Box Tengor

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boxtengorCamera: Box Tengor
Manufacturer: Zeiss Ikon
Date : c1925-1956

Box cameras were dedicated tophotographic beginners. Some models of Goerz’s and later Zeiss Ikon’s Box-Tengor series were more sophisticated models of such beginners cameras, with simple distance and aperture preselection. Different Tengors were offered for the film formats 116, 120 and 129.

Specifications of type 54/2, later version:
Type:  Box camera
Manufacturer: Zeiss Ikon (product line taken over from Goerz)
Years of production: 1934-38
Film: 120 roll film
Lens: Goerz Frontar
Shutter: single speed
Aperture: switchable: 1:11, 1:16 or 1:22
Focusing: switchable: 1m, 3m+, 8m+
Viewfinder: two built-in brilliant finders, one for vertical, one for horizontal image format


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