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My name is Kathy Snow however in the Paranormal world I am simply known as katie! My team and I take the paranormal field very seriously and have been up and down the eastern seaboard investigating known and unknown locations. My team consists of all family members giving us the opportunity to work well together with no drama. I am a national as well as internationally published paranormal writer. Our evidence has been shown on My ghost story caught on camera and we work hard within our community to bring awareness and understanding to the field. There are four ordained ministers on the team. After 16 years in the field we no longer do in house investigations as we are out trying to find unknown haunted locations and we consult on cases other teams may have questions on. After founding 3 teams, we have recently relocated and our new team name is Dead Ringer Paranormal. We are proud of the work we do and try to show the community it is a scientific field of study and a lot of work goes into what we all do. We are an old world team meaning we investigate with just what we need, we do not hook up wires and tons of equipment, we believe in studying the paranormal in traditional proven ways. I am excited and proud to have been asked to be a rep for NPS..

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Abnormal Activity in the Retina

Abnormal Activity in the Retina
By Katie Snow


Many people go to the doctor and though they are on anti-depressant medications the rest of their health gets an A+ from their physician. Did you know that even if they go to the eye doctor they will come forth with a clean bill of health. However, as an investigator we all ask our clients if they are on meds and they say yes, but all is well with everything else they exclaim! But all may not be as well as they think when on anti-depressants. The client may say they see blurs or fuzzy beings in their homes and we will ask, have you seen an eye doctor? They swear their eyesight is 20/20 and they just had their eyes examined however anti-depressants will and do cause blurred vision at times that will go un-noticed and undetected by even the best ophthalmologist.

Side effects from these drugs can cause many things that can seem like a paranormal experience to our clients such as;
Blurred vision that doesn’t seem to be picked up in a standard eye test.
Reduced vision in low lighting this is called nyctalopia.
Bright lights remaining as after-images for longer than normal.
When looking at a plain background say a wall in low light it can seem to show a speckled haze or visual snow or graininess making it appear there are shadows on the wall.

It seems that unless a client gets a full electroretinogram that will bring up a side effect that will show as abnormal electrical activity within the retina this side effect will go totally undiagnosed. So when you are with your client take heed that what they are experiencing may truly be a side effect from an anti-depressant and even though they get a clean bill of health from their health care professional there still may be an underlying reason that remains unseen.

Source – WEBMD
Photo Source – Google Images

Fall Thunderstorms & Investigating

Fall Thunderstorms & Investigating
By Katie Snow
Many of us never think of checking weather conditions prior to doing an outdoor investigation. We pack our gear and off we go to an outdoor location previously chosen by our teams as a collaborated effort. Where I live a storm can whip up at anytime without notice and during the fall season those in the storm prone areas of the country where warm and cold fronts meet are sure to keep an eye to the sky. But what if your in an area that isn’t prone to fall storms and one brews up and your in a cemetery at 11pm with no one around but the rest of your team? Well the only way to be safe is getting in a shelter or a car. However, if getting inside is not an option, you can lessen the threat of being struck by lightning with the following tips. But don’t lull yourself into thinking you are safe as you are NEVER safe outside in a storm.

Know the weather patterns of the area you plan to visit. For example, in mountainous areas, thunderstorms typically develop in the early afternoon. There are many areas of the country that do have patterns. Always listen to the weather forecast for the area you plan to visit. The forecast may be very different from the one near your home. If there is a high chance of thunderstorms do not go investigating!

Here are a few tips from NOAA on safety during weather threats.

Avoid open fields, the top of a hill or a ridge top.
Stay away from tall or isolated trees or other tall objects.
Your team should spread out to avoid the current traveling between team members.
Stay away from water and wet items, such as ropes, and metal objects, like fences and poles. Water and metal do not attract lightning but they are excellent conductors of electricity. The current from a lightning flash will easily travel for long distances.
Remember There is little you can do to substantially reduce your risk if you are outside in a thunderstorm. The only completely safe action is to get inside a safe building or vehicle.

Source: NOAA
Photo Source: Dubois County Herald

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & The Paranormal

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & The Paranormal
By Katie Snow


As the time of year that heaters are turned on it is also the culprit of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odor as well as colorless gas and is very dangerous. It can and has caused sudden illness and eventually death. The gas is found in most combustible fumes and can be found in and out of our homes.
Fumes can be created by –
cars and trucks
gas ranges
gas fireplaces
and our heating systems. Carbon Monoxide can build up in places that don’t have flow of fresh air.

Did you know there have also been reports of paranormal hallucinations that can occur with it. In one such case the the American Journal of Ophthalmology published a case study involving a couple who moved into a house and promptly began to suffer headaches, listlessness and strange auditory and visual hallucinations (footsteps, mysterious figures, strange sensations, etc.).

Their symptoms were finally traced to a faulty furnace. A more recent case of theirs in 2005 involved a woman who was found delirious and hyperventilating after seeing a “ghost” while taking a shower; respondents discovered a new gas water heater had been improperly installed, flooding her house with carbon monoxide.
If you find yourself expierencing any of the following while in a closed space;

Chest pain

Get to the fresh air as soon as possible. It is important to research the areas you plan to investigate so that you know if any such perils can befall you or your teammates. It is also important that if you take on a new client you check the home for any CO leaks so that you can cross out CO poisoning during the heating months.

Source – Medline Plus

Common Hazards of the Fall Season

Common Hazards of the Fall Season
By Katie Snow

We all love the fall! A chill in the air, bonfires and the perfect time of the year for tripping hazards when paranormal investigating. The onset of fall brings many areas more rain and with rain comes slip hazards. It can take some time to adjust to the suddenly wet conditions brought about by rainy weather. Rain will lead to wetter sidewalks which will lead to wet floors in the entry ways of buildings and stairwells. When going on an investigation stay mindful of where you step.

Autumn also brings slippery leaves. We all love to peek at the bounty of beauty bestowed upon us and the trees are certainly one of them. Like a paintbrush taken to branches the beauty of the leaf changing season brings us leaves upon the ground in abundance. In abandoned areas, buildings and in many cemeteries this presents a trip hazard. In older cemeteries stone markers are short and many hard enough to see when uncovered but in Autumn the leaves cover them making them unnoticeable so make sure you scout out an area prior to going in darkness. With the wetness comes slippery leaves making them like a sheet of ice. Keep notice of where they pile up and on the weather conditions as being aware helps with most of the Autumn hazards.
If you are going into an area where current residents reside watch out for Halloween decor and wires leading to the yard. Tripping while on an investigation is no joke and could lead to injury. Many of the larger yard decorations have darker color wires to blend in with the ground so watch where you step.

To help always wear proper shoes. If it is going to rain rubber soles may be your best bet. Falling can be traumatic so before getting up regain your composure and make sure you are not seriously hurt. Once you regained your footing take your first few steps slowly making sure nothing is broken. If something seems not quite right tell a teammate and ask for help, there is nothing wrong with asking to stay with someone for a bit.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year though in Florida we get very little of it. It is a fun time for investigating and offers many opportunities to do ghost walks and harvest hayrides, just when you do, make sure you remember that your safety comes first.
photo source – Asheville daily photo

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The “Kongamato” of Africa

The “Kongamato” of Africa
By Katie Snow


Deep within the wilds of central east Africa there lies a creature called the Kongamato.
The large beaked flying bird with lizard like skin with membranous wings creature gained notarity
in 1932. This is when explore Frank Welland described it in his literary works “Witchbound Africa”
stating it is a reddish bat like creature with leathery wings totally devoid of any features with a wing
span of five or more feet, and with teeth in its huge beak.

It looks very much like a pterodactyl when a picture is shown to eyewitnesses. The evidence
for this is the fact that the natives can describe it to such detail and accuracy even when unprompted.
The natives consider it a demon also known as a Mulombe, a very awful thing which is much worse then anything
that haunts these vast african lands. Mr. Welland states in his book that if ever this creature could thrive,
a reptil type bird such as this could thrive in this land.

The Kaonde people of the North-Western Province used to carry charms called “muchi wa Kongamato” to protect
them at certain river crossings from the Kongamato”. In the 1920’s, Headman Kanyinga from the Jiwundu Swamp
area near the Zairean border instantly identified as Kongamato a picture of a pterodactyl. Nevertheless,
as recently as 1958, the science journalist Maurice Burton wrote in the Illustrated London News in 1958
that there had been several reports form Africa of a pterodactyl-like creature, with speculation that
the Bangweulu Swamps might be one of its habitats. He pointed out that off the coast of Africa,
the coelacanth, a deep sea contemporary of the pterodactyl, had been caught by fisherman…”
(Hobson, Dick, Tales of Zambia, 1996)

source – genesis park – exhibits – evidence – cryptozoology

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Paranormal Activity Can Be Beneficial To Your Health!

Paranormal Activity Can Be Beneficial To Your Health!
By Katie Snow


I have seen many articles claiming the ill effects on the mind to those who may have been met with mental issues of a client, however, did you know there are also many mental health benefits to someone encountering paranormal activity in their life? There certainly are two sides of this argument but I wanted to bring you a bit of information that was a positive benefit to those of us whom feel we have had an encounter without explanation.

As I was searching the Internet I bumped into an article written for the well known magazine called “Psychology Today”. I was please that they offered a flip side to the mental health issue making “seeing ghosts” a positive verses negative impact on the brain and I thought I would share a bit about what they reported.

