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Hello my name is Sara Fawley. I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca Oct 1965. I lived there until I was 19, then moved with my now ex-husband to Texas where I lived for the next 25 years. I have two grown sons who are married and have lives and families of their own. My current husband and I now live in a small town in Arkansas with our dachshund Shabar. I owned and antiques and collectibles shop but closed it down in September 2013 after having a heart attack. I still buy and sell antiques and collectibles and make handmade natural gemstone jewelry which we sell at shows and festivals. I don't recall ever not knowing that there was more than just us out there. My first experience happened when I was a young child and was visited by my godfather "Grandpa Clyde" at the time of his death and for three weeks after that. I have seen one other full bodied apparition in my life and had several other minor experiences that left me scratching my head.I am not an investigator but have a huge thirst for knowledge. I am always looking up this or that legend, myth or story I hear or sometimes I just have random thoughts and look them up to see if anyone else thinks the same way. I am very analytically minded and always like to get to the bottom of things.

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What is a Full Spectrum Camera?

What is a Full Spectrum Camera?

By: Sara Fawley

I have heard the term Full Spectrum Camera used many times as I am sure most of us have. I have some vague idea that it somehow captures from a light spectrum not visible to the human eye but that is as far as my limited knowledge goes. Due to this I thought I would do a little digging and see if I could explain it a little further for myself and anyone else who might be curious.

What I have found is this. A camera has a CCD sensor which in essence is it’s “eye”. This sensor controls how your camera “sees” the world around it. The sensor can only “see the visible light spectrum. Now there are other spectrums out there, the near infrared (IR) range and the UltraViolet (UV) range, that the human eye cannot see and that is also blocked out on your camera by an internal IR-cut filter in the camera’s lens. To make a camera “Full Spectrum” this filter is removed. Now the camera can not only “see” what the human eye sees but also the ranges beyond that. The theory is that these “invisible” ranges may be where spirits are “visible”.

What are the advantages to using a Full Spectrum Camera in the course of investigating?

The first advantage would seem to be that you do not need to use a flash in dark areas. While IR is invisible to the human eye it is very bright to the full spectrum camera.

The obvious advantage to no flash is that investigators are not constantly being blinded by the bright flash going off which can cut down on the tricks your eyes play on you in a changing light environment.

Another advantage is that environmental contamination “orbs” such as dust, lint, pollen and moisture are not going to be such an issue. These “orbs” are cause by the particulate being caught in the flash close to the lens. The only way this can happen with a Full Spectrum Camera is if the IR light source is to close to the lens. Keep the light source away from the lens…. problem solved.

Are there any disadvantages to a Full Spectrum Camera?

The major disadvantages that I found were that you cannot use them in the daytime or natural light because they cast a pink glow over the picture. The other thing I found is that you must have an IR light source and this can be a little costly.

So do Full Spectrum Cameras capture images of spirits?

We all know there is no conclusive proof of spirits or ghosts or anything else paranormal for that matter. To my knowledge to date there are no 100% proven photographs of spirits, full spectrum or otherwise but we keep pushing forward and trying to get that Holy Grail. If using everything technology has to offer us can get us there I say why not try.…/full-spectrum-cameras.html…/full-spectrum-camera-ghost-hunt…/

Three Knocks! Should I Be Scared???

Three Knocks! Should I Be Scared???
By Sara Fawley

Three knocks are heard. Is it the devil? Is it an omen of death? Or, is it folklore come calling?

Every time someone says they heard three knocks on their window, door or wall tons of comments pop up stating that it is evil or the devil. The reasoning they give is that the three knocks is a sign of mocking the trinity. Would it surprise you to know that this is not the original lore behind the three knocks?

The original and most accepted (outside of today’s paranormal culture) lore behind the three knocks is that it is an omen someone you know has died or soon will. Every culture has folklore and superstitions related to death from holding your breath while passing a graveyard to ensure you will be buried when you die to a bird flying into your house being an of death.

The 3 Knocks of death omen is no different. The Irish and Scots believe if you hear 3 knocks on the door or 3 taps on the window at regular intervals, lasting 2 minutes this is an omen of death.
Several Native American tribes believe the sound of a stick thumping on the ground 3 times or the beat of a drum 3 times is the omen that someone will die soon. Arab, African and Jewish traditions all hold the same superstition. It also dates back to Victorian times.

Now that we have read all the scary stuff, here is another surprise. 3 knocks is also associated with good. Have you ever heard the expression “Knock on Wood”?. The tale behind that in folklore of all cultures again , centers around knocking on wood three times to keep your luck from leaving you.

Some suggest that it traces back to pre christian times when many cultures worshiped or mythologized trees. Some used them as Oracles, Some cultures incorporated them into their rituals while others believed their deities resided in them. Many of the cultures who worshiped or idolized trees would lay their hands on the tree when asking for a particular favor or in thanks after a run of good fortune.

One of the popular theories on the origin of knocking on wood is that the practice of laying hands on a tree morphed into simple knocking on wood once the worship aspect was removed from it.

The interesting thing is that it all has to do with knocking to keep your luck from leaving you. What is the unluckiest thing that could happen? A death of someone close to you. Is there absolute proof that the “Knocking on Wood” and “3 Knocks of Death” superstitions are related? Well, no but the coincidence is pretty uncanny if you ask me. As always, do your research and you decide.…/death-harbinger-three-kn……/

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The Dingonek, West Africa’s “Jungle Walrus”

The Dingonek, West Africa’s “Jungle Walrus”
By Sara Fawley

9 to 18 feet long, covered in scales with a scorpion-like tail filled with deadly poison the Dingonek is one of the more fearsome cryptids. Also known as the “Jungle Walrus” due to the huge canines protruding from it’s mouth that is in a square head with a large horn protruding from the center of it. This semi-aquatic creature is said to inhabit the creeks, rivers and lakes of Western Africa primarily in the area that was formerly known as Zaire. This creature is said to be extremely vicious and territorial. It is claimed that it hunts crocodiles, hippos, monkeys, humans or basically anything that ventures into it’s territory.

The most noted sighting of the creature was in 1907 by explorer John Alfred Jordan who is said to have shot at but not killed the creature in the River Maggori in Kenya. The story goes that Jordan was hunting along the shores of the river with native Lumbwa guides. His guides came and told him they had just seen a Dingonek in the river and took him to the location. The natives described it at a cross between a sea serpent, a whale and a leopard. Jordan described it as being 14 to 15 feet long with a head as big as a lioness but shaped and marked like a leopard, two long white fangs sticking straight down from it’s up jaw, back as broad as a hippo and scaled like an armadillo. He also stated that it had reptilian like claws. Being frightened, Jordan shot the creature behind one of it’s ears. The beast sprang up out of the water, standing up on it’s tail. Jordan and the Lumbwa ran in fear for their lives.

Jordan’s story was recounted in a book by Edgar Bronson in 1910. There are many word of mouth tales that have been passed down for generations among the natives of Western Africa and to this day there are claims of sightings. If it were just the stories this would be easy to put in the category of myth or wives tale except there is one curious side note. In a cave at Brackfontein Ridge in South Africa there is said to be a painting of an unknown creature that fits the description of the Dingonek to a tee right down to the walrus like tusks.

So is Dingonek a real creature or just a myth passed down through local native tribes to keep the children away from the river banks? Is it a mis-identification of a known creature? Is it several myths and legends put together? Since there has not really been any investigation into the creature that I have found we cannot be sure. One thing is for certain, the locals of the region believe.…/othercreatur…/a/aa031008_2.htm…/does-the-dingone…/…/dingonek-african-cryp……/20…/12/dingonek-zaire-west-africa/

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The Bunyip of Australia

By Sara Fawley and Leisa Knox Papin


terThe Bunyip is one of the most fascinating of the water cryptids. This is not necessarily because of any special abilities or features it has but because the descriptions of the creature are so varied, Although Aboriginal accounts of the creature date back to the early 1800’s, the descriptions are all remarkably different even among the Aboriginal tribes from region to region.

Bunyip translates to “devil” or “spirit”. Judging by Aboriginal accounts of the creature this is fitting. In legend it is said to be a ferocious creature that will sneak up on unsuspecting people and devour them. It is said to emit terrifying, bloodthirsty howls before pouncing on it’s hapless victims. On the other hand, modern accounts of the creature report it as being docile and shy of humans, often retreating quickly when spotted and apparently an herbivore as it has been spotted graingon grasses and trees along the shoreline.

Physical descriptions of the animal vary even more. The descriptions of size range from enormous to being the size of a large dog, and everything in between. It is either smooth skinned, covered in hair or has feathers. Reports of it’s body range from like a hippopotamus to an ox to a dog. The head has been described as like a dog with large protruding tusks, the head of a horse and even a head and neck like an emu. It’s habitat varies from swamps to lakes to inland. The only thing really tying all of these sightings together is that the bulk of the reports are from the area around Lake George and Lake Bathurst., although a few do come from other areas.

In 1848, an unnamed Aboriginal from the Murray River region drew a picture of the Bunyip. The picture depicted a large animal with the body of a hippopotamus and the head of a horse. In that same time period another Aboriginal, this gentleman from the Victoria area also drew a picture. His picture showed a large animal with the head and neck of an emu.

One incident of note is that in 1847 a skull was found an reported to be that of a Bunyip. It was displayed at the Australian Museum in Sydney. The exhibit lasted a mere two days before quietly being shut down amid controversy surrounding it’s authenticity. At this same time an article was published in the Sydney Morning Herald regarding the skull. After the appearance of the article , people stepped forward in droves to report their own terrifying encounters with the creature.

How can one creature that has been reported over centuries have such a widely varied description? There are a couple of theories on that. One is that any unidentified animal spotted in proximity to these areas is being reported as a Bunyip. Many of these cases are most likely misidentification of known animals. Some could be seals, alligators, possibly even an actual dog taking a swim, or any other number of local animals whose sudden appearance in the water, at a distance could fool someone who wasn’t used to seeing it into thinking they had witnessed something remarkable.

Another theory, this one mainly dealing with the Aboriginal tales and variances in description is that it could be “cultural memories”. As with any indigenous peoples the Aboriginals have strong cultural practices which include the passing down of lore and legend through word of mouth stories. Thousands of years ago before the first outside settlers arrived, the indigenous peoples of Australia shared the outback with Mega fauna such as the Diprotodon, a giant wombat like creature that could weigh up to 2 tons. Stories of the Diprotodon and other mega fauna passed down through story and song could be the basis for the rarely seen Bunyip of Aboriginal legend and could explain the differences in descriptions. Tribes in different areas would not necessarily have the same creatures to deal with.

Other possible theories as to what the creature could possibly be include the doyarchu (Irish Crocodile), giant otter, undiscovered aquatic marsupial, an undiscovered species of freshwater seal, an Australian fur seal ( which is known to emit a loud cry like that attributed to the Bunyip), the Procoptodon (a giant kangaroo whose fossils have been found in the area) and the above mentioned Diprotodon,

So what is the answer? With so many widely varying descriptions it is impossible to say for sure. Most likely there is some truth in most, if not all of the theories. Sightings have tapered off over the years and while most Australians keep the Bunyip in the category of myth and legend that does not mean it has been forgotten. The National Library of Australia sponsors a traveling exhibition on Bunyips, there are several stories on the government websites about the creature and a set of four postage stamps commemorating this long time Australian legend have been issued. While it may never be proved it will ever live in the memories and folklore of Australia.…/the-elusive-bunyip-austral…/…/bunyips-serpents-other-creatu…/

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The James Ossuary

By Sara Fawley

What is an Ossuary?

Before we talk about the specifics of this artifact, let’s first talk a little bit about what an ossuary is. Ossuaries are small stone (usually limestone) chests in which the bones of the dead were placed after the flesh had decayed. They were very popular in the Jewish community during the Second Temple perior (40 BCE – 135 CE.) These “bone boxes” are generally 2 ½ feet long in order to accommodate the longest bone in the human body ( the adult leg bone.) They taper slightly at the bottom, have flat or vaulted lids and have designs chip-carved or chisled on the outsides. Some do have a red of yellow wash of paint but most decorations ( plants, buildings, animals) were carved. Many contain inscriptions carved on the side in either Hebrew, Aramic or Greek. The incription generally consisted of the name and status in the family of the person whose bones were interred. .

The emergence of the James Ossuary

In 2001 Oded Golan, a Tel Aviv antiquities collector, announced that he had possesion of a stone ossuary which bore the Aramic inscription “Yaakov bar Yosef akhui di Yeshua” which translates in English to “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”. Many biblical scholars and archeaologists went wild. Finally there was solid proof (albiet circumstancial) of the existence of Jesus of Nazereth’s existence. If then inscription held true, then this was the “bone box” of “James the Just” Apostle and brother to Jesus.

The inscription was validated by two of the world’s leading paleographers (experts in authenticating and dating inscriptions based on the shape and stance of the letters) Andre Lemaire of the Sorbonne and Ada Yardeni of the Hebrew University. The ossuary and inscription were also examined and authenticated by the Geological Survey of Isreal(GSI) and Father Joseph Fitzmyer ( the world’s leading expert in Aramic).

In October of 2002 the ossuary was displayed at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. Thousands of sholars and the general public flocked to the museum to see it.

The Controversy

In 2003, Oded Golan and four other gentlemen were arrested and charged with fraud and forgery of antiquities including the James Ossuary. The ossuary was seized by the Israel Antiquities Authority and tested by a panel of experts appointed by the authority. This panel included Professor Yuval Goren clay expert at the University of Tel Aviv. Goren reported that he had found fake patina added to the “brother of Jesus” portion of the inscription and that it had been added to the ossuary at a later date than the original portion of the inscription. This was disputed by Mr Golan’s supporters.

The Outcome

In 2005 the trial of Oded Golan for fraud and forgery of many antiquites including the James Ossuary began. The trial 138 witnesses, more than 400 exhibits and over 12,000 pages of testimony. Both sides provided many experts for and against the authenticity of inscription. In 2012, after 7 years of trial, Oded Golan was aquitted of all forgery charges. He was convicted and fined for some lesser charges such as selling antiquities without a license.
What Does This All Mean?

