Black Eyed Kids

Black-eyed-children-1Someone is home alone at night, or in their car in a secluded area, minding your own business. Suddenly, they hear a knock at the door or on their car window. They answer and there is one or two pre-teen to teen children standing there. They have pale skin but they are wearing hoodies and their heads are ducked down so their faces cannot be seen. They ask if they can come in and use the phone because they need to call their mother to come get them or if it is someone in a car they ask for a ride because they need to get home.
Pretty innocent right? But then the person gets a creepy, uneasy feeling and stall. Suddenly the children look up and demand that the person “Let me in”. The person sees that their eye sockets are completely black and experience an overwhelming sense of dread. Who are they? What do they want?

This is an example of stories that have been going around the internet since 1998 when a blog was posted by Brian Bethel a journalist and sci fi/fantasy blogger. He claimed to encounter two such children outside a movie theater in Abilene, TX. This is the first known report of such beings.

So what are Black Eyed Kids? Are they demons? Ghosts? Vampires? Aliens? If you troll around the internet and read enough stories you will hear that they are any and all of the above. However, lets take a logical look at how the stories started and what add fuel to the fire.

The accounts started pouring in for a while then tapered off until 2010 when they hit the internet again. Wby the sudden surge in new reports after 12 years? When I first started hearing reports of Black Eyed Kids that demand “Let Me In” it reminded me of a movie I had seen (coincidentally by the same name “Let Me In”). The premise is of a young pale blond girl (who once you see her eyes are completely black) that befriends a lonely young boy. Turns out she is a vampire and cannot come into his house unless he invites her. Hmmmm sound familiar? Out of curiosity I checked to see when the movie was released. Would it surprise you if I told you it was 2010? Once again the stories kind of petered out.

Fast forward to 2013. Again another furious rash of Black Eyed Kids sightings exploded onto the internet paranormal sites and forums. After doing some research I found that a 2 min video clip of “Weekly Strange” was posted to the entertainment section of the MSN website discussing Black Eyed Kids. Again coincidentally this video coincided with the release of yet another movie “Black Eyed Kids”, an urban legend based horror movie that was a spinoff of the YouTube series “Haunted Sunshine Girl”.

So are they real or is this just an Urban Legend fueled by movie releases and internet chatrooms, blogs and posting? My take from all of the research I have done and the fact that there is not one proven ( more than one credible witness, police reports, photographs) documented case of these encounters I have to say Urban Legend. However, as always, you be the judge.


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Sara Fawley

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