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Two Mysterious Holes in Khufu’s Pyramid

Two Mysterious Holes in Khufu’s Pyramid
By: Stephanie Kelly
Many people have speculated that there is more to Khufu’s Pyramid, part of the Great Pyramids of Giza, then researchers and scientists have been able to uncover. With the new information released recently, it would appear that the sceptics are right. Scientists, Researchers and the Ministry of Antiquities have always wondered if there is more hidden in the pyramid due to it’s massive size and the importance of Pharaoh Khufu in Egyptian history. With the help of the cosmos, the world may be a step closer to uncovering more of this Ancient Mystery.
In October of 2015, Heritage, Preservation and Innovation started the Scan Pyramids Mission in the hope of being able to scan all of the Egyptian Pyramids. After many test runs and examples of the methods used and their safety, Scan Pyramids Mission got approval to, with intensive supervision by the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, begin scanning Khufu’s Pyramid at Giza. The organization began work in June 2016 and it is still continuing as of October 18, 2016.
The Scan Pyramids Mission is using 3 different techniques to evaluate builds. Their first step was to conduct 3, 24 hour, thermal surveys of the front face of the pyramid. There has always been an odd indent in the front face and this became of the focus of the scans. After the information from the thermal surveys was completed and reviewed, Scan Pyramids decided it had reason to expand the area of interest and to begin the 3D reconstruction and analysis. When the reconstruction was complete and combined with the thermal survey it raised many questions for the researchers.
Researchers were not sure what was hiding in that area, but they knew they could get a step closer to figuring it out. The last test to be conducted involved Muography. Muography is the study of elementary particles called muons. Muons are still a little mysterious as they created by cosmic rays and have an odd ability to penetrate surfaces.
On the Oct. 15, 2016, Scan Pyramids Mission released their initial finding using the information provided by the Muography, combined with the thermal surveys and 3D reconstructions. Their press release states that they have been able to confirm a void in the North East edge of Khufu’s pyramid. They have also located a cavity behind special markers called chevrons not far from the main corridor into the pyramid.
Though there are still many questions and months of studies and scans left for Khufu’s Pyramid we know for certain that there are at least 2 hidden mysteries in this ancient structure. What is hiding behind the walls? Could these cavities or voids hold more information into the creation of these amazing structures?
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The Paracas Candelabra, Peru

The Paracas Candelabra, Peru
By Stephanie Kelly

One of the world’s oddest and oldest mysteries is that of the Paracas Candelabra which is located in Pisco Bay, Peru. This unexplained geoglyph, also known as the Candelabra of the Andes, is approximately 650 feet long and estimated to be about carved into the hill at least 2 feet deep in most places. This man-made creation is large enough that it has, reportedly, been seen from up to 12 miles away by people viewing from both land and sea. The giant ground drawings have yet to be connected to any one civilization, but many artifacts have been located that confirm one or more civilizations residing around the Pisco Bay area.
It is not completely clear what these massive markings mean or what they are meant to look like or represent. It is also not clear when they were created but pottery that was found near this massive landmark were radiocarbon dated back to around 200 BC. Other items found at Paracas include paintings, etchings, and petroforms. Some of these items appear to depict animals and people along with different plants and what appears to be random shapes.
With all of the recorded unexplained geoglyphs, hieroglyphs and petroglyphs people wonder who made them. Could lease be special places or records for an unknown civilization? Would it be possible that these are actually markers and notes for tribes and civilizations that would migrate across the deserts?

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Is Akrotiri really Atlantis

Is Akrotiri really Atlantis
By Stephanie Kelly
Many have heard of the Quest for Atlantis; a, somewhat futile attempt to find this mysterious and lost city that many scientists and research refuse to give up on. The first, confirmed, mentions of the lost city of Atlantis was made in Timaeus and Critias by famous historian, Plato. Plato was well known between 424-328 BC and his story concerning Atlantis even had the Greeks split on its validity. Plato himself even states that the story of Atlantis was passed down to him from his grandfather who had heard it from a man in Athens. Plato also says that the Athenian had been told the story by an Egyptian priest. Though many factual stories have been passed down from generation to generation and society to society, Atlantis appears to have been lost without any evidence or finds connected to it reality.
We do know, from Plato, that Atlantis would of been a large island for the time located just past the Pillars of Hercules, commonly considered the Strait of Gibraltar. This island could of had at least 10 cities but the only two mentioned are Royal City and Metropolis. After the people of Atlantis had conquered Africa and Egypt and what is now modern day Italy they attempted to take Athens. Athens quickly defeated Atlantis and they were forced back by the Athena’s led army who also liberated the lands they had captured. Not long after the Atlanteans were forced back, the island was cursed with earthquakes and floods until it finally sank into a muddy sea. According to scholars, Atlantis would of met its end around 1,500 BC, possibly, according the information provided by Plato.
Now that we know the history behind Atlantis, let us fast forward to modern day research, developments and education. Currently in modern day Santorini lays an ancient town, known as Akrotiri, that appears to have faced the same horrific end as Pompeii. The only difference between Akrotiri and Pompeii is the lack of human remains since none have been find within the current excavation of the city. Akrotiri is confirmed as a Bronze Age settlement that left behind many artifacts such as pottery and jewelry that are currently housed as the Museum of Ancient Thira.
The museum appears to have items from Akrotiri that could just match some of what Plato says about Atlantis. Some of these items are fragments of items depicting African scenery and the Adorant Monkeys. The archeologists have been able to determine that the demise of Akrotiri was not sudden. This Aegean center could’ve easily had to deal with earthquakes and tsunamis until the final eruption would have hidden it forever.
Though many scientists, archeologists and historians of Italy believe that Akrotiri is Atlantis there are still many questions that have not been, and may never be, answered. What if we, as researchers, are overlooking the evidence? Could Akrotiri actually be Atlantis? Could Plato have completely made up this story to get people reading his writings? Could Atlantis of been real but Plato’s information is a little exaggerated or inaccurate because of the lack of written record?

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UFO Spotted On ISS Live Feed – July 9, 2016

UFO Spotted On ISS Live Feed – July 9, 2016
By Stephanie Kelly

One July 9th, 2016, the live feed from the International Space Station was cut off after an unexplained object was seen flying into the earth’s atmosphere. A video of this event can be found on YouTube, posted by Streetcap1, here ( That alone is enough to make people question what was going on and conspiracy theorists appear to be having a ball with the possibilities, but let’s look at the facts!
First, the world is rather lucky to be able to watch a live streaming video from the International Space Station thanks to NASA. Although, it has had issues with signal loss and technical problems it is a rather reliable feed and can be found on the NASA website ( The space station is also rapidly moving around the earth a rate of once every 90 minutes so let’s make sure to take that into consideration when looking at the video.
Secondly, it is a known fact that there is a large amount of space junk, satellites, other space stations and meteors roaming around the earth just waiting to get caught in the gravitational pull. To give a better idea of how many things are floating around; there are currently 1071 working satellites in orbit and at least 21,000 large pieces of space junk floating around freely! Also, let me add, that a Chinese Space Station, unmanned, appears to be lost in space and some believe that it could reenter the earth’s atmosphere at any second.
Lastly, I have not been able to find an archived copy of the feed for July 9th! I have been able to find out that at approximately 12:06 am EDT the ISS did dock with the Soyuz spacecraft. Other than this docking, NASA is saying nothing about events on that day.
With the information provided, what conclusion can you come up with to explain this UFO? Do you think it is extraterrestrial or space junk? What could explain the sudden loss of live feed? What information can you use to backup your views of this odd event?