So does this mean the James Ossuary is without a doubt the “bone box” of James the Just? Not necessarily. In the judgement handed down it was made clear that the judgement was in no way authenticating any of the artifacts in question. The judgement simply provides that the prosecution did not prove by a preponderance of evidence that Oded Golan participated or was aware of any forgery or fraud in connection with the named antiquities. Both sides of the issue still have their experts and scholars who stand firmly behind their argreement or objection to the aunthenticity of the artifact.

The bottom line is even if the inscription were proven to be 100 % authentic this does not necessarily mean that the James inscribed on the box is actually James the Just. James, Joseph and Jesus were all very common names in that time period. Many argue that the odds of there being another James who had a father named Joseph and a brother named Jesus in the same time period are astronomical but the fact remains that it is still a very real possibility. Without a provenance of where the box came from (Golan aquired it in the 1970’s but has always been evasive as to from where) we may never know.……/is-the-brother-of-jes…/……/ejud_0002_0015_0_1524…

The Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas
By Sara Fawley

The Codex Gigas (which translates from Latin to Giant Book) is the largest known manuscript in the world. It measures approximately 1 metre (3 feet 3/8 inch) in length and takes two people to lift. It took more than 160 animal skins to make. This manuscript also known as ‘The Devil’s Bible’ , due to a full page illustration of the Devil contained in it’s pages, is also one of the strangest works in history. It was written in Latin in the 13th century AD and while it’s exact origin is unknown there is a note in the manuscript that states it was pawned in the monestary at Sedlec by it owners, the monks of Podlazice. According to experts it would take one person working 24 hours a day 5 years to recreate everything in the Codex, excluding the illustrations. So realistically it would have taken whoever wrote it about 20 years to complete. The strange thing is that the writing is completely consistent all the way through from start to finish. It does not change at all as one would think would happen over such an extended periord of years.

So what is it that makes the Codex Gigas so strange? It is a strange compilation of works by different authors.It begins with the Old Testament of the Bible which is followed by ‘The Antiquities’ and ‘The Jewish War’, two historical works by Flavius Josephus. Josephus lived in the first century AD. Next is the ‘Encyclopedia Etymologiae’ by Isidore of Seville who lived in the 6th century AD. Following this is a collection of medical works from various authors including Hippocrates and Theophilus. After this is the New Testament of the Bible. The last of the long works contained in the book is a ‘Chronicle Of Bohemia’ by Cosmas from Prague who lived in the 12th century.

There also some short texts as well as illustrations in the book. The first short text is a work on pentinence which is followed by an illustration of the Heavenly City. Following the portrait of the Devil is a work on exorcising evil spirits. The last short text is a Celendar which contains the names and dates on which saints and local Behmian persons were commemorated. There is also one lost work, ‘The Rule of St Benedict’, a 6th century guide to monastic life, which was on pages that were cut out of the book.

There is a legend behind the book which says it was created in one day by a monk who was sentenced to death.The legend states that the monk completed the manuscript in one night with the help of the Devil. The origin of the legend is unknown. Another legend states that it brings illness and disaster to any who possess it. Since it has been in the National Libray of Stockholm for centuries I think we can dismiss this particular legend.

The Codex was pawned at the monastery at Sedlec in 1295, by the monks of Podlazice. It then found it’s way to the monasery of Brevnov ne Prague. All of these monasteries were in Bohemia which is now part of the Czech Republic. In 1594 Rudolf II took the Codex Gigas to his castle in Prague where it remained until it was taken by the army of Sweden during the Thirty Years War. The book along with many other treasures were entered into the collection of Queen Christina of Sweden and placed in the royal library at the castle in Stockholm. In 1877 the book was taken to the newly built National Libray of Sweden in Stockholm where it remains today.

So who wrote the Codex Gigas and to what purpose? Although the who will probably never be known there is a reasonable theory on the why.The Codex Gigas is thought to be a compilation of things important to Bohemia. The Bible is the most important book to Christianity. The other texts were thought to have been carefully chosen to accomany it because together they provided information about all of the important things, Jewish History, universal knowledge, medicine and local history.…/codex-gigas-devil-s-bible-…

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Vietnam Rock Apes

Vietnam’s Rock Ape
By Sara Fawley
With the coming of the War in the 1960’s and 1970’s and the influx of American Soldiers into the jungles of Vietnam tales begin to emerge of encounters with strange ape like creatures that came to be known as “Rock Apes”. The creatures are said to be 5 to 6 feet tall, covered mostly in reddish brown fur except for certain areas such as the face,knees, palms of hands and bottoms of feet. They are bipeda with no tail, travel either alone or in small groups. The natives referred to them as Nguoi Rung or “jungle people” and had long known of them. To the locals they were just a fact of life and part of living in the interior jungles.
In fact tales of the same or very similar creatures have long been around the area. Not only Vietnam but Laos, Camnodia and Northern Borneo as well. The creatures have other names besides Nguoi Rung and Rock Ape as it was dubbed during the war. They are also known to locals as Batutut and Ujit. They are all similar in appearance though the ones in Borneo are said to have grayish hair and an aggressive nature with a tendency to attack humans with no provocation.
Although they were well known to the locals these humanoid, hairy bipeds were something new and frightening to the soldiers. While patroling the jungles, fighting off the Viet Cong as well as mosquitoes and other jungle life, stories of encounters with these “Rock Apes” began to become common place.
There are numerous tales ,one of the most well known is told by Veteran Kregg P.J. Jorgenson in his book Very Crazy G.I,.- Strange But True Stories Of The Vietname War. In his book, Jorgenson relates the encounter had by a 6 man unit of the 101 Airborne Division while they were on patrol in the mountainous jungle terrain of Vietnam. It was an arduuos hike carrying heavy packs through an unforgiving environment so the group stopped to take a rest. Although they were exhausted and resting they were still alert and attuned to their surroundings since they were aware that the enemy was everywhere. As they sat there some trees about 15 yards uphill began to violently shake. Assuming it was the enemey the men readied their weapons and sat waiting, watching the trees. But what emerged from the underbrush was not the Viet Cong as they feared. What they saw was a strange creature covered in matted reddish hair. The creature had a muscular frame with an oblong head, large mouth, deep set eyes and stood about 5 feet tall on two legs . The creature seemed to stand just observing them. The soldiers started speculating as to what it was, at first assuming it was an orangatuan until one of them pointed out that orangutans are not native to Vietnam. As they sat arguing, trying to assimilate what they were seeing the creature apparently became bored and slipped back off into the jungle.
There are other tales , many of much more violent than Jorenson’s account. Several of these involve a strategic position known as Hill 868 in the Quang Nam province. Alllegedly this particular site was so overrun with the “Rock Apes” that it became known among soldiers as “Monkey Mountain”. One of the encounters is related by Veteran Steve Canyon. According to Canyon a unit of Marines was out in the jungle of Hill 868 at night testing out a new muzzle flash and noise suppresser for their weapons. As they were getting set up to begin testing they noticed a Rock Ape staring aggresively at them from the nearby vegetation. After sitting there glaring at them for several moments the creature let out a loud barking sound. One of the soldiers threw a rock at it to scare it off. He hit it dead on with the rock, at this point the Rock Ape picked up it’s own rock and hurled it back at the soldiers. The group then noticed that while they were watching the single creature several more , about 20, had gathered around them in the jungle. The creatures began letting out howls and screeches and throwing rocks at the soldiers. The unit made a hasty retreat out of the jungle and back to the hill without engaging the creatures. When asked why they did not fire at the creatures, Canyon stated that “it just didn’t seem right to fire at them with their weapons”.
Now when reading these accounts you may think these were young men taken from their homes and families to fight an unknown enemy in a strange country and environment nHe ew to them so of course theses accounts were probably encounters with misidentified know species native to the area. These would be reasonable assumptions if not for the fact that encounters were not only had by the Americans but there are also tales from the other side of the lines as well. So much so in fact that in 1974 the North Vietnamese party Secretariat ordered a scientific expedition to find definitive proof of these Rock Apes. Professor Vo Quy of the Vietnam National University headed the expedition. They did not see any of the creatures but did find some curious tracks in the deep jungle. Casts were made of the footprints and sent to be analyzed. The analysis found that the print was wider than a human but much to large to be that of an Ape. There were other expeditions including one led by North Vietnamese General Hoang Minh Thau which were also unsuccessful.
Adding weight to the possibility that these tales are more than just campfire stories coming from the overstressed minds of young men fighting for their lives in unfamiliar surroundings are the claims of noted zoologist Dr. John McKinnon. In 1970, Mckinnon claimed to have found tracks of the creature which locals told him came from what they called Batutut. Mckinnon believed that the tracks he found were of hominid origin, possibly similar to the Maganthropus. The tracks were said to have human looking toes but about the size of an Asiatic black bear which are not native to Vietnam. Mckinnon wrote of the findings in a 1978 book, In Search Of The Red Ape. Although he never found solid evidence of the existense of Batutut , Mckinnon did discover several new species of large mammals in the Vu Quang Mountain rainforest in 1992, proving that the region was indeed capabale of hiding and sustaining large unknown species .
So do the Rock Apes exisit and if so, what are they? There are several theories that have been proposed over time. One theory being that the tails are a misidentification of a known species, the Tonkin snub-nosed Monkey. On the surface the snub-nosed monkey sounds like a good candidate. They live in mountainous areas in groups of up to 600. Show little fear of humans and have a wide range of vocalizations including one that sounds remarkably like a bark. Unfortunately this is where the similarities end. The snub-nosed monkey is active in the daytime, is exclusively tree dwelling, has a long prominent tail, is not bipedal and is nowhere near the 4-5 foot stature of the Rock Ape. Rock Apes conversely are bipedal, ground-dwelling, tailess nocturanl creatures.
Another theory is that the American soldiers were well known for imbibing in illict drugs including hallucenogentics and these encounters were just the product of over stressed drug-hazed minds in a stressful situation. There are a few problems with this theory. One being that stories of Batutut, Ujit or Nguoi Rung were known among the natives well before the war and American Soldiers. Also the fact that stories come from both sides of the conflict. Add in the fact that while the may have been some recreational drug use among the soldiers it is highly doubtful that this was happening during combat situations and there are numerous stories or Rock Ape encounters during combat. To believe this theory one would also have to believe that both sides of the conflict spent the entire war in a drug induced haze.
The most logical theory to my mind is that there is some as yet undiscovered species of ape hidden deep in the mountainous jungles of Vietnam. The fact that numerous new species of mammals have been discovered in this area in recent years just solidfies this theory to me. As always, do the research and reading and you decide. For me I will not be surprised if and when a new primate is discovered in the jungles of Vietnam.


Globsters? What On Earth is That?

Globsters? What On Earth is That?
By Sara Fawley

What in the world is a Globster you ask? It is the name given to mysterious immediately unidentifiable carcassas that wash up on the shores of the ocean and sometimes(though not often) lakes
This does not apply to every carcass that washes up on shore. If it is recognizable as a known marine animal then it is not a Globster. These masses that wash up on shore are so bizarre looking that when they are discovered most think they are some sort of sea monster. In his book “Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology” George M Eberhart give this description of Globsters: No apparent bone structure, ivory -colored, rubbery, stringy, extremely tough skin, covered in fine hair or fiber, no defined head, no visible eyes.”

Let’s look at a few well known Globsters. In 1896 was tossed a massive corpse on the beach in St Augustine Florida.. It was a 6 foot high rubbery blob.It was speculated at the time to be from a giant octupus. In 1956 th “dry harbor carcass” washed up on an Alaskan Beach. It was 100 feet long and covered in 2 in reddish fur. In the early 1960s one washed up on the West Coast of Tasmania. The blob was about 20 feet long by 15 feet wide and had 6 to 8 strange lobes along the side. These are just a few. There have been many others over the centuries. So what the heck are they?

There has been specutlation over the years that Globsters are everything from basking shark carcassas to giant octopuses to the remains of prehistoric animals that were frozen in icebergs and finally thawed and washed ashore. In 2004 Bilogist Sidney Pierce and his team gathered all available Globster specimens and examined them using electron microscopes as well as molecular and DNA testing. Their conclusion was that all available specimens were from various species of great whales. Some will refute the assertion that all Globsters are whale blubber saying that the tests on some were inconclusive. The truth is that no matter how advanced DNA testing is it is only as good as the specimin being examined. If the specimin is to degraded or there is other contamination then the results could be inconclusive. However given the fact that all of the ones that were conclusive have come back as whale blubber it is probably safe to say that other ones resembling them are most likely the same thing.

We will always have stories of mysterious sea monsters and be looking for evidence or bodies. I for one do not think the answer is Globsters.

The Cryptid Zoo

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The Mngwa of Tanzania

fffI do not dally in the towns , but press into the forest, to be devoured by the mngwa!
And if the mngwa seizes me, devouring my flesh, that is the fortune of the hunt!

This is an excerpt from a popular hunting song of the natives of Tanzania written in 1150. That is how long tales of the Mngwa have been around the east coast of Africa. What is the Mngwa you ask?

Mngwa which translates from Swahili to “strange one” is a ferocious feline predator said to roam the coastal jungles of the East African country of Tanzania. It is said to be bigger than the largest lion with grey brindled fur (much like that of a tabby cat). It has a long tail, enormous claws and teeth and purrs like the tabby cat it’s coloring matches. It’s footprints are said to resemble a leopard but much larger.

In the early 1900’s, British official Captain William Hichens who was serving as magistrate in the Tanzanian coastal village of Lindi encountered his own tale to tell of the Mngwa. Up until this point he had assumed the stories he heard of the Mngwa were just local folklore. Then in 1922 something happened that changed his mind.

The village market place was patrolled at night by an askari ( native policeman) as it was custom for merchants to leave their belongings every night so they were ready for trade the next morning. One night at the midnight change of the guard the guard on duty was found to be missing by his relief. After secarching the man discovered his co-worker mutilated underneath one of the stalls. It was apparent that he had been mauled and killed by some animal. It was assumed that it was a lion until upon closer examanation it was discovered the man had tufts of grey fur such as from a lions mane clenched in his hands. Lions fur is golden not grey and no lion had ever been known to come into the town.

