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Mar 25

Cajun Country Paranormal

image Contact Name Curtis Deshotel
Location Lake Charles, Louisiana
Phone (337) 370-6326
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Mar 05

Louisiana Spirit Seekers

Louisiana Spirit Seekers Contact Name Brice Ponders
Location Dubach, Louisiana
Phone (318) 478-1197
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Perform cleansings, blessings, or other rituals. I also fallow the
Native American ways .

Jan 12

PSI of the South Louisiana

PSI of the South Contact Name Helen Helverson
Location Haughton (Shreveport/Bossier) Louisiana
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We investigate sites where unusual or unexplained happenings occur, using many different types of equipment. If you would like us to come out to your home or business, drop us a message here and we will be happy to get in contact with you.

Dec 28

Ghost Dynasty

NPS-Default Contact Name Lauren Eidson
Location Slidell, Louisiana
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Investigating paranormal activities  in residential homes.

Dec 28

Valkyris Dragon

Valkyris Dragon Contact Name Valkyris Dragon
Location Greater New Orleans, Louisiana
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I am a psychic and healer. I remove curses, and do spiritual  cleansings

Jun 10

Dark Static Paranormal Investigators

Dark Static Paranormal Investigators Contact Name Ashley Lewis
Location Louisiana
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Mar 26

Red River Parish Paranormal

NPS-Default Contact Name Will Vaughan
Location North West, Louisiana
Phone (318) 947-2332
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We wish to help others understand their experiences with the unseen
and unknown. We are a non-profit organization who will never charge
for our services. We provide each of our clients with detailed
discriptions of our investigation as well as recorded audio and
picture evidence.

Oct 13

All Over Paranormal Virginia

All Over Paranormal Contact Name All over paranormal!
Location Virginia Beach & All Over
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All Over Paranormal is a NON-PROFIT paranormal research society based out of Va Beach, VA. We will travel to locations and residences out of state though, after all, we are ALL OVER PARANORMAL :-) Our mission is to help those plagued by the unexplainable by conducting professional, science based investigations to either prove or disprove paranormal activity. We do this by utilizing scientific equipment and other methods to capture evidence to either debunk or confirm said activity and try to get rid of the entity/anomaly causing the events or explain the reasoning behind why an individual is having these problems if activity cannot be confirmed, i.e., EMF hypersensitivity, hysteria, etc.

Sep 21

Underground Paranormal Inc

Underground Paranormal Contact Name Underground Paranormal Inc
Location North West, Louisiana
Phone (318) 294-4885
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UPI is a non profit organization.  We will never charge our clients
fees for anything that we do.  We specialize in anything from
Cleansings (Native American, Wiccan, and Christian) to Paranormal
Investigations of any type.  All ghost are Paranormal, but not
everything Paranormal are ghosts!  We are here to help those that are
in need and to educate others, as  well as ourselves on the day to day
events that involve the Paranormal.

Sep 06

Down South Paranormal Research

Down South Paranormal Research Contact Name Down South Paranormal Research
Location New Orleans, Louisiana
Phone (504) 931-7319
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Aug 18

Kandy Lee Babin-Brunet

NPS-Default Contact Name Kandy Lee Babin-Brunet
Location Houma, Louisiana
Phone (985) 870-6293
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