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Wright Patterson AFB & Hangar 18 – Dayton, Ohio

Wright Patterson AFB & Hangar 18 – Dayton, Ohio
By Stephanie Kelly

Most people are aware of Wright Patterson Air Force Base located in Dayton, Ohio. Wright Patterson was built in 1917 and is still one of the largest US Air Force bases in existence. This base is headquarters for the Air Force Materials Command with is responsible for research and development of cutting edge technology. The pass is the home for more than 60 units and well over 20,000 civilian and military employees.
Located on the base in the Top Secret Hangar 18. It is believed by some to be the first military location of Alien research and experimentation. A lot of this believe comes from a man named Marion Magruder. Marion was a WWII United States Air Force pilot who was also a member of the Air War College and was sent to investigate materials that were brought to Wright Patterson’s Hangar 18. Pilot Marion Milton Magruder, also known as Mac Magruder, was born in 1911 and died in 1997 at the age of 86. Pilot Magruder made a statement to his sons, on his deathbed, concerning what all he had seen at Hangar 18.
According to the children of Pilot Magruder, he said that he was rarely willing to talk about what happened, and what he had seen at Wright Field until approximately a month before his death. At that time, Magruder said that he was flown from the Air War College with others to Wright Field. Upon his arrival he saw pieces of debris, shrapnel, and two unknown aliens. He said that he saw 2 species at Wright Field; one appeared to friendly while the other was rather aggressive and was considered a military hostile.
Those present as Magruder was talking stated that his eyes would begin to well up as he talked about the aliens. Pilot Magruder, according to his children, arrived when the aliens were alive and watched as the Military performed multiple experiments until he watched them die. Magruder said that he helped move materials from Wright Field to Eglin Air Force Base, this included the corpses of the aliens.
To add to Pilot Magruder’s story, he was also stationed at Area 51! It is also documented that on July 26, 1952 a squad of motorcycle people arrived at Pilot Magruder’s home and escorted him to the Pentagon. This is approximately a week after the first sighting of UFO’s above Washington D.C and the night that the second UFO sighting in D.C. was documented.
Is this all coincidence? Is there something unexplained or extra terrestrial going on at Area 51? Was Magruder’s story true?

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Lights over St. Louis, Missouri

Lights over St. Louis, Missouri
By: Stephanie Kelly

August 2, 2016 at approximately 2:30 am CT, a St. Louis City Surveillance camera caught something no one can explain. At the top of the left hand side of the screen, an unexplained light appears. It’s movement is rather erratic and it’s light seems to turn on and off like it is controlled by a switch. 
To give a little background into this sighting; an Illinois resident, Chase Rhoads, original turned a personal recording of this light to the local news station, KTVI-TV. After KTVI-TV’s story aired a man with the Illinois Metro East Parks and Recreation District decided to look at the surveillance videos and was rather surprised when he say the same light doing the exact same thing. The director with the Parks and Recreation District even made a statement along the line that though he didn’t believe in UFO’s but there was something weird with this light. The news station even contacted the Scott Air Force Base along with the FAA and both said that they didn’t know what the source of the light was.
This sighting has caught so much attention for many reasons. The main reason would appear to be that the Metro East Park and Recreation District published the surveillance video on August 3rd through their YouTube channel ( To quote the video description, “We guarantee you will be perplexed if you watch all 5 minutes of this surveillance footage!”
Could this be a drone? That was my first thought, but the FAA and the local Air Force Base unable to identify, or give a possible answer to, the source of the light, it makes me thinks it wasn’t a drone. Thinking about it logically, it would be a safe assumption that the Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration know the basics of identifying drones.
Could it be weather related? According the National Weather Service through N.O.A.A. the weather at 2:49am was cloudy with a storm moving in and lightening can be seen in the background of the video. The wind was recording at an average wind speed of 4.9 South to Southwest. St. Louis is listed as having a high of 88 and a low of 73 along with the city only receiving .31 inches of rain.
What logical explanations can you think of for this light? How would you prove or disprove the UFO theory that is the main theory?

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Shin-Au-Av; Death Valley’s Underground City

By: Stephanie Kelly

Shin-Au-Av; Death Valley’s Underground City
Death Valley, California

For more than a hundred years there has been a legends of the “Ghost land”, also translated to “God’s Land” by the Paiute Native Tribe. According to this legend, Shin-Au-Av was created when Shin-au-av-akaits was told to take a sealed sacked to the middle of the land and open it. Shin-au-av-akaits was young and curiosity got the best of him. When he could wait no longer, he opened the sack allowing hordes of people to escape the sack into the desert. As these people began to run toward the mountains another Godly figure named Tov-wots yelled, rather angrily, “Why have you done this? I wanted these people to live in the land to the east, and here, foolish boy, you have let them out in a desert.” These people, in the legend, reportedly began to dig a tunnel in order to hide for safety. And those the legend of the Death Valley Underground City of Shin-Au-Av.

In 1947, this legend became reborn thanks to a report in the San Diego Union dated August 4. This article appears to mention everything from mummies, ancient markings, signs of an ancient civilization structure and even giants!
According to the article, a man by the name of Howard E. Hill spoke in front of the Transportation Club. Mr. Hill said that a man named Dr. F. Bruce Russell had locate tunnels underneath Death Valley in 1931 and now, with the help of Dr. Daniel S. Bovee, the tunnels are going to be explored and documented. Mr. Hill also stated that crews have removed mummies from the caverns along with giants that were estimated, at the site, to be 80,000 years old.

Howard Hill also stated that he found a ritual hall that had markings and devices similar to what was then being used by the Masonic Order. Along with those findings were, as he stated, remains of animals such as elephants and tigers but it lacked any female remains of any kind.

Mr. Hill ends his speech by stating that a Dr. Viola V. Pettit from London will begin an inspection of the remains.

To add to this legend, the next day, an article was posted in the Hot Citizen Nevada Paper titled ‘Expedition Reports Nine-Foot Skeletons’ in which it was stated that many people were skeptical of Hill’s claims. Even to this day there is question about the existence of Giants and hidden artifacts related to these underground tunnels along with many other places. Some view this as just an exaggerated story while others consider it to be evidence that there is more out there, and possibly being hidden, than citizens can even begin to figure out!


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Mysteries of the City of Cahokia

By: Stephanie Kelly

Located just outside of St. Louis, Illinois is the Cahokia Mounds. Most people, outside of the St. Louis areas, are not aware of a rather mysterious archeological treasure right under their nose! Cahokia is one of of only eight World Heritage sites in North America and by some miracle it still has survived through the development of the areas.

