Beardslee Castle

8123 Old State Road
Little Falls, NY 13365
According to The Free George, Beardslee is truly a castle–a replica of an ancient Irish castle built in 1860 by masons from Ireland and Switzerland. Beardslee Castle may be one of the most haunted buildings in New York State with tales of death and unexplainable events on the Beardslee property dating back more than 300 years. In the mid-1700’s a group of Native Americans were killed when they tried to enter a homestead filled to the brim with munitions and powder. Route 5 travelers have reported seeing a blinding light rush from the trees, resulting in many fatalities as cars drove off the road. Some drivers have reported seeing a young child walking along the road in the middle of the night, with reports that the ghost of Mr. Beardslee was seen holding a lantern and searching for a lost child. The suicide of Pop Christensen, the first owner of the castle when it was a restaurant added to the stories. Recent guests speak of a young woman dressed in white who is walking outside. Two drivers witnessed the young woman being hit as she stepped into the road one night, but no one was on the road and there were no marks on the car. Employees of the castle are afraid to be there alone, hearing steps, music and voices. Tables have been found overturned and chairs moved around in the mornings.
Over one hundred psychics and paranormal experts have concluded that it is indeed haunted. A recording done by the New Hampshire Institute for Paranormal Research in 1983, picked up playful whispers throughout the night. In October 1999, the Castle was featured in a segment of “Haunted History” on the History Channel, and the producer said that a picture of a ghost in the dungeon was the best he’d ever seen.
The castle serves dinner four nights a week and also hosts wedding receptions, banquets and special events. Guests can head down to the Dungeon for drinks at the bar and perhaps an extra fright, as most of the sightings have taken place in this specific area.