Afterlife Dimensions Paranormal and Historical Research

 Afterlife Dimensions Paranormal Contact Name  Sandra Hudson
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We are serious mature adults that believe that we were given gifts, not to hide or keep to ourselves but to share with others. Our team consist of several blessed members that search for irrefutable evidence. To help those that are experiencing troubling phenomenon and are looking for honest answers. Not everything that goes bump in the night is paranormal! Not everything that is paranormal is malevolent!! We search for natural causes first and foremost. Then after interviewing members of the household , to understand what’s going on from every perspective. Using only state of the art equipment as well as gifted abilities we seek answers from those that may remain in this realm. Answers are not always immediate. Just like you and I, sometimes there is a warming up period! We will work diligently with the family to provide as much information as possible regarding hisorical history on the home and/or land. There is no charge for our services!