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My name is Jason, I’m 38. Originally born & raised in Houston, Tx, I relocated to the North Dallas area mid 2013. I have been involved in Paranormal investigating since 2011. I have had many personal experiences with paranormal activity since I was about 12 years old. I have always believed, but it wasn’t until 1997 when my grandmother appeared right in front of me & told me everything was ok then vanished before my eyes (2 months after she had passed away) that I became completely interested in learning more about the unknown. In 2011, I joined my first Paranormal group and began investigating. I was involved with 2 different groups in Houston before I moved to Dallas. Once in Dallas, I started contacting different groups and made quite a few contacts. I eventually joined Texpart Paranormal Research Team in November 2013 and continue to investigate as a member of that team. I am honored and excited to be a member and Representative of NPS and look forward to learning and sharing with everyone.

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Yorktown Memorial Hospital

10712442_10205087241330710_252901944999202577_oI have personally had the honor and privilege to investigate Yorktown Memorial Hospital on three separate occasions. During those investigations, I have had a number of personal experiences and have captured a lot of evidence in the form of pictures and EVP’s as well. Some of my personal experiences have included being pushed, touched, having my shirt tugged and more. This hospital is incredibly active and I highly recommend going if you have the chance.
In 2011, Zak Bagans & the Ghost Adventures Crew did an investigation/lockdown at the hospital (Season 4 Episode 21 – Aired March 18, 2011) and recently did a follow up episode that aired September 20, 2014. While at Yorktown Hospital, Zak Interviewed a former doctor of the hospital, Dr. Gordon Barth, who was born on July 4, 1953 at Yorktown Hospital. Dr. Barth estimated there to have been about 50 deaths per year which calculates to an estimated 2000 deaths in the hospital’s history. The GAC also interviewed caretaker Mike Henson who gave a number of different stories of the hauntings and spirits at the hospital.


Yorktown Memorial Hospital was built in 1950 by the Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church and opened in 1951.

It was operated by the Sisters until it closed in 1986 when a newer hospital opened in nearby Cuero, Tx. After the hospital closed in 1986, it briefly became a drug rehab facility for a few years before being shut down by the state for their inability to control the patients. Today, The hospital sits abandoned, but the halls are very much alive with the spirits of those who died there. Tours and investigations as well as events can be arranged with the hospital.10712525_10205087237930625_4890080017657024958_o
Spirits: There are many spirits that are said to inhabit the hospital on a regular basis. Here are just a few.
Dr. Leon Nowiersky: The Dr. practiced well into his 90’s and held the oldest medical license in the state of Texas. He was notorious for making mistakes including slitting a patient’s throat during a thyroid procedure. Dr. Nowiersky is said to be one of the many spirits that haunt the hospital where he roams the halls around the ER/OR and near the doctor’s lounge. The doctor is also said to enjoy flirting and groping women in his office.

Stacy: A little girl around the age of 8 is said to play in the basement hallway, as well as the room she stayed in on the first floor, and in the library on the second floor. One story is that if you contact Stacy in the basement and ask her to roll a ball & play and offer her a story reward, she will play with a ball & then if you go up to the library she will appear as your read a book to her (her favorite is Pokey Little Puppy).

Doug Richards: Doug was a heavy equipment Mechanic who, according to evidence gathered by different sources, died in 1973. Many people have claimed to see the apparition of Doug and have described him as a very tall man wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

The Nuns: There are many reports of the spirits of some of the nuns who ran the hospital. One of the biggest reports is that up in the nun’s quarters and in the balcony of the chapel, people (particularly women, but sometimes men as well) with tattoos have been choked or even scratched by the nuns.
Note: During one of my investigations at the hospital, an EVP was captured when one of the female investigators said “come on sister, I know you don’t like tattoos. What about catholic girls with tattoos? Cause I’ve got ‘em.” Immediately after, a disembodied female voice said “going to hell”.

TJ: TJ died of a heroin overdose on the back steps of the hospital after it had become a drug rehab facility. According to the story, there was a bell on the back steps and at night, when the nurses wen to bed, one nurse would stay up and listen for the bell. Apparently on this given night, either the bell did not work, or the nurse had fallen asleep. The next morning, TJ’s lifeless body was found on the back steps. TJ is reported to roam the hall near the back door.


Double homicide/triple stabbing: Also while the building was a drug rehab facility, there was a triple stabbing/double murder that took place in the basement boiler room. The story goes that a female nurse/counselor was having relations with 2 different male patients. She was in the boiler room with one of the males (#1) when the other male (#2) came in and caught them together. #2 stabbed the female, killing her & then stabbed #1. #1 fought back, took the knife and stabbed #2, killing him. To this day there is still blood spatter on the walls of the boiler room (according to Mike Henson, it has been forensically tested and has come back positive as human blood.
Note: As far as I know, there have never been any names given of the female or the two males. I have captured a female voice in the boiler room that says the name “Debbie”. As to the validity of that name, I am not sure, but it is a very compelling EVP.