According to them belief in the paranormal can have a positive psychological effect by aiding many who are going through the grieving process. It seems it can help with the life coping mechanism giving many hope where perhaps there was none. The also go on to say “It can be a key to living. Knowing that you never really lose the ones you love brings peace. Just the knowledge that we go on after we die is enough for people to make positive changes in their lives.”

They do state that “It would be easy to dismiss these claims as a product of a grieving mind. However, there are just as many cases where there has been no trauma in the life of the person who experienced spirit contact.”

I find it a fresh way for the medical field to understand and perhaps change some of their thinking to be more compassionate to those of us who can not prove an experience but know in our heart of hearts we have had an encounter with something other worldly that simply not always has an explanation.

Source – Psychology Today
Photo – Goggle Images

Katie Snow's photo.

Death Ship of the Platte River

ty1Death Ship of the Platte River By Katie Snow
between Torrington and Alcova
Wyoming U.S.A.

If you ever find yourself south of Casper Wyoming during late fall stay clear of the banks of the Platte River. Sightings dating back to 1862 of a phantom ghost ship swirl amongst the residents of this area. Looming out of the fog you see the gray sails, frosted crew and old time ship caressing the waters beckoning you to see its’ corpsly cargo.From a bygone era tales of those who cast their gaze upon it have found their loved ones deceased upon their arrival home or shortly there after.

The legend states that the first sighting was by a trapper Leon Webber. According to records he felt uneasy and a cold chill enveloped him, mere seconds later a ship appeared from out of the shroud of fog. It was that of an old time clipper type ship, with a crew covered in frost surrounding a body lying upon its deck. The crew step aside only to reveal the body in which they were feverishly working over is that of your loved one who upon your arrival home has succumbed to death or quickly there after.

Attempts to photograph the ship never turn out as it usually only shows a photo of solid grey or a white haze surrounded by the fog of the banks of the river.

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Wyoming State Hospital

tyWyoming State Hospital by Katie Snow
831 Wyoming 150, Evanston, WY 82930

In a town that still contains most of its original 1870 buildings lies the Wyoming State Hospital. The only of its kind in the state it still is run
as a mental hospital since it opened her doors in 1887. Containing 230 beds this town has had an odd past which only adds to the questions of who the hanging woman in the window may be.

Eerily enough a sheet hangs in the a window as people report the vision of a young lady who repeatedly shows herself as hanging from a noose. It is also reported that objects move on their own , voices, lights appearing when electric is off, howling, moving rocking chairs and floating lights.

Sources –

The Frontier Prison

w1The Frontier Prison by Katie Snow
499 W Walnut Street
Rawins, Wyoming 82301
Website: http://www.wyomingfrontierprison.org

Started in 1888 but not completed until 1901, Wyoming’s Frontier Prison opened its doors with 104 cells, no water, no electrical components and barely what one would consider heat.

13,500 prisoners walked through its doors over its years and overcrowding was a constant issue. 32 additional cells were added in 1904 and even women were housed until they were transferred to Colorado. Located on Interstate 80. The “Old Pen” was in operation until 1981.

This prison housed the death row inmates and nine were hanged, five sent to the gas chamber and some died of prison house incidents such as riots,beatings,escapes as well as murders. All in all a total of 250 died within its walls.

It is said that the energy of the prison can be felt as negative because of the horrible history which has manifested into what some claim to be paranormal activity such as full body apparitions, cold spots, dis-embodied voices. The prison allows overnight lockdowns as well as tours throughout certain times of the year.

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Poland’s Auschwitz and The Paranormal

p1In a country where atrocities such as the German regimes concentration camps of WWII, one can only wonder if the scars of yesterday left a paranormal marker for today’s paranormal inquisitors.

Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of German Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps built and operated
by the Third Reich in Polish areas during World War II. Being of Polish ethnicity and only 2nd generation American, the paranormal findings of this camp holds a special interest for me. my Father served in the war and saw the horror first hand as he would tell us stories of his time spent there and some of my family visited this camp first hand which is now a World Heritage Site. At least 1.1 million prisoners died at Auschwitz, around 90 percent of them Jewish.

p2Currently Poland consists of many beliefs, however the majority of its population adheres to Christianity. Within this, the largest grouping is the Catholic Church with 87.5% of Poles in 2011 identifying themselves as Roman Catholic which is higher than any other European country. Some believe this religious statistic to be because of the concentration camps as Poland has a lineage to it’s Jewish heritage.

Poland lies in eastern Europe on the Baltic Sea and has a strong architectural medieval flair. The people are artsy and intricately woven to their thousand year history. Poland is proud of it’s achievements and now stands as a highly developed country. According to nations encyclopedia “Poland’s average altitude is 568 ft; 75.4% of the land is less than 656 ft above sea level. The highest point, Mount Rysy (2,499 m/8,199 ft), is located in the Tatra Mountains on the Slovakian border.”

p3Auschwitz lies approximately 37 miles west of Krakow near the prewar German-Polish border in Upper Silesia, an area that Nazi Germany annexed in 1939 after invading and conquering Poland and was the largest of its’ kind. According to the American Holocaust Museum, ” The SS authorities established three main camps near the Polish city of Oswiecim: Auschwitz I in April 1940; Auschwitz II (also called Auschwitz-Birkenau) in October 1941; and Auschwitz III (also called Auschwitz-Monowitz) in October 1942.”

This is a first hand account by my Brother upon returning home from his trip to the camp back in 1979, he stated, “It was the most depressing place I have visited during my stay. The smell of death lingers in the air as if it wraps its’ arms around you, dragging you in to feel the sadness that occurred there. There were claw marks from those contained in the gas chambers upon the cement walls, I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I did not feel as if they ever left, meaning the spirits of those departed.”

p4As I searched for paranormal information on Auschwitz, I found my Brother’s thoughts were not unfounded. It seems he is not alone on his feelings. the personal blog of heparanormalblogging.blogspot.com/…/auschwitz-most-haunted-…, also felt the despair of the
gas chamber. It is also noted that visitors to this camp have captured pictures and videos of strange forms in the gas chambers, also some visitors have noticed cold spots and the feel of being touched by in non-existent hands.

In the small gift shop located in this dim dark remembrance of a time best left laid to rest, they sell small flowers to place throughout Auschwitz
as the Poles believe flowers calm the spirits that roam the halls. From screams heard and cold spots, to the gripping almost unnerving feel of death that haunts this place, I can only imagine if any place could be haunted this would be high on the top ten list.

Photos from

The American Holocaust Muesum

For more information on this camp


In the former Soviet blocked nations of the southern Baltic States you will find Lithuania. It is a little known gem that is known as the land of wood and water. It’s shores grace crescents of white sand known as Curonian Spit and lush beautiful forests that enhance the beauty of the country and it’s wildlife.

l1The capital, Vilnius, makes it a worthy visit with it’s stunning antiquity courtyards, cobblestone streets and garish baroque churches along with a community that boasts a vibrant culture. My great Grandparents spoke very little English and I myself do understand some of this language as it was spoken within my home along with some Polish. If my Great Grandparents who married upon arrival on Ellis Island were a showcase of the people who live in this country I would say they are honest, hardworking and a kind culture with many traditions.

According to “True Lithuania” and “Wikipedia” the religions practiced in this small country is as follows. “As per the 2011 census, the predominant religion in Lithuania is Christianity, with the largest confession being Roman Catholicism. Lithuania was the last pagan country in Europe, with the Roman Catholic Church becoming widely accepted only as late as the 17th century”.

The topography of this Baltic state is a lowland terrain with small lakes and rich fertile soil. There are some highlands that lie to the east and south, with a some hills to the west.

When researching the paranormal in one of my ancestry homelands I could not help but be immediately drawn to the Hill of Crosses. The Hill of Crosses, also known in native tongue as Kryzių Kalnas, is located 12 kilometers north of the small industrial city of Siauliai and is a Lithuanian national pilgrimage center. The city of Siauliai was founded in 1236 and was occupied by Teutonic Knights during the 14th century. The tradition of placing crosses dates from this period. The placing of crosses were memorials to the dead with no bodies to bury, so instead left crosses on this hill to commemorate their fallen soldiers which seem to escalate as a Ritual after an uprising against the Russian Tsar in 1831. When Russia occupied the country they bulldozed this site twice only for it to be resurrected. Today there are an estimated 200,000 crosses, carvings and shrines at the site made out of many different materials.In 1991, when Lithuania re-won its independence, the hill became a dual symbol of its Catholic faith and national identity.

l2Paranormal activity – though I could not find much in the way of spectral visitations this site is considered one of the most creepy and mysterious sites in this nation. Much has been broadcast both on TV as well as newspapers across the world. It is a site to behold both the traditions and faiths which in itself in my opinion is paranormal of the people of Lithuania.

Not to be deterred in the paranormal experiences of this country I decided to see what the UFO scene was. Much to my surprise Lithuania actually has much activity in this area of the fringe sciences. While scanning the pages of ufo-hunters.com I found that there are quite a few reports up until the moments I submitted this article. Perhaps the largest sighting was that of a disc shaped craft in the skies over the capitol of Vilnius in 2012.

I also decided to take a look into the phenomena of cryptids to see if there were any sightings of creatures unknown to us in the United States. All I could locate was a strange animal in a pond which to me has no cryptozoology facts to back up this sighting.

l3I will leave you with a bit Lithuanian folklore, The Baubas, which many believe that folklores were created by a real story somewhere along the way!

