Charlemagne’s Stones

Charlemagne’s Stones
Osnabruck-haste, Germany.
By Virginia Carraway Stark

Charlemagne’s Stones are rumored to be the ancient runes of a pagan temple. Little is known about who the temple was for but it was claimed by the triumphant Christian army that the pagans they had crushed in battle had done endless blood sacrifices and rituals at the stone ruin.

Charlemagne became the first Roman Emperor around 800 when Pope Leo II declared him as such. He didn’t just fight paganism with the sword, he also started monasteries to re-educate the ‘savages’ that he had conquered. The monolithic stone temple was a different story, however and it is said that Charlemagne led an enormous slaughter of the Pagans at the temple. Afterward he was said to have smashed the capstone himself as a demonstration of the Christian’s supremacy over the Pagans.

The temple was also a burial ground for the Pagans who were there before the Christians and it is said that the screams of battle can still be heard on that unholy site to this day. Some say that the Pagan priests of the temple raise up a wild hunt and rampage through the forest. It is said if you lay eyes on the wild hunt near Osnabruck you will meet your demise at the hands of the hunt. If you hear their screams and the sound of their ghostly horses approaching it is recommended that you hide your eyes and wait for them to pass. To gaze on them will mean your death.

It is said that the Pagan’s remains were desecrated by the Pagans but even so the energy they left behind remains. Some people claim to have seen bizarre phenomenon at winter and summer solstice, the high holidays of the Pagan calendar. They say that they see bright orbs of light, that they hear screams and that red bloodstains appear on the ancient broken stones.