Bedok : Ghost Town In Singapore

bedokby Aryan MEtzender

There are just too many stories here to choose from! As far as being haunted goes, Bedok is like a ghost town with an emphasis on the word ‘ghost’.

There is a story of a resident who was shutting his windows late at night after watching TV and came face to face with a Pontianak floating just outside his window.

Another family living somewhere in the vicinity were plagued by a spirit which was determined to not only traumatize their young sons, but send their father, quite literally, to his death. The gentleman only managed to narrowly avoid leaping off the window ledge thanks to what he considered as ‘divine intervention’.
But the most horrifying had to be the urban legend about the man whose jilted wife wore red purposefully, wrote in blood, ‘It’s not over darling,’ and then took her life and the life of their young son. The husband had been a gambler and a philander. Soon after his wife took her life, his mistress moved in and they had a son a few years later. The haunting began in earnest then with the boy saying he was being bullied by someone claiming to be his ‘older brother’.

It culminated with the boy taking his life by leaping out the window.

Regardless of whether it is fact or fiction, this particular apartment has been left abandoned and even then, neighbours have reported hearing a woman crying and the laughter of both a woman and a young boy.
Besides this however, there are many abandoned flats in Bedok and some have been used as temporary homes for construction workers.

Yet, the question remains; why would there be, in land scare Singapore, abandoned flats capable of housing thousands of Singaporeans?

Or maybe, those flats are not truly ‘abandoned’ after all. Still, it could be nothing really. There could be no ghosts and all stories merely began as figments of someone’s imagination.

But sometimes, the proof is infallible. Like those investigators who caught evidence of a spirit at the Yellow Tower. They used technology which professional ghost hunters employ in their own investigations.
Do ghosts exist? Going by stories alone, it’s hard to say. Yet, if the video and recorded evidence matches up, then it would be hard to dispute either, especially if care was taken to rule out all other possible explanations.
Still, one thing is for sure, if Hollywood is ever going to get serious about their horror industry, it’s high time they investigate Asia and adapt our spooks to the silver screen.

Say what you will but Asian ghosts are scarier.