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Kanai Cemetery

31st Ave and Coral St
Kenai, AK
United States
This Cemetery hides secrets from a brutal past. Servants brought here to mine for gold were brutally murdered after the gold mines ran dry. The owners would rather have them killed then pay to feed them. They were buried in unmarked graves outside the main cemetery.
Paranormal Activity- There have been numerous sightings of a heavyset woman named Marie. There has also been sightings of a spirit named Arthur who tends to the graves at night.

Hotel Captain Cook

2939 W 5th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501
United States
Many have reported strange sightings after 2 women committed suicide at this Anchorage hotel.
Paranormal Activity: Guests have reported seeing the ghost of a woman in the bathroom of the hotel. Doors have been reported to open and close on their own.

Birch Hill Cemetery

1City Lights Blvd
Fairbanks, AK
United States
The cemetery was built in 1938. It is known for its many folk monuments and beautiful landscape.
Paranormal Activity- Many have reported seeing a “white lady”, several shadow figures, and a little boy who looks like he is from the 1930’s.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

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Alaska Ghost Hunting (AKGH) is the largest &oldest ghost hunting only group in the great State of Alaska.Some members of the AKGH team have been investigating the paranormal for over 30 years.