CIA Files Continued – Belgian Congo

CIA Files Continued
Belgian Congo – August 1952
By Stephanie Kelly

On August 16, 1952, the CIA distributed a set of papers from March 1952. This small stack of papers were all concerning information about a reported unexplained flying object seen in the Congo. These objects were best described as two fiery disks that were located in the southern part of the district along or just east of, the Laupula River. It was said that the disks glided in air with “elegant curves and changed their position many times.” Some also said that they had a penetrating hiss and buzz that could be heard by people on the ground for the 10 to 12 minutes they were in view.
A man only referred to as Commander Pierre with the Elisabethville airfield, immediately went after these two disks that were seen. Commander Pierre was able to give a detailed description of the UFO’s that could make any skeptic question their view! According to the report by Pierre the saucer was 12 to 15 meters in diameter (39 to 49 feet) and was the shape of a disk, it was able to shift elevation of 200 or more meters (approximately 650 feet) in just a few seconds. He also said that it would suddenly shot down to just above the treetops which he estimated at 20 meters, or 65 feet, from the top of the trees as he kept it in sight. Another interesting thing to add is that, Commander Pierre did not think that these crafts could have had any person on them. His view was that the erratic and irregular speed would of created such heat that the it would have been “impossible for a person to stay inside the stable core.” He also evaluated the speed of the aircraft, at the time he stopped pursuing it, as 1,500 kilometers per hour, or about 930 miles per hours.
As a researcher, I can understand why the CIA would want to question this sighting and evaluate the claims. That part of the Congo was the home to Shinkolobwe. For those that don’t know, Shinkolobwe is a very protected mine located in the Congolese that was used by the United States for the mining of uranium for use in the Manhattan Project.
Why did the CIA feel that this information need to be provided to the State Department, Army, Navy, Air force, National Security Resources Board and FBI? Remember, this is obviously a UFO and no explanation appears to be readily available for it like many others sightings in this time frame. Don’t most Governments firmly deny the existence of UFO’s, if so, why did this one get so much attention. In the 1950’s no country had the ability the make an aircraft that fits the above description with the ability to maneuver in the flight patterns described. With that said, I am pretty doubtful that any country would have the ability as of today. Something got the attention of the American’s and the German’s but what was it and why?



Book: Uranium by Tom Zoellner

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