Sitting at about 4,000 acres, 2,200 of which are a preserved state historic site, Cahokia Mounds is classified as the largest archaeological site in the United States. It is believed that the civilization that created Cahokia dates back to around 700 A.D. The site consists of at least 104 individual mounds that appear to show a large and sophisticated civilization long before London or even Rome.

These mounds appear to be prior to some of the known Native tribes that later controlled the areas. It is believed, but not proven, that the Chickasaw, Seminoles and Choctaw were all descendants of the people that once inhabited Cahokia. Others lean more toward the Cherokee, Creek and Natchez being their descendants. All that is known for sure is that the Late Woodland culture inhabited this area about 700 C.E. and there appears to be approximately a 200 year gap between the Woodland Culture and the development of the Mounds.

It appears that Cahokia was slowly abandoned by late 1300 AD. Excavations appear to show no sign of any disaster, warfare or illness that could’ve caused the abandonment of Cahokia but scientists believe that overcrowding, social upheaval or inadequate supplies may have been a cause leading to the end of the Cahokia Mounds.

Not only does Cahokia have a mysterious scientific and archeological history but it also has a mysterious paranormal history. Many people have reported seeing shadows, balls of lights visible with their own eyes, along with hearing chanting or rattling on the ‘Monks Mound.’

Cahokia Mounds are still being excavated to this day and we could only hope that more information would become available concerning it. Who were the people that lived at Cahokia Mounds? Where did they come from? What could be the cause of the unexplained experiences at the Monks Mound? What happened to the tribe or civilization that lived here for so long?


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New Findings in the Drake Equation

By: Stephanie Kelly

In 1961, a man by the name of Dr. Frank Drake developed an equation in the attempt to get the Scientific Community talking about the possibility of civilizations other than on earth. To put it simple; the equation was originally meant to summarize the main concepts that scientists must think about when considering unexplained and questionable radio communication.

This equation, N = R* x fp x ne x fe x fi x fc x L, contains many variables including:
N – the total number of civilizations in the Milky Way
R – the average rate of star formation
Fp – the fraction of formed stars that have planets
Ne – the average number of planets per star that has planets
Fl – the fraction of those planets that have actually developed life
Fi – the fraction of planets with intelligent, civilized life
Fc – the fraction of these civilizations that have detectable communications
L – the length of over which these civilizations release detectable communications

For a little bit of honesty behind this equation; Frank Drake originally made this equation just to get people talking! He wanted to figure out a way of combining the work of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) with mathematics and science. Drake come up with this theory after reading an article by Cocconi and Morrison which fueled his desire to communicate with other beings.

Drake used a 25 meter dish at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory to document his search for signals not created on earth. He named this research ‘Project Ozma.’ Dr. Drake planned on hosting a SETI meetings at the observatory and his preparation for this meeting he, somewhat unintentionally, developed this equation.

Now, let’s jump ahead to 2016! Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan, with the University of Rochester, announce their findings after ‘tweaking’ the Drake Equation. Most scientists, prior to Frank and Sullivan, used the Drake Equation in more a research and technology setting and, even then, could only give a scientific guess. Frank and Sullivan where more interested in figuring out how many advanced civilizations, more or less, have developed in the plan of the universe. The first thing this team did was removed the L (length over which these civilization release detectable communications). After that, they got a little fancy; the developed a form of the Drake Equation for Archaeology use. This equation is A = Nast * fbt. This equation takes a new form but is based off of Drakes work. A is the number of technological elements that have ever developed. Nast is the product of R, Fp and Ne of the Drake Equation. Fbt is the product of Fe, Fi and Fc of the Drake Equation.

What did Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan discover? Their analysis and research showed that there is less than 1 in 10 Billion Trillion chance that human civilization evolved on only Earth! Does this mean that there are other life forms out there? Does this mean we really are not alone? What is the next step in Science and the Unexplained?


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UFO or Drone

By Stephanie Kelly

It would appear, from reports, that many people are seeing more unexplained flying objects all around the world. One possibility that has been brought up often is that of Drones or other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Could this uptick in UFO sightings actually be related to the private and professional use of this type of equipment? Drones have become rather commonplace in many areas ranging from a novice who just likes the ability to record a family outing or gathering to them being used by the Military, Law Enforcement and Movie Studios. With Drones being a rather new piece of equipment, it is important to understand what a drone is, what they can do and what they may look like in the sky.
Drones, also referred to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), are basically flying robots. Most personally owned Drones are flown using a controller by a person on the ground. Commercially owned and Military controlled Drones are known to fly using GPS through software embedded in their systems, thus, no person is required to be within a certain range as it flies. Most normal citizens, in the United States, can’t fly their drone more than 400 feet above the ground by law but Drones have been recorded as high as 3,950 meters above sea level. It is possible for people to get clearance to fly their drone above 400 feet depending on location, weather, insurance and expertise. Most of the military and commercial use of Drones is classified as UAV flight or RPAS, remotely piloted aerial systems, flights. These RPAS and UAVs are made from much higher and longer flights, more than 60,000 feet high for extended time periods.
Now, let’s say you are peering up at the sky after the sun has set and see odd lights in the sky. Drones are also known to have multiple light patterns and colors available, most of which can be adjusted or altered at the flick of a switch or push of a button. The most common light set up for a drone would be 4 lights, typically white or blue, located on the bottom of the craft. Circular drones are known to have lights all the way around. RPAS can have lights that are white, blue, red or green and all them can be operated individually or shut off for surveillance purposes. Just because these shapes, patterns or colors are the norm doesn’t mean they can’t be altered or personalized, most can be completely redone at the owner’s desire.
The next time you see something in the sky, before jumping to the unexplained, try comparing them to known Drone images. You would be surprised at how many different types of UAV’s and different color patterns are available for purchase.

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The Lady of the Spiked Throne

The Lady of the Spiked Throne

By: Stephanie Kelly

In 2009, Archaeologist Massimo Vidale was invited to examine an artifact that is currently held in a private collection. This items has been named ‘The Lady of the Spiked Throne’ due to the fact that it appears to be a Queen or Lady of importance on a Throne of spikes. Vidale was so intrigued with this item that he extensively studied it with all available resources that were at his disposal. He took an amazing amounts of detailed photos and produced articles concerning the study and findings of this item. Even with this detailed and scientific research there still has not been an explanation for this item.

To most people this just appears as a man made carving of multiple people in a cow, or bull, shaped boat and a King or Queen on a throne. To a well trained eye it is much more though. Vidale and his team all agreed that this item was in the shape of a boat or, more likely, a chariot and does appear to have a bull’s head at the front of it. Inside this chariot are at least 15 figures that were once painted yellow, red, and black. The figures that are believed to be men appear to be wearing a cone shaped garment or adornment on their necks and heads. The other figures that do not have these adornments are believed to be women and seem to be placed in the more powerful positions such as the end and beginning of each row. Under the canopy of the vessel is a woman on a throne. What is odd about this throne is that it appears to have spikes all around it, this is why it is referred to as ‘The Lady of the Spiked Throne.’

Massimo Vidale insists that this is a true and authentic clay artifact dating back to around 2700 BC and resembles that of the Mehrgarh and Naushahro civilizations that were found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and eastern Iran. He also believed that this was one of many artifacts that had been smuggled out of the war-torn area in the past decade. Vidale also offered thermoluminescence tests that appear to confirm that this is authentic and not a recreation.

