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10377078_10203954074105368_571155959256182066_nDarien is a small town on the Georgia Colonial Coast, with a large river basin that empties into the ocean. The Altamaha River branches off and dumps into the Atlantic Ocean in Darien Georgia.

Darien is probably one of the earliest settlements in America, and the area is relatively unknown as far as the early settlers. But it is there, one of the earliest American settlements known. It was settled originally by the Scotts in the 17th century, from Inverness.
From the earliest recorded history of the area, there has been sightings of a large sea/river monster called the Altamaha Ha. Accounts of the creature have it as a large(up to 70ft), gunmetal grey colored, cylindrical as one of the earliest sightings from Captain Delano, the Captain of the schooner “Eagle”…here is an excerpt of his account near St Simons Islands in Georgia:

He repeated the…particulars precisely,describing the animal he saw as being about 70 feet long and its circumference about that of a sugar hogshead, moving with its head (shaped like an Alligator’s) about 8 feet out of the water.” – Savannah Georgian, April 22, 1830.

There are two possibilities for these sightings, a modern Plesiosaur or a Basilosaurus.  The Plesiosaur is a Marine Reptile that was common throughout the world’s oceans during the Jurassic period of about 200 million years ago and it was thought to have went extinct during the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event about 65 million years ago. Is it possible that it survived? It is known that sharks and crocodilian species survived the event, and being it was a reptile and not of the avian species most dinosaurs were part of…possible.

The Basilosaurus is a very early toothy whale that lived about 50 million years ago just after the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. It had a head shaped much like a crocodile/alligator, long cylindrical body and like whales and dolphins, had a tail the moved up and down vertically.

Most sightings occur around little St Simmons Island area, Butler Island inland on the Altamaha River and Doughboy Point just north of the Altamaha River.

Is it possible that one of those two extinct marine animals survived in a small number and is hiding in our rivers and oceans?

Ted Milam

Ted Milam

Ted grew up in Maryland and spent his early years near Antietam Battlefield, where he witnessed a few unexplained things as a young kid. When Ted graduated high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps, and spent 10 years on active duty traveling the United States and quite a few Countries along the way. After a paranormal experience while serving in Japan, Ted knew he had to find out some answers. After leaving the Marines in 2002, Ted was hired as a Firefighter in the San Diego area, where he spent the next 6 years. In 2008, he went to Iraq as a contractor for a year, then in 2009, moved to Georgia where he works today as a Firefighter in the Savannah area. Ted founded Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations – Savannah, in 2010. Ted’s goal is to find some common answers in the paranormal field.
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