The Baubas, an evil spirit with long skinny arms and wrinkled fingers with blood red eyes. Harassing people he tears at their hair. To the children of this country, he is the equivalent of the boogeyman. A misbehaving
child will be told: “Behave, or Baubas will come get you”. It could also be described as a black and dark creature living under the carpets or in some dark spot of the house. A good reason to clean your room!


The Amstel House

The Amstel House

By: Katie Snow
2 E 4th Street
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 322-2794


Built in 17th century The Amstle House and The Finney Inn, were homes of means. They are two homes that face each other and were owned by a father and son who had a connecting tunnel beneath ground for passage between the two. Amstel House, Now a Museum, is said to be the most paranomally active with most of the activity taking place on the third floor. Windows will open and close of their own accord, items soar through the air and are found in alternate locations then where originally placed.

Many of the locals as well as visitors have spoke of a women in a blue dress that haunts the well to do home. She has been seen for over a century on and off gazing out the windows. No one knows for sure who she may be, however, there are three likely possibilities. A woman named Elizabeth who’s child died moments after birth and she herself passed shortly after, another woman named Elizabeth who watched her whole family be consumed by TB or Ms Anna Finney herself.

Delaware Online
Haunted Houses

Katie Snow's photo.

The Adze of Ghana

f1From The Adze to the Tikoloshe, Africa has it’s share of paranormal activity and a large range of beliefs in Occult as well as those based on cryptids. They are all steeped in legends of the land and told through the generations making them have a stronghold on the regions belief system. The Adze is a legend of the Ewe people of Ghana and it’s close neighbor, Togo.

They believe the Adze is like that of a vampire which takes the form of a firefly, but if you capture one, it will revert to that of a human form. The Ewe people believe once the Adze turns into it’s human form this human like creature may attack and eat your organs. However, they believe when it is in the insect form, the Adze will suck out your blood while your sleeping and spread many forms of disease, which is one of their possible explanations for the huge malarial outbreaks in their country. It seems the Adze prefers that it’s victims are small or young children. They also believe the victim of an Adze will become a witch who will be possessed by the Adze’s spirit when the blood is drained.

f2This region also holds dear the legend of the Mokèlé-mbèmbé. The Mokèlé-mbèmbé is a cryptid type creature which resembles a dinosaur from the Congo River region. The name means “one who stops the flow of rivers” which is perfect due to it’s large size, much like that of a Brontosaurus. There have been dozens of expeditions trying to find this elusive creature, but all that has come back with the exploration teams are second hand accounts and mysterious footprints. The 1985 Disney film Baby is based on the legend of the Mokèlé-mbèmbé.
Another cryptid this area holds to legend is that of the Gbahali from the country of Liberia. This massive reptilian resembles that of a huge crocodile. Growing up to 30 feet long, this cryptid has a snout shorter than any crocodile’s and longer legs. Although this species is not confirmed by science, it is not considered a legendary monster among Liberian hunters, but a real creature they have caught and eaten. Eye witnesses were shown a picture of the extinct animal Postosuchus, and they recognized it as the Gbahali.

Whether you travel here for business or pleasure, this region has prolific beliefs in it’s legends and generational stories. Many of the crytids could be exaggerated in it’s description, however I myself would be wary to see a Ninka Nanka or a Popawa should I ever travel to these parts of the world and may just be wary of any so called fireflies!
Source – Mental Floss, Nobu Tamura.

Divining With Birds

7Auspicy means messages coming from the sky and has been practiced throughout the world by many cultures. The word itself is of Latin origin meaning observer of birds. In Rome, flight auspicy took place within a sacred space called a templem.

Bird Flight Interpretation

The choice is yours on whether you use a single bird or a full flock to divine. There is no right or wrong way only your personal attention is required. Some places have more variety of birds than others so flock reading may be more advantageous, however if birds are more scarce or if you have time, divining with a solitary bird is acceptable.

Simply ask a question or think of a question that requires a course of action and simply watch the behavior of the bird(s).

If the bird is light or brightly colored it indicates immediate action, a darker bird would be to wait. If your reading in a flock see which bird takes flight first, as with all birds, shades of light and dark do appear.

Direction of the birds flight also plays a role. If the bird(s) fly to the right it means a smooth passage in any venture and action should be taken however, if they fly from the left there will be delays and remaining silent for a bit may be best. If the bird(s) fly towards you it means happier times are in store for you, but flying away from you suggest tact and caution before moving forward.

Now there are other indicators that are also used such as the height of flight. The higher the flight the better the omen. If the bird flies upward in direction the better the outcome and success will come without much effort. If the flight is erratic, such as landing and flying only to repeat the outcome will have to defeat obstacles and requires more efforton your part.

The course of the bird also encompasses the reading. If the bird(s) suddenly change direction or course, sudden changes will be headed your way and you may feel in doubt so re-examine your feelings. Birds hovering right above your head tells you to beware of new friends and criticism.

A singing bird that takes flight in song it is a good sign and your answer is to move forth, but if the bird lands and utters a cry more caution is needed. If you hear the birds singing on the dawn of a new day close your eyes. Let the song form pictures and words in your mind and your answer will come forth.

Whether you are a believer in divining with birds, animals have been used not only in this form of divination but totems, amulets and good luck charms for centuries. The I Ching used broken tortoise shells, The Etruscans used hens and the Babylonians studied Oxen when splashed with water.

The Occult in Dominica

4The people of Africa who were brought across the Atlantic ocean to work on the sugar and coffee plantations of Dominica from the early 1700’s up until 1807 came from West Africa. It is no wonder with this past that the beliefs of the occult have strong ties on this beautiful island. Currently, the majority of the people of the Dominican Republic claim to be Christian, with over 90% of those claiming Roman Catholicism as their religion.

Dominican Catholicism is an eclectic mix of Roman Catholic traditions and African-rooted religions/ceremonies,or Santeria, and is widespread in the Dominican Republic. But deep in the roots of these islanders lies ties to
Animism. This was original religion brought to Dominica and is the belief that there are many spirits inhabiting the world, which bring good or evil and are associated with the ancestors such as ancestor spirits. This remains
in some form in the obeah, but even in the adaptation to Christianity there is still a great reverence for the dead and the ancestors in the importance of funerals, wakes “nine night” and the annual Fete La Toussaint, to remember
the souls of the dead.

5Some still practiced in the different forms of voodoo that survive in Haiti and in the shango of Trinidad and pocomania of Jamaica. Voodoo, for instance originated from Dahomey, based on the worship of the good, poisonless
serpent spirit, Dangbay. The priest or voodun communicates with this spirit and makes Dangbays will known to others.Dances such as the Kalenda, Chica and Voodoo are part of these religious rites where spirit possession accompanied by intense drumming and chants creates this type of worship.
One can imagine with the influx of Christianity that the occult practices of the past are now commingled with the Roman Catholicism that as stated above converted 90% of the island inhabitants. Transformation has taken place over time and voodoo has been exported with the Haitian Diaspora to other cities in North America.

In the tourist enclaves, voodoo ceremonies are presented as floor shows and as such have been stripped of all of their original meaning. However, in the
private circles of those who still practice the old ways the roots of African Occult is still alive and well.
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The Mysterious Man From Taured

gOn a hot and muggy night in 1954 passengers stood in line at customs at the Tokyo airport.

Somber and awaiting their passaports to be stamped customs reviewed the hordes of passengers documentation presented, one man seem to stand out. Tall, dark and mysterious the professional appearing man awaited his turn in the long line.

Upon reaching the counter he presented his papers. Authentic looking as they were the custom agents could find
no such country in their endless books of maps. I mean who ever heard of a country named Taured. Why they asked the gentleman to point out it’s location the man pointed to where the principality of Andorra, Spain is located.

Noticing it was not labeled as his country the man stepped back and claimed “I am from Taured”. He claim his country has been there for over 1000 years and that he never heard of Andorra. He provided accompanying documentation such as a driver license, bank account info and additional business papers all found to be invalid. The mysterious man looked as confused ad the custom agents.

They took the man to an interrogation room and he sat tired and cramped and frustration began to enter the discussion as he explained his country and showed the past stamps and how he had traveled for the last five years without an issue.

Airport officials did their due diligence and called the company the man professed to work fo only to find out it did not exist. They decided to get the man a hotel room where they placed a guard outside while they finished their investigation. The next morning they knocked upon his room door and he had simply vanished.There was only one way in and one way out and the guard  did not leave his post all night. There were no window sills inside nor on the outside so escape via the window was not possible. It seems as mysteriously as he appeared in the airport in 1954 he disappeared as well.

So is this JUST A STORY?

The story of this man appeared in the book “The Directory of Possibilities”, Colin Wilson & John Grant [Corgi Paperback, 1982. ISBN: 0-552-119946].
No one knows for certain if this was a factual account. No documents or newspaper clippings exist other than what was written by Colin Wilson and John Grant. In the story of ‘The Man from Taured’ we learn that an European visitor to Tokyo seems to be caught between two worlds. One of which the man’s reality seems
similar to ours, except of course for the country that doesn’t exist. At least in our wormhole-shanghai-tunnel-flickr-stuck-in-customsworld. Taured exists on no map, yet the man carried official documentation to prove otherwise. So what really happened in that muggy Tokyo airport in 1954?
Could the man from Taured have been a traveler caught between a wormhole? One that sent him unknowingly into our dimension. An alternate universe in which things played out entirely different. A world that lived under the control of the Axis side.

