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New Orleans Ghost Hunters

  Contact Name  David Laville
Location  New Orleans Louisiana
Southern Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf coast
Phone 504-232-6651
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Website  neworleansghosthunters
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 Ghost and paranormal investigations of private residence, businesses and historical sites.

Supernatural Truth Seekers

  Contact Name  Robert
Location  Wiggins, Mississippi
Most of the Mississippi area
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We are unique team in the paranormal field. We are a small team with our own skills and gifts. We use skeptic minds in client cases, and are a low tech group. We don’t believe in over examining a case with technology, this can lead to over examining and coming to false conclusions.
More information can be obtained about the group’s methods when the group is contacted.
– Photography
– Videography
– Psychic
– Empathic
– Intuitive
– Demonology
– Spiritology
– EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), Analysis and debunking.
– Tarot is also used to draw from the energy present in client cases.
The team offers a lifetime of experience and knowledge in the paranormal field.

Case solution measures:
Evidence is presented to clients as well as evidence that has been debunked. The group educates on problems found and solutions that need to be taken to solve the problems found. In problem cases we offer rituals to get rid of the problem, for good. The team has a member who is very fluent in dealing with spiritual situations. He has been dealing with spirits his entire life.
We are Seekers of the Truth.
The group has a closed Facebook group used for contact.
Please search:
Supernatural Truth Seekers (STS)

Disciple Paranormal

 NPS-Default Contact Name Jared Davis
Location Oxford, MS
Phone 601-490-1308
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Disciple Paranormal is a protestant Christian group. I normally work by myself to keep things as private as possible and to limit the impact on the family. I specialize in teaching what the bible says about these spirits, housing blessings, and helping with possession. Disciple Paranormal doesn’t do investigations. I interview clients to find out their beliefs, what may have caused this to happen, teach the clients about what’s going on (Christian View), and then taking action to try and get rid of the entity. Disciple Paranormal will also help other groups whether I need stand by during their investigation incase one of them is attacked or to speak with a client.


 NPS-Default Contact Name Joseph Glasser
Location Covering Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, also including Alabama, Southern Georgia, and the Florida panhandle
Phone (844)-TEX-NOLA
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We are based in Slidell, Louisiana.  We focus on helping people in their homes and bring people closure.  We will help everyone we can and if we cannot help because of scheduling conflicts, we will find the right group/team to help you.  We will do investigations anywhere we are needed.

Supernatural Investigation Group “SIG”

NPS-Default Contact Name Deborah Broadus Kwan Founder/Director
Location Mississippi
Phone (601) 528-4905
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We wish to help others understand their experiences with the unseen and unknown. We are a non-profit organization who will never charge for our services. We provide each of our clients with what ever help
that they need in order for them to feel safe in their home. We offer cleansings and blessing to those that are in need of them after the investigations. Please feel free to contact us to set up a investigation are cleansing. We do all types of investigations. Feel free to contact us we understand we have been there before too.