Alien Abduction Leads to a Lifetime of Research

My Visitations

Submitted by David Garrison


I have been what you would call a life long abductee since the age of 4, in 1948.  As a child I was terrified of the dark, I saw “things” and “moving shadows”.  I had dreams of being taken into strange rooms, and doctor’s offices.  It was because of my Father’s interest in all things “UFO”, and my own “dreams”,  that I too developed a life-long interest in UFO’s and Science Fiction.

From the mid-sixties on, I began attending every UFO conference I could go to.  I also began interviewing abductees to make some sense of the dreams I was still having.  It wasn’t until I had undergone hypnotic regression therapy that it all came flooding to the front of my mind, and I saw it all very clearly.  I had been seeing “Grays” and “Shadow People”.

In the mid-70’s, I was in a car accident, and after the x-rays, the doctors asked me when I had been shot. I said, “Never”, yet they insisted I had two distinct bullet wound scars that still had minute traces of metal deep within the scars, one on my neck, and one on my shoulder.

In the Summer of 1976, I came upon a man standing in my front room, and I felt no fear what-so-ever.  He was about my height, 6’3″, trim, maybe 170 lbs.  He had neatly trimmed fairly short hair, with a silver look to it.  He calmly told me that he was here to answer some of my questions.  When I asked him his name, he said the closest pronunciation he could come up with that I could pronounce was “Ralph”.

Now “Ralph” took me on many trips over the years.  Were they in my mind, or physical, you ask?  Well, he would reach over and take my hand, and the next thing I knew we were some place else; walking down a long stainless steel type hallway, into a large cylindrical room with what looked like several large flat TV screens.  Over the years, it has been on those screens that I have been introduced to any number of ‘alien’ species.

As it was explained to me, there are many different races living in many different ‘realities’.  Some races do indeed come from space, and have for centuries, some come from another time or place, other dimensions, some from our very own future, or possible future.  I have been shown many different possible futures for the human race.  The past is done with, and can not be altered, the future is yet to come, and some things can be changed.

Is “Ralph” a physical being?  Very much so, he has been seen coming and going by my friends, family and neighbors. Even by doctors and nurses in hospitals. It isn’t as though he just pops into view, he will walk around a corner, or come through a door and be there.

Over the years he has made it known that it was all right for me to interview most abductees, but there were some he flat out told me not to go and see. His explanations were no more vague then when I was approached by our own Government men and told to tone down my speeches that I was giving.

As the years have passed, the Government has concluded I am just another harmless old fool, and left me alone. But then, my health has kept me from traveling as much as I used to. At one time I actually lived with an Amish family in their little community in Sterling, Kansas to interview three generations in one family that had been, and still were being, abducted.
“Ralph” continues to visit, and I have rarely, if ever, gone more than three months without some type of visit from him.  His “visits” through the last few years, though never expected, would sometimes be on an almost weekly basis, even if they lasted just long enough to exchange pleasantries, as if he were just passing thru and stopped to say hello.

There ARE other species who have been here, and there are certain people in our very own Government who are, and have been, aware of most of them for years.

They don’t all have our best interests at heart, but as yet, there has been no sign of some evil take-over of our entire planet.




David Garrison is a member of the National Paranormal Society, and is based in California.  He maintains the Phenomenon Facebook page, a collection of ongoing research collation and support for people seeking answers.  He continues his work in the paranormal, and welcomes inquiries to