Mr. Vidale’s theory on this object is that the chariot or vessel was meant to represent an event such as a ceremony or ritual that was to be held, or had been held, by the community that created it. He also notes that the placement and appearance of the figures in the boat are an example of the common hierarchy in most civilizations at that time and it would appear that, as you view the figures, the farther back you view, the more detail and time was put into the items. To help back up the dating of the piece, he notes that the feminine figures would fit with the typical ideology of the early societies in that time frame and probable location this artifact was discovered in.

There are still many questions concerning the Lady of the Spiked Throne and it is not clear if any more examinations will be allowed on it. Hopefully, with time, more information will come out or be made available about this amazing item. Until then, we are left with multiple questions: Where did it come from? What group or tribe created it? What does it represent?


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Ulf Christiernsson’s sighting

Ulf Christiernsson’s sighting

By Stephanie Kelly

On the 1st of April 1954, The CIA sent out a report concerning a sighting in Sweden that was reported 3 times in newspaper articles. The articles were published in the Stockholm daily newspaper ‘Dagens Nyheter’ on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December 1953. Of all of the reports that I have gone through, this one is a little different. The first thing that caught my attention was the amount of redaction; the majority of released reports have no redaction but this one seem to have odd reaction such as “Please return to Agency Archives, ******, making it unclear exactly what agency controlled this information. Secondly, all of the other reports I have reviewed have the Classification and markings for whom the information was given to; this report has the Classification redacted and, on the only page with the grid viewable, has no one marked for other Government departments that were involved.

Ulf Christiernsson, a retired Captain with the Royal Air Force and at the time an employee of Transair, reported that on December 17, 1953 he saw a metallic round object, approximately 10 meters in diameter, in the sky while flying in a DC-3 with his flight mechanic Olle Johansson. He also stated “The mysterious object appeared suddenly on the air route traveled by all controlled air traffic between Bulltofta and Bromma airfields.” He gave, in great detail the events of that afternoon. He was positive that it was flying at a low altitude and it approached his aircraft at a “very high velocity” and what he estimated as “about that of sound.”

Captain Christiernsson estimated that the aircraft was in his view for a 5 second time span. He said in the article that it didn’t seem to have a crew and was nothing like anything he had ever seen more; seeming more robotically controlled than by a person. At the time of the sighting, Captain Christiernsson stated “we were flying at an altitude of 2,150 meters and the cloud ceiling was about 1,500 meters. Thus, the object should have been flying at an altitude of between 1,500 and 1,600 meters.” Both, Christiernsson and Johansson both agreed it had no exhaust or vapor trail following behind it.

Of course, Captain Christiernsson reported this immediately to the Air Defense Staff. Their statement on the incident makes this even more interesting. According to their release, at about 2:47 pm and unknown object was reportedly seen traveling at high speed and because of the low clouds it was not able to be seen from the ground. They also stated that, to their knowledge, there were no Swedish planes in the area that this occurred.

Of course the Defense Department in Sweden along with the Air Department there were working to solve this mystery but they were not able to come up with any exact answer. One Scientist, Bertil Lindblad, insists that the sighting was that of Geminids, a large group of meteors. Mr. Lindblad stated that these would of been visible mainly on Dec 13th but sightings could last for days. Research helped to lessen the possibility of this being the cause do to the speed and angle of what the Captain saw.

Many other explanations have been offered for this sighting, but it appears to be one sighting, by a credible witness, that has yet to be debunked! This sighting is a mystery and may always be.


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Dermot and Grania’s Bed

By: Stephanie Kelly

Dermot and Grania’s Bed, also known as Dunnamore, is a megalith located in Cookstown, County of Tyrone, Northern Ireland. This megalith appears to be made up of at least 6 slabs. All of these slabs range in height and width with the largest single stone being approximately 26 feet long.
This megalith was first documented, though briefly, by men of the names Westropp, Borlase and De Valera. In Westropp’s review of the site it appears that he believes it to be nothing more that a split rock. He appeared to be very set in his thinking that Dermot and Grania’s Bed was nothing more than a natural rock formation. Borlase appears to be unsure exactly what this stone formation is and only mentions its existence without giving a cause for it. De Valera and an associate take a difference stance. They stated that the site could be a “roughly built megalithic tomb” but also note that Westropp’s thought of it being a split rock was preferred.
Dunnamore is one of many megaliths that seem to still be a mystery. It does appears that this site has not had much excavation or research done to help determine its place in history. Many feel that this stone formations could date back to the Bronze Age though excavation and research have not been done to accurate date Dunnamore using today’s scientific testing.


The Megalithic Portal:

Megalithic Ireland:

Clare County Library, Ennis, County Clare, Ireland:


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Walter Russell

Walter Russell
By Stephanie Kelly

Walter Russell, 1871-1963, was a man of many talents. He has been called a painter, sculptor, musician, and natural philosopher to list a few. He is also considered to be part of the New Thought Movement that started in the 1800’s and was based on combining spirituality and science. Some of the main focuses in the New Thought Movement were hypnotism, mental and spiritual healing along with health care that focused on illness being more mental than physical. To explain it simpler, the New Thought Movement focuses on being one with the world as a whole and less on the man made.
What was Mr. Russell’s role in the New Thought Movement? Walter Russell believed that humans evolved in stages, not only physically but also mentally. He was among the few that believed that the human brain had made leaps in its focus and process such as going from animal awareness as a primary focus to rational awareness. Russell accepted the thought of Richard Bucke that the next big leap in humans was going to be from rational awareness to spiritual consciousness. In an article for Message of the Divine Iliad, Russell stated “This New Age is marking the dawn of a new world-thought. That new thought is a new cosmic concept of the value of man to man. The whole world is discovering that all mankind is one and that the unity of man is real – not just an abstract idea. Mankind is beginning to discover that the hurt of any man hurts every man, and, conversely, the uplift of any man uplifts every man.” Mr. Russell also leased a building known as Swannanoa Mansion for the University of Science and Philosophy. This school was started by Mr. Russell and his wife with the motto “Our purpose is to help unfold the spiritual nature of man in order that the human race will find happiness and peace through knowledge and practice of the Love Principle of Giving and Regiving which Nature alone practices and man defies.” This organization still has a following today though it is no longer recognized as a teaching University and focuses on providing information for people to study independently.
With some research into Mr. Russell and his thoughts on the New Age and New Thought Movement, here is what I have gathered from his writings and biography:
Mr. Russell believed that our brain originally focused on processing its surroundings; animals, plants, weather, etc. This would of been done in a primal survival type of thought process. An example of this today is how an animal can hide an illness or injury so that predators won’t be able to easily spot its weakness. As we, as humans, developed socially and intellectually our thought process also developed. With social and physical stability we were able to develop a mental aware of ourselves more than our surroundings. This in turn caused us to become more aware of our health and injuries and allowed us to begin to show our weaknesses. This also would of caused our brains to develop a compassion and protective concern for others. My interruption of Walter Russell’s believe is that the next stage of mental evolution is that humans will become more aware of the unexplained and spiritual aspect of the world. We will also be able to control our Though he never truly states what our brains with start to process or how they will affect our lives, it does bring up a good conversation and focus of study.
Walter Russell was a very well educated man and he believed that one day spirituality and science will be able to work together under a common goal. Does this mean that he thought basic scientific methods could be used in proving spiritual and unexplained occurrences? It is hard to say if his theory of combining these two has developed or progressed since his death, it is also hard to say if his theory is valid.