Hichens was confused and shocked but the villagers were not. They told him it must have been a Mngwa. Then the confirmation came when two men informed Hichens that they had been passing by the market place on the night in question and had been terrified to see a huge brindled grey cat leap out of the shadows and attack the askari. Two nights later another askari was killed in the same manner and again the strange grey fur was found around the body. Over the next month several more killings happened up and down the coast. Despite the police officials best efforts the predator was never found.

In the 1930’s another series of identical attacks happened in the same district. One victim was attacked but somehow survived. The victim was a well known local hunter who was very familiar with the local lions and leopards. He swore that it was neither one of these that had attacked him but was in fact a Mngwa.

Hunter Patrick Bowen also had his tale to tell of the Mngwa. He related to author Frank Lane that he had once tracked a Mngwa. He stated that a yourng boy had been carried off by the Mngwa and he, along with another man followed it tracks until they lost it. He stated the tracks were like that of a leopard but as large as the largest lion. He also found brindled fur.

There are several theories and possibilities as to what the Mngwa could be. One is that it may be just an abnormally colored specimen of some known species.

Another possibility is that it may be some type of hybrid cat such as a Tigon ( the offspring of a male tiger and female lion), A Liger ( the offspring of male lion and a female tiger) or a Leopon ( the offspring of a male leopard and a female lion). Of the three the Liger is the most likely suspect. Ligers are the largest of the three hybrids and also more closely fit the description of the Mngwa. They have both spots and stripes and while they are generally orange/gold in color it is possible that there could be a gene mutation that would cause the grey color. Male offspring have a mane like a lion although it is not as large or defined as a lion’s mane. Standing on their hind feet Ligers stand approximately 12 feet tall and can weigh up to 1000 pounds making them possibly the largest cats in the world. The main problem with this theory is that there are no known Tigers in East Africa however although there is no evidence to support it there may have been Tigers in the area in the distant past. Remember tales of the Mngwa have been around for centuries.

Antoher more intriguing theory in my opinion was put forth by Cryptozoologist Dr Bernard Heuvelmans. His theory is that the Mngwa is an undiscoverd giant species of African Golden Cat. The Golden Cat is not only one of Africa’s most viscious and elusive predators but also one of it’s most morphologically versatile. It’s coat can vary in color from golden through a wide range of reds, browns and greys to all black. It can also have just as wide a range of dark spotted patterns. Other charactaristics that make a giant species of Golden Cat a likely suspect are the fact that due to is savage and blood thristy nature the Golden Cat inspires extreme fear and superstition among the natives. And most compelling is that because of it’s throat structure the Golden Cat does not roar like a lion or leopard, it purrs like a domestic cat which is one of the main characteristics attributed to the Mngwa.

Whether Tigon, Liger or new species of Golden Cat one thing is certain. The Mngwa inspires respect and fear in the natives of Tanzania.…/mngwalegendary-big-c……/14850761-the-mngwa-ter……/nunda-in-search-of-strange…

Orang Bati of Indonesia

vvShould you choose to venture to the Molucca Islands of Indonesia, specifically the island of Seram it is strongly suggested that you not take your infant or small child. Seram is the reported home of the Orang Bati. A 5 foot winged simian type creature that abducts and eats small children.

Tales of the Orang Bati date back to the 1500’s. Visiting Christian missionaries have reportedly been told horrific stories of the creature since that time. The Orang Bati is said to resemble a primate with red skin, orange hair, a long thin tail and black leathery bat-like wings. It is also said to emit a long mournful wail when it is hunting. The creature is said to be nocturnal and comes to the villages at night to abduct small children which it take back to the dormant volcano where it lives to eat. The name Orang Bati translates from the Moluccan language as “men with wings”.

In 1987 Tyson Hughes, an English Missionary, began an 18 month mission to teach the Moluccans farming. He was told the stories of the Orang Bati and although he was skeptical he related the stories to friends and collegues back home. By all reports Mr Hughes skepticism came to an end about halfway through his 18 months when he supposedly had a nocturnal encounter with an Orang Bati himself. After that, he felt it was his mission to get the story of this creature out into the Western World.

Although there is no physical evidence of the Orang Bati there are several theories as to what it could be. One theory is that the descriptions are a bit off and it is actually a Pterodactyl that has survived the centuries living in the remote caves and dormant volcanos of the island. Another is that it may be an undiscovered species of monkey-faced giant bat. Yet others believe it may be the worlds first species of flying simian.

The most popular and seemingly the most plausible is that what people are seeing are giant fruit bats, commonly known as flying foxes. Some scientists believe that the flying foxes are actually descendants from primates and what the villagers are seeing are possibly some bats with genetic remnants of their tails. It is important to point out at this point that some fossil records of the species do show skelatal remains of tails which scientists believe were used to maneuver during flight.

Sightings of the creature continue to this day. Pterodactyl? Flying Monkey? Misidentified Giant Bat? As always…. you be the judge.…/the-orang-bati-indone…

Is The Thing That Goes “Bump In The Night” Caffiene?

coWhat was that noise? Did you see that shadow? Is your house, school, place of employment the home of all manner or paranormal entities? Or is it possible you have just had to much caffeine?

Caffiene – that glorious substance that helps wake us up in the morning in a cup of coffee or gives us that extra boost through an energy drink at the end of a long day at work. We consume caffiene in many ways. Coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, even chocolate has it. Did you know that caffiene, although it is completely legal and unregulated is actually a psychoactive drug?

According to recent studies in both Australia and the UK, high levels of caffiene use have been linked to auditory and visual hallucinations. According to researchers at La Trobe university as few as 5 cups of coffee a day can cause auditory hallucinations. This was determined through a study of 92 non-clinical participants measuring high levels of caffiene and high levels of stressful life events.

Durham University in the UK conducted a similar study with 200 non smoking students. Students were asked about their caffiene intake including coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate and caffiene tablets. Stress levels and incidents of hallucinatory experiences were assessed as well. Seeing things, hearing voices and sensing dead people were among the things reported.

The possible explanation is that caffiene has been found to exacerbate the physiological effects of stress on the body.Stress causes the body to release a hormone known as Cortisol. Studies have shown more of this hormone is released in response to stress in people who have recently consumed caffiene. There is a possible link between this increase in Cortisol release and hallucinations according to study leader Simon Jones.

Since Jones and his collegues believe that psychotic experiences, including hallucinations exist in the healthy population as well as the mentally ill the study was conducted on subjects with no known mental illnesses or antiphsycotic medication use. According to Jones. Hallucinations are not necessarily a sign of mental illness. Given the link between “food and mood” he and his collegues feel that the link between nutrition and hallucinations is a sensible area to study. This research is ongoing.

According to the FDA and most experts consumption of up to 300mg of caffiene (the equivelant one to two 12oz cups of coffee or 6 to 8 12ox sodas a day) is within the “safe” range. According to Jack Bergman, a behavioral pharmacologist at Harvard Medical school , overdose of caffiene can produce a myriad of adverse effects including hallucinations. He also noted at that it is important to remember that hallucinations can be simply defined as sensory disturbances. There are many reports that extremely high intakes of caffiene can produce complex sensory disturbances. Another thing to note is that overdose of caffiene in some people can also produce paranoia which intesifies the sensory disturbances.

Given all of this data I would conclude that when one is experiencing a sudden onset of hearing, seeing or sensing things it would be prudent to examine that individuals caffiene intake. This information will certainly have me thinking twice before reaching for that third cup of coffee.…/090114-caffeine-halluc……/424-too-much-coffee-can-ma…

Issie Of Lake Ikelda

issieMany countries around the world have stories and legends of monsters inhabiting various lakes and Japan is no exception. Lake Ikelda is a caldera (extinct volcano) lake in the southeastern part of the Satsuma Peninsula and home to Issie or Ishii.

Being in a caldera, Lake Ikelda is almost round. It is 15 Km in circumference and approximately 750 feet deep. There are no rivers or streams that flow into the lake. It receives its water from rain and subsurface sources. Although the lake sits on the Satsuma Peninsula it is above sea level and a fair distance from the Sea of Japan which borders one side of the peninsula and the Gulf of Kagoshima which borders the other.

Issie was first seen in 1961, however was not really given much attention until 1978 when more than 20 people all testified to seeing the monster. On September 3rd, 1978 Yutaka Kawaji and members of his family were at the lake for a memorial service. Yutaka’s children Hiroto, Mutsumi and Tomoko were playing near the shore a large ( reportedly 30 ft in length) black creature in the lake with two humps sticking about 2 feet above the water.The children shouted to their family who all reportedly saw the creature. Yutaka jumped in a motorboat and chased the creature across the lake. Although he was unable to catch up to it he did see the humps above the water twice for about 20 seconds.

On December 16th of the same year Toshiaki Matsuhara who had an interest in the folklore and legends of the lake would take the photograph that earned him the 100,00 Yen reward offered by the city of Ibusuki which is near the lake for the first photograph of Issie .At 1:30 pm on that day Toshiaki was scanning the lake with a 50X telescope when he saw a whirlpool near the middle of the lake. He watched it through his telescope for 5 minutes as it moved northward before it disappeared. He then noticed an object somewhat veiled by waves moving through the water. He quickly took a series of photographs and in one of them two humps with what appears to be a spinal ridge can be seen.
He submitted the photos to the tourism department and they were impressed enough to award him the prize money. When the photos were published, Yutaka Kawaji who had witnessed the creature in September saw them and called the tourism to report that this was exactly what he and his family had seen and that it was at the exact location of his sighting near a local landmark known as Couple’s Rock.
Although Toshiaki claims to have photographed the creature 4 more times these photographs have never been submitted for public scrutiny or published.

There have been other sightings but these are the most notable. So what could Issie possibly be? Local legend tells that a White Mare and her foal used to live by the lake. The foal was kidnapped causing the mare to be so distressed that she jumped into the lake and became Issie. Sightings of Issie are attributed to the Mare surfacing to search for her foal.

A more probable answer though lies with other inhabitants of the lake. Malaysian eels were at some time introduced into the lake and are harvested locally, The problem with this theory is that the largest eel ever reported being seen in the lake (ironically in the same are of the Issie sightings) is 2 meters which is a 5 or 6 feet. While 5 or 6 feet is quite large it does not come anywhere near the reported 30 feet of Issie. It is however possible that sightings of Issie could be eels swimming in a line or group.

Giant eel???? Legendary White Mare endlessly searching for her kidnapped foal??? I am not sure what Issie is but Yutaka Kawaji and Toshiaki Matsuhura certainly believe she is real.…/issie-japanese-lake-…

The Monolithic and Megalithic Structures of the Ural Mountains

q1The Ural Mountain Range runs North to South through Western Russia and covers 1600 miles. It stretches along the northern border of Kazakhstan from the Kara Sea to the Kazakh Steppe. The range then continues into Vaygach Island and the Island of Novaya Zemlya. The highest peak is Mount Narondnaya and is approximately 6,217 feet in elevation.The Urals are a virtual treasure trove for the Russians providing iron, copper, gold, malachite, alexandrite as well as other gems. However, mineral resources are not the only thing found in this mountain range.

The other “treasure” in the Ural Mountains are numerous monolithic and megalithic structures. Thes structures include dolmens, menhirs and a large megalithic cultic complex on Vera Island. Although the structures are wide spread and take on many different forms, they have one thing (other than all being in the Ural’s) in common. No one know who constructed them or for what purpose.

q2Numerous Dolmens are found in the Middle of the Ural Range in the Sverdlovsk Oblast region. A dolmen is a type of single chambered megalithic tomb. Dolmens generally are constructed of two or more vertical stones supporting a flat horizontal stone on top. There are many variances in construction from simple to complex. The dolmens in the Urals are relatively small in comparison to other dolmens around the world, measuring 1.5 to 2.5 meters in width and length. There are two distinct styles to these dolmens. The stone plate dolmens are created with a mound of stones that have a chamber attached. Most have a square court in front and are sometimes surrounded by smaller stones. The boulder dolmens are constructed from large boulders that form a chamber which is covered by one or more flat stones. Altough the structure of the boulder dolmens do vary somewhat, they all have two entrance points, a main entrance to the side and a smaller entrance between boulders.

Menhirs are the most prevalent type of Megalith found in the Urals. A Menhir is a single vertical stone. These are found throught the Urals in two forms, singularly as a monolith or in groups. All of the menhirs that have been found to date are either near a settlement or cemetery from the Bronze Age (3300-600 BC). Some of the menhir groups that have been found are in rows while others like the one discovered at the village of Akhunovo in Bashkiria are circular.

Now we come to the most fascinating megaliths of the Urals. Those found on Vera Island in Lake Turgoyak. Dating to the Eneolithic period, the structures are referred to as Megalith Number 1, Megalith Number 2, Megalith Number 3, Vera Island 9 and Vera Island 4.

Megalith Number 1 is the largest of all the structures on Vera Island. It is cut into the bedrock and covered with capstones. The structure which stands 16 by 9 meters is speculated to have served as some type of temple at some point. The structure contains a long entrance, a central hall and two chambers with a connecting corridor. There are windows and sculptures of bulls and wolves inside.This structure is oriented to the West.

Megalith Number 2 was found carved into a rocky slope with a mound structure covering it. It contains two chambers connected by a corridor and is oriented to the North.

Megalith Number 3 was created by large boulders with a square pit cut into the center rock. It is closed off by vertical stone slabs with massive boulders as capstones.

Vera Island 9 is a cultic ritual place with two menhirs, while Vera Island number 4 is a cultic place surrounded by vertical stones with a small menhir in the center.

The megaliths of the Urals are impressive and mysterious. Strangely little to nothing is known about how they were created, who created them or for what purpose they were created.. They stretch throughout the range, which is a massive area suggesting they were not all built by the same group of people. While Megalith Number 1 on Vera Island seems to have been some sort of temple, many ot the other structures show no obvious signs of being used for any religious purpose at all.

Perhaps with further study we will gain some clue as to who built them and why. Until that day, they remain just another mystery of our ancient past.…/spectacular-ancient-megali…


By Sara Fawley

Most of us have heard of Tinnitus , pronounced ti-NIGHT-us or TINN-a-tus, both are correct. When we think of Tinnitus, we typically thing of “ringing in the ears”. The truth is Tinnitus can manifest in many different ways such as ringing, roaring, swishing, clicking, whistling and even in rare cases music or singing.

