C.A.S.P.I.R. Paranormal

CASPIR Contact Name Frank Lee
Location Pell City, Alabama
Phone (205) 201-1171
Email email
Website www.caspirparanormal.com/
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CASPIR is a non-profit research organization made up of experienced paranormal investigators committed to finding answers to the unknown. We primarily serve the Central Alabama area but we are available to cover the entire state.  We specialize in investigating ghost/haunting phenomena.  Our services are always free of charge and the data collected from our investigations is used to assist in our research of ghost/spirit phenomena. We are always interested in hearing accounts of other people’s experiences so please share any that you have had and we love to hear about haunted places. Maybe you have heard one of those local ghost stories that’s been passed down for years or a local urban legend, we’d love to hear it!If you need assistance with a haunting, don’t hesitate to contact us!