Day 4 – Cleaning your camera sensor


Have you ever looked through your camera viewfinder and wondered what those spots are that you’re seeing? Did you grab a soft cloth and clean your viewfinder or even your lens only to find they were still there? Were you taking a picture during an investigation and notice spots in your picture only to get home and find they weren’t actually “in” your picture? Those spots are nothing paranormal; they are an indicator of a dirty camera sensor, mirror or lens.

Part of an investigator’s responsibilities when investigating is maintaining your equipment in top shape. This means ensuring that your equipment not only has fresh batteries, but that your camera is clean throughout. This article on camera sensor cleaning covers all the basics and details on how you can clean your DSLR camera’s sensor.…/camera-sensor… Step by step instructions including descriptions of the types of cleaning tools that should be used are contained in this article. Another useful article that offers step by step instructions on cleaning your camera sensor is this one:…/The-Secret-of-Effectively-and…. Both articles contain great information on cleaning your camera sensor as well as offering an understanding of how it functions.

Want to know how the camera sensors work? This article goes into detail on their functionality:…/camera-sensors.htm