Another explanation is that the man from Taured was telling the truth. As far as he was concerned, he came from the country of Taured. He’s always known of his country to exist, and had never heard of The Principality of Andorra before seeing it printed on the Japanese world map. As far as he was concerned,
everyone had to be playing a prank on him. However we all know that Andorra clearly has existed for quite some time and that the Allies won the war. So could this man be a spy for some dark government agency sent on a mission to Japan? A brainwashed spook that was given a false identity alongside all documentation
to make him believe.

The Principality of Andorra has certainly had a long history with war and politics, so that explanation wouldn’t be such a stretch.
What happened inside that Tokyo airport we may never know. One thing is for certain, strange things happen every single day.

Source – ghosttheory

The Jumbees of Anguilla

cr1Rising Soca music echoing through an island who’s name literally means eel due to its’ shape one would not think of this tropical paradise as having anything to do with superstition. Millions of visitors grace its’ sandy beaches never knowing what is lurking, watching & waiting in the wings to induce thoughts that nightmares are made of.

It is not bad enough that the Old Higue of Caribbean folk lore derives from this area and numerous oral traditions of this demonic spirit that shows itself as an elderly man or woman who, upon shedding its human skin, is revealed a glowing, animated ball of light. Female variants are said to drink the blood of children, while the male variants prey primarily on adults. Waking up with black and blue marks on one’s skin is said to be a sign that you’ve been visited by Ol’ Higue overnight. Tradition dictates that to ward them off, one must leave a bag or a bowl of rice before one’s door before bed.

They also believe in the Jumbees of the trees, primarily the Silk Cotton Trees which encroaches with its finger like roots able to engulf a home with in its’ grip. This legendary tree, is easily among the most feared and notorious symbols of the spirit realm in this part of the world.
The reverence attached to these trees goes all the way back to the slave days, a product of ancient belief systems practiced throughout Western Africa, native home to a great many slaves, as well as the silk cotton trees themselves.

According to folklore, the silk cotton is one of the best places to find spirits, Jumbees, duppies, and other supernatural beings.They live inside the trees, which presents a bit of a problem if you’re ever trying to build something where these trees are numerous. There are tales of islanders refusing to cut down silk cotton trees for fear of releasing the spirits inside. These spirits and belief are prevalent throughout this area as well as all the Caribbean.

source Caribbean Uncharted

The folklore of The Weeping Arch of New Bern

The folklore of The Weeping Arch of New Bern
By Kathy Snow

hauntedlocThe history of Cedar Grove Cemetery in New Bern, NC goes back to the early years of the 1800’s. During the yellow fever epidemic that ravaged this small town, the cemetery for The Christ Church could no longer hold all the bodies of the deceased, so a new cemetery was built on Queen Street. Then, in 1854 an arch was erected along with a wall encircling the graveyard. That’s when the creepy stuff is said to have begun.

What makes the arch unique is that it’s made from a locally quarried stone called ‘shell stone’ which is made up of sea shells and the fossilized remains of sea creatures kind of like a fossil if you may. What makes it different is that it is said that weeps on people in blood droplets or some would have it it bleeds. The blood tinged liquid ranges from a icky clear water tainted with a rust color to a deep red sticky substance.

The folklore goes that during a funeral procession into Cedar Grove cemetery, if one of the pallbearers is hit with a drop of liquid from this arch, they will be the next of the group to die and be carried in. What is really strange is the old timers who can give examples of this occurring including all the names and dates.

It seems that the arch doesn’t just bleed on people during funerals. At almost anytime, whether it has rained recently or not, the drips can be seen hitting the ground, or felt when the hit the body. What ever the color, it it said that the liquid never stains clothes and washes right out.

One of the origins of the weeping comes from the history of New Bern, where a governor named Spaight was killed in a duel with a man named Stanly. While killed according to the rules of the duel, it is said that the arch drips to the rhythm of “Avenge Spaight’s blood” dripping three drops and then a pause before dripping three more drops. Of course we know this is just legend…but is it? Why do the old timers have records of the happenings there and the deceased in which this occurred. It gives on something to think upon … Doesn’t it?

Creepy Hauntings

Lubbock Lights

Carl Hart photos

Carl Hart photos

From August through September of 1951 the US Air Force investigated one of the first great UFO cases in the United States. At 9pm on August 25th three Professors from what is now known as Texas Tech University were relaxing at one of the professors homes when a series of lights flew above them. Moving N to S at a very high rate of speed and the brightness of a star only larger in diameter they flew in a perfect almost semi circle pattern which contained approx 20 – 30 lights. Over a three week period these lights were observed by these men over 12 times. Over the course of two months over 100 people all around the Lubbock area observed and also reported seeing these strange lights.

On the evening of 31 August 1951 at about 11:30PM, a college freshman named Carl Hart observed a flight pass over his home. It is said two more flights of objects allegedly also occurred in which he photographed.   These are now known as the famous Carl Hart Photographs.

It was observed that there was no sound that could be attributed to the objects and the color of the lights was bluish green in tone. It was also stated the first two flights observed were a semi-circle of lights but in the subsequent flight there was no orderly arrangement.  The objects did not gradually come into view as would an aircraft that was upon approach, and neither did it gradually disappear. It was also noted there was no apparent change in size as any of the objects passed overhead.

Carl started watching the skies when word was spread about the college professors sightings in the local Lubbock Newspaper “The Avalanche”.   After capturing his series of photos Carl, he took the film to a friend at a photo lab so that he could develop it.  The Avalanche learned of the pictures when a photographer who did some work for the newspaper called to say that Hart had just been there developing some film.  He thought Harris might be interested, and Harris suggested that Hart bring the negatives to the office. This was indeed the turning point in bringing these sightings to the forefront.

 Avalanche Newspaper Depiction

Avalanche Newspaper Depiction

Carl Hart never copyrighted his photographs in fear some may think they were a fake and the reporter at the Avalanche had accused him of hoaxing the whole incident and proceeded to tell Carl the consequences of fraud.  A short time later Carl decide to send the photos out over the wire. Though many have tried to duplicate the photos at that time no one could ever debunk them.

Upon learning of the photographs, the US military spent a great deal of time trying to come up with some kind of explanation. Officers came in from Reese Air Force Base as well as Wright-Patterson located in Dayton, Ohio. Lt. Edward J. Ruppelt even made a personal trip to Lubbock to investigate these lights and to interview Carl Hart as well as some of the others who had claimed the sightings.

Ruppelt’s was not the last and only interview by the US military. On December 2 Hart was questioned again. According to the OSI report, He was interviewed in private and asked for a written statement. Evidently the military hoped to break his story, which was a continuing obstacle to a bird explanation that they had come up with, but if a professional photographer could not get a picture of birds at night (which they had tried), how had an amateur done it? The obvious answer was that Hart had not photographed birds. If so, could that mean the objects he had photographed be unidentified flying objects.

Three College Professors

Three College Professors

The US Military’s report concludes that: birds, with street lights reflecting from them, were the probable cause of these sightings. The angular velocity of 30 degrees per second seems rather high for birds during migratory flights. It is probable that the angular velocity was less. In all instances the witnesses were located in an area where their eyes were dark-adapted, thus making the objects appear brighter. The kind of birds responsible for this sighting is not known, but it is highly probable that they were ducks or plover. Since plovers do not usually fly in formations of more than six or seven, ducks seem more probable.

There are, however, no migratory birds in the Lubbock area at that time of year. According to Loren Smith of Texas Tech, ducks do fly in V -formations in the area in late August. The glossy ibis, for example, visits the area, but it has no white with which to reflect the streetlights. Therefore the bird explanation does not work. In fact, the photographs taken by Hart refute this theory, but that seemed to made no difference. And it also made no difference that a professional photographer, when he attempted to photograph a flight of ducks at night, could not do so. Project Blue Book lists the case as solved by the birds.

Hart continues to deny that the pictures were faked. No one has ever presented any evidence to support this accusation, nor has anyone explained how they could have been faked. Hart himself has no explanation. When asked if he himself believes in flying saucers, he response was:

Carl Hart

Carl Hart

“I don’t particularly disbelieve. I think I’m kind of open-minded on that. If one would show up some place else here, I think I’d accept it.” When asked if he knew what the lights were, he simply stated “I really don’t.”…



Project Blue Book
The Avalanche
UFO Project

Clyde Tombaugh

clyde-tombaughAmerican Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh was best known for discovering Pluto and many asteroids but a lot of us didn’t know he also called for the serious scientific research into UFO’s. Born in 1906 in Streator Illinois Cyde went from building his own telescopes to being employed at the infamous Lowell Observatory which offered him a job after he sent in hand drawn pictures of Jupiter and Mars. During his years at Lowell Observatory, Tombaugh discovered hundreds of new variable stars, hundreds of new asteroids and two comets. He found new star clusters, clusters of galaxies including one super cluster of galaxies. In all, he counted over 29,000 galaxies. Tombaugh remained at Lowell until he was called to service during World War II.From 1955 until his  retirement in 1973, Clyde Tombaugh was on the faculty at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

Clyde Tombaugh was best known for discovering Pluto and many asteroids but a lot of us didn’t know he also called for the serious scientific research into UFO’s.  He is one of the most prolific astronomers to see and request further investigation into UFO’s. After 11 years of poring through endless photographic plates using the blinking process, Tombaugh claims he had a UFO sighting on August 20, 1949. He also claims these changed his opinion of the phenomenon in a matter of minutes. He had three different sightings-without the use of an optical aid- and claimed the following:

handmade telescope“I have seen three objects in the last seven years which defied any explanation of known phenomenon, such as Venus, atmospheric
optic, meteors or planes. I am a professional, highly skilled, professional astronomer. In addition I have seen three green fireballs which were unusual in behavior from normal green fireballs…I think that several reputable scientists are being unscientific in refusing to entertain the possibility of extra-terrestrial origin and nature.”