The Man Who Tapped The Secrets Of The Universe, 1946, by Glenn Clark

CIA Files Continued – Belgian Congo

CIA Files Continued
Belgian Congo – August 1952
By Stephanie Kelly

On August 16, 1952, the CIA distributed a set of papers from March 1952. This small stack of papers were all concerning information about a reported unexplained flying object seen in the Congo. These objects were best described as two fiery disks that were located in the southern part of the district along or just east of, the Laupula River. It was said that the disks glided in air with “elegant curves and changed their position many times.” Some also said that they had a penetrating hiss and buzz that could be heard by people on the ground for the 10 to 12 minutes they were in view.
A man only referred to as Commander Pierre with the Elisabethville airfield, immediately went after these two disks that were seen. Commander Pierre was able to give a detailed description of the UFO’s that could make any skeptic question their view! According to the report by Pierre the saucer was 12 to 15 meters in diameter (39 to 49 feet) and was the shape of a disk, it was able to shift elevation of 200 or more meters (approximately 650 feet) in just a few seconds. He also said that it would suddenly shot down to just above the treetops which he estimated at 20 meters, or 65 feet, from the top of the trees as he kept it in sight. Another interesting thing to add is that, Commander Pierre did not think that these crafts could have had any person on them. His view was that the erratic and irregular speed would of created such heat that the it would have been “impossible for a person to stay inside the stable core.” He also evaluated the speed of the aircraft, at the time he stopped pursuing it, as 1,500 kilometers per hour, or about 930 miles per hours.
As a researcher, I can understand why the CIA would want to question this sighting and evaluate the claims. That part of the Congo was the home to Shinkolobwe. For those that don’t know, Shinkolobwe is a very protected mine located in the Congolese that was used by the United States for the mining of uranium for use in the Manhattan Project.
Why did the CIA feel that this information need to be provided to the State Department, Army, Navy, Air force, National Security Resources Board and FBI? Remember, this is obviously a UFO and no explanation appears to be readily available for it like many others sightings in this time frame. Don’t most Governments firmly deny the existence of UFO’s, if so, why did this one get so much attention. In the 1950’s no country had the ability the make an aircraft that fits the above description with the ability to maneuver in the flight patterns described. With that said, I am pretty doubtful that any country would have the ability as of today. Something got the attention of the American’s and the German’s but what was it and why?



Book: Uranium by Tom Zoellner

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The CIA’s “X-Files”

The CIA’s “X-Files”
1952 – East Germany

In Jan 2016, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States declassified approximately 99
records concerning their involvement and investigation of UFO sightings. With the vast about of
records that were released it would take months to get them all through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) but, thankfully, the CIA has made 10 of these documents available
online if you know where to look.

One of the many reports that was made available is that concerning a Flying Saucer in East Germany. On the first page of Report No. 00-W-23682 it states that the report was Published in
a newspaper out of Athens on Jul. 9, 1952 and was distributed on the 23 Aug 1952. This article titled “Flying Saucers” In East Germany states that a man by the name of Oscar Linke, former Mayor of Gleimershausen had reported a Flying Saucer that was currently being investigated
by West Berlin intelligence officers.

Let me start by going over a little information concerning Mr. Linke. Mr. Oscar Linke was born around 1906 in Germany. He, with his wife and children, had recently escaped from what is
called the Soviet Zone before entering East Germany. The Soviet Zone was actually the Soviet Occupation Zone that was under the control of Russia after WWII. This is rather important because the United States was keeping an eye on Russia along with Germany due to concern
of military advancement or acts of war from either side.

Now, what and where did Mr. Linke see this? According to Mr. Linke himself, he was riding his
motorcycle with his 11 year old daughter when a tire blew out just outside of town. As they were walking, his daughter pointed out something she saw about 500 feet away. They continued to walk toward it and when about 50 feet away he could see two people in clothes that looked metallic looking down toward the ground. They still moved closer! At which point he could see, over a fence, a large object shaped similar to a frying pan. It had 2 rows of holes and a tower
type shape on the top of it. After, according to Mr. Linke, they heard his daughter, both men jumped onto the tower and disappeared. At this point, Mr. Linke watched the object slowly rise, turn and disappear. He then proceeded to go to the location that the object was at and found a freshly dug hole the approximate size of the tower.

With his statement in mind, let’s go over some of the information provided and available. This event happened just outside of the Soviet Zone and Mr. Linke did have concerns about the Soviet’s Military machine advancements, so did many of the Allied Nations. He also says that many people in East Germany are restricted on where they could go due to them knowing too much.

Why was the United States investigating a claimed sighting in Germany? Could it of had something to due with the sightings in July of 1952 in Washington D. C.? Could they have been concerned about the Russian’s and a possible Military Aircraft? Of course, the CIA doesn’t
make access to the full information readily available. This leaves up many questions that have
not been answered, and may never truly and honestly be answered.

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Heracleion (Thonis)

From Fable To Fact: Heracleion

By Stephanie Kelly

Not far from Alexandria, in the modern day Aboukir Bay, was the location of a city written into history. Heracleion, also referred to as Thonis, was described as a glorious port of entry to Egypt for all of the Greek world. It was believed, thanks to the writings of Herodotus in the 5th century BC, that Thonis-Heracleion was
a magnificent city and housed a Temple of Amun. Another record of Heracleion was done around the 1st century BC by a geographer named Strabo. Strabo stated that the city of Heracleion was located straight
east of Canopus off of the River Nile. The belief developed from the historical writings and appear to state
that Thonis-Heracleion would of been founded in the 8th century BC as a religious, cultural and trading hub
until it’s demise in the 8th century AD.
Herodotus was a well known, and well respected, Greek Historian whose writing held a certain unquestioned value in his time earning him the title of the Father of History. Herodotus wrote, in The Histories, of a
marvelous great temple that was built at Heracleion to mark the spot where the famous hero Herakles first placed his foot on Egyptian soil. Also in this book he notes that Helen, of Troy, visited Heracleion with Paris
not long before the start of the Trojan War. I must add that many historical records in The Histories have also been disproven either by research, science or discovery.
With the two mentioned sources and only a few inscriptions found concerning Thonis-Heracleion, many scientists began to put it in the same classification as Atlantis, a fable. At the exact time that most historians and scientists had written off this mysterious city, in steps Franck Goddio. Mr. Goddio was a well known treasure hunting historian who was set on finding ancient ship wreckage and battleships from the 18th
century. He had many reason to believe that there were many ships lost to the sea in the Aboukir Bay. In
2000, the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, agreed that his search of the Aboukir Bay could find
some of the lost vessels and treasures, thus granting him access in cooperation with the Council. Little did ESCA or Goddio know that they were about to discover the truth behind Thonis-Heracleion.
After just a few days of mapping the area and setting out grids for exploration, the teams noticed something very strange. It appeared to be a large, man-made, structure. Around 6.5 kilometers off the coast, this group
of historians found what appeared to be a temple. After marking the building on their maps, planning their dive
and procedures, drivers left the ship in an attempt to identify this mysterious creation.
One can only imagine the excitement, surprise and shock these men felt when they found markings and artifacts that indicted this was the Temple of Amun and Khonsou, Khonsou is Herakles in Greek. Almost immediately the hunt for lost vessels became the excavation and recovery of artifacts from the temple.
Things such as jewelry, coins, ceramics, and statues were all located rather quickly. It was as if this temple was frozen in time at the bottom of the sea.
It didn’t take much time for the researchers, historians, scientists and divers to understand what they had
just found. One inscription said Thonis another inscription said Heracleion. Thonis-Heracleion was not a
fable after all, it was, in fact, a truly eloquent city lost in time to the depths of the Bay it was built to protect.
Not only was the temple mentioned by Herodotus found but docks with Egyptian style anchors were also found. Goddio did manage to find what he was searching for though, over 60 wrecked ships in the Bay
though they dated back from the 6th to 2nd century BC!
This is another Ancient Mystery that is just starting to come to light. What caused this city to disappear?
Could this city of caused many of the unexplained experiences that had been reported over that last few centuries in and around the bay? Where does this take the research into other cities that were thought to be fables or mythological stories?




