Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & The Paranormal

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & The Paranormal
By Katie Snow


As the time of year that heaters are turned on it is also the culprit of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odor as well as colorless gas and is very dangerous. It can and has caused sudden illness and eventually death. The gas is found in most combustible fumes and can be found in and out of our homes.
Fumes can be created by –
cars and trucks
gas ranges
gas fireplaces
and our heating systems. Carbon Monoxide can build up in places that don’t have flow of fresh air.

Did you know there have also been reports of paranormal hallucinations that can occur with it. In one such case the the American Journal of Ophthalmology published a case study involving a couple who moved into a house and promptly began to suffer headaches, listlessness and strange auditory and visual hallucinations (footsteps, mysterious figures, strange sensations, etc.).

Their symptoms were finally traced to a faulty furnace. A more recent case of theirs in 2005 involved a woman who was found delirious and hyperventilating after seeing a “ghost” while taking a shower; respondents discovered a new gas water heater had been improperly installed, flooding her house with carbon monoxide.
If you find yourself expierencing any of the following while in a closed space;

Chest pain

Get to the fresh air as soon as possible. It is important to research the areas you plan to investigate so that you know if any such perils can befall you or your teammates. It is also important that if you take on a new client you check the home for any CO leaks so that you can cross out CO poisoning during the heating months.

Source – Medline Plus

Katie Snow

Katie Snow

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