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Sandpit Paranormal

 NPS-Default Contact Name Joanie Moore
Location Lemmon, South Dakota
NW South Dakota, SW North Dakota
Phone  701-440-0577
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We are a small town paranormal group that has big time style and class. We are here for you, 24/7 .. I (Joanie) have that number for my cell phone so don’t worry, your call will be answered. I do spiritual mediumship counseling , and will help you with your needs via telephone if we can’t get together.

North Dakota Paranormal Society

NPS-Default Contact Name Nick Fenton
Location North Dakota/Minnesota
Phone (701) 203-6033 or Please use (701) 203-3536 – for group phone Txt / Voice mail only
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Specialties, more less little of everything, working with few other groups when going on locations.