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McConnell Hall

i1Arizona – McConnell Hall
324 E. Pine Knoll Dr.
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Mc Connell Hall is a modern four story building built in 1987. It was refurbished just over ten years ago It is a co-ed dorm and is the only one on this campus with carpet in each room. The story surrounding this building is that the architect of the hall was a perfectionist and insisted that each room should receive at least six minutes of direct sunlight This could have contributed to what is a complicated floor plan. It is shaped like a bio-hazard sign from an aerial view. The crux of the story is the architect found one of the room’s sunlight quota a little off so killed himself
in the building. According to the examiner, students have witnessed strange happenings and report seeing an apparition of a male ghost. Small ghostly children have been seen playing on some floors. Sinks turn on and off and some hear scratching on the walls.

Casey Moore’s Oyster House

h1Arizona – Casey Moore’s Oyster House
850 S Ash Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 968-9935
The Phoenix New Times reports that this is popular haunt due to the stories it’s resident ghosts.A favorite involves a woman lived upstairs in the former boarding house and residence built in 1910 and was strangled by a jealous boyfriend. Neighbors have report seeing figures moving around after closing time through the windows of Casey Moore’s second floor (which is now a dining room) longtime manager Michael Loney and co-owner Gavin Rutledge also claim a few ghostly encounters.

Vulture Gold Mine

g1Arizona – Vulture Gold Mine
36610 N. 355th Ave,
Wickenburg, AZ 85390
Vulture Gold Mine is a scary place where celebrity paranormal shows and documentaries have been filmed. This is an abandoned 1880s-era former gold prospector’s workplace. Alleged happenings include, thorn rocks
and video and audio recordings.

Jerome Grand Hotel

f1Arizona -Jerome Grand Hotel

200 Hill St
Jerome, AZ 86331
Phone: (928) 634-8200
This haunted hotel is found in a haunted ghost town. Built in 1927 as the United Verde Hospital, it was where local miners came after suffering gruesome injuries while digging for copper (many of who succumbed to their grievous wounds) or where the insane were brought to be cured of their mental illnesses. After closing in 1950, the building reopened some 47 years later as a vintage hotel where guests have reported scared by visions nurses, cries and screams.

Thornton Road Domes

d1Arizona – Thornton Road Domes
just off of Interstate 8 in Casa Grande
These are abandoned buildings and as such trespassing is against the law. These unusual-looking UFO-shaped concrete structures are located on a five-acre patch of desert terrain off Interstate 8 south of Casa Grande. Vacant since the early ’80s, when a now-defunct California electronics manufacturer constructed the buildings the so-called Thornton Road Domes have become interesting to artists, photographers and those who are interested in the paranormal. Alleged experiences include shadow figures scurrying seen on the property, sound of slamming car doors, throwing rocks, or unearthly screams.…/phoenix-central-a…/casa-grande

Oliver House

c1Arizona – Oliver House
26 Sowle Ave.
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-1900
Oliver House is a two-story bed and breakfast which dates back to the early 20th century. According to local lore, the former boarding house has been the site of numerous murders stemming from cases of adultery and philandering spouses. One particularly ghastly story involves a cop who blew away his cheating wife and her paramour in 1920 before going
slaughtering more than a dozen others throughout the building. Over the years, according to the Phoenix New Times, guests at the Oliver House have reported doors and shutters closing, ghostly footsteps in hallways, and sounds of gunshots.

Morton Hall

12295400_966162340129303_4131967766517810444_nArizona – Morton Hall, NAU,
224 McMullen Circle
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
In Northern Arizona University, there is a women’s dormitory that is almost one hundred years old and said to be haunted.The ghost is allegedly named Kathy who hanged herself in a stairwell in the early 1950s. There are two supposed reasons for this tale: 1) she was in a fight with her family who disowned her or 2) her boyfriend died in combat. Either way,
according to the Phoenix New Times, paranormal problems include lights flickering, radios and televisions malfunctioning,posters flying off the walls, and blankets being pulled off beds.…/housing-options/residence-halls/morton/

Birdcage Theatre

b1Arizona – Birdcage Theatre
517 E Allen St
Tombstone, AZ 85638
(800) 457-3423
The historical Birdcage Theatre was a saloon, gambling den, and brothel where 16 different deadly gunfights happened. According to the Phoenix New Times, the Birdcage is a hotspot for alleged ghost sightings and other unexplainable encounters.

The old gas chamber at the Arizona State Prison Complex

a1The old gas chamber at the Arizona State Prison Complex
Florence, 1305 E Butte Ave,Florence, AZ 85132
Main Telephone: (520) 868-4011
According to the Arizona Department of Corrections96 death row inmates had been executed by hanging, lethal injection,
or this gas chamber. According to the Phoenix New Times, there are reports of inmates and guards witnessing several
instances of “mists that looked in human form” or hearing “screams and other strange sounds” in the building that houses
the prison’s death chamber or the adjacent cell blocks.

Copper Queen Hotel

copperqueen Address 11 Howell Ave #CQ
Bisbee, Arizona 85603
Phone (520) 432-2216
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Hotel San Carlos

hotelsancarlos Address 202 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, Arizona  85004
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O.K. Corral

O.K. Corral Address 326 E. Allen St.
Tombstone, Arizona 85638
Phone (520) 457-3456
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Bisbee Grand Hotel Bed & Breakfast

Bisbee Grand Hotel Bed & Breakfast Address 61 Main St
Bisbee, Arizona 85603
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Hotel Congress

Hotel Congress Address 311 E. Congress St.
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