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Ted grew up in Maryland and spent his early years near Antietam Battlefield, where he witnessed a few unexplained things as a young kid. When Ted graduated high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps, and spent 10 years on active duty traveling the United States and quite a few Countries along the way. After a paranormal experience while serving in Japan, Ted knew he had to find out some answers. After leaving the Marines in 2002, Ted was hired as a Firefighter in the San Diego area, where he spent the next 6 years. In 2008, he went to Iraq as a contractor for a year, then in 2009, moved to Georgia where he works today as a Firefighter in the Savannah area. Ted founded Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations – Savannah, in 2010. Ted’s goal is to find some common answers in the paranormal field.

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I think by now most of us have heard of CPR and AED. What is it?  “CPR” is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and “AED” is Automated External Defibrillator.

Why is it important? Sudden cardiac arrest can happen suddenly for many reasons. It is important to know what to do when it happens. A good tool is called the “Chain of survival”

1. Early access

Call 911 Immediately…the sooner Advanced care arrives the chance are better for survival. This should be done within seconds.

2. Early CPR

Chest compressions and rescue breathing at a rate of 30:2…refer to the American Heart Association guidelines

3. Early defibrillation

Automated External Defibrillator is a small machine normally located in public places such as airport terminals and malls. It is a self functioning system that will prompt the user what to do.

Refer to the American Heart Association guidelines

4. Early advanced care

The Golden Hour. It is important to have the person be seen by advanced care as soon as possible for the best recovery chances.

Source:  http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/

Orang Pendek

orangpendekThe Orang Pendek is a small bipedal primate cryptid that reportedly lives on the island of Sumatra in the South Pacific. The creature has been identified as 30 to 60 inches tall and covered in grey to reddish brown fur. Orang Pendek is Indonesian for “short person”.

The Orang Pendek is thought to be mostly herbivorous, but like all bipedal cryptids and known primates, they are fiercely territorial.

What is interesting is the creature has been reported by not only local villagers and farmers, but Dutch colonists and Western scientists. Think of them like miniature Bigfoots.

The most recent sightings have been in central Sumatra in the Kerinci Seblat National Park. Have sightings of the Orang Pendek been misidentified Orangutans? Scientist Debbie Martyr conducted a 15 year field study on the creature in the early 1990’s and even reported seeing the creature.

It is not unheard of for new species of primates that are discovered. A new species of a large chimpanzee was discovered in the last few years in equatorial Africa. The locals referred to it as the “Bili Ape”. The Bili Ape is an approximately 6ft tall chimpanzee. But like all known modern primates except for humans) chimpanzees and orangutans use both arms and legs to move around.

Two recent discoveries that can change this are the discoveries of the Gigantopithecus in South East Asia and Homo floresiensis in Indonesia.  Both discoveries have been either whole skulls (Homo floresiensis) or partial including jaw bones (Gigantopithecus). Both have the scientific community in controversy.

Why the controversy? It has to do if the creature is bipedal (walks on two legs like humans) or walks like known primates. How can scientists determine whether they are bipedal or not from partial skulls? It has to do with the jaw line and the spinal column that can determine if it walked upright or on all fours.

Is the Orang Pendek jst misidentified Orangutans? It certainly is possible and probable, but with the discoveries of the Gigantopithecus and Homo floresiensis…there could be non-human primates that were bipedal.

Altamaha Ha

10377078_10203954074105368_571155959256182066_nDarien is a small town on the Georgia Colonial Coast, with a large river basin that empties into the ocean. The Altamaha River branches off and dumps into the Atlantic Ocean in Darien Georgia.

Darien is probably one of the earliest settlements in America, and the area is relatively unknown as far as the early settlers. But it is there, one of the earliest American settlements known. It was settled originally by the Scotts in the 17th century, from Inverness.
From the earliest recorded history of the area, there has been sightings of a large sea/river monster called the Altamaha Ha. Accounts of the creature have it as a large(up to 70ft), gunmetal grey colored, cylindrical as one of the earliest sightings from Captain Delano, the Captain of the schooner “Eagle”…here is an excerpt of his account near St Simons Islands in Georgia:

He repeated the…particulars precisely,describing the animal he saw as being about 70 feet long and its circumference about that of a sugar hogshead, moving with its head (shaped like an Alligator’s) about 8 feet out of the water.” – Savannah Georgian, April 22, 1830.