In June 1952, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, an astronomer acting as a scientific consultant to the Air Force’s Project Blue Book UFO study, secretly conducted a survey of fellow astronomers on UFO sightings and attitudes while attending an astronomy convention. Tombaugh and four other astronomers, including Dr. Lincoln LaPaz of the University of New Mexico, told Hynek about their sightings. Tombaugh also told Hynek that his telescopes were at The Air Force’s disposal for taking photos of UFOs, if he was properly alerted. Tombaugh’s offer may have led to his involvement in a search for near-Earth satellites which were first announced in the winter of 1953.

clyde-w-telescopeHowever, according to Donald Keyhoe, later director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, the real reason for the sudden search was because two near-Earth orbiting objects had been picked up on new long-range radar in the summer of 1953, according to his Pentagon source. By May 1954, Keyhoe was making public statements that his sources told him the search had indeed been successful, and either one or two objects had been found. However, the story did not break until August 23, 1954, when Aviation Week magazine stated that two satellites had been found only 400 and 600 miles out. They were termed “natural satellites” and implied that they had been recently captured, despite this being a virtual impossibility. The next day, the story was in many major newspapers. Dr. LaPaz was implicated in the discovery in addition to Tombaugh. LaPaz had earlier conducted secret investigations on behalf of the Air Force on the green fireballs and other unidentified aerial phenomena over New Mexico. The New York Times reported on August 29 that “a source close to the O. O. R. unit here described as ‘quite accurate’ the report in the magazine Aviation Week that two previously unobserved satellites had been spotted and identified by Dr. Lincoln Lepaz of the University of New Mexico as natural and not artificial objects. This source also said there was absolutely no connection between the reported satellites and flying saucer reports. However, in the October 10th issue, LaPaz said the magazine article was “false in every particular, in so far as reference to me is concerned.” Both LaPaz and Tombaugh were to issue public denials that anything had been found. The October 1955 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine reported: “Professor Tombaugh is closemouthed about his results. He won’t say whether or not any small natural satellites have been discovered. He does say, however, that newspaper reports of 18 months ago announcing the discovery of natural satellites at 400 and 600 miles out are not correct. He adds that there is no connection between the search program and the reports of so-called flying saucers.”

At a meteor conference in Los Angeles in 1957, Tombaugh reiterated that his four-year search for “natural satellites” had been unsuccessful. In 1959, Tombaugh was to issue a final report stating that nothing had been found in his search. His personal 16-inch telescope was reassembled and dedicated on September 17, 2009 at Rancho Hidalgo, New Mexico (near Animas, New Mexico), adjacent to Astronomy’s new observatory.


Kenneth Arnold Case

By the mid 1940’s there have been hundreds of reported cases of UFO sightings spanning hundreds of years, but the ending of WWII seemed to bring a new interest and insight into the field. It seems that development of rockets marked a new level of interest in strange flying objects or prehaps just a renewed sense of the world above us . Many of our Allied pilots that flew over Germany reported seeing balls of light following their planes. The balls of light were nicknamed “FOO FIGHTERS,” and were said to be one of Germany’s secret weapons, of course this was amongst the varying explanations for the lights and they were explained away as an optical illusions or results of the electrical phenomenon known as “St. Elmo’s Fire.”

kenneteh-arnold-ufo-4On June 24, 1947, a civilian pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine objects all of which glowed a bright bluish white in color, flying in a “V” formation over Washington State’s Mount Rainier. Arnold estimated the objects’ flight speed no less than 1200 mph and compared their motion to “a saucer “if you skipped it across the water.” (though the newspapers reported of Arnold’s sighting, his description was mistakenly taken to mean that the objects were shaped like saucers, leading to the popularization of the term “flying saucer” as a synonym for UFO.) Most in the field today simply call them “The Crafts”.

Though Arnold stated he initially thought what he had seen were test flights of military planes, the military replied saying they had been not been conducting any test flights during the time of the incident. A prospector named Fred Johnson on Mt. Adams saw the same “V” type flying objects around the same time as Arnold, giving some credibility to Arnold’s story.

After news of Arnold’s sightings hit the media, similar sightings began to be reported in an ever increasing number across the US, however also in July 1947, a Roswell New Mexico newspaper claimed that personnel of the nearby U.S. Army airfield had recovered a crashed flying saucer. The Army, in turn, explained that the crash was that of a wrecked weather balloon now known as the incidents at Area 51. In response to the ever increasing sightings the US Government responded by starting an investigation into the sightings and in 1948 began “Project Sign” which today is known as ”Project Blue Book”. It is the US Governments longest running study into UFOlogy.

This is Kenneth Arnold’s Story in his report in his own words –

On June 24, 1947, a civilian pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine objects all of which glowed a bright bluish white in color, flying in a “V” formation over Washington State’s Mount Rainier.

The following story of what I observed over the Cascade mountains, as impossible as it may seem, is positively true. I never asked nor wanted any notoriety for just accidentally being in the right spot at the right time to observe what I did. I reported something that I know any pilot would have reported. I don’t think that in any way my observation was due to any sensitivity of eye sight or judgment than what is considered normal for any pilot. On June 24th, Tuesday, 1947, I had finished my work for the Central Air Service at Chehalis, Washington, and at about two o’clock I took off from Chehalis, Washington, airport with the intention of going to Yakima, Wash. My trip was delayed for an hour to search for a large marine transport that supposedly went down near or around the southwest side of Mt. Rainier in the state of Washington and to date has never been found. I flew directly toward Mt. Rainier after reaching an altitude of about 9,500 feet, which is the approximate elevation of the high plateau from which Mt. Rainier rises. I had made one sweep of this high plateau to the westward, searching all of the various ridges for this marine ship and flew to the west down and near the ridge side of the canyon where Ashford, Washington, is located.Unable to see anything that looked like the lost ship, I made a 360 degree turn to the right and above the little city of Mineral, starting again toward Mt. Rainier. I climbed back up to an altitude of approximately 9,200 feet. The air was so smooth that day that it was a real pleasure flying and, as most pilots do when the air is smooth and they are flying at a higher altitude, I trimmed out my airplane in the direction of Yakima Washington, which was almost directly east of my position and simply sat in my plane observing the sky and the terrain. There was a DC-4 to the left and to the rear of me approximately fifteen miles distance, and I should judge, at 14,000 foot elevation.

kenneteh-arnold-ufo-2The sky and air was clear as crystal. I hadn’t flown more than two or three minutes on my course when a bright flash reflected on my airplane. It startled me as I thought I was too close to some other aircraft I looked every place in the sky and couldn’t find where the reflection had come from until I looked to the left and the north of Mt. Rainier where I observed a chain of nine peculiar looking aircraft flying from north to south at approximately 9,500 foot elevation and going, seemingly, in a definite direction of about 170 degrees.They were approaching Mt. Rainier very rapidly, and I merely assumed they were jet planes.

Anyhow, I discovered that this was where the reflection had come from, as two or three of them every few seconds would dip or change their course slightly, just enough for the sun to strike them at an angle that reflected brightly on my plane. These objects being quite far away, I was unable for a few seconds to make out their shape or their formation. Very shortly they approached Mt. Rainier, and I observed their outline against the snow quite plainly. I thought it was very peculiar that I couldn’t find their tails but assumed they were some type of jet plane. I was determined to clock their speed, as I had two definite points I could clock them by; the air was so clear that it was very easy to see objects and determine their approximate shape and size at almost fifty miles that day.

kenneteh-arnold-ufo-1I remember distinctly that my sweep second hand on my eight day clock, which is located on my instrument panel, read one minute to 3 P.M. as the first object of this formation passed the southern edge of Mt. Rainier. I watched these objects with great interest as I had never before observed airplanes flying so close to the mountain tops, flying directly south to southeast down the hog’s back of a mountain range. I would estimate their elevation could have varied a thousand feet one way or another up or down, but they were pretty much on the horizon to me which would indicate they were near the same elevation as I was. They flew like many times I have observed geese to fly in a rather diagonal chain-like line as if they were linked together. They seemed to hold a definite direction but rather swerved in and out of the high mountain peaks. Their speed at the time did not impress me particularly, because I knew that our army and air forces had planes that went very fast. What kept bothering me as I watched them flip and flash in the sun right along their path was the fact that I couldn’t make out any tail on them, and I am sure that any pilot would justify more than a second look at such a plane. I observed them quite plainly, and I estimate my distance from them, which was almost at right angles, to be between twenty to twenty-five miles. I knew they must be very large to observe their shape at that distance,
even on as clear a day as it was that Tuesday, In fact I compared a zeus fastener or cowling tool I had in my pocket with them – holding it up on them and holding it up on the DC-4 – that I could observe at quite a distance to my left, and they seemed smaller than the DC-4; but, I should judge their span would have been as wide as the furthest engines on each side of the fuselage of the DC-4. The more I observed these objects the more upset I became, as I am accustomed and familiar with most all objects flying whether I am close to the ground or at higher altitudes. I observed the chain of these objects passing another high snow-covered rIdge in between Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams and as, the first one was passing the south crest of this ridge the last object was entering the northern crest of the ridge.

