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Nov 04

Mining City Paranormal Montana


Ginnie Lowney:
Team, organization, or location name: Mining City Paranormal
Phone: 406-249-4516
Location: Butte Montana
Investigations of paranormal activity.

Nov 04

Montana Paranormal Research Society Montana

Montana Paranormal Research Society

Dustin Benner:

Team, organization, or location name: Montana Paranormal Research Society
Phone: 406-534-4215
Location: Billings, MT
Specialties:  Who are we? We are a professional team of investigators. We seek to find the scientific and logical reasons when it comes to paranormal activity. Only through these methods can we find the truth. Do we charge? No. We are a nonprofit group and are available if assistance is needed. Our main goal with each investigation is not only to seek out the paranormal but to educate those that believe that they are experiencing activity.

Aug 04

Lance Foster Montana



Name:  Lance Foster

Location:  Helena, Montana