There are two possibilities for these sightings, a modern Plesiosaur or a Basilosaurus.  The Plesiosaur is a Marine Reptile that was common throughout the world’s oceans during the Jurassic period of about 200 million years ago and it was thought to have went extinct during the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event about 65 million years ago. Is it possible that it survived? It is known that sharks and crocodilian species survived the event, and being it was a reptile and not of the avian species most dinosaurs were part of…possible.

The Basilosaurus is a very early toothy whale that lived about 50 million years ago just after the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. It had a head shaped much like a crocodile/alligator, long cylindrical body and like whales and dolphins, had a tail the moved up and down vertically.

Most sightings occur around little St Simmons Island area, Butler Island inland on the Altamaha River and Doughboy Point just north of the Altamaha River.

Is it possible that one of those two extinct marine animals survived in a small number and is hiding in our rivers and oceans?

Alien Abduction: The Betty and Barney Hill case

hill1One of the first modern UFO and Alien mysteries happened with the crash of a UFO at Roswell New Mexico, in 1947. The Grey Alien, or E.B.E. Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, was described. They were Grey in color standing about 4ft tall with large oval heads and deep black eyes.

1961, New Hampshire. Betty and Barney Hill were a young married couple driving through the countryside one evening while returing from a vacation in Niagra Falls. They both spotted a strange light in the sky off in the distance and thought it was strange. The light got closer and began to follow them becoming eerily close and panic ensued. For unknown reasons, the next thing Betty and Barney remember was sitting in the car parked engine on in idle with several hours missing 35 miles away from where they last remembered being. Missing time has since been documented with other cases of Alien Abductions.

In 1964 during a hypnosis session, Betty Hill recalled the night of the abduction during which the E.B.E.s showed her a holographic 3D image of a “star map” where the aliens are from. Betty then drew the map which was a binary star system with several planets and common and uncommon trade routes the aliens use in space travel. It was not until 1969 during a several year investigation by the now defunct National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena “NICAP” finally located a star system that is almost an exact match to the “star map” Betty Hill drew in 1964. Known as the Zeta Reticuli star system, it was unkown at the time Betty Hill drew the “star map”. Ufologists now refer to the Grey Aliens as possible Zeta Reticulans and by the name they called themselves…Ebens.

hill2Also, during a hypnosis session in 1964, Barney Hill recalled more events of the evening in 1961. As the strange light got closer, it stopped and hovered a short distance away from the Hill’s car approximately 100ft away. The craft Barney described was approximtely 60ft in diameter, saucer shapped with several windows. Barney claims to have seen 8 to 10 small “beings’ looking out the windows at him.

Both Betty and Barney Hill recalled the classic “Alien Abduction, Examination and paralysis” that has been reported by victims over the years when they were escorted on the craft.

The Grey Aliens, Zeta Reticuli, Star Map, Missing Time, Alien Abduction this case seams to have been a first in all these topics.

Day 7, Wrapping It All Up


This week we discussed Organizing a Paranormal Investigation team. A few things to remember is to make your Mission Statement as clear and concise as possible. For example, if you are a scientific research based team, religious/occult based, or just trying to prove or disprove a haunting…you need to state so. Please do not mislead your clients and the public about your intentions.

Equipment use: It is a very good idea to know how to use your equipment. Many times false positives will show up and you will be able to better understand them if you know your equipment.

Team participation: Give your team members periodic assignments. One good thing is to have periodic team meetings to discuss current events, future events and to learn. A good way of learning is to have the team research certain paranormal topics, or give them a paranormal quiz.

Client interaction: Professional conduct must be conducted when interacting with clients and out in the public at all times. The public, in general, does not distinguish one team from another…other than we are all “Ghost Hunters” or “Ghost Busters” etc. It is very disappointing to know there are teams that have gotten to “investigate” and have stolen, vandalized or damaged the clients property. Please respect the client and their property. We are their guests.

One final thing, the National Paranormal Society is here to help, please check out our website. There are endless amounts of resources here for you to use…happy hunting everyone.

Day 6, Tech and Free / Inexpensive Software


So you have some audio files that need to download off your audio equipment. Before you download the whole file…listen to the file on the audio device and find the time you want to save. It will save a lot of computer space. Once you have listened and found the times, for example, you want to save a file between 9:30 and 10:30(one minute)…most audio device act just like a mass storage device and is just drag and drop. Now what?