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Nikola Tesla – Human beings, not of this world

t1February 9, 1901, Nikola Tesla, in an article published in the Collier’s Weekly, made many statements concerning his experiments at his Laboratory in Colorado that would make many in his field question him for the rest of his life. “I was familiar… with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis and earth currents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of these causes…” That statement alone made many question the sanity, stability and intelligence of Tesla. How could a well known scientist and inventor believe that he had experienced something that couldn’t be explained?

As his fellow researchers, engineers and scientists continued reading this, somewhat rambling, article their eyes widened, “They are the results of an attempt by some human beings, not of this world; to speak to us by signals…”
These two statements, by themselves, make you wonder what did he hear? My first thought was these statements have to be, in some way, taken out of context! What scientist would openly, and with complete certainty, say they received an attempt at communication from someone or something not of this world. With some time and research I was able to find the original Articles titled “Talking with the Planets” ( This article appears to cover his presumption and experimentation in Colorado in the late 1890’s.

t2Upon reading this complete article in detail, twice, I had to find more concerning what he had experienced and what tests he had done in that Colorado Laboratory. Certain statements made in the article such as, “My first observations positively terrified me, as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night; but at that time the idea of these disturbances being intelligently controlled signals did not yet present itself to me” made me want to see what exactly these experiments were!
Without the extensive knowledge that Tesla had, it’s hard for me understand his notes concerning the Colorado experiments. What is certain is that Tesla did keep detailed notes of his daily or weekly experiments concerning a Spark Gap Transmitter. He also used a “Magnifying Transmitter” in these experiments along with controlling and altering the electromagnetic fields to fit his needs. Sadly, his notes do not exactly mention what he experienced, in detail, concerning the sound or signal that he observed.

t3Did Tesla truly experience a paranormal occurrence? How, and at what stage of his research, did he have this first observation? It is known that Tesla was a very intelligent man, but would tendency for instability, both mentally and financially, alter the value of his experiences? There are many questions that Tesla left unanswered and it is not known if answers will ever be found for these questions!


Aliens and the Hongshan

a1There are many Alien Theories that are floating around the world, from current days to prehistoric possibilities. While skimming through all of the supposed theories and evidence, I found one that caught my attention. Over 6,000 years ago, well before the infamous Annunaki Alien Tribe of the African Gold Mines, there was a small civilization that appears to of seen, or had encounters with, some unknown alien like creatures.

The Hongshan Culture is dated back from around 4500-2700 BC located in the northern part of China. It is believed that they originally developed in Mongolia but due to changes in climate migrated south into, what is now, China. The history of this civilization is just know being thoroughly studied and excavated. A Japanese Archaeologist originally discovered artifacts from the Hongshan Culture in 1908, for an unknown reason excavations didn’t begin until 1935. These extensive excavations are still going on to this day with the newest report from the site being in January 2015!

a2Some of the first artifacts found have been carbon-dated back 6,500 years. The most common artifacts that are being located are jade figurines of all sizes. Most often the jade artifacts seem to have an alien-looking form or the form of a humanoid animal. Their domed heads with elongated tear drop shaped eyes fit perfectly with descriptions of aliens throughout history and into the modern day.

The shape of these magnificent figures is not the only thing that makes an alien influence seem probable. The Hongshan were the only Neolithic Culture to make statues of this shape and to make statues with amazing skill. Let me add, this civilization is considered a Stone Age culture. Most of the statues and figures that have been located appear to of been done with such sophisticated skill that carving marks are not even seen! Now, this may very well be possible today, but with such limited resources and even fewer specialized tools, how could they make such precise and exact works of art?

a3Another important piece of information to consider is the fact that the Hongshan built one of the first pyramids. When thinking of pyramids most people imagine the massive pyramids of Egypt. Egypt was far from the first to develop these types of structures. Even when comparing the early Egyptian Pyramids to the Hongshan Pyramid there are similarities that just ring with advanced technically leading to the question of Extraterrestrial involvement!
To look at the possible religious practices of the Hongshan also brings up other civilizations that are believed to have a connection to an Alien Race. The altar and Goddess Temple of the Hongshan is rather similar to that of the temples and altars of the Mayan and Aztec Civilizations!

There are a wide range of questions when it comes to the Hongshan Culture and their history. How can a civilization be so advanced? How can they work with such precision? Where did they find the inspiration for these figures? Being such a forgotten civilization, how were their skills carried through for hundreds of years after they disappeared? As excavations and scientific study of the sites continues, hopefully some of these questions can be answered.

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Mystery of the Hongshan Pyramid

111Located in the northeastern part of China, less than 200 miles from Inner Mongolia, is one of the oldest known pyramids in the world. This ancient stepped pyramid was created by the Hongshan culture using what appears to be stone and clay. Though this magnificent creation was build between 4700 and 2900 BC, the exact date of its build is currently unknown.

Prior to 1908 this culture was completely unknown of and for many years after its discovery by a Japanese Archaeologist, they were still doubted and questioned by the Chinese people. After a good amount of work and convincing, excavations began in 1935. Due to the scope of the Hongshan and their buildings, excavations are still be done today. These excavations have uncovered an extensive amount of artifact and pottery that appear to give an amazing image of their civilization.

112Among the excavations was the location of the pyramid. Located on the top of the pyramid were at least 7 tombs and an altar. The altar at the pyramid holds some of the mysterious and unexplained artifacts at the Hongshan excavations. Many artifacts were located and cataloged that appear to depict the Chinese Character “Mi”. These fragments and broken carved pottery have caused Archaeologists to believe there was a sophisticated understanding of astrology and possibly a belief in cosmography. This pyramid also seems to have some of the earliest evidence of Feng Shui.