As I was flying in the direction of this particular ridge, I measured it and found it to be approximately five miles so I could safely assume that the chain of these saucer like objects were at least five miles long. I could quite accurately determine their pathway due to the fact that there were several high peaks that were a little this side of them as well as higher peaks on the other side of their pathway. As the last unit of this formation passed the southern most high snow-covered crest of Mt. Adams, I looked at my sweep second hand and it showed that they had traveled the distance in one minute and forty-two seconds. Even at the time this timing did not upset me as I felt confident after I would land there would be some explanation of what I saw. A number of news men and experts suggested that I might have been seeing reflections or even a mirage. This I know to be absolutely false, as I observed these objects not only through the glass of my airplane but turned my airplane sideways where I could open my window and observe them with a completely unobstructed view. (Without sun glasses).Even though two minutes seems like a very short time to one on the ground, in the air in two minutes time a pilot can observe a great many things and anything within his sight of vision probably as many as fifty or sixty times. I continued my search for the marine plane for another fifteen or twenty minutes and while searching for this marine plane, what I had just observed kept going through my mind. I became more disturbed, so after taking a last look at Tieton Reservoir I headed for Yakima. I might add that my complete observation of these objects, which I could even follow by their flashes as they passed Mt. Adams, was around two and one-half or three minutes — although, by the time they reached Mt. Adams they were out of my range of vision as far as determining shape or form. Of course, when the sun reflected from one or two or three of these units, they appeared to be completely round; but, I am making a drawing to the best of my ability, which I am including, as to the shape I observed these objects to be as they passed the snow covered ridges as well as Mt. Rainier. When these objects were flying approximately straight and level, they were just a black thin line and when they flipped was the only time I could get a judgment as to their size. These objects were holding an almost constant elevation; they did not seem to be going up or coming down, such as would be the case of rockets or artillery shells. I am convinced in my own mind that they were some type of airplane, even though they didn’t conform with the many aspects of the conventional type of planes that I know. Although these objects have been reported by many other observers throughout the United States, there have been six or seven other accounts written by some of these observers that I can truthfully say must have observed the same thing that I did; particularly, the descriptions of the three Western [Cedar City, Utah] Air Lines employees, the gentleman [pilot]from Oklahoma City and the locomotive engineer from Illinois, plus Capt Smith and Co-Pilot Stevens of United Air Lines. Some descriptions could not be very accurate taken from the ground unless these saucer-like disks were at a great height and there is a possibility that all of the people who observed peculiar objects could have seen the same thing I did, but, it would have been very difficult from the ground to observe these for more than four or five seconds, and there is always the possibility of atmospheric moisture and dust near the ground which could distort one’s vision. I have in my possession letters from all over the Unites States and people who profess that these objects have been observed over other portions of the world; principally Sweden, Bermuda, and California. I would have given almost anything that day to have had a movie camera with a telephoto lens and from now on I will never be without one but, to continue further with my story. When I landed at Yakima, Wash., airport I described what I had seen to my very good friend, Al Baxter, who listened patiently and was very courteous but in a joking way didn’t believe me. I did not accurately measure the distance between these two mountains until I landed at Pendleton, Oregon, that same day where I told a number of pilot friends of mine what I had observed and they did not scoff or laugh but suggested they might be guided missiles or something new. In fact several former Army pilots informed me that they had been briefed before going into combat overseas that they might see objects of similar shape and design as I described and assured me that I wasn’t dreaming or going crazy. I quote Sonny Robinson, a former Army Air Forces pilot who is now operating dusting operations at Pendleton, Oregon, “What you observed, I am convinced, is some type of jet or rocket propelled ship that is in the process of being tested by our government or even it could possibly be by some foreign government.” Anyhow, the news that I had observed these spread very rapidly and before the night was over I was receiving telephone calls from all parts of the world; and, to date, I have not received one telephone call or one letter of scoffing or disbelief. the only disbelief that I know of was what was printed in the papers. I look at this whole ordeal as not something funny as some people have made it out to be. To me it is mighty serious and since I evidently did observe something that at least Mr. John Doe on the street corner or Pete Andrews on the ranch has never heard about, is no reason that it does not exist. Even though I openly invited an investigation by the Army and the FBI as to the authenticity of my story or a mental or a physical examination as to my capabilities.

I have received no interest from these two important protective forces of our country; I will go so far as to assume that any report I gave to the United and Associated Press and over the radio on two different occasions which apparently set the nation buzzing, if our Military intelligence was not aware of what I observed, they would be the very first people that I could expect as visitors. I have received lots of requests from people who told me to make a lot of wild guesses. I have based what I have written here in this article on positive facts and as far as guessing what it was I observed, it is just as much a mystery to me as it is to the rest of the world. My pilot’s license is 333487. I fly a Callair airplane; it is a three-place single engine land ship that is designed and manufactured at Afton, Wyoming as an extremely high performance, high altitude airplane that was made for mountain work. The national certificate of my plane is 33355.

Now although Kenneth Arnold’s accounts were the first post-War sighting in the United States that gathered nationwide news coverage and is credited with being the first of the modern era of UFO sightings there were a lot of those who tried to explain away Mr Arnold’s sighting with explanations.

kenneteh-arnold-ufo-3These are just a few of the arguments against Arnold.

Donald Menzel suggested the objects were billowing blasts of snow ballooning off mountain ridges but Captain Ruppelt of Blue Book rejected this as impossible because you just don’t get powder snow low in the mountains in June.12

Martin Gardner has twice suggested the objects were balloons. This ignores the flat side profile drawn by Arnold. Arnold reported the air was very smooth traveling that day, which seems inconsistent with the undulatory motions he described.

Richard J. Reed suggested orographic clouds. Since these tend to stay motionless, the large a angular distance traveled by the objects is hard to account for. So, too, the angular velocity cannot be explained. These objections also apply to notions involving wave clouds and detached mountain top mirages.

Menzel tried again in his last book with the idea that Arnold might have been tricked by water droplets on the airplane window. This overlooks the fact that Arnold explicitly states he rolled down the window to get a better look at the objects.

Otto Billig proposes that Arnold was suffering a regression suggestive of reduced personality cause the undulations of the objects indicate the surfacing of serpent imagery like that common to religions. Such an analysis is contradicted by Billig’s own mythography which says undulations signify benevolence. Arnold explicitly felt the objects to be a threat, a bother, and disturbing.

Paul Devereux proposed Arnold saw earth lights. This would mean the objects would be emitting light. This is inconsistent with Arnold’s description of the objects as forming a “black-thin line” when silhouetted against snowy mountain ridges. He also indicated that he saw the sun reflected off the objects from time to time. It is also difficult to imagine how earth lights could maintain an unconventional formation for over a minute without scattering or merging due to electrical charges.

Stuart Campbell has proposed an exotic scheme involving mirages of distant mountains. Easily the funniest detail is the necessity for Arnold to confuse Mount Rainier and Mount Adams with Pinnacle Peak and Lookout of the Tatoosh Range even knowing they are roughly half as big.

Here is another wesbite that tries to Debunk Kenneth Arnold

After researching this case I have found out that after all this time no one can sanely say what Kenneth Arnold saw was NOT UFO’s.

Sources – 
Resolving Arnold.
Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies

Stephen William Hawking


Stephen William Hawking a former Lucasian Professor of mathematics and author of “A Brief History In Time” who is currently the Director of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and Founder of the for Theoretical Cosomology Dept. for the University Of Cambridge was born on the 8th of Jan 1942. Wanting to study Mathematics his father would have preferred his son to study medicine. Since Mathematics was not available in the University College he pursued the study of Physics and after three years was awarded an honors degree in the Natural Sciences.

Stepehen then went on to the University of Cambridge to pursue Cosomology however there were again no one working in that field so he studied under Denis Sciama and gained his Ph.D. and moved on to the Institute of Astronomy and leaving in 1973.Stephen then came back to Cambridge where he returned to Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and began holding the Lucasian titleshortly thereafter.

The Title of Lucisian Professor was created and founded in 1663 with funds left in the will of the Reverend Henry Lucas who was an important member of Parliament for the University. The title had been held by famous by names of distinction such as Isaac Barrow as wellas Iaasc Newton.

Stephen Hawking has worked on the basic laws which govern the universe. With Roger Penrose he showed that Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity implied space and time would have a beginning in the Big Bang and an end in black holes. These results indicated that it wasnecessary to unify General Relativity with Quantum Theory, the other great Scientific development of the first half of the 20th Century.One consequence of such a unification that he discovered was that black holes should not be completely black, but rather should emit
radiation and eventually evaporate and disappear. Another conjecture is that the universe has no edge or boundary in imaginary time. Thiswould imply that the way the universe began was completely determined by the laws of science.

shawking2His many publications include The Large Scale Structure of Spacetime with G F R Ellis, General Relativity: An Einstein Centenary Survey, with W Israel, and 300 Years of Gravity, with W Israel. Among the popular books Stephen Hawking has published are his best seller A Brief History of Time, Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays, The Universe in a Nutshell, The Grand Design and My Brief History.

Professor Hawking has twelve honorary degrees. He was awarded the CBE in 1982, and was made a Companion of Honor in 1989. He is the recipient of many awards, medals and prizes, is a Fellow of The Royal Society and a Member of the US National Academy of Sciences.

Stephen was diagnosed with ALS, a form of Motor Neurone Disease, shortly after his 21st birthday. In spite of being wheelchair bound and dependent on a computerized voice system for communication Stephen Hawking continues to combine family life (he has three children and threegrandchildren), and his research into theoretical physics together with an extensive program of travel and public lectures. He still hopes to make it into space one day.


