What are you breathing?


I want to take a look today at respiratory considerations while conducting paranormal investigations. We all know there are many contaminates that we encounter every day that can cause us harm, and most of them we can’t do anything about. What about the ones that we put our own selves in jeopardy of when we go on investigations?   A little bit of research before you go can save you from a lifetime of problems.

The first one I would like to take a look at is asbestos. It was used in many applications such as insulation, floor
tiles, roof tiles, joint compound and many other products. Many homes and buildings built before 1977 will contain some sort of asbestos. It has been said that it is harmless unless it has been broken in any way to where it has made dust fibers. Who know the ORB you have seen may indeed be asbestos! N95 masks will provide a little bit of protection but aren’t really advised for a prolonged exposure. A respirator with a HEPA filter is advised as is a mask by 3M with the classification 8511 Dust Mask. Unfortunately the hazards of being exposed do not show up immediately.

The second thing I would like to address is mold. We all know what mold is or where it’s found so lets just look at what you can do to protect yourself from it.  For the most part an N95 mask can provide a good amount of protection from it. Exposure can range from just an allergic reaction to more long term consequences.

A few that I would also like to mention without going into detail are: particulates from animal fecal matter and urine, radon- from decaying rock etc., dust itself, as well as many other allergens. All of these can be protected against by wearing a particulate filter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it can help you stay safe on your investigations. Please feel free to
add anything you want as I am no expert and would love to get y’alls view on the subject.

Allen Marston

Allen Marston

Director / Chair Health & Safety at Apocalyptic Paranormal Investigation & Research
Allen grew up in a small town in Southern Virginia. His interest in the paranormal began as a young child after his parents told him of some experiences that they had over the years involving UFO’s and Ghosts. He began reading every thing about the paranormal he could get his hands on, thanks to his mother. As the years went by he had many experiences and feelings that he could not explain. One day he found out about a group in his area that was actually conducting paranormal investigations in his area and attended a public investigation with this group. He was totally hooked and began doing investigations with this group. After some time he and another member decided to leave the group to gear towards conducting more scientific investigations. Allen is co-founder of Apocalyptic Paranormal Investigation & Research where he specializes in audio and EVP. His team is the first to ever investigate the buildings of the Appomattox Court House Historic Park, where the surrender of Civil War occured. He has a passion for the paranormal and strives to bring all teams together to hopefully find concrete proof of the fringe sciences. When Allen is not working as a professional firefighter, you can find him spending time with his wonderful family, working other jobs to make money, creating artwork or finding more places to investigate.
Allen Marston

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