A popular audio editing software is call Audacity. It is free, just search for it on Cnet. Simply import and open your file…select 9:30 to 10:30, select export, open new file and paste the file. Simple.

Now, there are tools in Audacity that can enhance the file in several ways…in my opinion, leave the file original. But that is up to you.

Another popular audio choice is called Wavepad by NHC software. It is also free.

Video editing is a little different, depending what type of video camera you are using. We will talk about mini DV and HDD(hard disk drive) camcorders.

Mini DV is a digital tape similar to a cassette tape but it is digital. It is used frequently by news, tv shows and movies. To get your file off a mini DV camera you will need a capture device such as Dazzle.

HDD cameras act just like mass storage devices and is just a drag and drop. An easy video editing tool is Wavepad video editor by NHC software. It has a free 14 day trial and you will have to register/buy the product after the 14 days, however it is inexpensive. Much like the audio file, just select what you want to save, copy and paste into a new file.

If you have a DVR system, follow your DVR instructions. But generally, they record in what is called H.264. Once you extract the files you want off your DVR (usually this is called backup)…you will need to run the files through a program that converts them from H.264 to Avi. After you have converted the file to Avi, simply run them through Wavepad or whatever video editor you are using.

Please reply with whatever software you are using and any tips and tricks. Once again, I will suggest to keep the files you’re a editing original.

Tomorrow we are going to wrap it all up:

  • audio
  • video

Day 5, Equipment


As you notice, not until day 5 is there any mention of equipment to help you investigate. Is equipment important? Yes it is, but the Organization of your Paranormal Investigation Team and client contact and interaction is much more important than any piece of equipment you bring to an investigation. There are a lot of questions about equipment, but I will go over some things to consider before buying and possibly giving some ideas that will save you a lot of money.

First, the fringe equipment. Ghost Boxes, Oviluses, Echvoxes, kinects, EM pumps, EMF meters and other fringe type of devices…don’t worry about those until you have the basics.

What you should consider bringing:

  • A notepad and pen. It is extremely important to take notes…everything from your interview with the client, research notes, area layout and anything out of the ordinary you might notice before or during your investigation (investigation log).
  • Video camera. Documentation by video is very important. Visual aide will help with pear review and compliments your written documentation. A tip – Camcorders can be found at Pawn Shops relatively inexpensive…the Pawn Shops are almost giving them away. A good choice is finding a camcorder that is Infrared capable (for all lighting conditions). I will go over my Philosophy about using Infrared and Full Spectrum camcorders on day 7.
  • Audio recorders. Audio recorders are also very important. It will help you keep track of notes when interviewing a client and helps with documentation. Can it catch an EVP? Possible, but I will go over that in my Philosophy on day 7. A good rule is to buy one that has a USB port.
  • Still Picture Camera. Take several pictures throughout your investigation, from initial setup, to environmental readings and continue throughout. It documents what you are doing.
  • Flashlight. Keep a good flashlight with you. You don’t want to be stuck in an unknown “haunted” building without light. It is a must for safety. Small LED flashlights work very well.
  • First Aid Kit. Keep a well-stocked small First Aid Kit within reach. It is best to have it when needed than need it and not have it. Along with a First Aid Kit, please keep a list of emergency numbers with you…and know how to contact Fire/Police/EMS.

A tip – along with Pawn Shops, Large Box Stores such as Wal Mart has almost all of these necessary pieces of equipment.

Now that you have the basics in your equipment kit…on day 6 we will go over some necessary video and audio software that you can use.


  • what to bring
  • budget ideas

Day 4, The Investigation Process


The first three days we discussed organizing your team, now is onto the Investigation process and we will discuss a few important things to consider.

Finding locations to investigate. This can be a bit difficult but you must be willing to get out and research what is considered “haunted” in your area. Your best bet is by word of mouth. By now your friends, family and even co-workers may know that you are a part of a paranormal team and usually this can spark interest. They might give you some leads on a friend’s house or business that is “haunted” or their own property. Another good thing to do, and this has to do with knowing your equipment…practice the investigation process at your own team member’s houses. I would advise to practice investigating at these places first before we go into the next step. You do not want to look like you don’t know what you are doing in public.