According to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control nearly 15% of the general public experience some form of Tinnitus. That is over 45 million Americans alone. Up to 2 million of those have extreme and debilitating cases.

Tinnitus is not a disease itself. It is a symptom of an underlying health condition. While it can be a symptom of a wide range of diseases , it is most frequently associated with some level of hearing loss.

Generally speaking, there are two forms of Tinnitus:

Subjective Tinnitus- Head or ear noise only heard by the patient. It can usually be traced to auditory and neurological reactions to hearing loss, although it can be caused by other illnesses. 99% of all reported Tinnitus cases are subjective.

Objective Tinnitus- Head or ear noises that are heard by other people as well as the patient. These sounds are usually produced by internal functions in the bodies circulatory (blood flow) and somatic (musculo- skeletal movement) systems. Objective Tinnitus is very rare. Less than 1% of all reported Tinnitus cases fall into this category.

There are three general ways to describe the patients perception of the Tinnitus:

Tonal Tinnitus: The perception of near continuous sound or over-lapping sounds. The volume can fluctuate greatly. This type of Tinnitus is associated with subjective Tinnitus.

Pulsatile Tinnitus: The perception of of pulsing sounds, often in beat with the patients own heart. This type of Tinnitus is associated with objective Tinnitus.

Musical Tinnitus: The perception of music or singing, sometimes the same song on a constant loop. This form of Tinnitus is also known as Musical Ear Syndrome and is very rare.

Tinnitus in any form can either be acute ( temporary sudden onset and sudden ceasing of symptoms) or chronic ( continuous recurring symptoms).

In most cases, Tinnitus is a sensorineural reaction in the brain to damage in the ear and auditory system. While most Tinnitus is triggered by hearing loss, there are around 200 different health disorders that can cause Tinnitus. Here is a list of some of the most common:

Middle ear obstructions such as excessive wax build-up,head congestion, loose hair from the ear canal, dirt or foreign objects. In most cases removal of the object will clear up the Tinnitus symptom.

Head and Neck Trauma- Severe injury to the head or neck can cause nerve, blood-flow and muscle issues that can cause Tinnitus.
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) – The Tinnitus associated with this disease is of the somatic type of Tinnitus. The TMJ is where the lower jaw connects to the skull and is in front of the ears. Damage to the muscles, ligaments or cartilage in the TMJ can cause Tinnitus.

Sinus Pressure- Nasal congestion for a cold, flu or sinus infection can cause abnormal pressure in the middle ear causing Tinnitus symptoms.

Acute Barotrauma-This is caused by extreme or rapid changes in air or water pressure causing damage to the middle ear.

Traumatic Brain Injury- This can damage the brain’s auditory processing centers causing Tinnitus.

Ototoxic Drugs- Many prescription medications can cause temporary Tinnitus symptoms including NSAIDS, Quinie-based medications and diuretics.

This is not a complete list there are other categories of illness such as Metabolic Disorders, Auto-immune disorders and Blood-Vessel disorders that can cause Tinnitus symptoms.

What does all of this have to do with the paranormal? It is just one other possible reason for that whistling , banging, knocking, whooshing or singing you may be hearing. This is why it is so important when we hear recurring unidentified noises that we check with our doctors to rule out medical implications before going to the paranormal.

Sara Fawley's photo.

What is a Thermal Imager?

007-3483-01_LgOne thing we all hear about in relation to paranormal research is thermal imaging. If you watch the paranormal shows it is used by all the “famous” ghost hunters but what is it and how does it work?

Before I started researching this, I thought I understood what it was and how it worked. I thought of it in the simplest terms. A thermal imager detects heat and cold, puts it up on a screen for you to see and if you see heat or cold where there shouldn’t be any you might have captured a ghost. Right? Well, according to some of what I have found in my research, this is not necessarily correct.

Like I did, most people seem to view a thermal imager as a “heat viewer”. The research I have done indicates it is more complicated than that. It is more like a camera that instead of recording visible light records mid and far infrared.

Digital cameras pick up visible wave lengths, what we see with the human eye. Thermal imagers pick up longer wavelengths ( further from the visible spectrum ). Most objects just absorb or emit these wavelengths without reflecting them. We are used to seeing objects by reflected light but the thermal imager sees them by virtue of emitted mid and far IR. The wavelength of this emitted radiation is characteristic of the temperature of the object which is why it can be used to produce a ‘thermal image’. The wavelength of the radiation is measured in an array of tiny sensors which is used to calculate an equivalent temperature for each point. This is used to build up a ‘false colour’ contour image of the scene showing the temperature of the visible surfaces.

The world looks very different through the eyes of a thermal imager. Most objects will give a temperature reading to the thermal imager. This is because they emit mid and far IR rather than reflect it. Since the image shows the temperature instead of the light reflected off of it, there can be hot and cold spots that would not show up in a regular photograph that is only portraying reflected light.An object that has previously been in contact with another object that is hot/cold can still reflect that heat/cold since heat, unlike light, moves slowly through a solid object. An example of this is a chair may still show a warm image of a human for some time after they have gotten up out of the chair when viewed with the thermal imager.

Not all surfaces show their true temperature. Some surfaces like metal, glass, polished ceramic and stone actually reflect mid and far IR rather than emit it.Any temperatures or even images on these surfaces could quite possibly be a reflection from another source. These types of reflective surfaces can even reflect radiation onto surrounding surfaces, warming them up. Reflective objects can also reflect radiation directly into the thermal imager lens causing strange false images similar to lens flare in a regular camera.

Since mid – far IR acts like light, you can still get the same type of anomalies that appear in regular light digital photographs. Strange shapes ( faces, figures, etc) can show up appearing to be paranormal in nature. Since objects appear completely different in IR than they due is regular light this can lead to false perception of images. What appears to be a tall ghostly figure on the thermal imager may in fact really be a tall metal object.

As with ordinary cameras, images in the thermal imager can be out of focus.Also, since mid and far IR has a longer wavelength that light images will always appear fuzzier than in normal light photographs. Because of this, thermal images should not be expected to produce a lot of detail.
One way to combat this is to always use a regular light camera in conjuction with a thermal imager. In this way the identity of any strange shapes that appear in the thermal imager can be verified.

Am I saying that thermal imagers are useless in detecting possible paranormal anomalies or events? Absolutely not. What I am suggestig is that the more you know about how they work and what they are actually showing the less chance you will have of being fooled by a false image. Knowledge is power and the more we know and understand about the technology we are using the better chance we have of finding and understanding those things that truly are unexplained by science as we now know it.…/ar…/Thermal%20imaging%20ghosts.html…/hig…/nightvision3.htm

Ball Lightenting- The Answer to Some Paranormal Mysteries?

10421589_10207909252514253_4882048914815285993_nBall Lightening appears as a floating fireball which has little tendrils emanating from it that appear to jerk it around. It floats around erratically followed by smoke trails that spiral around it and typically last from one to 30 seconds. They shine as brightly as a 100 watt light-bulb, can be white, yellow , orange red or blue in color and are most generally the size of a grapefruit although reported sightings have ranged from golf ball to beach ball size. They most usually occur during thunderstorms, however there have been sightings that have occurred when no storm was present.

What causes Ball Lightning?

While theories on what exactly ball lightning is have ranged from plasma clouds to mini black hole to aliens there is no absolute scientific answer at this time. There is one very promising theory however that becomes more promising the more it is looked into.

The most promising current theory, proposed by John Abrahamson at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, suggests that ball lightning is the result of a chemical reaction of silicon particles burning in the air.

Silicon , which occurs naturally in soil, combines with oxygen and carbon and turns to pure silicon vapor when lightning strikes the ground. As the vapor cools the silicon condenses into a fine dust. The particles in this fine dust are attracted to each other by the electrical charge from the lightning and form a ball.

The glow and heat is a chemical reaction when the silicon reacts with oxygen in the air. Once the silicon has burned out, the ball lightning disappears.

The theory also suggests that other materials such as aluminum and iron metal can also cause the fireballs, and that any atmospheric discharge, not just lightning, may explain why ball lightning has been sighted near power poles, electrical fitters and even active faults.

This theory has been tested with some success. Researcher Antonio Pavao and Gerson Paiva of the Federal University of Pernambuco in Brazil believe they have verified the theory with silicon substrate and a high voltage arc. They applied 140 amps of electricity to silicon substrate which vaporized the substrate and sometimes produced golf ball sized fireballs.

Eli Jerby and Vladimer Dikhtyar of Tel Aviv University in Israel, successfully recreated ball lightning with a device they call a “microwave drill”. The “microwave drill” is made from a magnetron taken from a kitchen microwave oven and a powerful microwave beam capable of penetrating solid objects.
The tip of the drill aims the beam at a solid object ( silicon and alumina were among the substances tested) and creates a hot spot in the solid. When the beam is pulled away from the hot spot, the drag produces a fireball resembling ball lightning.

In July 2012, Ping Yuan from Northwest Normal University in Lanzhou,China was prart of a group studying regular lightning on the remote Qinghai Plateau of northwest China. During one evening they saw ball lightning appear after a lightning strike about 900 meters from their equipment and were able to record a spectrum and high speed video footage of the ball.

Yuan and his fellow researchers found that the spectrum contained several emission lines from silicon, iron and calcium, all elements expected to be abundant in soil. This is in line with and seems to somewhat confirm John Abrahamson’s theory, at least in part.

How does this apply to the paranormal?

If the portion of Mr Abrahamson’s theory about ball lightning that states it can be created by other atmospheric discharges other lightning proves correct then I would propose it could be a possible answer for some of the case of “mystery lights” that have been reported all over the country for centuries. I have not seen any instances of studies where this theory has been tested but I wonder if there are any power poles, electrical fitters or active faults near the occurrences of “mystery lights” such as the Brown Mountain or Marfa Lights for example. If there are and there are concentrations of silicon or aluminum in the area this could be a possible viable explanation of these occurrences in my opinion.…/atmo…/ball-lightning1.htm

Audio Pariedolia- Hearing is not always believing

11863422_10207891157061878_8770335075788667452_nAudio Pariedolia is a subject I find fascinating, but something I think gets easily dismissed as a possible answer for phantom noises and voices. Audio Pariedolia works much the same way as the visual version.

The definition of Pareidolia (Pair-eye-dough-lee-ya) is – the phenomenon that causes the human brain to perceive random stimulation as significant. You hear a random noise, it could in reality be anything (whistles, a motor, wind, etc) your brain attempts to make sense of it. To do this it goes into it’s stored database of recognizable sounds and picks the one that matches most closely then tells your ears “This is what you are hearing”.

How does it do this? There are a couple of theorized reasons. One is that it picks the first most common recognizable sound in it’s databank. One theory is that this is why hearing your own name seemingly out of thin air is fairly common. You have been hearing your own name your whole life so it stands to reason that this is what your brain would pick for any unrecognizable sound that even remotely resembles it.

Another theory is that the power of suggestion plays a big part in it. An example of this is : Someone plays a clip of what they say is an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) that they have captured. You listen to it and hear nothing but random noise. Then they tell you ( either verbally in person or in written form if you are watching a video of it) what it is they believe they hear. You listen to it again and “Bingo” you hear exactly what they heard. Why didn’t you hear it the first time? Power of suggestion?

Now I know some people are going to immediately say “This is a bunch of baloney and psychobabble. I know what I heard” In searching for information I found a couple of experiments to test the power of suggestion theory. Give them a read and try the experiments. You may just change your mind and start questioning if hearing really is believing.


In this first article the experiment is in the last paragraph before the “Notes” section.…/30-second-science…

Here is another one to try if you have the equipment necessary.…/art…/hear-what-they-want-to-hear/

I am not saying this is the absolute, definitive answer to every instance of unexplained noises, but it should give us pause to think and consider that sometimes random noises are just that.…/…/skepticism/audio-pareidolia/…/apophenia-audio-pareidolia-an…/

The Burrunjor of Australia

w1When we think if dinosaurs, one of the first to come to mind is Tyrannosaurus Rex. A terrifying two legged 40 foot killing machine. He has been brought to life by fossils in museums and into our nightmares by movies like “The Lost World” and “Jurrasic Park”. The king of the dinosaurs leaving a path of destruction in his wake. Thank goodness he died out 65 million years ago. In the case of the Burrunjor, the Aboriginal tribes of the Arnhem Land region of Australlia will disagree with you.

Among the Aboriginals, stories of Burrunjor have been around for centuries. There are even ancient Aboriginal cave drawings of the creature. 25 to 30 feet tall walking on hind legss with to small , useless looking front legs, this reptillian appearing cryptid certainly sounds like a Tyrannosaurus. They are said to roam across the Gulf country and Cape York.

It is not just an Aboriginal myth however. Many cattlemen, explorers, and vacationers have claimed to have encountered these creatures.

In 1950, cattlemen lost many cattle to a mysterious predator that left half eaten carcassas in a path from the border country to Burketown. Searchers on horseback set out to investigate. They found huge three-toed tracks, measuing 2 to 3 feet wide around the kill sites. They followed the tracks through some jungle type terrain into a swampland area. When they reached the swampland area, the cattle dogs and horses refused to go any further. Most of the searchers heeded the advice of their animals and turned back. Two men decided to press forward on foot. When they came to an open swampy area one of the men saw a huge 30 foot reptillian creature in the timber a little ways away. The men quickly retreated.

In 1961, Johnny Matthews, a part aboriginal tracker, claims to have seen a 25 foot bipedal reptile moving through the scrub near lagoon creek on the Gulf coast. Johnny was quoted as saying “Hardly anyone outsite my own people belive my story, but I know what I saw”.

In the 1970’s , Northern territory busman and explorer , Bryan Clark, was mustering cattle in the Urapunji area when he became lost. It took him three days to get back to the homestead where he started and there he heard an interesting story. Unknown to Bryan, two aboriginals and a mounted policeman had picked up his tracks and were searching for him while he was lost. On the first night, the policeman and trackers made camp on the outskirts of the scrub. After they had eaten and settled in for the night, the policeman was awakened by the yelling and scurrying around of his aboriginal trackers. He heard a huffing noise made by an obviously large animal and realized that the ground was shaking. All three men quickly gathered their belongings and rode away. The policeman warned Bryan to not return to that area again because if he got lost again he would be “on his own” as the policeman would not be going out there to look for him.

w2In 1985, the Askey family were taking a trip to Roper River Mission. On their way they decided to take a side road for some sight seeing. Just as they were about to turn around and resume their journey, in the distance they saw something that frightened them terribly. There on the plain were two bipedal reptillian creatures moving across the land scape. They appeared “greyish brown and looked like dinosaurs”. They family of 4 did not waste time resuming their journey.

