that while my mind thought it was going to die, it manifested temporarily something that pulled me free from the enclosure. Proving either side of this argument is indeed near impossible though we can speculate that a number of things that are more rational to accept were the case.

At the end of my original experience; I go on to discuss actually seeing briefly the apparition of the boy. In my own personal view as I look back now with a level mind and an overall calmness, I question whether or not my subconscious had somehow picked up on energy left behind by the boy who drowned. Did any sensitive part of my mind draw on the energy the boy must have released into the area when he met his demise all those years before? We have proof of phosphorous as well as an existence of a prior drowning incident coupled with the risen emotions and struggles that I had underwent at that stage in my life. Though bits of the aforementioned are personal facts of me during my teenaged adolescence; my approach with this personal experience is to begin to offer data towards studies of personal paranormal experiences.

It is of my belief and opinion that on that day in the Owasco Outlet, I did in fact pick up on the energy left behind from the Owasco Outlet’s former victim and somehow manifested him solely by the power of mind. Perhaps I am entirely incorrect; I however offer this evidence to you and leave you, the readers and researchers and free thinkers to decide for yourselves.