Angels at St Peter’s Basilica

Angels at St Peter’s Basilica

By: Lyza Treadway

Vatican City, Rome, Italy

St Peter’s Basilica is a Holy Hot Spot and a bucket list must do for all types of people from around the world. Christians, art enthusiasts, and history buffs all migrate there for everything from blessings, healing, once in a lifetime photos and a first hand look into history.

It is quite possibly the largest church in the world, and dates back for centuries. It should also come as no surprise that there is the occasional paranormal claim here. People report everything from miraculous healing to seeing spirits of deceased popes, and even Jesus himself.

One of the more intriguing instances, and also one with more documentation than just a claim is the claims made by retired police officer Andy Key and his wife Susan. During their vacation and visit there in 2007, they snapped plenty of pictures.

One specifically has piqued some interest. They claim that as the pope was addressing a nearby crowd, Andy was taking pictures of the surroundings. He thought the way the light was shining in was beautiful and wanted to remember it.

When he and his wife arrived home and started downloading their pictures, they found what appears to be an angel in the sun beams streaming in.

Is this just a simple case of paredolia? Or is it truly a guardian angel watching over the masses of people? Whatever it is, it’s interesting for sure!…/angel-in-vati……/rome-st-peters-basilica