Over the years, numerous three-toed tracks have been found, photographed and even cast. The tracks are all three-toed and 2 to 3 feet wide. The most popular theory is that the creature is actually a species of giant monitor lizard. Monitor lizards have been known to raise up and travel on their hind legs for short distances. They are also more likely to survive in Australlia’s harsh terrain and climate. The world the dinosaurs lived in was much different than it is now. Most of the larger animals they relied on for food are gone as well as the pollution free, oxygen rich atmosphere. Is the king of the dinosaurs still holding reign in the outback of Australlia? Until one is captured live or on film we can only speculate. Until then, as always, you be the judge.…/th…/the-burrunjor-of-australia/……/burrunjor-living-din…

Nahuelito – Argentina’s Lake Monster

q3The Patagonia region of Argentina is a popular vacation destination. There are mountains, lakes, resorts and lake monsters. Nahuel Huapi Lake, a 342 mile lake located at the foot of the Patagonian Mountains in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. On the shores of the lake is a one of South America’s most popular resorts The Bariloche. Here is where many of the 100,000 plus yearly visitors claim to have encountered Nahuelito, named for the lake it is said to reside in,

Sighting of an unknown creature in Nahuel Huapi have been reported since 1897 but the first notable account was in 1922 when an American gold prospector named Martin Sheffield made a report to Dr Clementi Onelli the Director of the Buenos Aires Zoo. Sheffield stated that he had come across huge tracks and crushed bushes and undergrowth leading to the lake shore. He also state that in the middle of the lake he saw “an animal with a huge neck like a swan, and the movements made me suppose the beast to have a body like that of a crocodile”. There have been numerous reports since then. All claiming the creature to have a long neck, serpent like head and large clumsy body with many flippers and dark humps.

q4With the Sheffield sighting added to the sporadic reports he had received over the years Dr Onelli decided to mount an expedition led by Jose Chiagi, superintendent of the Buenos Aires Zoo. The proposed expedition ran into several problems. Namely, the conservationist attitude of many Argentinians towards Nahuelito. Dr Albarrin, president of the Society for the Protection of Animals petitioned the prime minister to refuse permits for the expedition on the grounds that since the expedition was carrying dynamite for mining the lake and elephant guns it would be in violation of the laws permitting the hunting of rare animals. The permits were issued but due to delays and public outrage the expedition was not long lived or successful.

The most well known Nahuelito sighting occurred in 1910 but was not reported until the height of the expedition controversy in 1922. George Garrett was managing a shipping company on Nahuel Huapi when his incident was supposed to have happened. He told the Toronto Globe that they were sailing up and inlet called “Pass Coytrue” which is about 5 miles long , a mile wide and of unknown depth. He stated that he looked up toward the center of the inlet and saw an object which appeared to be 15 or 20 feet in diameter and perhaps 6 feet above the water about a quarter of a mile from his ship. After a few minutes it disappeared under the water. Garrett also stated that upon mentioning this experience to his neighbors he was told that the Patagonian Indians often spoke of immense water animals they had seen from time to time.

Sightings of Nahuelito continue today. In 1994 two young ladies vacationg at the resort claimed to have seen the creature surface for several minutes then submerge. They claim that 45 minutes later the creature surfaced again and began heading towards where one of the young ladies was sitting on a rock outcropping. The young ladies ran away in terror.

In April 2006 a man walked into television station El Cordillerano Edicion and handed the receptionist an envelope. In the envelope were three photos and a note claiming they were pictures taken at Nahuel Haupi Lake on April 15, 2006. The note also stated that he was not giving his identity because he did not want and future headaches over it. The photographs showed a serpent like creature swimming through the water. Skeptics quickly dismissed the photographs. The items pointed out to debunk the photos include the apparently static positions of the creatures head,neck and mouth and the lack of any discernible wake.

Although the photographs have failed to provide proof of Nahuelito did increase the interest in the creature and what it could be if it does in fact exist. There are several theories floating around. The most popular is that it is a surviving plesiosaur or descended from another prehistoric creature , the Zuelodon. Supporters of the Zuelodon ( which was a snake like whale) site the fact that a lot of the sightings report that a spout or spray of water precedes the creature surfacing. Less popular theories include a mystery submarine patrolling the lake and a nuclear experiment gone wrong.

I have yet to make up my mind on this one. New species of animals and animals we believe to be extinct are found all the time and reports of Nahuelito have been around for over a century. Attached are the two photographs that were given to the television station. As always, you be the judge.

Nahuelito news, pictures, information, stories, sightings, and information on Nahuelito.

The Greenbriar Ghost

gbgAnother story about the ghost of a murdered victim seeking vengeance, but this one has a twist. The only known case where the word of a ghost is credited with helping solve a crime and convict the murderer!

This is the sad tale of Elva Zona Heaster. She was born in 1873 in Greenbriar County, West Virginia. In October 1896 she met a man named Erasmus (Edward) Stribbling Trout Shue. Edward Shue was a drifter who moved to Greenbriar to start a new life and find work as a blacksmith.He went to work in the shop of James Crookshanks, and found plenty of work to keep him busy.

Zona met Edward shortly after he moved to town. The two became attracted to each other and married shortly after meeting despite the fact that Zona’s mother Mary Jane Robinson Heaster detested Edward from the moment she met him. She just felt that there was something “not right” about him.

Zona and Edward lived together, the happily married couple, for several months. Then on January 23, 1897 Zona’s body was found at her house by a young local boy Andy Jones. Edward had sent Andy from the blacksmith shop to see if Zona needed anything from the store. When Andy arrived at the house he found Zona lying at the bottom of the stairs with her head slightly to one side, her feet together, one hand on her abdomen and the other next to her. He immediately knew she was dead and ran home to tell his mother. His mother contacted the local doctor and coroner, Dr George W. Knapp who did not arrive for nearly an hour.

By the time the doctor arrived Edward had carried Zona’s body upstairs and laid her out on the bed. He had already washed and dressed her in her best clothing (even though this was normally done by the town ladies after the coroner had finished with the body) a high-necked, stiff-collared dress and a veil covering her face. While Dr Knapp examined the body and tried to determine cause of death, Edward stayed close to Zona’s body, cradling her head and sobbing. Because of Edward’s obvious grief , Dr Knapp made his examination of the body very brief and listed cause of death as “everlasting faint” then changed it to “complications of pregnancy”.

At the funeral in her parent’s home at Little Sewell Mountain, Edward exhibited bizarre behavior. He continuously paced by the coffin. In addition to the high-necked collar and veil he covered Zona’s head and neck with a scarf that even though it did not match her burial outfit he claimed was her favorite and what she would have wanted to be buried in. He also propped her head up, first with a pillow then a rolled up cloth. Although the behavior was odd, Edward was well liked by the town and rather than seeing his behavior as suspicious it was chalked up by most as the grieving process.

Notice I said most did not find it suspicious. One person, Mary Jane Robinson Heaster , did find it suspicious. She had never liked Edward and even without evidence was convinced he had murdered her daughter. She decided to pray that Zona would somehow be able to communicate from the other side and let her know what had happened. She prayed every evening for days, then weeks until finally one night her prayers were answered.

Mary Jane Heaster claimed that her daughter Zona appeared to her in a dream four nights in a row. She claimed it started as a bright light then formed into the image of her daughter bringing a chill into the room. Mary Jane claimed that Zona tearfully confessed that Edward Shue had been cruelly abusive to her. On the fateful night of her death he flew into a rage because he thought she had not made meat for dinner. He broke her neck, which the spirit of Zona demonstrated by turning her head completely around and walking away while staring at her mother.

Mary Jane Heaster went to the prosecutor, John Preston , and spent the afternoon in his office trying to get him to reopen her daughter’s case. Now no one can say for certain if John Preston believed the ghost story or if a mother’s persistence persuaded him, but either way he started asking questions. Edward Shue’s friends and neighbors related his bizarre behavior after the death and at the funeral and Dr Knapp admitted that his “cause of death” examination had been cursory at best. It was enough for Preston. He order a full autopsy on Zona’s body. The body was exhumed and taken to the town’s schoolhouse where it was thoroughly examined by Dr Knapp and two other doctors. The local newspaper, The Pocahontas Times, reported later that “On the throat were the marks of fingers indicating that she had been choken; that the neck was dislocated between the first and second vertebrae. The ligaments were torn and ruptured. The windpipe had been crushed at a point in front of the neck.” It was clear to one and all that Zona’s death was not of natural causes.

After the autopsy, Edward Shue was indited for murder although the evidence was clearly circumstantial. While Edward was awaiting trial, his past (if not his dearly departed wife) came back to haunt him. It came out that Zona was not Edward’s first wife. She was in fact his third. His first wife . Allie Estelline Cutlip obtained a divorce in 1889 while Edward was in jail for horse theft. In the divorce decree she alledged that he frequently beat her. In 1894. Edward married again. His second wife, Lucy Ann Tritt, died 8 months later under what were described as “mysterious circumstances”. Edward claimed Lucy had fallen and hit her head on a rock. Most did not believe him and it was under these circumstances that he left town and relocated to Greenbriar.

The trial began on June 22, 1897. Numerous people from the community testified, but of course the highlight was the appearance of Mary Jane Robinson Heaster, mother of the deceased. John Preston wanted her to appear sane and believable so he skirted the issue of the ghost story since not only would it make her look irrational but would be considered hearsay and thereby inadmissible.

Unfortunately for Mr Shue his attorney was not as astute and chose to question Mrs Heaster about her ghostly encounter, thereby entering it as evidence for the defense. He badgered Mrs Heaster about her “visions” characterizing them as the “wild ravings of a bereaved mother” He attempted to make her look irrational and ridiculous but Mary Jane never wavered in her testimony. After some time he realized that his tactics were not working and dismissed her. By this time the damage was done and since the testimony was entered by the defense the judge could not charge the jury to ignore it. Erasmus “Edward” Trout Shue was convicted of murder in just over an hour. 10 of the jurors voted for hanging but since it was not unanimous the sentence of life in prison was handed down.

On July 14, 1897 Erasmus “Edward” Trout Shue was moved to the West Virginia State Penetentiary in Moundsville. He lived there until March 13, 1900 when he died from one of the epidemics of measles , mumps or pneumonia that swept through the prison. Unclaimed remains of prisoners were buried at Tom’s Run Cemetery for which records were not kept until the 1930’s. No trace of Edward Shue can be found today.

Mary Jane Heaster repeated her story of her ghostly visitation by her daughter to all who would listen until her death in 1916. This sad story in commemorated on a historical roadside marker along Route 60 that reads:

Interred in nearby cemetery is Zona Heaster Shue. Her death in 1897 was presumed natural until her spirit appeared to her mother to describe how she was killed by her husband Edward. Autopsy on the exhumed body verified the apparition’s account. Edward, found guilty of murder, was sentenced to the state prison. Only known case in which testimony from ghost helped convict a murderer.


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Tick Borne Illnesses

unoParanormal researchers and investigators can wind up in some pretty remote areas especially those in search of cryptids or who enjoy investigating overgrown, rundown building and cemeteries. When in these areas there are all kinds of things to look out for other than what you are searching for. Critters, snakes, spiders and ticks.

Today I want to discuss ticks and tick borne illnesses. When most of us hear ticks we think of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. There are actually a total of 14 tick borne illnesses that can affect humans. I will give a brief outline of these illnesses and then discuss precautions that should be taken when investigating areas where ticks can be encountered.

Anaplasmosis – Caused by the bacterium Anaplasma phagoctophilum and primarily carried by the black-legged(deer) tick in the northeastern and upper midwestern US and the western black-legged tick along the pacific coast.

Babesiosis- Caused by microscopic parasites that infect red blood cells. Mostly occurs in parts of the Northeast and Upper Midwest and usually peaks during warm months. Is carried by the nymph stage of the black-legged(deer) tick.

Borrelia miyamotoi- A spiral-shaped bacteria that is closely related to the bacteria causing tick-borne relapsing fever and more distantly related to the bacteria causing Lyme disease. It is carried by the black-legged (deer) tick and western black-legged tick.

Colorado Tick Fever- A virus causing chills, fever, headache and body aches. There are no medications to treat it. Occurs in the Rocky Mountain states at elevations of 4000 to 10,500 feet. Carried by the Rocky Mountain wood tick.

Ehrlichiosis- A bacterial disease causing fever, headache, musle aches and fatigue. Occurs primarily in southcentral and eastern states. Carried by the lone star tick (Ambylomma americanum).

Heartland Virus- Since it was first described in 2012 has only been found in Tennessee and Missouri. Symptoms of this virus include fever, chills, body aches, nausea, vomitting ,diarrhea and loss of appetite. Causes a loss of cells that fight infection and help blood clot. Carried by the lone star tick.

Lyme disease- Caused by the bacteriu Borrelia burfdorferi. One of the most well known tick-borne illnesses. Carried by the black-legged (deer) tick in the northeastern and upper midwestern and the western black-legged tick along the pacific coast.

Powassan disease-An infection that can cause fever, headache, vomiting, weakness , confusion, seizures and other neurological problems including swelling of the brain. Occurs in the Northeast and Great Lakes region. Carried by the black-legged(deer) tick and the groundhog tick.

Rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis- A type of spotted fever. Various forms of this fever can occur all over the United States as well as internationally. Carried by the Gulf Coast tick.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever- Caused by the bacterium Rickettsia rickettsii and is potentially fatal. Occurs all over the United States as well as South and Central America. Carried by the American dog tick, the Rocky Mountain wood tick and the brown dog tick.

STARI(Southern tick-associated rash illness)- A rash similar to the rash of Lyme disease which may be accompanied by fatigue, fever,headache, muscle and joint pains. Occurs in the southeastern and eastern states. Carried by the lone star tick.

