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Feb 19

Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas (GHoST) Texas

Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas (GHoST)

Reichal Winn Email: Team, organization, or location name Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas (GHoST) Website Phone 936-756-7267 Location Southeast Texas Specialties Our mission is to aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding something they believe to be paranormal activity.  We will do this by educating them as to the true nature …

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Jan 27

Paranormal-Junkies Texas

Paranormal Junkies

Betty Moore Email: Team, organization, or location name Paranormal-Junkies Website Phone 903-690-1334 Location East Texas Specialties Sensitive, medium

Jan 05

Texas Paranormal University

Joe Trevino Email: Team, organization, or location name Texas Paranormal University Phone 281-751-6665 Location East Texas Specialties Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Hunting Classes, Everything paranormal

Dec 29

Unknown Paranormal Group Texas

  Mike McCaskill Team, organization, or location name Unknown Paranormal Group Phone 903-315-7749 Location East Texas Specialties I am a sensitive/medium whose primary goal is to learn and teach what I  have learned to those in need of my experience. I wish to serve those  who have a events going about that are unexplained …

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Feb 25

North Texas Ghost Society Texas

North Texas Ghost Society

Andre Wullaert: Team, organization, or location name: North Texas Ghost Society Website: Location: Fort Worth Texas Specialties: We investigate Residential and Commercial Properties all over North Texas and surrounding area’s.

Aug 29

East Texas Paranormal Texas

  Name:  East Texas Paranormal Location:  Kemp, TX Website: Email: Phone:  903-340-7405  

Aug 04

Another Paranormal Society Texas

    Name:  Another Paranormal Society Location:  East Texas Website: Email: Phone:  903-292-8735  

May 27

Southern Paranormal Occult Research Team Texas

    Name:  S.P.O.R.T. (SOUTHERN PARANORMAL OCCULT RESEARCH TEAM) Location:  Houston,TX and surrounding areas Website: Email: Phone:  832-489-0412  

May 25

Southern Paranormal Investigations Texas

  Name:  Southern Paranormal Investigations Location:  South Texas Website: Email:    

May 23

Unknown Paranormal Texas

  Name:  Unknown Paranormal Location:  Longview TX Website: Email: Phone:  903-445-2875    

May 23

Unknown Paranormal Radio


  Name:  Unknown Paranormal Radio Show Location: Longview, TX Website: Email: Phone:  903-445-2875