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Common Hazards of the Fall Season

Common Hazards of the Fall Season
By Katie Snow

We all love the fall! A chill in the air, bonfires and the perfect time of the year for tripping hazards when paranormal investigating. The onset of fall brings many areas more rain and with rain comes slip hazards. It can take some time to adjust to the suddenly wet conditions brought about by rainy weather. Rain will lead to wetter sidewalks which will lead to wet floors in the entry ways of buildings and stairwells. When going on an investigation stay mindful of where you step.

Autumn also brings slippery leaves. We all love to peek at the bounty of beauty bestowed upon us and the trees are certainly one of them. Like a paintbrush taken to branches the beauty of the leaf changing season brings us leaves upon the ground in abundance. In abandoned areas, buildings and in many cemeteries this presents a trip hazard. In older cemeteries stone markers are short and many hard enough to see when uncovered but in Autumn the leaves cover them making them unnoticeable so make sure you scout out an area prior to going in darkness. With the wetness comes slippery leaves making them like a sheet of ice. Keep notice of where they pile up and on the weather conditions as being aware helps with most of the Autumn hazards.
If you are going into an area where current residents reside watch out for Halloween decor and wires leading to the yard. Tripping while on an investigation is no joke and could lead to injury. Many of the larger yard decorations have darker color wires to blend in with the ground so watch where you step.

To help always wear proper shoes. If it is going to rain rubber soles may be your best bet. Falling can be traumatic so before getting up regain your composure and make sure you are not seriously hurt. Once you regained your footing take your first few steps slowly making sure nothing is broken. If something seems not quite right tell a teammate and ask for help, there is nothing wrong with asking to stay with someone for a bit.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year though in Florida we get very little of it. It is a fun time for investigating and offers many opportunities to do ghost walks and harvest hayrides, just when you do, make sure you remember that your safety comes first.
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Katie Snow

Katie Snow

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