Tickborne relapsing fever- Bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia spirochetes. Characterized by recurring episodes of fever, headache, muscle and joint aches, and nausea. Occurs in 15 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Carried by soft ticks.

Tularemia- Infection that can be fatal but can generally be sucessfully treated successfully with antibiotics. Occurs throughout the United States. Is carried by the dog tick, the wood tick and the lone star tick.

364D rickettsiosis- A spotted fever virus. Only reported in California at this time. Carried by the pacific coast tick.

Tickborne illnesses can be reduced or prevented by taking proper precautions when entering potentially tick infested areas. Try to avoid wooded and bushy areas with high grass and leaf litter. Walk in the center of paths and trails.

Use repellents that contain 20 to 30% DEET on exposed skin and clothing. Use products that contain permethrin on clothing.Treat clothing such as boots, socks and pants. Treat gear like packs, sleeping bags and tents.

Bathe or shower as soon as possible after coming indoors. This will wash off any ticks crawling on you and help find any that may have attached. Do a full body check with a hand mirror or full length wall mirror.

Check clothing and gear. Ticks can hitch a ride on these things and attach to you later. Tumble clothing in the dryer on high heat for 30 mins to an hour to kill any ticks hiding in the cloth.

Following these basic suggestions can greatly reduce your risk of contracting one of the above listed tickborne illnesses.


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Prescription Medications and the Paranormal

prescription drugsWhen someone reports that they may be having a paranormal experience because they are seeing things (shadows, movement, strange anomalies) , hearing things (knocks, footsteps, voices), smelling strange smells, feeling something touch them, getting strange marks on their skin having frightening dreams we typically ask a series of questions to help rule out non paranormal reasons. One of the most obvious questions, of course is drug use.

When we think of drug use, the first thing that comes to mind is illegal drugs. Then we may think about drugs used for mental illness. What about commonly prescribed drugs like antibiotics, sleep medications, blood pressure medicines and smoking cesstation drugs?

In doing some research I have found that a lot of commonly prescribed antibiotics, sleep aids and blood pressure medications have little known side effects such as hallucinations, strange skin rashes, vivid night terrors, memory loss, sleep- walking, eating, driving and any number of other things ou might attribute as being paranormal and probably would not associate with these commonly prescribed medications. With some medications such as fluoroquinolone antibiotics (Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox to name a few) the effects can last for months after stopping the medication.

Along with the above mentioned fluoroquinolone antibiotics some blood pressure medications such as Lisinopril, sleep medications like Lunesta and corticosteroids have been known to have the side effect of hallucinations, even after having taken them for a while with no ill effects.

Sleep medications like Lunesta and Ambien have been known to cause vivid night terrors or strange “waking dreams”. There have also been reports of them causing people to perform actions (such as eating, gambling, walking even driving) in their sleep with no waking knowledge of it.

Smoking cesstation drugs like Chantix have been known to cause depression, anxiety, and hallucinations.

Erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra can cause visual anomalies such as spots, flashes and blank spots in vision.

I cannot list all the medications and their possible effects or this article would go on forever. The point is that when something unusual happens and we are looking for a reason for it something like the antibiotic we are taking for our sinus infection or our blood pressure medication is probably not going to be something we think about. This is why it is very important to discuss any unusual experiences we may have with our doctors especially if we are on long term medications. They just might be the culprit. It should also be noted that you should never stop any medications without first fully discussing it with your doctor.

We cannot say that medications are the reason for any experiences we have Most of the time it is probably not since these are not common side effects. The important thing to remember is that knowledge is power and prescription medications are just one more thing to consider when ruling out possible causes of unusual experiences.

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“Whitey” The White River Monster

whiteyWhat do you call a 20 or 30 foot gray sea monster found in the White River? Whitey of course, or that is what the residents of Newport, Arkansas have names theirs.

Reports of Whitey began back in 1915.when farmers began filing reports of a large, unknown creature off the banks of the White River near Newport. In 1937, one witness account reported the creature as having gray skin and being as wide as a car and three cars long. A sheriffs deputy stated that it “ looked like a huge sturgeon or catfish”.

Reports dribbled off and became vague and sporadic until the summer of 1971. Another round of sightings came with one witness reporting that it was about 20 feet long with a horn sticking out of it’s head and looked like it’s skin was peeling all over. The witness also reported that it made a loud bellowing sound like a cross between a cow mooing and a horse neighing. Then two men reported finding three toed tracks , broken tree branches and crushed vegetation on Towhead Island.

Was there really a monster in the White River near Newport, Arkansas? Well, back in 1973 the State Legislator of Arkansas thought so. State Senator Robert Harvey introduced a bill which was signed into law creating the White River Monster Refuge. The area is located between the southern point on the river known as Old Grand Glaize and a northern point on the river known as “Rosie”. According to the law it is illegal to “molest, kill, trample or harm the White River Monster while he is in the retreat”.

According to scientists “Whitey” is clearly just a case of mistaken identity. Cryptozoologist and biologist Roy P Mackal believes that “Whitey” is actually a large male elephant seal that wandered up the Mississippi River into the White River. Male elephant seals average 5000 lbs and 14 feet long and share a lot of the same traits as Whitey, gray skin, summer molting, three toed tracks and farm animal calls. Even the bone on the creatures foerhead can be explained by the male elephant seal’s inflatable trunk according to Mackal.

There have been no sightings since the late 1970’s but to the residents of Newport “Whitey” is real and lives on.


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Aurora Texas Alien Grave

AuroraTXAlienGraveMarker7212LoriMartin4048Aurora Cemetery

The oldest known graves, here, dating from as early as the 1860s, are those of the Randall and Rowlett families. Finis Dudley Beauchamp (1825-1893), a Confederate veteran from Mississippi, donated the 3-acre site to the newly- formed Aurora Lodge No. 479, A.F. & A.M., in 1877. For many years, this community burial ground was known as Masonic Cemetery. Beauchamp, his wife Caroline (1829-1915), and others in their family. An epidemic which struck the village in 1891 added hundreds of graves to the plot. Called “Spotted Fever” by the settlers, the disease is now thought to be a form of meingitis. Located in Aurora Cemetery is the gravestone of the infant Nellie Burris (1891-1893) with its often-quoted epitaph: “As I was so soon done, I don’t know why I was begun.” This site is also well-known because of the legend that a spaceship crashed nearby in 1897 and the pilot, killed in the crash, was buried here. Struck by epidemic and crop failure and bypassed by the railroad, the original town of Aurora almost disappeared, but the cemetery remains in use with over 800 graves. Veterans of the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts are interred here.

These are the words on the Historical Marker that is in the Cemetary in the sleepy little town of Aurora Tx. Aurora is on Hwy 114 in Wise County Texas. Although the population now is just 1400, back in the late 1800’s it was the largest town in Wise County with a population exceeding 5000.

In the late 1890’s Aurora hit some hard times. The cotton crops were wiped out by a boll wevil infestation, then a fire claimed several buildings and lives on the west side of town. Shortly after this a spotted fever epidemic wiped out most of the population causing the town to be quarantined. After all of this the planned railroad that was supposed to come into to town got within 27 miles but never made it into town.

Fast forward to April 17, 1897. In the early morning hours ,what is described as an alien craft crashed into the windmill over the well on the property of Judge James Spencer Proctor, destroying the windmill and his flower garden. There was a large explosion and debris flew everywhere over an area several acres wide.. The pilot of the alien aircraft was taken to a barn and attempted to be saved but died that day.

According to the Fort Worth paper the alien pilot was given a Christian burial in the Aurora Cemetery at noon the next day. On April 19, 1897 the Dallas Morning News ran an article about the crash and about sightings in 21 different towns in North Texas between April 15 and April 19, 1897.

The Proctor property was bought by the Oates family who have claimed nothing would grow there for years The Oates family also suffered from health problems including cysts and goiters supposedly from drinking the well water.

Over the years, different groups have attempted to dig up the alien body but have been turned away by towns members. The headstone marker which was the only thing pointing out the grave disappeared in 1973. After this happened the cemetery board hired an attorney to fight researchers who wanted to exhume the body. The town had been wiped out by a spotted fever epidemic in 1888 and the officials did not want the bodies disturbed. Graves we not well marked at the time and there was fear that digging might happen in the wrong place and disturb the rest of citizens.

There have been claims over the years that it was all a hoax. One person stated there was never a windmill on Judge Proctors property, however in 2008 a crew from a UFO television show investigated and dug up struts for a windmill around the well. There have also been reports of interviews with people who were alive at the time of the crash that stated government personnel appeared in town the day after the crash and took the wreckage away.

Short of finding the gravesite and digging up the body, we will never know if there is actually an alien buried in Aurora TX or not. Truth or legend, it is and likely will always remain part of the history and claim to fame for this small Texas town.


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Blowing Cave and the Blue Tinged Beings

Screenshot_1What do Inner Earth, Caves, Richard Shaver and Blue tinged humanoid beings have in common? In this case the answer is Cushman Arkansas.

Blowing Cave road is a gravel ro


ad near Cushman, Arkansas. If you follow the road to the end then get out and hike you will come to the mouth of Blowing Cave. (It should be noted that Blowing Cave is on private property and should not be attempted to be

accessed without formal permission from the owners.) There is a long rich history to the cave. Back in the late 1880’s when the town of Cushman was established people used the cave as a recreational hall, having dances and parties there. There are stories of people entering the caves to explore and never being heard from again. N

ot so unusual when you are talking about a cave network, people get lost or caught in landslides and collapses all the time. However there may be another reason for these disappearances beyond the normal spelunking accidents.

In the 1940’s Richard Shaver wrote a series of articles for the science- fiction magazine Amazing Stories about two advanced races left behind by extraterrestrial forefathers, the Tero and the Dero. These beings , the Tero ( benevolent, friendly creatures) and the Dero (malicious, vile creatures with a penchant for consuming humans for dinner) were said to live in vast caverns under the Earth’s surface connected by thousands of miles of subterrainian tunnels spanning most of the country. While most chalked the stories up to the wild ramblings of the twisted mind of Shaver, many gave some credence to the stories while others fervently believed them.

George D. Wight a UFO buff and regular columnist for a UFO newsletter is one person who falls in the “some credence given” category. He also had an avid interest in cave exploring which he shared with the owner of the newsletter David L. and another columnist Charles A Marcoux( who was and avid believer in Richard Shaver’s stories). In 1966, Wight with a group of 11 others went down to Arkansas to explore Blowing Cave on a week long expedition. On their return, the members of the expedition claimed to have encountered the Tero of Shaver’s writing. They wrote to the once editor of Amazing Stories magazine with their claims. He never responded. The group made several more expeditions attempting to get proof so that others would believe them but were unable to.

George Wight went back to the cave several months later to stay with the Tero. In 1967 he returned and asked David L to pass his journal to Charles Marcoux. It took until 1980 for David L to pass the journal on to Marcoux with whom he had lost touch over the years.

The journal related that on the original expedition he had found a nearly hidden crevice halfway between the cave mouth and the lake inside the cave. He called his companions and they squeezed through the crevice. Once inside the crevice they were able to stand upright and found themselves in a long glass like tunnel. Soon they encountered blue skinned humans who told them they had allowed them to find the tunnels because they had instruments that had determined their intentions were good.

They learned from their guides ( descendants of Noah who had escaped underground to avoid the great flood and found ancient technology along with the Teros) that the tunnels went on for hundreds of miles and connected underground cities that housed serpent like beings, Sasquatch type societies and the Tero.

Shortly after passing his journal to David L., George Wight returned to live with the Tero and was never heard from again. According to one of the other members of the expedition shortly after Wight returned to the Tero all trace of him started disappearing ( birth certificates, school records, bank and computer records) as if he never existed. Upon receiving the journal in 1980 from David L, Marcoux became obsessed and began planning another expedition to Blowing Cave. In 1983 he and his wife moved to Cushman, AR. There in November of 1983 while exploring the land around the cave he was attacked by a swarm of bees, had a heart attack and died instantly.

Marcoux’s death ended any further efforts to go back to Blowing Cave in search of the Tero and other underearthers. Some in the Hollow Earth community speculated that sinister forces caused his death to prevent further excursions into their subterrainian world.

Are there really races of extraterrestrial beings living beneath our very feet? Is this where Sasquatch and other cryptids come from ? Are these the ramblings of very creative or disturbed minds? I personally would need a lot more information and evidence to entertain such thoughts, but as always…. you be the judge.

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The Mysterious Crystal Skulls

THE_MYSTERY_OF_THE_CRYSTAL_SKULLS_2The skull is a powerful symbol of death and is used in cultures all over the world. Skulls were a prominent type of Mesoamerican artwork, specifically among the Aztec. They were a symbol of regeneration. Many of the Aztec gods were represented by skulls.

Quartz crystal is beautiful, sparkly and comes in a variety of colors, clear, purple, rose, smoky, yellow. It has been used for centuries for jewelry and ornamental carvings of different subjects. Crystal skulls are one of those carved items you can find in abundance.

However, there are about a dozen of these Crystal Skulls that stand above the rest. They are held in private collections or museums and are attributed with everything from mystical healing powers to the secret of creation. Some of them are life size and very detailed including removal jaws, some are smaller and not as detailed.

What makes these particular skulls different from the thousands that are produced every year in Brazil, Germany and China? These specific skulls are all believed to originate from Mexico and Central America, specifically from Aztec or Myan ruins. Many believe they were carved thousands of years ago before the technology to carve such intricate, detailed items with no visible tool marks was available.

The most well known of these skulls is the Mitchell-Hedges skull for two reasons. First it is a very accurate depiction of a human skull including a removable jawbone. Second, no one is sure how it was constructed. In 1970 the Mitchell-Hedges family loaned the skull to Hewlett-Packard Laboratories for testing and study. Two strange things were found. One, it was carved against the axis of the crystal. This is startling because any modern crystal sculptor will tell you that carving “against the grain” will cause the crystal to shatter. The second thing is that Hewlett-Packard researchers could find no microspcopic scratches on it to indicate it had been carved out with metal tools.