If you wish to do a Paranormal Investigation at a business, historical location or a private family home (that you do not know)…use free advertisement such as craigslist and the National Paranormal Society’s team locator. Another thing you can do is perform an internet search at websites such as shadowlands.net. Once you find an address, email address or phone number of the business or historical location, you can do all three things to gain interest from the client…send a letter, email, make a phone call or stop by in person. You must state clearly your intentions in all these avenues and be professional and courteous. You represent the Paranormal Community at this point. Look professional and be professional at all times! For example, wear a collared shirt and nice pants and look “neat”. I also highly suggest writing a “Proposal to Perform a Paranormal Investigation” letter to take with you.

Many times, you might not get an answer back or a flat out “No”. Be courteous and thank them for their time and move on. DO NOT continue to ask them about performing an investigation…and once again, trespassing will get you in trouble.

If you get a “Yes”, make sure the person has the authority to grant you permission on the property…It has to be a Manager, Property Manager, Caretaker, Owner…etc.

After you get the “Yes” The next part is the actual investigation, and needs to be explained fully to them. This is what several teams use:

 Initial Contact

The client contacts the team via email. The client should leave a statement of what the paranormal experiences are, and a contact number where they can be reached.

A member from the team will contact the client, usually within 24hrs. At this time, an initial phone interview will be conducted. The interview is approximately 34 questions. Not all questions need to be answered and are kept confidential. If an investigation is requested at this time, a date could be set for an investigation, upon availability of the clients and investigators.

Research and Historical Research

The team will ask for the client’s permission to conduct research and historical research on questions gathered and any history of the area and/or buildings associated with the investigation. This is up to the client to approve or request. All information gathered will be covered under the Confidentiality Agreement.

Day of the Investigation

The lead investigators will meet with the clients at the place to be investigated.

Permission to conduct a Paranormal Investigation and Confidentiality Agreement

Two forms will need to be signed before the team will conduct an investigation. Paranormal Investigators Investigation and Confidentiality Agreement form gives the team approval to be on the client’s property for a certain length of time to conduct a paranormal investigation. It also protects the client from any liability in the event of an injury to a team member or a piece of the team’s equipment is damaged. Paranormal Investigators Confidentiality Agreement is a form that gives privacy to the client. The privacy of the client is most important. This form will state the level of information that can be released (if any), by the team, about the client and their case. This is solely the decision of the client and in no way will the team try to persuade the client’s decision.

Once those two forms are signed, an initial walkthrough will be conducted. During the walkthrough, the client can explain what and where the paranormal experiences have occurred. The lead investigators will then take environmental readings, note any safety concerns, and discuss with the client the best areas to place the team’s equipment.


This takes from 4 to 6 hours, or however long the client requests. After the investigation is finished, the team will collect their equipment and secure the area if the client is not present. The area will be left in the same condition it was in before the team arrived.

Collection of evidence and review

PI team reviews all potential evidence.

Evidence presentation and recommendations

PI will present the client with any potential evidence. A written report will be included, either printed or in a word document file. Video and audio evidence will be in a media file – DVDrom, MP3, MPG4, AVI etc. We will also include any recommendations, or environmental and safety concerns.

One more thing to consider, more often than not, the client will be present with you during an investigation. Professional conduct must be continued during the investigation.

On Day 5, we will discuss probably the most asked about part….equipment.

Investigation process

  • client contact/Interaction/finding locations
  • Investigation procedure
  • research

Day 3, Team Member Duties


In the first two days of this week’s topic, we discussed the importance of a Mission Statement, Goals and objectives and Rules, Regulations. The next step is to organize Team Member duties and fill these spots with team members best suited. This gives everyone on the team a job and also is a great way of learning the different and very important aspects of running a successful organization.

Lead Investigator:

  • Responsible for all aspects of the teams functions
  • Makes all final decisions – tech issues, case manager and research questions
  • Reporting to the Lead Investigator are the Case Manager, Equipment Tech Manager, Research Specialist and Investigators

Case Manager:

  • Research of locations known to have paranormal activity
  • Obtaining contact information for said locations
  • Contacting locations and person of interest to obtain more detailed information
  • Written documentation of information

Basically, a Case Manager will be the front person in obtaining investigations. They look for sites to investigate, make contact via email or mail and follow up for interview, if possible. If interview or acceptance to investigate is obtained, they will bring information to the Founders and a decision will be made as to whether an investigation will happen and when.

Equipment Tech Manager:

  • Ensures that the equipment used in any investigation is up to par in what the equipment is used for.
  • Continuously looks for ways in which paranormal activity can scientifically be recorded or proven by experimenting with new or classic equipment either in its normal use or in a more creative way.
  • Responsible for equipment set up and making sure that the equipment is being used properly by other members which will require training if necessary.