Yorktown Memorial Hospital may just be an old abandoned building today, but it is not vacant by any means. There are countless stories from many different people who have had the opportunity to investigate this amazing and highly active place. If you have the opportunity to investigate or even just to visit, you will not be disappointed.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

There are many locations along North Carolina’s Outer banks with rich history, beautiful scenery and most of all, ghostly tales of pirates, Civil War battles & stories, haunted lighthouses and much more. I will touch on a couple locations known for their ghostly tales.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

hateras-lighthouseCompleted in 1870, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in The USA and is the main one out of 5 lighthouses on the North Carolina coast most associated with the state. In 1999 the lighthouse and its historic surrounding structure were moved 3000 feet from the original location due to erosion causing the land it stood on to recede. Rough waters and the infamous Diamond Shoals have caused many ships to wreck in the area, in a section known as The Graveyard of the Atlantic.

Reports of paranormal activity are that of shadow people inside with most of the occurrences happening in the water and around the lighthouse grounds. Ghostly sailors and pirates as well as phantom ships have been reported to be seen in the waters around the lighthouse.

In December 1812, Theodosia Burr, daughter of Aaron Burr, was sailing with a group to New York from South Carolina on the Patriot when the schooner was blown off course by a gale, taking it close to the Outer Banks. During that time, pirates regularly sailed the area in search of treasure. It is believed that pirates captured the Patriot, killing everyone on board. For many years, there have been sightings of a female apparition, thought to be the spirit of Theodosia Burr, who roams the beach around the lighthouse.

Another known spirit of the lighthouse is the Gray Man of Hatteras who has been appearing to people since the early 1900’s. It is believed by many that the man was a sailor named Gray who lived near Cape Point. The story is that Gray drowned when his ship was caught in a hurricane. He often appears out of nowhere with verbal warnings of impending doom and then vanishes. Witnesses say that they feel no fear as they believe he is just trying to prevent the same tragedy that happened to him.

Teach’s Hole

blackbeardTeach’s Hole is named after Edward Teach, more widely known as Blackbeard the Pirate. A cove on Ocracoke Island is known as Teach’s Hole because it is the supposed site of Blackbeard’s execution at sea.

Blackbeard terrorized the sailors of the Atlantic and the Caribbean for twenty seven months by ambushing ships and stealing their cargo and killing anyone who got in his way. He would often attack at dawn or dusk when his ship was harder to see. When prisoners willing surrendered, he would spare

them. There is a story of one man who refused to give up a diamond ring he was wearing, so the feared pirate cut the ring off, finger and all.

In November of 1718, Blackbeard retreated to Teach’s Island and threw a wild pirate party that lasted for three days. When word got to Governor Alexander Spotswood of Virginia, he immediately ordered two sloops, commanded by Lieutenant Robert Maynard of the Royal Navy, to go to Ocracoke and capture the pirate They hung the head from the bowsprit and threw the pirate’s body overboard. As the body hit the water, the head hanging from the bowsprit shouted: “Come on Edward” and the headless body swam three times around the ship before sinking to the bottom.

To this day, Blackbeard’s ghost has haunted Teach’s Hole, forever searching for his missing head. Sometimes, the headless ghost floats on the surface of the water, or swims around and around and around Teach’s Hole, glowing just underneath the water. Sometimes, people see a strange light coming from the shore on the Pamlico Sound side of Ocracoke Island and know that it is “Teach’s light”. On night’s that the ghost light appears, if the wind is blowing inland, you can still hear Blackbeard’s ghost tramping up and down and roaring: ‘Where’s my head?





Lizzie Borden

lizzie bordenLizzie Borden (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was tried and acquitted in the 1892 axe murders of her father Andrew Borden and stepmother Abby in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Borden home, originally built for two families in 1845, was turned into a single family dwelling by Andrew. The house remains a city landmark and is now the “Lizzie Borden Bed And Breakfast.


Andrew Borden married Sarah Anthony Morse, a seamstress, in 1845 and had three children with her: Emma Lenora (1851), Alice Esther (1856; d. 1858), and Lizzie Andrew (1860). Tragically, in 1863, Sarah succumbed to uterine congestion, also called a “disease of the spine” by her death record. He was a wealthy, Influential man In Fall River. He prospered through the manufacture and sales of furniture and caskets and went on to become a successful property developer. He also directed several textile mills including the Globe Yarn Mill Company, Troy Cotton, and Woolen Manufacturing Company. In addition to that, he owned many commercial properties and was both president of the Union Savings Bank and a director of the Durfee Safe Deposit and Trust Co.

