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12036365_10153336513673962_1838278039367839102_nControl Photo: A photograph of a location or object taken under normal conditions without environmental or light contamination. Can be used to compare anomalous photos in less than sterile conditions.

Standard protocol for control photos can be to take 3 pictures of an object or location. These 3 photos can be used to compare each other. The first pictures ideally should be one taken during ideal photography conditions which include decent light, little or no wind (which can cause dust) etc. A good practice would is also to use a tripod for these pictures. Mark the location of the tripod with masking or gaffing tape to ensure a similar photo. You can get similar photos of the same locations at different times. If no tripod is available, still use the masking or gaffing tape to mark the location of the photo.

Once you have your set of photos you can use your control photos to compare to other pictures. The object is to find the difference or find similarities. Locations look different in light and dark. Shadows play a big role in how a photo turns out. Shadows are a major cause of pareidolia. Pareidolia is where your mind processes random shapes to make them appear like something they are not.

After finding the similarities and dismissing things that can be seen as different but aren’t in normal conditions. Look for differences. The illustrations shows how different two pictures can be when they look alike. It’s a simple “spot the differences” picture. It’s very similar but there are differences. This method is also used by NASA to find anomalies in space. Now your challenge is to find the differences in the two.
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