Within the pyramid, and other areas, many sculptures were located of various sizes, materials and figures. The most surprising and abundant of these sculptures are those made of jade. Most of the figures appear as some humanoid figure, other have yet to be identified as any creature or items known to have ever existed! Some of the most combine figures are, that of which can best be described as, aliens. The Aurora Museum describes one figure as “A jade artifact of an unknown alien-looking being.” They describe another artifact in must more detail, “The Hongshan jade humanoid figure has more than 6,500 years of history. He is a precious jade carving from the Hongshan Period. His face is in the shape of a dragon, while his body is in human form. The four horns and two ears on his head resemble the sun’s rays, which is why he is also referred to as the Sun God. ”

113These odd shaped figures have never been seen before in any Neolithic Culture. Not only are the Alien type figures only seen in the Hongshan excavations but they are the only figures made of jade with such perfection that no carving marks have been found.

How can a culture, at the beginning of the Stone Age, develop and build a pyramid pre-Egyptian? How can their figures be made with such perfection that it is still unknown exactly how they were made? Why do their figures resemble such a common creature in Alien Theories? Is it possible that the Alien Figures were examples of things they knew or had seen?

There are so many questions about the civilization, hopefully, with continued research and study more information can be found to help answer some of these questions.

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Rosslyn Chapel & The Knights Templar

Rosslyn Chapel & The Knights Templar
By Stephanie Kelly

There has been long standing rumors of a connection between Rosslyn Chapel and The Knights Templar. Though little can be proven to confirm this connection, little also can be dis-proven. To understand this connection we must look into the history of both the Chapel and the Knights in an attempt to evaluate these theories.

* History & Rumors of Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel was built in 1446 by the 1st Earl of Caithness and Prince of Orkney, William Sinclair. This is a very important part of the questioned connection between the chapel and the Knights. Quick research into the, Sinclair Family and the St. Clair family did prove that they one in the same with a minor spelling change by time and location. This is a very important piece of information because it is believed that Hugues de Payens, the founder of the Knights Templar, married a woman named Catherine St. Clair. The truth may never be known for multiple reasons; first – it was against the Order for the men of the Knights to marry, second – records from that time frame have been lost or destroyed over time.

The Chapel itself leads to many conspiracy theories. When Sinclair built the Chapel he had a crypt crafted under it. It is known that some members of the Sinclair/St. Clair family are buried in the crypt but there is not enough record to prove that the crypt was full. At some point in time the crypt was sealed up and the owners, descendants of the Sinclair family, refuse to allow anyone access to the crypt and will not allow the seal to be broken. Due to the mystery of the crypt, many people have come to the conclusion that something must be hidden in there. Some speculate that the Holy Grail may be hidden in the crypt, others have a rather morbid believe that the head of Christ itself is hiding within the sealed structure. A few believe the original Crown Jewels of Scotland were taken there for safekeeping.

* Possible Knights Connection

The Knights Templar were disbanded by force in 1307. At this time France sent orders for all members of the organization to be arrested for heresy and crimes of sacrilege along with many other crimes. After France gained support of the Pope, many other countries joined in the hunt for members. Though it was ordered that all members be arrested, less than half of them were and it would appear that the Knights Templar had between a 2 to 5 day advance notice of their impending arrests and torture. It is thought, and does have vague historical record backing it up, that the Knights Templar managed to escape to Scotland with a large amount of their wealth and all records concerning their dealings. There are records of Knightly Monks assisting the Scottish Knights and helping to structure Scotland in a way that established it as a force of it’s own. One instance of the Knightly Monks assisting the Scottish Knights involved a few hundred Scotsmen being attacked by thousands of Britain Soldiers with the Scottish Knights winning 3 separate battles in 24 hours ending Britain’s attempt to take control of Scotland.

Another possible connection to the chapel involves many stone carvings within the building. These stone carvings that decorate the Chapel walls, ceilings and pillars seem to link the Knights Templar to the chapel, though they all could be just based off of the history of the Knights in Scotland and the stories that had been passed down generations. There are also rumors of an underground storage area located within the property of the Chapel. This storage area is said to house the fortune of the Knights along with their records and documents that all disappeared in 1307. Few have tried to find the hidden chamber and most think it doesn’t even exist.

Many of these questions may never be answered and with the continued discovering of more hidden or lost artifacts within the Chapel, this is an Ancient Mystery that may never be solved!

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Stephanie Kelly's photo.
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The City of the Monkey God – The Lost ‘White City’ of Honduras

rn1Somewhere, located in the rainforest of Honduras, is a mysterious city only known as The City of the Monkey God or The White City. This city is believed to be an ancient settlement to rival that of the Maya Civilization, with myths and rumors of its existence dating back to the early 1500’s.

There are many famous and well known adventures who have spent time attempting to locate this mysterious city. Conquistador Hernan Cortes, while traveling on one of many expeditions for Spain, reported that he had been told of a city in Honduras with an unbelievable wealthy though he was not able to locate it, he considered his source to be “trustworthy.” In 1927 Charles Lindbergh along with a photographer believed they saw a city made of all white structures while flying over Honduras. In 1939, Theodore Morde believed that he found the City of the Monkey God but never said where he found it exactly. Morde’s artifacts that he had taken from the site were never confirmed to be anything of historical value, they also were not confirmed to be modern creations. Not long after Morde’s supposed discovery, he died leaving his artifacts and the location of the city just as much of a mystery as before. Tibor Sekelj went hunting for this mysterious city with the money of the Ministry of Culture in the 1990’s, of course he found nothing.

More recently, explorers have attempted to find this city without success. Though the explorations and adventures have found many other sites that have kept archeologists busy, no one has been able to find this city even with its well discussed record of rumor. Not much is truly known about the city. One tribe located in La Mosquitia, the Pech, say they “trace their ancestry to Chalmeca in the Platano River headwaters, near the legendary and lost Ciudad Blanca.” Pech’s society refers to the unfound ruins of this city as Kao Kamasa.

rn2In May 2012, an aerial survey of the remote sections of La Mosquitia come up with some rather odd and unexplained images. These images re-sparked the interest in the White City or City of the Monkey God.

Is it possible that this city was real? What would normally just be considered Folklore has actually gotten a good amount of attention after the aerial survey. Colorado State University seems to think it might actually be worth investigating. The college helped to fund an expedition into the rainforest in the hope of proving, or disproving, the existence of this lost city. Upon their return in early March 2015, the team began to tell of all of the items and structures they came upon. Stone figures, plazas, mounds and even earthen pyramids that had never been seen before. Christopher Fisher, who is a Mesoamerican Archaeologist with the team from Colorado State, stated that the team found a site in excellent condition and it appeared that everything was as it was moments before it was abandoned.

rn3From the items located during the brief expedition it is believed to be from around 1200 A.D. Nothing was removed from the site and all information concerning the finds has been given to the local authorities though Honduras has openly said they don’t have the funding to protect the discovery or investigate the sites.

