Behold! The Batsquatch.

Batsquatch Article

With only a few recorded sightings to date, the Batsquatch are certainly an enigma that some have claimed as a misrepresentation of the Mothman. The creature has been reported as having yellow eyes and a wolf-like muzzle, bluish fur, sharp pointy teeth, bird-like feet and leather bat-like wings that possibly span up to 50 feet. The creature is reported as about 9 feet tall and has the ability to affect car engines. Its ability to interact and manipulate with man-made objects warranted the belief of the Mothman relation.

The first known sighting of the Batsquatch occurred in May of 1980 during the eruptions of Mount Saint Helens. Though I have spent some time trying to locate and pinpoint an originating source to this claim (at least a week at this point…) the internet and all of each source simply explains that amid the shadows of the clouds, onlookers reported seeing a winged version of the Sasquatch. I also sought out photographs moreover for my own curiosity. We learn a lot about pareidolia (matrixing) and I originally suspected that perhaps this could be what was experienced. Here is an official series of photos from Mount Saint Helens eruption provided on the NOAA official website: Mount Saint Helens Eruption could this original sighting be explained with the deception of pareidolia?

The sightings continue in 1994 to which I have found a newspaper article to collaborate the numerous sources. A local mountaineer and a liquor shop owner managed to take some pictures of Batsquatch that helped solidify their claims to the residents in the local area of the sightings. During these sightings; it was reported that livestock disappeared yet thankfully neither man nor woman ever did. The mountaineer goes on to describe actually having a brief encounter with the winged creature in which he woke to discover himself half-conscious near a cliff of said location. He goes on to report that he was in fact dizzy from the fall and feeling ‘fuzzy’ when by chance, he’d suddenly heard a deep bass-clef (second E below middle C) from the shadows. He continues to explain that he’d tried to fixate concentration of the originating creature of which the sound escaped while juggling a headache. He then describes witnessing a log-like entity being flung from the cliff after a truck had hit it. What he reports caught his eye was that he’d seen purple wings.

With great fervor he continues to explain how he mustered the ability to get himself together and descend to the valley when the clouds dramatically parted and a purple winged creature suddenly appeared. He suggests that it appeared to be dragging with it another creature upwards. It looked to have been about 30 feet tall with human like emotion for the injured companion (the other creature) then took into flight and extended very strong wings that filled the mountaineer’s full view.

In April of 2009, Paul Dale Roberts posts on the site Unexplained Mysteries an encounter by a couple hikers on Mount Shasta that resembles Batsquatch:

Caller: “Me and my friend were hiking around Mt. Shasta and out of one of the crevices, flew out this big creature. I mean this thing was huge. It was as tall as a man, as stocky as Hulk Hogan and had leathery wings. I believe the wing span was at least 50 feet from one end to the other. I was holding up my camera, but was paralyzed with fear as this thing flew by. I didn’t get a picture, sorry. What do you think this might be? Could it have been a pterodactyl? It was flying or gliding fast, it seemed to have a head of a bat. Thinking about it, it doesn’t have the head of a pterodactyl, I just saw a picture of a pterodactyl and the heads are not similar. I would think it had the head of a bat or maybe more like a fox. The damn thing finally flew into a clump of trees and vanished. I heard you guys might be going back to Mt. Shasta, if you do; please look out for this thing. If you see it, you will xxxx all over yourself, I kid you not.”

June 2011, another witness (who wished to remain unidentified) reports being in his yard taking his dog out for a walk. He went to pick up his canine friend when he then had seen something in the sky. He said the following:

“I saw something flying in the sky. It had bat wings, blue fur and had a face similar to eyes glowing red. It was about 9 feet tall at the least, after I watched it just flew away. ”

The last known sighting comes in 2014 from Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron Ohio. A second period Spanish class spots a giant unknown black mass that zips by the windows of the classroom at a phenomenal speed. The pupils claim it was about 9 feet tall with a 20-30 foot wingspan.

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