Captain William Schnaffner

sc1A great controversy shrouds the death of Captain William Schaffner, a USAF pilot on exchange duties with the Royal Air Force who on a dark evening in September 1970 lost his life during a supposed military exercise. Some say he encountered a UFO, others say he perished in the cold waters of Britian’s North Sea. Although his suirvings sons have accepted the militarys report on the evenings events, UFO enthusiasts claim government cover up as many questions have been left unanswered. On this evening a series of events occurred leaving in its wake questions and gaping holes in stories put forth by military intelligence, however it was Capt. Schaffner who was the one to pay the price. Will his story or the events ever be fully put to rest?

The UFO enthusiasts seemed to have researched this and come to some interesting conclusions surrounding the events. With the miscommunications, shredded military files and their version of the last radio contact as well as witnesses that in the beginning seemed to concur, the events seemed to be extraterrestrial in nature.

This is their version:

It seems the UFO connection did not become apparent until 1992 when the Grimsby Evening News, published two sensational articles by assistant editor Pat Otter. As a cub reporter in 1970 Otter had covered the fruitless search for the pilot’s body. When the mystery was revived two decades later in a local book the paper received a call from a man claiming to be a member of the original RAF crash investigation team which examined the remains of the Lightning. Otter was later to claim he never believed the man’s story, but felt it was too good not to publish when he came up against a wall of official denials. Otter’s source – who wished to remain anonymous – claimed there had been a dramatic increase in radar tracking of UFOs over the North Sea during the autumn of 1970 which led the RAF to mount a special operation. At 8.17pm on 8 September radars in the Shetlands tracked an unidentified target above the North Sea and Lightning interceptors were scrambled from RAF Leuchars to engage. But before they could get near the UFO turned sharply, increased its speed to a fantastic 17,400 mph, and vanished from the radar screens. According to the source higher command levels within NATO were now alerted and aircraft from three squadrons were ordered to remain on patrol in case the “thing” returned. It did, and during the course of the night several UFOs were detected. Each time they shot away at high speed before the RAF could approach them.

According to both Otter and Dodd, Schaffner took off in Lightning XS-894 not long after he had returned from a training mission. The UFO was now being tracked on radar about ninety miles east of Whitby and Schaffner was quickly vectored onto it. The information about what happened next was taken from a transcript provided by the RAF “source” that purported to be describing the actual interchange between Schaffner and the radar controller at RAF Patrington on the Yorkshire coast. According to the transcript, Schaffner could see a bluish conical shape which was so bright he could hardly look at it. This UFO was accompanied by an object resembling a large glass football.

sc2As Schaffner closed in, describing the object before him, he suddenly exclaimed: “Wait a second, its turning…coming straight for me….am taking evasive action….” At that point the controller lost contact and Schaffner’s radar plot merged with that of the UFO for a while before losing altitude and disappearing from the scope. Schaffner’s plane was found one month later on the bed of the North Sea with the cockpit still closed. There was no sign of the pilot’s body. This is a case with massive political implications if any of it is true. It was also an event that resonated with other stories concerning mysterious so called “vanishings” that have become part of Fortean mythology

This was the Military’s Final explanation:

1. It was not a UFO but a slow moving Shackleton reconnaissance aircraft that the Captain was trying to intercept on an exercise. 2. Its crew had lost radio contact. Then, by the light of a flare, they’d seen the aircraft in the water. 3. The Captain had simply flown too low trying to get beneath his target and hit the sea. 4. Captain Schaffner had not been properly trained to carry out the exercise he had been asked to undertake. When he tried to bail out, his ejector seat failed to operate.

These simple statements release after inquiry above appears to suggest that the crash was an unfortunate accident with a plausible explanation.

However the Lightning aircraft was recovered months after the crash from the seabed. Remarkably, it was virtually undamaged. Not only was it almost fully intack the cockpit canopy was shut but there was no sign of Captain Schaffner’s body.

So the unusual condition of the wreckage along with other factors fuel UFOlogists speculations of an alien abduction. The theory between both sides continues to this day, but the message written to the public by the Captains son below leaves little to further pursue as he has come to acceptance with the release of military reports.

Message to everyone left on a thread by Captain Schaffners son Micheal : These are his written words:

Michael Schaffner, My name is Michael Schaffner. I am the youngest son of Captain William Schaffner. I would like to thank Ian Cundall and the rest of the team for helping us put an end to this “mystery”. Having read some of the comments that have been posted I would like to take this opportunity to respond. For many, this has become a complicated question of conspiracy theories, allegations, deceptions and the like.However, I think that this is a situation that best illustrates Ockham’s Razor: the simplest answer is usually the best. It is an unusual stretch of the imagination to believe that UFOs and government coverups are responsible for the tragic death of my father. This is especially true having read the Summary Report of the RAF concerning this accident. Contrary to the assertions made by UFO “enthusiasts”, it is far simpler, and more logical, to understand these events in their factual context.

My father simply did not notice that he had lost altitude while trying to decelerate to the proper intercept vector. Given the inclement weather, poor instructions, improper training, and overall stress of flying at high speed and high G, it is no stretch of the imagination to believe that he simply made a mistake. I am completely satisfied that my father died because of a chain of unfortunate events, none of which had anything to do with someone’s subjective need to believe in UFO’s.

Although I do not doubt that there is life outside of our terrestrial realm, there has been no substantial evidence demonstrated by these “enthusiasts,” such as Tony Dodd, to support their claims concerning my father. Not one single, solitary shred of objective proof. I challenge any of these enthusiasts to support any element of their claim with germaine evidence. Their assertions that “they will (n)ever get to the bottom of what happend because the RAF will never accept that a UFO could be involved,” is only begging the question. They should be ashamed to call themselves UFOlogists, a name that insinuates professionalism and qualified academic study. I would suggest that they are no more qualified to study UFOs than the average public school student. To say anything more is a waste of breath. To those of you who still doubt, rest assured that there is no story here. Only the tragic death of a beloved father who is truly missed and who will never be forgotten.


The Secret Files
Naked Scientists

Budd Hopkins


Born in 1951 Budd Hopkins was a Sculptor, Artist and a important figure in UFO Research. He was the founder of the Intruders Foundation, a nonprofit, scientific research and support organization and investigated over 700 cases of alien abduction as well as writing 3 prominent books on the subject. His books are considered he most influential series of books yet published on  the abduction phenomenon. These works, his Hopkins’ lectures, and his other presentations have been responsible for bringing a number of other noted researchers-David Jacobs, John Carpenter, Yvonne Smith, and John Mack, among others-into this extraordinary area of specialization. One of his most interesting investigations in which he wrote the book “Witnessed” The Linda Cortile Napolitano Story took six years to investigate and he was quoted as saying:

“Either it’s a hoax, with many people going to an awful lot of trouble and expense to set it up, or it actually happened. After six years of research we have more than 20 people who either were involved in it or were witnesses to it.”

hopkins2Budd Hopkins expierenced an UFO sighting himself in 1964 in Cape Cod Massachutes. It was during daylight hours and lasted about threeminutes. He was with two friends who also were witness. At first they thought it to be some sort of flattened balloon but obvious to them it could hover and move at great speeds. This was the beginning of his research into the realm of UFO and Alien Abductions andhe began to research heavily into other sightings. Before long others started writing to him and telling him of their expeirences.

Realizing abductions and sightings can be overwhelming, Mr Hopkins started his foundation. In 1992 a made-for-television film “Intruders”features fictionalized characters based on the works of Budd Hopkins and psychiatrist John E. Mack.

hopkins3Mr Hopkins passed away in Manhattan in August 2011 however his great strides in the UFO Research can never be forgotten.Because of his works and Foundation he has made great headway into this part of the Fringe Sciences.


Kecksburg Crash 1965

651December 9,1965 a large brilliant fireball in the sky was witnessed by millions in six U.S sates as well as the Ontario province of Canada.
It is said to have dropped molten metal debris in the U.S. state of Michigan and Ohio causing small grass fires as well as creating
sonic booms in Pittsburg Pa. After authorities disclaimed usage of other proposed explanations it was then assumed it was a meteor.

This did not rest well with the residents of Kecksburg Pa which is located approx. 30 miles SE of Pittsburgh. A child told his mother he saw something land and his mother witnessed wisps of smoke rising in the yonder woods there by notifying the local authorities. Others in this small town also reported vibrations and thumps at the time of the proposed landing. The fire Dept members reported finding a object thesize of a compact car shaped much like that of an acorn with odd writing resembling that of the Egypitian Hieroglyphics encircling the
base of the craft. Civilians in the area report a heavy US Army presence whom order the towns folk out of the area and removed the craft on a flatbed, however the Army claims they searched the woods and found nothing.

There are other events that also occured on or around the time of the sighting. The Federal Aviation Administration had received 23 reports from aircraft pilots, the first starting at 4:44 p.m. A seismograph 25 miles southwest of Detroit had recorded the shock waves created by the fireball as it passed through the atmosphere. The Sky and Telescope article concluded that “the path of the fireball extended roughly from northwest to southeast” and ended “in or near the western part of Lake Erie”.

