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Eagle Saloon / Clayton Club

26096 Main Street
Clayton, CA 94517
(925) 673-0440

In the 1860’s this saloon building was brought up the river from San Fransisco to the town of Clayton.
It was one of five saloons in the town and the building seems to be the most paranomally active out of the five.
The eagle Saloon, as it is now known, seems to have cold spots, things being moved and misplaced and the lights which
flicker on and off.

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Water Dog Lake

1Belmont, CA
San Mateo County

Although a legend in this part of California it is said a small boy was killed by the Water Dog while he scouted the area alone. Others state the untruth to this legend as an accused murderer was convicted of the heinous crime and dumped the body of the child there. Whichever may be the truth it seems you hear gun shots and screams
and most visitors never return.

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The Dohney Mansion

w905 Loma Vista Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

In the stewardship of Mount Saint Mary’s University is the 1899 Mansion once owned by the Posey family. The home shows the wealth and oppulance of a bygone era that gained greater Los Angeles and the Beverly Hills society the glitz and glamour known today.

On the evening of the 16th of February 1929 there was a gunshot that resounded from the guest bedroom which upon entrance held the injured body of Mr. Posey and his Secretary Hugh Plunket’s dead body. It is of the thought that it may have been a suicide pact and is known as the DeMille Conspiracy.

It is now said that part of the mansion is in a bit of disrepair as night ground maintenance can not remain employed due to screams and other noises that can be heard coming from inside the home.

Tours are offered by the University of Saint Mary’s

The Shadowlands
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Wolfe Manor/ Clovis Ave. Sanitarium

112674 Clovis Avenue
Clovis, Ca.

In a town noted as the “Gateway to the Sierras” stood an opulant mansion known as Wolfe Manor. Completed in 1922 for Anthony Andriotti it stayed as a private residence until the upkeep bankrupted the owner who turned to alcohol and died in 1929. The manor has never known happiness and earned a reputation for a black hole of woefulness and death.

The manor sat empty until 1935 when it became a Sanitarium named Hazelwood. Hazelwood took in patients that were dying from TB. In 1942 it once again changed hands and became known as the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium and adopted a new role as a place for both the physically as well as the mentally ill. Many were dropped off at the door and things declined rapidly as many suffered behind its’ closed doors. The newly dead were stored in
the basement and locals told tales of the steady stream of bodies being carried out and it closed down shortly after.

In the year 1997 Todd Wolfe bought the property to make a Halloween attraction, however the obvious presence in the manor could not be denied. It seems something constantly harassed his employees and a figure that has been spotted in one of the rooms known as Mary’s room has physically grabbed those who have come in contact with the ghostly

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Santa Margarita River Bridge

z5Santa Margarita River Bridge
De Luz Rd
Fallbrook, Ca 92028
It is said that during the California Gold Rush, a small group of wagoners were killed at the river near the current newer bridge in the early 1900′s, which was the same year Fallbrook Union High School was first established. Legend has it that on the first Prom night of the new Fallbrook High School three pair of teens disappeared and were later found dead in the river. There have been dozens of strange occurrences in this area and in local police reports all regarding the area of the river.
Source – Haunted History

Cherokee Cemetery

z4Cherokee Cemetery
831 Industrial Way
Lodi, CA 95240
Phone:(209) 334-9613

It is stated that the town sweetheart was murder in the 1800’s and her murderer burned alive in the home he owned across the street from the cemetery. Legend says that if you visit this cemetery after dark you will hear loud stomping in a deserted area of the cemetery. There is another legend that says a child and his father passed away on the same day and if you bring flowers and sit them on the headstone you will be visited and thanked by them.
Source – The Shadowlands

Union Hotel

z3Union Hotel
401 First Street, PO Box 874
Benicia, California 94510
(707) 746-0110

The Union Hotel seems to be haunted by two apparitions,a young man and a young woman. Legend states that in the 1800s a young, distraught woman hung herself in one of the rooms.She is described as having a woeful demeanor.
They say she has been seen as a full apparition wandering the hallways & several of the bedrooms as well as sadly peering out the windows. She has been heard crying and talking to herself when the hotel is still and empty. Lights also turn off and turn on by themselves.The Young Man apparition is thought to be connected to her in some way.
Has has been seen in the bar area and the dining room looking wistfully toward the staircase.
Source – Haunted Houses

Rose Hill Cemetery

Z2Rose Hill Cemetery
Pittsburg, California 94565
Floating & glowing crosses have been mentioned when talking about this cemetery. 13 apparitions of children dressed in black have also been seen in the graveyard and surrounding areas. There have also been Menacing, angry presences that have been felt by the living. Sounds heard include that of of bells as well as ghostly cries and laughter. This old graveyard is located on the the 5,000 acre Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.
Source – Shadowlands

Adelaida Cemetery

Z1Adelaida Cemetery
9899 Chimney Rock Rd
Paso Robles, California 93446

It is stated that a women wearing a long white nightgown roams this cemetery on Friday nights between 10 PM and midnight.
Legend has it that it is Charlotte Sitton, the young wife of a minister who had committed suicide at 19 years of age in December of 1890.
Her child or children supposedly died during a diphtheria epidemic and now she leaves flowers on the grave(s) and is said to appear near either her grave or her child’s grave. Occasionally she can be seen carrying flowers and laying them upon the graves of children.
Source – Weird Claifornia

Whaley House Museum

whaleyhousemuseum Address 2476 San Diego Avenue
San Diego CA 92110
Phone (619) 297-7511
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Holbrooke Hotel

holbrooke Address 212 West Main Street
Grass Valley, California 95945
Phone (530) 273-1353 or (800) 933-7077
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Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz Prison Address National Park Service
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Fort Mason, B201
San Francisco, CA 94123
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Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House Address 525 S. Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, California 95128
Phone (408) 247-2000
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The Queen Mary

queenmarry Address 1126 Queens Hwy
Long Beach, California 90802
Phone (877) 342-0738
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