Research Specialist:

  • Responsible for following up on leads given by any given member, specifically the Case Managers.
  • Needs to have a good sense of Web surfing and Library Usage if necessary.
  • Information researched will need to be as detailed as possible and notation should be taken of all information obtained.
  • Information found will be passed on to the Case Managers and Founders only until a decision is made to investigate or not. If an investigation is to be performed, the details will be given to all members.


  • Trained in all aspects of an investigation as needed.
  • Trained in equipment usage, notation, the paranormal in theory, and investigating procedures.
  • Will help the Case Manager, Tech Manager and Researcher when necessary.

It is important to have the team member fully understand their position on the team as to avoid confusion. Also, these positions are only for reference, you can fit, mold and name each position as you see fit.

Day 2: Rules and Regulations for Your Team and Do’s and Don’ts


On day one we discussed how important it is to have a Mission Statement and Goals and Objectives. Another critical part of organizing a Paranormal Investigation team is you must have Rules and Regulations and common sense Do’s and Don’ts. Your Rules and Regulations need to reflect how the conduct of your team is and conduct in front of the public and clients. Here are a few to think about:

  1. Never trespass on private property. We only investigate when we have proper permission.
  2. No drugs or alcohol will be consumed before or during an investigation.
  3. Always investigate in teams of two, never alone. *situation dictates, Lead Investigator’s decision.
  4. Respect the place we are investigating, we are their guests.
  5. If startled or threatened, calmly walk out to safety. Let others know.
  6. Safety is priority. If you find an unsafe area, let everyone know.
  7. We will not litter, vandalize, willfully damage, unlawfully take or disrespect other’s property.
  8. Tobacco products will only be used in designated areas.
  9. Always carry a valid driver’s license or military I.D.
  10. Make no assumptions or opinions to the clients until all evidence is reviewed.
  11. We will leave the place investigated as we found it (all trash will be picked up).
  12. Guest Investigators (or other team’s investigators), friends and family are welcome, but will not be allowed to an investigation without approval.
  13. Team members can step down whenever they want without adverse action.
  14. _ _PI team members will not use social media outlets to talk negative about other paranormal groups or investigators.
  15. _ _PI team members will follow the Paranormal Investigators Confidentiality Agreement and will not release any information without approval from the _ _PI team.
  16. Safety is priority at _ _PI. _ _PI and its founders assumes no liability if an injury occurs during an investigation.
  17. All evidence will be reviewed in a timely manner. Remember, our clients are trusting us.
  18. Clients names, addresses, personal information and evidence gathered during an investigation will only be released with the approval of _ _PI. Pictures and videos can be posted with client’s approval AS LONG AS no information about names and locations are included in them.
  19. _ _PI will not use religion or the occult on investigations. We will use a scientific approach and will be unbiased towards any religion or beliefs. If a client requests religion or the occult be used, _ _PI will look at this approach on a case by case basis.
Do’s and Don’ts


  • Keep an open mind
  • Respect the property and client
  • Present the paranormal field in a positive way
  • Remember, the public is watching you.


  • “dating” or “mutual contact” between team members during an investigation
    Look at it like this, if you go to a Doctor’s office and the Doctor is making out with the nurse as you walk in…how does that look?
  • Damaging client’s property
  • “Befriending” client before or during investigation
  • There should not be any “smoking and joking” with the client before or during an investigation. Keep a professional and courteous demeanor.
  • Trespass or enter a client’s property without verbal and written authorization
  • Litter

Most of the Rules and Regulations and Do’s and Don’ts might seem obvious, but remember this is how your team needs to conduct themselves. The Rules and Regulations and Do’s and Don’ts need to reflect the type of Paranormal Investigation team you are covered in your Mission Statement and Goals and Objectives.

On Day 3 we will discuss the next step…Team Member duties and responsibilities.

Day 1: Organizing a Paranormal Investigation Team


This week we are going to discuss the basics of organizing a paranormal investigation team. The info will be just the basics and some pointers that will help your team organize and make a successful Paranormal Organization. A lot of this info has been gathered through trial and error from quite a few teams.