Abby Durfee Gray Borden was the second wife of Andrew Jackson Borden, and for nearly three decades, the stepmother of his children Emma and Lizzie.

Lizzie had a relatively religious upbringing and attended Central Congregational Church. As a young woman, Lizzie was very involved in activities related to her church, including teaching children’s Sunday school and other Christian organizations. she served as secretary-treasurer in the Christian Endeavor Society, and was involved in contemporary social movements such as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.

Even by those who knew her, there were many divided opinions about Lizzie, as if she had different personalities. Some say she was a kind, good daughter. The type that would tuck her father in on the lounge for a nap (the same lounge he would be killed on). Others say she was incisively bitter and would say bad and mean things behind his back when she was angry with him.

The Murderslizzie-borden-news

On the morning of August 4, 1892, Lizzie Borden yells for their maid Bridget “Maggie” Sullivan. “Maggie, come down! Come down quick; Father’s dead; somebody came in and killed him.” A half hour or so later, after the body–“hacked almost beyond recognition”–of Andrew Borden had been covered and the downstairs searched by police for evidence of an intruder, a neighbor who had come to comfort Lizzie, Adelaide Churchill, made a grisly discovery on the second floor of the Borden home: the body of Abby Borden, Lizzie’s step-mother. Investigators found Abby’s body cold, while Andrew’s had been discovered warm, indicating that Abby was killed earlier–probably at least ninety minutes earlier–than her husband.

Earlier that morning, Abby was upstairs cleaning the guest room that John Morse has stayed in the previous night. Forensics determined that Abby was initially facing her killer when she was struck in the head with a hatchet cutting her just above the ear. The blow spun her around and caused her to land face down on the floor. From there, the killer assumed to sit on Abby’s back and continued to deliver 18 more direct blows to the back of her head.

Once the killer finished with the victim, the 200-pound corpse lay sprawled out on the knees face down waiting to be discovered two hours later.

Meanwhile, Andrew Borden went calmly on his rounds of business to the Union Savings Bank, to the National Union Bank, to the First National Bank of Fall River and then to see one of his tenants, the hatter Jonathan Clegg. At 10:40 a.m. his next-door neighbour Mrs. Kelly saw him at his front door as she hurried on to a dentist’s appointment, unkown to the fact that he would not leave the house alive.

Less than an hour later his daughter Lizzie called up to the maid, who was resting in her attic room.

It was there, in the small little sitting room, where the dead body of Mr. Borden lay, with his head and face so hacked as to be unrecognizable even to his friend and physician, Dr. Bowen, who attended the scene.

Again, the mysterious murderer struck violently to the head. According to Robert Sullivan:

“Borden’s head was bent slightly to the right, but his face was almost unrecognizable as human; one eye had been cut in half and protruded in a ghastly manner, his nose had been severed, and there were eleven distinct cuts within a relatively small area extending from the eye and nose to the ears. Fresh blood was still seeping from the wounds, which were so severe that the first of the eleven blows must have killed him.”

Although she was tried and acquitted of these gruesome crimes, Lizzie Borden and her hatchet have caused more confusion, speculation and debate than any other murder case in American history.

The Hauntings

The Spirit of Mr. Andrew Borden is said to still inhabit the home. Seething that his life was so brutally taken from him. Finding some comfort that the living are bringing things to light.

He enjoys watching the activity in the home, and has started to answer evp questions.

Goes about his business, what he used to do while alive.

The spirit of Mrs. Abby Borden

In the guest bedroom, now called The John Morse Room, an indentation of a body on the room’s bed was discovered by a staff member, like someone had just laid on top of it, one month after renovations and refurnishing the home was complete.

Faint cries are heard in here as well.

The spirit of Lizzie Borden

An apparition of a woman, that looks like Lizzie has been seen down in the basement, looking around the basement, possibly making sure that she disposed of all the evidence.

The spirit of Bridget “Maggie” Sullivan – Still trying to say what happened; the truth.

Cold spots are reported in Maggie’s room.

An apparition of a woman dressed in maid’s clothes is seen doing her chores around the house.

Other paranormal happenings:

Former owners, The McGinns, and present day owners of this home had some experiences:

lights turning on and off.

doors open and close, followed by footsteps.

Shadow people have been seen, especially on the staircase going down to the main hallway, and walking into the other parts of the house.

Sometimes staff and guests can feel someone brush against them on the stairs and in various parts of the home.

Disembodied voices have been heard as well.

Owner Leanne Wilbur felt the cold touch of a finger run down her back. When she quickly turned around, no one was visible.

Entities of two young children

Have been seen by the living, in various parts of the house.

Have been heard playing marbles.