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Central Arkansas Paranormal Society Contact Name Monica King
Location Cabot, Arkansas
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SpiritsMy Name is Monica King and I began C.A.P.S. Central Arkansas Paranormal Society in May of 2005. We are a non-profit organization based mainly in central Arkansas. We conduct our investigations in a professional manner. We have spent the last few years studying, investigating and researching the paranormal. We use all the standard equipment for our investigations. Our goals are to document paranormal activity to help those who have been tormented by it either emotionally and/or physically. We will do our best to determine the kind of activity that is present and help to reduce or eliminate it.  We also investigate and experiment at allegedly haunted places (not homes) to document paranormal phenomena for visual and audible evidence. We take strong measures to refute all evidence before claiming it to be paranormal. We charge no fees to our clients nor do we charge dues to our members. It is each member’s responsibility to provide their own equipment and transportation. We welcome guests who would like to come along if there is enough room where we’re investigating. The only requirement is to share all photos, videos,
and audio recordings with the group.

We do cleansings and Blessings using the Native American Indian technique and usually use White Sage or sage and braided Sweetgrass along with prayer.  We also study Demonology but feel this area of expertise is better suited for a Demonologist or Catholic Priest.