Ok, so you want to organize your own Paranormal Investigation Team. Now what? You might even have a few people that are interested in joining you on this adventure. First, you must realize that organizing a Paranormal Team is a HUGE undertaking. There is a lot more to Paranormal Investigating than walking through a dark old building with a bunch of cameras and fancy equipment…this is only one small step in being a successful Paranormal Investigation team.

The very first thing that is highly recommended for you to do (after you understand the responsibility and huge undertaking this will be) is your team must have 1. A Mission Statement 2. Goals and Objectives. These are extremely important as to not misrepresent your team to the client and public and also stay true to your goals. Remember, in this field, the eyes of the public are not only on you and your team…but you represent the Paranormal Community in whole.

  1. Mission Statement
    An effective mission statement must be a clear, concise declaration about your team’s strategy. Don’t underestimate the importance of a mission statement. If you don’t have one, you need to write one using these four essential questions:

    1. What do we do?
    2. How do we do it?
    3. Whom do we do it for?
    4. What value are we bringing?
  2. Goals and Objectives
    Make sure you write a goal that is SMART.

Specific: Goals should be simplistically written and clearly define what you are going to do. What will the goal accomplish? How and why will it be accomplished?

Measurable: Goals should be measurable so that you have tangible evidence that you have accomplished the goal. Usually the entire goal statement is a measure for the project, but there are usually several short-team or smaller measurements built into the goal. How will you measure whether or not the goal has been reached? (List at least two indicators.)

Achievable: Goals should be achievable; they should stretch you slight so that you feel challenged but well enough defined so that you can achieve them. You must possess the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities needed to achieve the goal. Make sure you establish a reasonable timeframe for achieving your goal. Is it possible? Have others done it successfully? Do you have the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources to accomplish the goal? Will meeting the goal challenge you without defeating you?

Results-focused: Goals should measure outcomes, not activities. What is the reason, purpose, or benefit of accomplishing the goal? What is the result (not activities leading up to the result) of the goal?

Time-bound: Goals should be linked to a time frame that creates a practical sense of urgency, or results in tension between the current reality and the vision of the goal. Without such tension, the goal is unlikely to produce a relevant outcome. What is the established completion date and does that completion date create a special sense of urgency?

Both Mission Statement and Goals and Objectives should be included in a Team Member Packet that is handed out to team members to agree upon and reference.

We will cover the next step in Organizing a Paranormal Investigation Team tomorrow, day 2…Rules and Regulations for your team.

Northeast Cryptids

Ohio Grassman

The Ohio Grassman, like its name suggests, is found in the farming fields of Ohio. Is it a Sasquatch, Neanderthal, or giant Gorilla? I think it cover all three theories, smaller than a Sasquatch (6ft to 7ft tall), has facial features of a Gorilla and social norms of a Neanderthal. It is thought that they live in small communities of 5 to 6 individuals including their young. The Grassman also have a social hierarchy, much like a pack of wolves, with an alpha male as the leader. The alpha male is extremely aggressive and it is thought that several human deaths were caused by the alpha male Grassman.

It is widely understood to be a herbivore, although it can be an omnivore, the creature is often spotted near cornfields. It is not quite understood if the Grassman is feeding on the corn or stalking deer that come to the corn fields to feed.

More information:



Jersey Devil

From the Pine Barons of Southern New Jersey is the legend of the Jersey Devil. Was it a mistake? A boo boo? There are several thoughts about origin the Jersey Devil, but the description is universal…candid like upper torso and head, bat like wings and deer like lower body with hooves. It stands under 6ft with a wingspan in flight of about 10ft.

Is it a harbinger of death or tragedy? Much like the Mothman, it is spotted shortly before or after tragic events. Several large deadly fires have occurred in the Pine Barons of New Jersey and the Jersey Devil has been spotted a short time before these events. Is it directly responsible for the tragedies? It is up for debate but caution should be used when the Jersey Devil is spotted.

One theory about the origin of the Jersey Devil is the mother practiced witchcraft in the 17th century. She “immaculately” conceived a child, the town folk found out and hunted down the mother…much like the Salem witch trials in New England. Before she was burned at a stake, she put a curse on the area and child…making the Jersey Devil.

More information:


Northwest Cryptids

Michigan Dogman

Werewolf? Weredog? Lycanthropy? One thing is certain…the Dogman is dangerous. It is thought to be responsible for several human deaths.

Witness describe the classic “werewolf” appearance…very large, 7ft tall, wolf like head with canine like sharp teeth and covered in dark/silver like short hair.

