Blowing Cave and the Blue Tinged Beings

Screenshot_1What do Inner Earth, Caves, Richard Shaver and Blue tinged humanoid beings have in common? In this case the answer is Cushman Arkansas.

Blowing Cave road is a gravel ro


ad near Cushman, Arkansas. If you follow the road to the end then get out and hike you will come to the mouth of Blowing Cave. (It should be noted that Blowing Cave is on private property and should not be attempted to be

accessed without formal permission from the owners.) There is a long rich history to the cave. Back in the late 1880’s when the town of Cushman was established people used the cave as a recreational hall, having dances and parties there. There are stories of people entering the caves to explore and never being heard from again. N

ot so unusual when you are talking about a cave network, people get lost or caught in landslides and collapses all the time. However there may be another reason for these disappearances beyond the normal spelunking accidents.

In the 1940’s Richard Shaver wrote a series of articles for the science- fiction magazine Amazing Stories about two advanced races left behind by extraterrestrial forefathers, the Tero and the Dero. These beings , the Tero ( benevolent, friendly creatures) and the Dero (malicious, vile creatures with a penchant for consuming humans for dinner) were said to live in vast caverns under the Earth’s surface connected by thousands of miles of subterrainian tunnels spanning most of the country. While most chalked the stories up to the wild ramblings of the twisted mind of Shaver, many gave some credence to the stories while others fervently believed them.

George D. Wight a UFO buff and regular columnist for a UFO newsletter is one person who falls in the “some credence given” category. He also had an avid interest in cave exploring which he shared with the owner of the newsletter David L. and another columnist Charles A Marcoux( who was and avid believer in Richard Shaver’s stories). In 1966, Wight with a group of 11 others went down to Arkansas to explore Blowing Cave on a week long expedition. On their return, the members of the expedition claimed to have encountered the Tero of Shaver’s writing. They wrote to the once editor of Amazing Stories magazine with their claims. He never responded. The group made several more expeditions attempting to get proof so that others would believe them but were unable to.

George Wight went back to the cave several months later to stay with the Tero. In 1967 he returned and asked David L to pass his journal to Charles Marcoux. It took until 1980 for David L to pass the journal on to Marcoux with whom he had lost touch over the years.

The journal related that on the original expedition he had found a nearly hidden crevice halfway between the cave mouth and the lake inside the cave. He called his companions and they squeezed through the crevice. Once inside the crevice they were able to stand upright and found themselves in a long glass like tunnel. Soon they encountered blue skinned humans who told them they had allowed them to find the tunnels because they had instruments that had determined their intentions were good.

They learned from their guides ( descendants of Noah who had escaped underground to avoid the great flood and found ancient technology along with the Teros) that the tunnels went on for hundreds of miles and connected underground cities that housed serpent like beings, Sasquatch type societies and the Tero.

Shortly after passing his journal to David L., George Wight returned to live with the Tero and was never heard from again. According to one of the other members of the expedition shortly after Wight returned to the Tero all trace of him started disappearing ( birth certificates, school records, bank and computer records) as if he never existed. Upon receiving the journal in 1980 from David L, Marcoux became obsessed and began planning another expedition to Blowing Cave. In 1983 he and his wife moved to Cushman, AR. There in November of 1983 while exploring the land around the cave he was attacked by a swarm of bees, had a heart attack and died instantly.

Marcoux’s death ended any further efforts to go back to Blowing Cave in search of the Tero and other underearthers. Some in the Hollow Earth community speculated that sinister forces caused his death to prevent further excursions into their subterrainian world.

Are there really races of extraterrestrial beings living beneath our very feet? Is this where Sasquatch and other cryptids come from ? Are these the ramblings of very creative or disturbed minds? I personally would need a lot more information and evidence to entertain such thoughts, but as always…. you be the judge.

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