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Saint James (Brantley) Hotel

101200 Water Ave.
Selma, AL 36701
Phone:(334) 872-3234
Opening as The Brantley in 1837, the Saint James Hotel overlooks the Alabama River in the center of downtown Selma. Selm has a history not only of the riots for voting, but also as a very important foothold for the Confederate Army during the Civil War however most of the town was burned by the Union Soldiers during the Selma Battle. The hotel and a few other buildings were spared.

After the war this hotel was operated by Benjamin Sterling Turner,(the first African American ever elected to the United States Congress). It is said the hotel was host to outlaw brothers Frank and Jesse James in 1881.
In 1892, the hotel fell upon hard times and ceased operations.
For a century the doors remained closed however a group of investors purchased the old building and officially reopen the doors of the establishment in 1997 as the St. James Hotel.

Paranormal Activity –
Legend states that two of the most reported “hauntings” in the hotel include Jesse James and his girlfriend Lucinda. Employees and guests alike claim to have seen the apparition of a man dressed in attire that was common for a man in the late 1800s. He is most often seen in the rooms in which he typically stayed – rooms 214, 314, and 315.
several witnesses have observed what appears to be residual hauntings of individuals who are fully clothed in dress that were common to the 1800s. They seem unaware of the “living” surrounding them.
Additionally, the sounds of apparent ghost dogs can be heard in the area. Jessie James, some have said, once owned a black dog that was his companion for many years. Many guests at the St. James have reported hearing a dog running up and down the halls.
Source – Strange Alabama

William Winston House

d3Deshler High School Campus
200 Northeast Commons Street
Tuscumbia, Alabama
(256) 389-2910

On November 22, 1874 in the late nineteenth century a tornado bore down on the home of Judith Winston.
Although she did try to take cover, she failed and was crushed beneath rubble. Her sons retrived her
and she passed away in the front bedroom of the east side of the home from her injuries.

Paranormal Activity Noted –

One woman who was setting up for her daughter’s wedding was said to be disturbed by the chairs rattling by themselves.
Upset by the odd occurrence, the woman questioned the home’s curator and was told that Mrs. Winston simply wanted an
invitation. Once an oral invitation was given the chair rattling ceased. Some also credit Judith Winston’s spirit
with the “weeping walls” in the downstairs entry hall when there is the threat of a storm.

It is also said that some identify another spirit as that of William Winston, as William Winston, the home’s builder.
It is said he has been seen standing at the top of the stairs and wandering through the halls.

Source – Southern Spirit Guide

Haunted Bridge

d2Pleasant Hill Road
Etowah County
Gasden, Alabama

Legend has it that a couple lived close by and had a terrible argument in which the wife and her baby fled the premises.
Feeling guilty the husband got into the carriage and went in search for her. When the wife heard the carriage she appeared
out of the brush along side the bridge and frightened the horses. The horses reared and knocke her and the infant into the
Black Creek and they both drowned.

Paranormal Activity Noted – Locals state that a woman is seen walking the banks of the creek and carriage wheels and a baby’s
cry can be heard.

Sources – Shadowlands
Haunted Places

Richards DAR House

d1256 North Joachim Street
Mobile, Alabama
In 1860 Charles Richards, his wife, Caroline Elizabeth Steele,
and their twelve children, (though a few did not make it past childhood) moved into this
Ante-Bellum Mansion. In their seventh year Caroline died in childbirth.The home remained in
the family for a few generations then passed into the hands of the owners of a cement company.
When the building outlived its usage as an office, it was turned over to the city.

Paranormal activity noticed – Quickly, the DAR members became aware of the spirits in residence. There are times when you hear—when you first go in, after opening up—you’ll hear young children. It sounds like children playing on the stairs or right at the top of the stairs.

It is now a museum.…

sources – souther spirit guide

Kate Shephard House Bed & Breakfast

91553 Monterey Pl
Mobile, AL 36604
The historic bed and breakfast is haunted by the apparition of an elderly woman, who has been seen in guest rooms all over the building.
A strange presence has been felt by guests and staff.
Source Haunted Places

Bass Cemetery – Irondale, Al.

s1Bass Cemetery
Bass Cemetery Rd
Irondale, AL 35210
Bass Cemetery in Irondale – located off a dirt road in the woods.
The date of its first burial is uncertain, with some online sources claiming it is approx 200 years old.
Currently the oldest marker listed on is from 1860.
Many report varying types of paranormal activity and widespread rumors of occult rituals.
City of Irondale website –
trip advisor for Irondale Al –…
The Interred of Bass Cemetery –

Sweetwater Mansion

SwPic2 Address 842 Sweetwater Ave
Florence, Alabama 35630
Phone (256) 710-4432
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Adams Grove Presbyterian Church

626px-Sardis_Alabama_Adams_Grove_Presbyterian_01 Address Dallas County 55
Dallas County, Alabama 36775
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Sloss Furnaces National Historic Park

155614_167092123330907_6116671_n Address 20 32nd St. N
Birmingham, Alabama 35222
Phone (205) 324-1911
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Sloss Furnaces is a pig iron factory that opened in 1882 and closed after 90 years in 1970. Claims at the location include: shadow figures, physical touching and disembodied voices. This location does allow private investigations for a fee based on number of people in the party. Please contact the location at the above email for investigation details.

Old Depot Museum

320101_625436684148591_1399087677_n Address 4 Martin Luther King St.
Selma, Alabama 36703
Phone (334) 874-2197
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Fort Morgan State Historic Site

10246446_487560471387590_8942333853729322639_n Address 110 State Hwy 180
Fort Morgan, Alabama 36542
Phone (251) 540-5257 or (251) 540-7127
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Belle Mont Mansion

1553075_1407624166152744_770843020_o Address 1569 Cook Ln.
Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674
Phone (256) 381-5052
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Pickens County Courthouse

Pickens_County_Courthouse_2 Address  Carrollton, Alabama 35447
Phone  (205) 367-1911
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Athens State University


Address 300 N. Beaty St.
Athens, Alabama 35611
Phone (256) 233-8100
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Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

10295348_10152515104139805_149154287478859934_o Address 1906 Springhill Ave
Mobile, Alabama 36607
Phone (251) 471-6364
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The Victoria Inn

The Victoria Inn Address 1600 Quintard Ave.
Anniston, Alabama 36201
Phone (256) 236-0503
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The Rawls

The Rawls - Enterprise, Alabama

Address 116 S. Main St.
Enterprise, Alabama 36330
Phone (334) 308-9387
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Gadsden Public Library

GPL Address 254 College Street
Gadsden, Alabama 35901
Phone (256) 549-4699
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