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Elite Paranormal Society, LLC

 NPS-Default Contact Name Robert Murphy
Location Boonsboro, Maryland
MD, VA, DC, Lower PA, NE WV
Phone 240-626-7480
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Elite Paranormal Society, LLC is dedicated to helping others become comfortable in their own surrounding through better understanding. Our team performs free investigations for homes and businesses to help
determine if the activity being experienced is actually paranormal. Depending on the client’s needs, we can perform house cleansings and blessings. A team medium is used during a per-investigation meeting to
help determine the level of activity being experienced. All clients receive a copy of any paranormal evidence collected during the investigation. Our team is always willing to network and share information with others in the field. We enjoy finding answers by Parthinking outside of the box.

East Coast Hauntings Organization (ECHO)

 East Coast Hauntings Organization (ECHO) Contact Name Christine Gentry
Location Martinsburg, West Virginia
We usually cover the states of WV, VA,PA, MD and Washington,D.C., however, we will go anywhere if possible.
Phone 252-402-8316
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We are a volunteer nonprofit group founded by a psychologist and staffed with a professional technical staff and spirit discernment practitioners.(intuitives). We not only do scientific documentation but clear areas of unwanted spiritual activity if needed. We can provide answers to all your paranormal questions in order for you to find peace, answers and a resolution to any any spiritual problem you may be having. We also deal with extremely dangerous dark entity problems through our sister site S.E.E.R. Group.
Both teams include: a psychologist, doctor of epidemiology, an Army Corps of Engineers person, a computer engineer, a physicist and ordained minister.