Aliens and the Hongshan

a1There are many Alien Theories that are floating around the world, from current days to prehistoric possibilities. While skimming through all of the supposed theories and evidence, I found one that caught my attention. Over 6,000 years ago, well before the infamous Annunaki Alien Tribe of the African Gold Mines, there was a small civilization that appears to of seen, or had encounters with, some unknown alien like creatures.

The Hongshan Culture is dated back from around 4500-2700 BC located in the northern part of China. It is believed that they originally developed in Mongolia but due to changes in climate migrated south into, what is now, China. The history of this civilization is just know being thoroughly studied and excavated. A Japanese Archaeologist originally discovered artifacts from the Hongshan Culture in 1908, for an unknown reason excavations didn’t begin until 1935. These extensive excavations are still going on to this day with the newest report from the site being in January 2015!

a2Some of the first artifacts found have been carbon-dated back 6,500 years. The most common artifacts that are being located are jade figurines of all sizes. Most often the jade artifacts seem to have an alien-looking form or the form of a humanoid animal. Their domed heads with elongated tear drop shaped eyes fit perfectly with descriptions of aliens throughout history and into the modern day.

The shape of these magnificent figures is not the only thing that makes an alien influence seem probable. The Hongshan were the only Neolithic Culture to make statues of this shape and to make statues with amazing skill. Let me add, this civilization is considered a Stone Age culture. Most of the statues and figures that have been located appear to of been done with such sophisticated skill that carving marks are not even seen! Now, this may very well be possible today, but with such limited resources and even fewer specialized tools, how could they make such precise and exact works of art?

a3Another important piece of information to consider is the fact that the Hongshan built one of the first pyramids. When thinking of pyramids most people imagine the massive pyramids of Egypt. Egypt was far from the first to develop these types of structures. Even when comparing the early Egyptian Pyramids to the Hongshan Pyramid there are similarities that just ring with advanced technically leading to the question of Extraterrestrial involvement!
To look at the possible religious practices of the Hongshan also brings up other civilizations that are believed to have a connection to an Alien Race. The altar and Goddess Temple of the Hongshan is rather similar to that of the temples and altars of the Mayan and Aztec Civilizations!

There are a wide range of questions when it comes to the Hongshan Culture and their history. How can a civilization be so advanced? How can they work with such precision? Where did they find the inspiration for these figures? Being such a forgotten civilization, how were their skills carried through for hundreds of years after they disappeared? As excavations and scientific study of the sites continues, hopefully some of these questions can be answered.

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