The headlines the next morning clearly prove there was an army presence in the area as the Tribune-Review from nearby Greensburg who had a reporter at the scene ran an article the next morning, “Unidentified Flying Object Falls near Kecksburg — Army Ropes off Area”. The article went on to say “The area where the object landed was immediately sealed off on the order of U.S. Army and State Police officials, reportedly in anticipation of a ‘close inspection’ of whatever may have fallen… State Police officials there ordered the area roped off to await the
expected arrival of both U.S. Army engineers and possibly, civilian scientists. However, a later edition of the newspaper stated that nothing had been found after authorities searched the area.

The official explanation of the widely seen fireball was that it was a mid-sized meteor. However speculation as to the identity of the Kecksburg object range from alien craft to Nazi Anti-gravity Crafts all the way to debris from Cosmos 96, a Soviet Space Probe Intended for Venus but never left the atmosphere.

This has been investigated by many and TV shows have hungered and fed on this story for years now. The US Command replied with the following back 652
in 1991 with the release of this statement. US Space Command concluded that Kosmos 96 crashed in Canada at 3.18am on December 9, 1965, about
13 hours before the fireball thought to be the Kecksburg object undergoing re-entry was recorded at 4:45pm. However in a 2003 interview Chief Scientist for Orbital Debris at the NASA Johnson Space Center Nicholas L. Johnson stated: I can tell you categorically, that there is no way that any debris from Kosmos 96 could have landed in Pennsylvania anywhere around 4:45 p.m. “That’s an absolute.” “Orbital mechanics is very strict.”

In 2003: Sci Fi Channel re-investigated the case with a scientific study of the area and related records by the Coalition for Freedom of Information act and he most significant finding of the scientific team was a line of damaged trees broken at the top leading to the site where some eyewitnesses said they saw the object embedded in the soil along with associated fresh tree damage. Furthermore, tree core samples dated the damage to 1965. This provided physical evidence that something airborne may have come crashing through the trees and landed in the woods.

In December 2005, just before the 40th anniversary of the Kecksburg crash, NASA released a statement to the effect that they had examined metallic fragments from the object and now claimed it was from a re-entering “Russian satellite”. The spokesman further claimed that the related records had been misplaced. According to an Associated Press story: The object appeared to be a Russian satellite that re-entered the atmosphere and broke up. NASA experts studied fragments from the object, but records of what they found were lost in the 1990s.
Also in December 2005, a lawsuit was filed to get NASA to search more diligently for the alleged lost records. On October 26, 2007, NASA agreed to search for those records after being ordered by the court. The judge, who had tried to move NASA along for more than 3 years, angrily referred to NASA’s previous search efforts as a “ball of yarn” that never fully answered the request.

653Again in November 2009, Leslie Kean filed a report on the results of the NASA search. It seems Documents were still missing or reported destroyed and little of interest was turned up relevant to the Kecksburg case. Of particular interest was a missing box of “fragology” files, reported destroyed, related to recovery and examination of the space debris, but despite reservations about the thoroughness or accuracy of the search, Kean said they felt they had exhausted their legal remedies and ended the lawsuit against NASA.

The list of those investigating this goes on and on as does the battle with NASA. But one thing remains true. Similarities have been drawn between the Kecksburg incident and the Roswell UFO incident, leading to the former being referred to as “Pennsylvania’s Roswell.”

UFO Project Bluebook
UFO Sightings

Zamora 1964 Sighting

In 1964 a town in New Mexico named Socorro made quite a stir. It seems a craft had landed, however, the reason this UFO sighting is different among the rest is due to the fact it left trace evidence behind and was witnessed by a Police Officer Named Lonnie Zamora. This intriguing case has been a mainstay in Ufology for over 50 years with no end in sight to its longevity.

641Thirty-one year old policeman Lonnie Zamora was on patrol when he was passed by a car which was speeding. Zamora took off in chase of the vehicle, but heard a extremely loud roar in the distance which was accompanied by a bluish, orange flame rising into the air. There was a shack close by that contained explosives and he was worried that may be the cause of the what seemed to him an out of the ordinary type explosion. Radioing the dispatcher he turned his patrol car in that direction and headed toward back towards the shack.

Officer Zamora proceeded cautiously towards the rising smoke and flames, the aftermath of the explosion which seemed to disappear and reappear because of the rising and dipping roads in which he traveled to get there. The route he was on was very narrow made of dirt and gravel winding wildly around a small gully. Approaching the location of the shack, Officer Zamora noticed a shining object about 100 – 200 yards away.

Upon first sight he thought it may be a car which may have overturned and exploded but upon a inspection he discovered that it was an oval shaped type object without windows or doors. He stated that the object was about the same size as that of a medium car. Seeing an unusual red insignia on the side he and then noticed two beings that he thought at first to be children, dressed in white overalls. He recalled that the so called children seemed to jump or become startled when they noticed him. He immediately radioed dispatched explaining the details of the incident.

Deciding to get a closer look at the strange scene he then heard a loud roar and saw a bluish flame shoot out of the underside of the object. Afraid that it was going to explode, he fell to the ground to protect himself. Seeing the object lift off the ground, and head towards the southeast it flew in a straight line for about 10-15 miles. The legs that he had seen earlier had disappeared. Having intercepted Zamora’s earlier radio transmission, State Police Sergeant Sam Chavez arrived at the scene just after the craft disappeared into the sky.

Army Captain Richard T. Holder, Up-Range Commander of White Sands Proving Grounds, along with an FBI agent, D. Arthur Byrnes, Jr. were the first to investigate however it was not until 1968 that the evidence from the sighting became known. Dr. James E. McDonald, an atmospheric physicist at the University of Arizona, said that he had learned of an alleged patch of “fused sand” at the Socorro landing site. It seems “A woman who is now a radiological chemist with the Public Health Service in Las Vegas was involved in some special analyses of materials collected at the Socorro site, and when she was there, the morning after the Apr. 25, 1964 incident. She claims that there was a patch of melted and solidified sand right under the landing area. Dr. McDonald talked to her both by telephone and in person. She had analyzed plant fluids exuded from the scorched greasewood and mesquite plants, and told McDonald, “There were a few organic materials they couldn’t identify,” but most of the sample was just sap. “Shortly after she finished her work,” she told him, “Air Force personnel came and took all her notes and materials and told her she wasn’t to talk about it anymore.”

Analysis reports of physical evidence at the site have never been released to the public however An FBI report dated May 8, 1964, notes that Zamora has been personally known for about 5 years and is “well regarded as a sober, industrious, and conscientious officer and not given to fantasy.”The report also confirms the scorched foliage and the imprints, noting that, “Each depression seemed to have been made by an object going into the earth at an angle from a center line Measurements taken by police verified that there were 4 indentations on the ground; the distance between them formed a quadrilateral whose diagonals intersected at exactly
90 degree angles.

643Although the Air Force’s Bluebook was notorious for either debunking or misrepresenting cases they looked into, I was surprised when I read the CIA evaluation of this incident as provided by the Freedom of Information act. The following document was made available for public inspection on January 2, 1981.

It was originally included in the CIA publication, “Studies in Intelligence,” released in 1966. The brief, “Policeman’s Report,” was written by Hector Quintanilla, Jr., the former head of Project Blue Book. “There is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora saw an object which left quite an impression on him. There is also no question about Zamora’s reliability. He is a serious police officer, a pillar of his church, and a man well versed in recognizing airborne vehicles in his area. He is puzzled by what he saw, and frankly, so are we. “This is the best-documented case on record, and still we have been unable, in spite of thorough investigation, to find the vehicle or other stimulus that scared Zamora to the point of panic.”

Newnansville – Florida’s Ghost Town


Founded in 1812 by the Dell Brothers, Newnansville was not incorporated until 1824 and lays northeast of the City of Alachua Florida.
Newnansville was the site of a well-developed nineteenth century village which became the first county seat in Alachua in 1828.
Standing at the junction of several important roads, it prospered as a commercial center for the growing crop industries of the
expanding central Florida frontier. In 1854 the county seat was moved to Gainesville and the town lost population and importance.
When a new railway line was built in 1884, it bypassed the town and Newnansville was totally abandoned by 1890. Today all that survive
are two cemeteries, the remains of a dirt road, and a sign marking its place in Florida history.

It is two hours northwest of Ocala, Fl and quite a beautiful ride through small towns such as Micanopy to larger cities as Gainesville. k1
Off Rt. 235 stands this historic cemetery that is marked by its’ modern namesaked entrance. Turning down the remaining dirt road that was once
this city you will walk to the entrance gates which stand proud guarding the interred inside.

Although there were some older grave sites, most of this area was that of the newly resting. This is a large cemetery with different sections
that are fenced off from each other and though most would have left I must say if you cut through you will enter a section not fenced but very weeded.
This is the area you would want to see as the statue commemorating the soldiers of the Confederate Army with the names of those buried there would tell us.

There are many lows or holes in the land so be careful if you go after dark. The area police officers are very k2informative on this cemetery,
and the ones we spoke with were believers of the paranormal and told us this cemetery is one of the most active in the state of Florida
and many teams from Jacksonville Fl. down to south come to investigate. He also noted that due to the large number of farming here there is a heavy population of Haitians in this area. It seems they practice Voodoo right under the Confederate Memorial and the last time the officers were there
they were called to clean up the severed head of a goat that the practitioners left behind and to please be careful. They will tell you who to contact for permission and also ask you let them know you are going should there be any calls of people roaming in the area, however there are no residences in sight.

Make a mental note before you go that a full moon on a Voodoo Sabbath may not be the best time to revisit this area, and bring flashlights as
there are no lights to guided your way. Very out of the way it should still be on your list to probe as the activity is as some say “beyond real”
in this haunted cemetery of days gone by.