The Mitchell-Hedges skull is 5 inches high, 5 inches wide and 7 inches long. It is made of clear crystal quartz and weight 11.5 lbs. The story of it’s discovery is that F. A Mitchell-Hedges , a British explorer, led an expedition 1924 to the Mayan ruins of Lubaantun, in Belieze (then British Honduras) in search of evidence of the legendary city of Atlantis. His daughter Anna was with him on this expedition and the claim is that she was rumaging around in a building believed to be a temple and came upon the skull minus the jawbone which was found 3 months later 25 feet away.

Later evidence has come out that while Mitchell-Hedges did lead such an expedition to Lubaantun, he did not have his daughter Anna with him. There is also evidence which has been verified by documents at the British museum (who bid against him) that Mitchell-Hedges actually purchased the skull at an auction at Sothebys London in 1943.

There are other skulls, The British Crystal Skull and The Paris Skull. Both made of clear crystal quartz and said to be almost exact replicas of each other. Both were said to have been bought by mercenaries in Mexico in 1890.
The Mayan Crystal Skull and Amethyst Skull. Even though one is made of clear crystal and the other purple, they are again very similar.They were discovered in Guatemala and Mexico and brought to the US by a Mayan priest in the early 1900’s.
The Texas Crystal Skull known as “Max” is an 18 pound single piece crystal skull that is reported to have originated in Guatemala. It is now in the hands of JoAnna Parks of Houstan TX who received it from a Tibetian spiritualist.
The ET Skull is part of the private collection of Joke Van Dyke who believes it has miraculous healing powers and tours with it to share them. It is made of smoky quartz and got it’s nickname due to the pointed skull and exaggerated overbite which give it an alien look.
The Rose Quartz Crystal Skull is very similar to the Mitchell-Hedges skull in craftmanship and appearance including the removable mandible . It is a bit larger and has a pink hue to it.This skull is said to come from the area of the Honduras/Guatemala border.
The Brazilian Crystal Skull was donated to the Brazil Museums Section of Minerals in 2004 by a Brazilian gem dealer. It is life sized and weighs 13.8 pounds.
The Atlantean Skull “Compassion”. This one was discovered in 2009 and is very close in comparison to the Mitchell-Hedges skull including the removable mandible.

There are many theories as to where these skulls came from and what they are for. They range from being made by ancient mesoamericans to extraterrestrials to citizens of Atlantis or Lemuria. They have been theorized to have mystical healing powers, to be an alien computer that records the history of civilization, to expand the psyhcic ability of people in contact with them and any number of other fantasic claims.

Recently, electron microscope analysis of some skulls by the British Museum and the Smithsonian Institue claim to have revealed markings that could only be made my modern carving implements. Both museums estimate their skulls date from the mid to late 1800’s. This coupled with the fact that no skull has ever actually come from an official archeological site has led the British Museum to label all the famous skulls ( including ones it has not studied or examined) as fakes.

Both sides of the issue are filled with passionate believers who will not be swayed by the other side. You be the judge.

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Black Eyed Kids

Black-eyed-children-1Someone is home alone at night, or in their car in a secluded area, minding your own business. Suddenly, they hear a knock at the door or on their car window. They answer and there is one or two pre-teen to teen children standing there. They have pale skin but they are wearing hoodies and their heads are ducked down so their faces cannot be seen. They ask if they can come in and use the phone because they need to call their mother to come get them or if it is someone in a car they ask for a ride because they need to get home.
Pretty innocent right? But then the person gets a creepy, uneasy feeling and stall. Suddenly the children look up and demand that the person “Let me in”. The person sees that their eye sockets are completely black and experience an overwhelming sense of dread. Who are they? What do they want?

This is an example of stories that have been going around the internet since 1998 when a blog was posted by Brian Bethel a journalist and sci fi/fantasy blogger. He claimed to encounter two such children outside a movie theater in Abilene, TX. This is the first known report of such beings.

So what are Black Eyed Kids? Are they demons? Ghosts? Vampires? Aliens? If you troll around the internet and read enough stories you will hear that they are any and all of the above. However, lets take a logical look at how the stories started and what add fuel to the fire.

The accounts started pouring in for a while then tapered off until 2010 when they hit the internet again. Wby the sudden surge in new reports after 12 years? When I first started hearing reports of Black Eyed Kids that demand “Let Me In” it reminded me of a movie I had seen (coincidentally by the same name “Let Me In”). The premise is of a young pale blond girl (who once you see her eyes are completely black) that befriends a lonely young boy. Turns out she is a vampire and cannot come into his house unless he invites her. Hmmmm sound familiar? Out of curiosity I checked to see when the movie was released. Would it surprise you if I told you it was 2010? Once again the stories kind of petered out.

Fast forward to 2013. Again another furious rash of Black Eyed Kids sightings exploded onto the internet paranormal sites and forums. After doing some research I found that a 2 min video clip of “Weekly Strange” was posted to the entertainment section of the MSN website discussing Black Eyed Kids. Again coincidentally this video coincided with the release of yet another movie “Black Eyed Kids”, an urban legend based horror movie that was a spinoff of the YouTube series “Haunted Sunshine Girl”.

So are they real or is this just an Urban Legend fueled by movie releases and internet chatrooms, blogs and posting? My take from all of the research I have done and the fact that there is not one proven ( more than one credible witness, police reports, photographs) documented case of these encounters I have to say Urban Legend. However, as always, you be the judge.


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The Ozark Howler

boolHaving recently moved to the Ozark Mountains in North Central Arkansas I decided to do some research and see if there were any local cryptids. Imagine my surprise to find that there were actually a couple of lesser known cryptids in the Ozarks. After looking into them I found the Ozark Howler to be particularly interesting.

Reports of the Ozark Howler, also known as the Black Ozark Howler, Black Howler and Howler have been around since at least the 1940’s. The reports span three states, Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Most of the reports come from ranchers and hunters that venture deep into the Ozarks. Country folk whose families have lived in the area for generations, are familiar with local wildlife and do not spook easily.

All reports of the Howler are fairly consistent. It is said to be four- legged cat like beast that stands between 3 and 4 feet tall at the shoulder. It has dark shaggy fur, is said to be stocky with glowing red eyes and horn like structures on top of it’s head. It’s most distinctive feature and the reason for it’s name is the long eerie wail it emits.

Most sighting reports are pretty much the same. A rancher or farmer notices his animals are scared and upset, goes to investigate and see a large cat like creature, assume it is probably a panther or cougar but then take a closer look and realize it has feature unlike those known predators. Or a hunter is deep in the mountains hunting deer and hears an eerie wail unlike anything he has ever heard in mountains he has been hunting his whole life then sees the creature.

There are a few theories as to what this creature could be. One is that is was a hoax started by a University of Arizona student who uses the web name “Irregular Jonathan”. He claimed to have started the stories. Now you could say “Ok, well there you go” except for the fact that there have been reports since the 1940’s and young Jonathan was not even born yet.

Some cryptozoologists insist that it is an actual animal. Either a misidentification of a known animal (Lynx (far to small) cougar (wrong color) or black panther ( not known for having long hair along the jawline or horn type structures on the head) or a previously unidentified breed of big cat, possibly a cross breed..

The theory that I find most interesting however is that it may have something to do with the Cu Sith.
The Cu Sith or Black Dog of Death should be ring a bell with anyone familiar with Irish, Scottish or English folklore. The Cu Sith is a 3 to 4 foot stocky black dog with glowing red eyes that is an omen of death for the person who sees it. The only differences is the Howler is reported as a cat, however since it is only seen at night a large stocky dog could be mistaken for a large stocky cat especially in an area where what you are expecting to see is a panther or cougar. The other difference is that while there are no reports of immediate death after an encounter with the Howler, older reports recorded by univerity students and news paper reporters do make reference to the belief that the Howler could cause the death of the person who encountered it just by staring at them.

The thing I find most intriguing about this theory is that if you look back into the history of the people of the Ozarks most of them are of Irish, Scottish or English descent. It is quite possible that they brought the legend of the Cu Sith with them to America and over the generations it has mutated a bit to fit the surroundings.

While there is no proof of the Howler, I will probably not be taking and long walks through the mountains at night.


Signs & Symptoms of a Hacked Smartphone

by Tommy Doc, Demand Media

Smartphones contain personal information useful to hackers and identity thieves.

Smartphones contain personal information useful to hackers and identity thieves. Images

iPhone users have reported strange SMS text messages received as an initial attempt to hack a smartphone. Texts that appear as a single square or other strange characters are attempts by hackers to download spyware or malware onto your device. These attacks are similar to malicious email viruses, however on a mobile device the SMS only has to be received by the smartphone, with no download action taken by the user. If a hacker accesses a device of a friend who has you in their address book, it can be easily passed along to your number. Check with your contacts to see if they have experienced similar texts, and notify them of a potential hack.

Unauthorized Use

A hacker who gains control of your mobile device will be able to send texts, make calls, or access the internet. This will alter your call history, sent text messages, or other functions unbeknownst to the user. Monitor your call, text, and camera function history, and if you notice anything you did not perform yourself, then your phone is remotely under the control of another user. Experienced hackers will cover their tracks, so if you suspect a hack check your phone records with your service provider to detect any unauthorized use.

If you are experiencing ticking or other noises during your phone calls that are normally not an issue, it could be a sign someone is attempting to access your phone. Abruptly dropped calls could be a problem with your service provider, or a failed hacking attempt. If your service provider cannot provide an explanation as to why these events are happening all of the sudden, a hacking attempt can be considered as the culprit.

Diagnostic Test

If you suspect malicious software may be installed on your smart phone, take it into a retail location of your service provider for a diagnostic test. They should be able to detect and eliminate any intrusive software installed on the phone, or in the worst case scenario, restore it to factory settings.


Cell Phone Hacking: More Serious Than You Think!

Cell Phone Hacking: More Serious Than You Think!

Cell Phone Hacking More Serious Than You Think!

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So what is cell phone hacking ?

Kathleen* had just hung up from an important and private phone call with a family member. As a family oriented person, keeping up with family and close relatives was important to her. She had asked them to do find out some information for her and, also, to secure some items that she needed, but didn’t want anyone to know about as it was a personal matter.

About a day afterward, Kathleen noticed that some acquaintances (not friends) mentioned items and bits of information from her phone call almost word for word. What made it startling was that this had happened on other occasions, but she just chalked it all up to coincidence. Later on, she found out that all her cell phone calls and text messages were not only being hacked, but leaked out to people she knew.

Someone in her circle of acquaintances had accessed her calls and texts and related bits of her private business to friends and foes alike: and it had been going on for longer than she realized, Kathleen had been a victim of cell phone hacking, her online safety was compromised.

Is Cell Phone Hacking Really Serious?

The CBS News item of July 16th 2013 relates that a cyber-company named iSEC partners demonstrated how texts, cell phone calls and other information was fully disclosed on the Verizon smartphone through the use of a device called femtocell which can be bought for under $300.

The purpose of femtocell, a wireless network extender, is to allow people to improve poor cell phone service. It is self-sufficient because it works like mini-cell phone tower. Employees of iSEC were able to hack into the device and discovered that it could pick up the signal from phones in a 40-foot radius and read all messages transmitted – such as passwords typed online during banking or sensitive corporate emails.

Although Verizon was able to fix the problem, Tom Eston, the Manager of Profiling and Penetration at information security company SecureState, said this type of hacking was only the beginning. He went on to explain that vulnerability was not only among other Verizon devices but other carriers were liable for the same attacks because it was an element very difficult to control.

Mr. Easton explain further that in the past, makeshift towers were made in attempts to capture signals and hack into phones, but the process was more expensive than the trouble it was worth. “The only people who could really do it is state-sponsored governments,” he said. “It’s really become much more practical and easier to do now that we have this new technology.”

The effects of hacking are far reaching and Eston proves this by mentioning that it was definitely possible that spies with femtocell to sit next to CEO of a prominent companies and capture his or her calls, texts and data, or a criminals walking on packed sidewalks could and pick up data from hundreds of unmindful smartphone users.

Mr. Eston also mentions that ‘government hacking’ using femtocell was not necessarily a need because of the trove of data they had with the NSA. With technology so prevalent among common U.S. citizens it is reasonable to suppose that the government would have the most sophisticated ‘tracking’ technology around. The police department alone can track and listen to phone calls to deter terrorist action; so imagine what the government can access.

How Criminals embark on Cell Phone Hacking ?

Not many people realize just how open and vulnerable to hacking their cell phones are. Using a mini cell phone towers are not the only form of hacking criminals use. As simple as dialing your cell phone number and using a device to search through your phone data is a way of hacking to your cell phone.

The same security taken with a computer, laptop should also be taken with your cell phones. You have to be careful what you say, or you’re your messages contain because there is a good chance that it can be intercepted. Technology is so advanced that persons can listen to your calls, read your emails and text messages, access your photos, store and pass on your information to outside sources – and it doesn’t stop there once they get into your phone they can get access to password for all your personal accounts.

Hacking can happen wherever you go. If you were to travel to another country and your phone is able to function than keep in mind that hackers are functioning as well. Information sent to your phone from your country of origin is easily transmitted to your phone and also open to hackers!

The problem is this; hacking is not reserved to criminal experts alone, hacking instructions can easily be found on the internet for anyone to download. During this year over a billion cell phones were hacked because of lack of a secure password or no password at all. Many people are not even knowledgeable to the fact that security software can be installed on their phone to protect it.

Three common methods of cell phone hacking are:

  • Cell phone hacking devices for when your phone is off.
  • Mini cell phone towers where outsiders can read off cell phone data.
  • Hacking into phones and rerouting the info to an outside source.

Hacking through Bluetooth means that, even though your phone is off, persons can still access your info without your even being aware of it. By the time that happens, it is usually too late to protect your information.

Mini cell phone towers can tap into your phone texts and calls from a short distance. This means that someone could be watching what you text and listening to what you say without your even knowing about it!

The ‘man in the middle’ is when person can get into your phone’s operating system, and pass the information onto unscrupulous persons who just wait for information to come to them.

How to Find Out if You Are a Victim of Cell Phone Hacking

Using a cell phone is simple and less complicated than using a computer, but the dangers of hacking is the same for cell phones as for laptops. Discovering that your private conversations and text messages are being monitored by intruders is a very unpleasant situation to find yourself in. All of your transactions can be hacked into and downloaded. Now is a good time to find out if you are a victim of cell phone hacking!