It hunts in packs, much like wolves, but it is not known if there is an alpha male. The Dogman lives in dens, either they dig or natural caves/holes. If you find one, stay clear. The dens appear large enough to fit several people in them. The Dogman is afraid of sunlight…or any light. If you encounter them, make sure you have a high lumens flashlight on you to scare them away…and give you time until sunlight. They have been shot at with conventional lead bullets and shotgun shells…none of which seem to affect it. Silver bullets? Take care if using that approach.

More information:




From the Native American Algonquian language, meaning “evil spirit that devours mankind”, is a shapeshifting creature in Western Canada and the North West United States. It is not known why it is dangerous to humans…but it is thought to be the protector of the natural environment. Is it a spirit or a flesh and blood creature? The Native Americans seem to believe it is a nature spirit. Once you disturb it, it will hunt you down until the end. The thought of the only recourse if given time is to make an offering to it…plant a tree or replace what you destroyed.

Its appearance varies, but it is very large…up to 10ft, has a “rock” like appearance…basically if you combine the Dogman/Neanderthal/Bigfoot and give it a greyish rock like appearance. Since it is a shapeshifter, it might also appear as a wolf/coyote, owl or combination of those.

More Information:


Southwest Cryptids


The Chupacabra…what is it? It has been in the news, again, recently. It is thought to originate in Puerto Rico where the name Chupacabra literally translates to “Goat Sucker”. Many Central and South American Countries have various legends of the Chupacabra, but it became famous in South West Texas with reports of a hairless canine like creature with large jaws and bright blue eyes. Ranchers have discovered, mostly chickens, their livestock dead and drained of blood. Is it the work of the Chupacabra? Although it appears not to be a threat to humans, Ranchers have loaded guns and are waiting for the Chupacabra to attack their livestock. Not only is it not a direct threat to humans, but it is very shy and hides from humans.

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The Thunderbird, a Native American legend most notably in Arizona. The next time you are in Southern California and South Western Arizona…you will notice large Vultures circling. Are they Condors? Or are they Pterosaurs? I think a lot of people witness these creatures and subconsciously dismiss them as Turkey Vultures not realizing they are actually looking at a Pterosaurs. Pterosaurs are very large, with wingspans over 20ft+. Some have been witnessed to be as large as a Cessna airplane. Native American tribes hold the Thunderbird in high regard, with an almost god like status…they are almost always on top of totem poles. Is the Thunderbird a Pterosaurs? I think it is highly likely in the Cryptid field.

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South East Cryptids

Honey Island Swamp Monster

Sasquatch? Skunk Ape? Is the Honey Island Swamp Monster a Louisiana version of the two? It seems the description is the same…Large(7ft tall) Bipedal creature with silvery hair and red glowing eyes…it also is accompanied by a strong smell of sulfur or a rotten egg smell, much like the Skunk Ape of Southern Georgia and Florida.

The first known encounters of the creature were in 1963 when a wildlife photographer allegedly took super 8mm film of the creature…but does the film exist? Several footprints in the area of the Honey Island Swamp Monster have been found on the 1960’s and 1970’s. Is it dangerous? It has been to blame for wild boar deaths and other wildlife in the local area, but to humans? That is unkown.

A popular local legend says an escaped chimpanzee interbred with an alligator. Is it half primate half alligator? Who knows, but if you have any information, please let us know.

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In the heavily forested, mountains and coal mines of West Virginia and Virginia lives the legend of the Sheepsquatch.

What is it? Three basic descriptions are universal…white to yellowish hair, Quadra pedal and it has a set of horns on its head. It is also very large, weighing several hundred pounds and is accompanied by a

smell of sulfur. Some accounts say it has claws of a raccoon and a tail of an opossum. Basically if you watched Star Wars when Luke woke up in the Ice Cave…the monster that came in looks similar to the Sheepsquatch.

Although generaly not thought of as a threat to humans…it can be unnerving if spotted, one account has it attacking a car.

Look for the Sheepsquatch in these counties: Boone, Kanawha, Putnam, and Mason…as they have

the most sightings since the 1990’s.


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International Cryptids

Beast of Bodmin Moor

Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Cheetahs, Jaguars and the Beast of Bodmin Moor. Why is a giant cat roaming the British countryside?

There has never been a Genus Panthera on the British Isles. Its appearance is a large black feline…similar to a leopard or jaguar. What is interesting is there have been similar sightings in the South Eastern United States of a large black cat.

