Canyon State Paranormal

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C.S.P.I. was founded by members of a paranormal group who wanted to get back to our basics. Seeking the truth, and helping those in need. We wanted to get back to the reasons we became paranormal investigators. We wanted to help people who have very few places to turn to. We also wanted to try and find answers to one of the oldest questions for many generations. Can the dead communicate with the living? You might think with all the paranormal TV out there it would be easy to get help, but many people still aren’t comfortable with the idea of seeking help for what may or may not be paranormal phenomenon. That is where groups like ours come in. We volunteer our time and resources to try to determine what the cause of these strange happenings may be. It could be a combination of man made or natural occurrences that are coming together in just the right combination, or something that is beyond what is considered “normal.” Our hope is that through the sharing of information and technology in this field we can all find the answers that we all seek. CSPI is Dedicated to the truth…and compassionate for those seeking help…living and dead.