With so much unknown in the defense rainforests of Honduras, what are you thoughts on this city? Could it really be hiding in trees and growth? Could it actually be one of the Seven Cities of Gold that Coronado searched for? Is it just Folklore that has gone too far? With a little research, I welcome you to come to your own conclusion and thoughts on this Ancient Mystery!


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Pompey’s Pillar of Alexandria

pil1Standing in the ancient city of Alexandria is one of the largest single piece monoliths in the world. This structure is approximately 100 feet high, on a raised hilltop. This pillar, made of a single piece of Red Aswan Granite, was brought from Aswan, Egypt to the Roman metropolis of Alexandria and was a main pillar in the Serapeum.

The original believe concerning this massive cylinder appears to of been started in the Crusades of the middle ages. Crusader’s had believed that this pillar marked the burial spot of General Gaius Pompey. General Pompey was a well known rival of Julius Caesar who was murdered by Ptolemaic in 48 BC after he fled to Alexandria for safety. This gave the structure the name of Pompey’s Pillar though it has no connection to General Pompey. For many years it was believed that the top of the pillar housed the ashes or remains of General Pompey; this was disproven in 1803 when explorers used a kite to drag a rope over the pillar in a successful attempt to climb the column.

pil2Though some of the history surrounding Pompey’s Pillar appears to be lost to time and war, there is enough to set the basic story straight. The monolith was actually created as a commemorative Column to Diocletian within the temple of Serapium at Alexandria. This massive temple was created, in whole, to honor the pagan God Serapis who was said to protect Alexandria. A plaque was discovered at the base of the pillar that dedicated it to Diocletian. Interestingly, Diocletian was the Roman Emperor that had personally laid siege on Alexandria, starving it’s citizens into submission. Although, after Alexandria was under Diocletian’s control, the Emperor ordered that all people be given funding and food to help them rebuild their city. After the death of Diocletian it appears the Serapeum Temple was built was this one massive pillar dedicated to in honor.

The Serapium was turned to near rubble when a Christian mob, led by Theophilus, revolted against the Romans and began destroying all symbols of paganism. This destructive revolt left only the pillar a few statue as symbols of once stood. It is believed, by some, that the Great Library of Alexandria was also destroyed at this time.

With the reason for the pillar and a brief history of the pillar now being known, it still leaves a large vault of questions. Many galleries and passages have been located under the pillar that appear to have once held, at least, scrolls or records though exactly what was housed underground is not certain. A renovation of the pillar and structures surrounding it is in process and relics from the time of Alexandria are being unearthed. How was this single column of granite, weighing approximately 285 tons, transported from Upper Egypt to Alexandria? What was housed in the underground galleries below this Monolith? What else could be hiding at the site of this former Temple?


Photos from the International Space Station

sp1Recently, there have been images posted to social media from the International Space Station, ISS. These photos were taken by Astronaut Scott Kelly who has been at the Space Station for almost a year. Kelly is known for taking a large amount of wonderful photos and posting them to social media for the world to see. The images have now been shared so many times that they have made their rounds worldwide through different news outlets and all forms of social media. With the world a buzz about these astounding images and the unexplained object that they caught, I felt an article to go over what is known and what is being said might help some in their research.

The photo was posted on November 15, 2015, Astronaut Kelly posted a photo to his Twitter account that was taken of Southern India at night from the Space Station. In this photo there is an object located in the top right corner of the photo that appears to be unexplained. On November 19, 2015 he also posted a photo to his Twitter account of the sun set beginning to rise up, and a very similar object also appears in the top right of the image.
sp3sp2With NASA and Mr. Kelly yet to make statements as to what the object is, at least 3 theories have been posted through videos and articles. Below is a brief summary of these 3 theories:

Theory A: Alien Spacecraft
It didn’t take long for videos and blogs to come up state that Kelly is trying to drop hints that there are Aliens out there and that these two photos prove it. One alien researcher, Sonofmabarker, said the object “appears to be very large and constructed.” Other statements have also been made that the object is more than 80 feet long and at least 492 feet away from the ISS.

Theory B: Part of the ISS – HDEV equipment
According to NASA a High Definition Earth Viewing System was placed aboard the International Space Station in April of 2014. Some professionals in the field are saying that the image in the photos are a reflection from the window of the HDEV. This HDEV was partly developed by students in the United States and is currently in experimental stages to see how well it can handle the radiation of space while in a temperature controlled housing. It will also help to develop better camera components that can withstand space better while providing clear and clean images.

Theory C: Space Junk
It is well known that, with all of the space travel done from earth, there is a good amount of space debris floating around. A NASA Administrator has openly said there is a good amount of debris in space and that little, to nothing, is being done to take care of it. NASA officials have recently warned that this space debris could cause problems in the future if it isn’t taken care of and can, or has, come close to the International Space Station at times.

I have provided you with three summarizes of the theories currently going around about the amazing images taken by Astronaut Scott Kelly on the International Space Station. What do you believe this object to be? What research would need to be done to prove or disprove these theories? How would you go about using your due diligence to help solve this new mystery?

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Hidden under Leavenworth


12074845_10207093569990376_4447499323764701618_nLess than 10 years ago a mystery began developing that has yet to be explained. Under 4th & Delaware Leavenworth, Kansas Officials began a street renovation project which accidentally caused the discovery of an underground city. It appears that no one knew what was hidden under the Historic District until summer of 2008.
This undiscovered tunnel system was happened upon as planning and repairs were being done to rejuvenate the cities roads. Very little is actually known about the newly discovered underground city, though speculation is rampant. The network of store fronts and possible housing structures are all built in an early to mid-1800’s fashion. The man made stone, brick and mortar construction appears to have withheld the decades of change and growth above it though the wood framing and doors have deuterated over time. A broken plank of wood with 10₵ painted on is the only writing or record that has been located under the city.

Let’s look at the history of this area for a second. Fort Leavenworth was established in 1827 by Col. Leavenworth just off of the Missouri River. As the country began to expand west, Fort Leavenworth became the main destination for thousands of men, women and children looking for progress and opportunity. In the 1840’s, the Mormon Battalion suffered a great loss at the Fort when their leader, Col. James Allen died. In the 1850’s the city of Leavenworth was developed, this was the first city in Kansas and the beginning of the infamous Boarder Wars. At the moment land was opened up to citizens a large debate, that turned into a long going war, began. This was the time of Bleeding Kansas. It is believed, by some who have researched the underground city, that as the City of Leavenworth was being built by its new citizens so was a hidden world.

Let’s look at the facts behind the underground city. The lost city was discovered in 2008. It is made up of stone, brick and mortar walls that match a style used in the founding of both Fort Leavenworth and the City of Leavenworth. No dating has been able to be done as artifacts and items have not been located that would allow for this. Part of a sign is still visible stating only a price; it is unclear what the price was for. Many ‘rooms’ and tunnels can be found, one tunnel located under 8th St. is believed to of been built in 1888. There appears to be vaults and possible evidence of storage with in. Some who have seen the city even refer to one enclosed area as a possible jail or torture chamber.

There is no explanation or history to these tunnels and the underground world that has been hidden for so long. Were they connected to a secret society? Were they used as part of the Underground Railroad? Were they part of the Fort or just connected ‘basements’ for the citizens who built this city?

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