Some say it’s a cat that escaped from a zoo, but Scientists say it’s impossible to have a surviving number of Panthers on the UK.

Like any other large cat, it hunts livestock for food and care should be taken when looking for it. You will not know when it is stalking you until it is too late.

Look for it living on the moor in mid Cornwall in the UK

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Mokèlé-mbèmbé, meaning “one who stops the flow of rivers” in the Lingala language, is a Large sauropod likely to be a Brachiosaurus living in the Congo or Sub Saharan Africa.

Descriptions are that its body is as large as an elephant with an extremely long neck. Reports are that it is a herbivore.

Is it such a stretch to think a living sauropod is still alive? With Africa having large Elephants, Rhinos and Hippos…the sauropod is very similar if not a dinosaur.

There have been and continues to be expeditions to find the Mokele-mbembe and with lush the jungles and unknown territory in equatorial Africa such as Congo, Cameroon and Gabon, and the sightings of Plesiosaurus and Pterosaurs around the world…are dinosaurs still with us?

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Marine Cryptids


Lake Okanagan in British Columbia Canada is home to an aquatic cryptid named Ogopogo. Is it an early snake like whale, the Basilosaurus? Many descriptions are of this extinct animal, or possibly a Plesiosaur…typical of the Loch Ness Monster fame. It is possibly a 40 to 50 ft long sea serpent.

First modern sightings of the creature are from the 1920’s particularly in 1926 when it was witnessed by several bystanders in about 30 cars at Okanagan Mission Beach.

The original Native American name of the creature was naitaka and later was more popularized when a 1924 song came out called “The Ogo-Pogo: The Funny Fox-Trot”, about the lake monster…and the name has stuck ever since.

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Altamaha Ha

The Altamaha River…pronounced “Altim ahh hah” is a large river basin just north of Burnswick Georgia in the town of Darien and dumps into the Atlantic Ocean. In it lives a river and ocean creature known as the Altamaha Ha or Alty.

The Altamaha River is widely known as the North American Amazon with its large bio-diversity and also being one of the largest river basins in North America.

The Altamaha Ha is described as up to 50ft in length with a serpent like body, a horizontal tail similar to dolphins/whales and is redish brown to gun metal grey in color. Several sightings of the creature started back in the 1700’s beginning with Native American myths to more modern sightings in the 2000’s.

Is it an extinct species of the Basilosaurus or Plesiosaur? It is highly possible as we are still discovering animals in our oceans that have been thought to be extinct.

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Cryptids, are they real?

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yerin, Yowie, Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo, Altamaha Ha, Champ, Nessy…what do all of these Cryptids have in common?

Let’s look at these more closely. In North America, a Bipedal primate has been described by witnesses and most of these creatures are mentioned in Native American folklore. Most are up to 10ft tall, bipedal, has facial features of a gorilla and has dark colored hair over the entire body except the face.


Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Meet the Gigantopithecus, the largest Ape to have ever lived…

from 9 million years ago to roughly 100,000 years ago when it went extinct. But did it? It is said to have stood up to 10ft tall and weigh as much as a thousand pounds and some scientists believe it was bipedal. The Gigantopithecus was from Nepal, India, China and Vietnam, where most of the remains of the animal have been found. Interesting these countries are the same countries as Cryptids such as the Yeti and Yerin with almost the exact same physical appearance.

The Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo, Altamaha Ha, Champ and Nessy…there are several others around the world that are very similar Marine Cryptids…have very and a similar resemblance to either the Basilosaurus or Plesiosaur. The Basilosaurus(which means king lizard) is not considered a Dinosaur, but an early toothy whale that lived 35-40 million years ago…25 to 30 million years after the great Dinosaur extinction. It was 50ft long with large teeth and a horizontal tail much like whales and dolphins of today. The Basilosaurus description is remarkably close to the Altamaha Ha. The Basilosaurus was a Dinosaur of the Triassic period and went extinct during the Dinosaur extinction event 66 million years ago. However, there have been some fossils that have been discovered that put the Plesiosaur having survived the extinction event which has been very controversial in the scientific community. The Plesiosaur was up to 50ft long, extremely long neck, small head and four flippers. It resembles descriptions of the Loch Ness Monster and Ogopogo. Did the Basilosaurus and Plesiosaur go extinct? Or are they the sea, lake and river monster being reported?

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