The first thing to do is to pay attention to any sounds made during calls on your phone. If you hear strange, unfamiliar clicking sounds in the background of the conversation, or notice that you, or the caller’s voice is echoing, or notice any white noise, this can definitely be an indication that someone is trying to connect, hack and listen in.

If your phone lights up all by itself even when you are not using it then check it out. If it turns on, or off by itself be sure to check that out as well. Some phones can be controlled through remote access via radio control.

Feel your phone and its battery to see if they are excessively hot. If they are hot when you touch them then chances that spyware software is being put to use on your phone.

Be sure to check your phone bill and keep track of all charges. If you are charged double, or triple for every call or text you made, it means that spyware is being used to send your transactions to other persons and websites. Your information is then downloaded, your number is accessed and other people are running up your bill by using your number.

Cell Phone Hacking: Protect Yourself

High technology allows us to use our cell phones as though they were mini computers. They can send emails, browse the internet, download and upload information and sign in to accounts. Even though all of this makes it convenient to continue that important business transaction, or see photos of your child wherever they are, the same technology also makes your phone easily accessible to hackers.

Storing and sharing information on your phone is very risky and is something you will do automatically without giving it a second thought. Taking steps to protect your phone from hackers will keep what you put on it safe. Below are steps you can take to maximize the protection of your phone and its use as well as protecting it from cell phone hacking:

  • Keep your phone close to you and secure it in a place that is difficult for thieves to get to. Use a case, or strap near to you rather than something easy to snatch. Thieves will think twice before they steal your phone if you have it secured safely.
  • If you suspect that your phone has been hacked, or if you phone is stolen, be sure to contact your service provider right away. This can save you spending money from unauthorized use of your phone. Before you purchase your phone, ask your carrier if they provide insurance against this. Finding out afterward will make you liable.
  • Use a strong password to lock, or unlock your phone before your (or anyone else) can use it. Make sure it is a strong password and not something (like a phrase) commonly known to everyone.
  • Hacking through Bluetooth is one of the fastest and easiest ways for anyone to get to your phone. It doesn’t take a crack criminal to hack through this vein. Be sure to turn your blue tooth off unless you are using it, this will prevent wireless intrusion.
  • If anti-virus software is available for your phone download it and keep it updated. Be sure to ask your service provider if this software is available for your phone and, also, check your phone manual to see if there is software for your phone. As simple as downloading a link from email on your phone can cause it to pick up a virus, so anti-virus software should be considered.

Cell phone intrusion is not something you have to put up with. No matter who your carrier is, or what type of phone you have, hacking can be prevented by installing mobile security products. These products can be purchased in stores or online and are just as important as internet security is for your computer.

Don’t Let Hackers Get Away; Report Cell Phone Hacking!

You cell phone is not only your own, personal, mini, electronic phone and address book, it also holds personal information and private material. If your phone is internet compatible then it means that it is also connected to your email. Imagine what would happen if someone got into your phone and took this information without your knowledge? Once they got that, they would have access to everything online about you.

If your phone is hacked, get in touch with the FBI and your service provider immediately. To get in contact with the FBI, go into google and logon to the site. Find the Contact Us button and select FBI Tips and Public Leads. This is the form on the Reporting Crime section that you can fill out with all the prevalent information and submit to them. Be sure to put your personal information in (ex.. name, address, etc.) so that they can get back to you. Give as many details as possible. If you want to make the report over the phone call the FBI number 800-225-5324

To make the report to your service provider, contact them online (calling would be better because you are more sure of a speedy response) and give them the details of what happened and why you suspect hacking. Try to get a new number to discharge any charges that were acquired during the hacking.

I was assisting a customer the other day who came to use the internet. They were trying to access their email and could not find an important document that was sent to them from a prospective client. The item was an invoice for work they had done previously.

After a fruitless search that lasted for about an hour. They gave it up. I asked them what was wrong and they informed me of what happened. They told me that it was quite possible that it disappeared from advanced software available online that allows people to access your emails. This woman was robbed!

Building awareness about the dangers of hacking and what to expect is something that should be done regularly. Phone companies and mobile service providers should have pamphlets available for customers which detail how to protect them from hacking and how to prevent it in the first place.

Cell Phone Hacking cell phone hacking Cell Phone Hacking: More Serious Than You Think! Twitter Porn

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How to hack a cell phone text messages

Hacking internet email and cell phone messages is beneficial and in some cases necessary. When security is an issue, or safety is a priority, individuals set out to learn as much as they can, about any person or entity that poses a real threat. Even in relationships, the intentions of one person’s motive are questionable. Before the relationship can develop any farther trust must first be established.

However, it is a known fact that everyone is prone to secrecy. No one really tells all there is to know about their life, their accomplishments or their past mistakes. No way individuals find the answers they need is by hacking someone’s cell phone. Websites show users “How to hack a cell phone text messages” without getting caught. The first step is to find a software program that is designed specifically for this purpose.

The best hacking software is listed below, as well as instructions on “How to hack cell phone text messages.” The list identifies 3 of the most popular phone hacking software on the market and their prosperities. To ensure the hacking process is accurate, try hacking a personal phone first. So if there are any mistakes, they can be corrected, before hacking the target phone.

Step 1

Acquire the cell phone iPhone IP address. Use the content configuration information to connect to a sftp. Host name is (sftp), username (root) and password is (alpine). This is the most crucial step in setting up the hacking platform.

Step 2

Chances are an unknown host key might pop up. This is to be expected. The message reads something like this: You have no guarantee the server is the computer you believe, trust this host and carry on connecting? Do not worry though, just ignore the message and press ok or enter to proceed.

Step 3

This step brings up the entire directory listing. Once inside the directory, everything on the phone is visible. What programs are listed, their root extensions, the sizes of the files and more.

Step 4

In this step, try to locate the directory which contains the SMS data. This may read something like: /private/var/mobile/library/SMS. Now once the file is in clear view proceed to downloading the phone’s SMS file, which reads: sms.db.

Step 5

This is where the hard work pays off. In this step, commence to opening the phone’s sms database. This is accomplished by using a popular SQLite browser. Now select the message on the table that says “HOPP.”

Hacking most phones is completed in simple, easy to understand steps. However, there are Spy mobile programs that do all the work in less time.

Text Hacking Software

StealthGenie is considered one of the most popular spying and hacking software in the spy industry. This advanced software text hacking programs works on some of the most popular mobile device platforms in the cell phone industry such as Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Here is a quick installation guide to each of these platforms.


Access the setting on the phone, select security and check unknown sources. Next, open the phone’s internet browser and click on the URL image. Once the SG is downloaded and installed, click on the file to open it. The app installer has to be downloaded first and then the program. Once the installation processes have completed, press the “done” button to confirm that the application has been installed.

When the activation screen appears, enter the activation code that came with the welcome email. Select administration on the activation page and after the message reads: “Service successfully activated”, press the close button. At this point the SG installer can be uninstalled, since it is no longer needed.


To install StealthGenie, find the Cydia app and select it from the menu. Choose manage from the menu below, and choose sources. Now choose edit and then select add. Once the URL box is visible type in the download phrase and waits until the processing verification is complete. Once the process is complete select return to Cydia, and enter into the mobile developer section.

Open the Developer tools section and click on MobileService. All the details should appear on the screen. Now select install and confirm, and wait for the installation process to complete. To activate the download, just use the activation code that came in the email and the rest is simple.

There are other software products that teach anyone “How to hack a cell phone text messages.” The process leading to cell phone hacking text messages is simple depending on which program is being used. Programs like Mspy, Mobile Spy and Spy Bubble are some of the top cell phone hacking software, which allows anyone to access text messages from any cell phone, regardless of the carrier.

As you can see from the information above, hacking becomes easier and easier by the day, it is up to you to teach yourself and others on the dangers of hacking and the importance of cyber safety for you and your loved ones.

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How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Hacked

We all know that smart devices are pretty clever these days, but does your smartphone or tablet seem to have a mind of its own? If you suspect that it does, it may be infected with malware that can access your private information, secretly control your device and even steal your money through unauthorized charges to your phone bill.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to identify if your device is being overrun by malware:

1. Notice unfamiliar charges on your phone bill? A lot of us ask this question anyway, but it’s a good idea to regularly check the charges on your phone bill. Are there small but significant charges on it that you don’t recognize? Some malware is programmed to send paid SMS messages that get charged to your phone bill and deposited into the bank account of the malware writer.

2. Is your phone acting cray-cray? If your phone starts acting crazy, strangely opening and closing apps, or sending text messages by itself, your phone might be compromised. Malware is written to secretly control your device, and malicious apps have loose permissions that allow them to control more aspects of your device than it seems.

3. Is your battery draining extremely fast? Battery drain can be exacerbated by different factors like network settings or even a totally innocent app that’s just poorly coded. But because malware apps can run constantly in the background, it is inevitable that they will run down your battery much faster than normal.

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, you should check if your phone has malware by scanning all the apps on your phone or tablet with Lookout Security + Antivirus. You can download Lookout for free from from Google Play. Lookout will tell you if there’s an app holding your phone hostage so you can delete it and get your phone back to normal. Problem solved!

Keeping your phone safe from malware is easy if you take the right precautions when downloading apps. Follow these simple tips to keep your mobile experiences safe and sound:

1. Keep the software on your device up to date. Malware writers design their malicious apps to take advantage of weaknesses in smart devices’ operating systems. By keeping the software on your phone or tablet current, you minimize your risk of being a victim of malware.

2. Be careful around third-party app stores. In the case of mobile apps, its always best to shop the big name brands, and stick with the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and the app store. If you want to minimize risk of encountering malware, don’t download from random download sites you haven’t heard of before.

3. Be careful where you click. Some malware comes embedded in drive-by-download website links that automatically download a malicious app to your device without your prior approval. Safe Browsing in Lookout Premium will warn you of malicious sites.

4. Download a mobile security app to protect you. Downloading a security app, like Lookout, that has app and link scanning capabilities will help you be safer and better protected on your mobile device.


Por- Bajin

porLocated on an island in the middle of Tere-Khol, a high altitude lake in a remote region of Siberia near the Mongolian border is a mysterious 1300 year old structure that has archaeologists baffled. The structure discovered in 1891 was apparently built during the Uighur Khagante nomadic empire (744-840 AD). Although there was minor excavation done at the site in 1957, major excavation did not begin until 2007. The name Por-Bajin translates to “clay-house” in the Tuvan language.

The structure is 8.65 acres with outer walls 10 meters high by 12 meters wide in a rectangular shape. There is a main gate which opens into two successive courtyards . The inner walls were smaller, about one meter tall. There were outlines of several small buildings in the outer courtyard. Some of the walls were covered with lime plaster painted with a red stripe. The main complex in the inner courtyard had a two part central structure, one behind the other linked by a covered walkway.

The construction materials used and the way the site is laid out points to typical Chinese architecture in the second half of the eighth century. Burnt timber fragments point to the use of the typical Chinese technique of interlocking wooden brackets, called dou-gung. Ramps led down to the two flanking galleries which were roofed open spaces looking onto the access to the main pavilion.

There are several mysteries surrounding this complex structure. The first being who built it and why? Although the massive walls suggest a fortress type structure there does not seem to be any reason for it. The location is no where near populated areas or known trade routes. There are several theories as to it’s purpose. The suggestions have been made that it could have been a summer palace, monastery or even an astronomical observatory.

Another mystery is why was it abandoned. Evidence suggests that it was abandoned shortly after it was built. One theory is that the climate or other natural occurrences may have caused the early departure. Archaeological and geomorphological fieldwork has revealed traces of at least two earthquakes. The first of these earthquakes appears to have happened during the time the structure was being constructed.The second in the early part of the 9th century.

There is no evidence of rudimentary heating systems despite the harsh Siberian winters and the fact that it is located 7,545 feet above sea level. This suggests that is was only ever occupied for short periods of time during the summer months.

Whether it was a fortress, observatory, palace or monastery this site appears to hold many mysteries that will keep the experts guessing for a long time.

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Con Rit

conrWhat do you call a 135 foot aquatic armored, segmented creature with fin like protrusions coming off of it’s segments? If it is sighted in Southeast Asia of the coast of Vietnam you call it Con Rit which is Vietnamese for millipede.

It is said to be between 50 and 135 feet long with 2 to 3 foot armored segments the length of it’s body. Each segement has a pair of fin like appendages which it uses to propel itself through the water. The top part of the body is brown with the neck and underbelly being yellow. The tail is said to be like that of a lobster. There were numerous sightings over about a 20 year period.

The first sighting was said to be in 1883 when a dead specimen was found on a beach in Hongay, Along Bay, Vietnam by Tran Van Con. Mr Con claimed the creature to be 60 feet long with the head missing. It was said to be examined carefully but unidentified. The carcass was towed out to sea and dumped due to the stench.

In 1899, the HMS Narcissus was traveling near Cape Falcon Algeria when several members of the crew sighted a serpent like creature. It was said to be 135 feet long with numerous fins that it used to propel itself through the water at speeds fast enough to pace the ship. The sighting lasted about 30 minutes.

There are a few theories as to what this creature could be. Cryptozoologist Bernard Heuvelmans suggested that it could be a relative of the archaic armored whales. This theory has come into question in recent years due to the fact that the existence of armored whales is now being questioned.

Cryptozoologist Karl Shuker suggests that it could be a form of undiscovered aquatic chilopoda which is the class that contains anthropods like centipedes and millipedes .

The most prevalent theory seems to be that it is a case of mistaken identity. The theory is that what is being seen are actually Oarfish. Oarfish are long snake like fish with fringe coming off of their backs. The Oarfish can reach up to 20 feet in length. They are rarely sighted due to the fact the only time they come to the surface is when they are sick or dying.

There are no modern sightings of the Con Rit. Some say this is the result of the Con Rit dying out in the early 1900s. Others suggest that the lack of sightings is due to the discovery of the Oarfish. Now people know that they are seeing a rarely seen deep sea fish and not some strange sea monster.

I tend to agree with the Oarfish theory. Although their descriptions do not match exactly, there are enough similarities to make it plausible. I can imagine someone back in the late 1800’s seeing a very large creature that had never been seen before and being so frightened that it would appear larger and much more menacing than it actually was.

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