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CSI.CON Intro Video for our Oct. 27 release.

CPI Investigations is a paranormal research group made up of ex & current physic students. We have been conducting a concealed research project that begun on October 22, 2005. This secret project was founded by researcher TD McRoy under the original name only known as “COMUS.” The project to date has revealed many amazing cinematic phenomena since the 2005 inception. The eleven-year research project looks into the exhibition of quantum energy in its most rare form. Using quantum physics, our best determination is that quantum energy moves in a two-dimensional world.
Through the use of classical mechanics, our group was led to theorize that quantum energy could be photographed in nature by increasing the closing rate. Not only did we find instant success; we were now able to photograph
quantum images in nature. Since 2005, we have accumulated some two hundred plus images of spirit energy under near perfect daylight conditions that seem to move in a manner not yet explained by the known laws of physics. It is our goal to share those images with the public; we want you to be our witness as we have images of what many would call the best full-body evidence that’s ever been captured. On October 27, 2016 CPI plans to publicly releasing three dozen unpublished images of our quantum energy in nature, which we call “QEIN.” This particular date was chosen to fly in the face of the Las Vegas 2016 CSI. CON convention for skeptics. I hope we have your support.