For Cryptozoologists, the Truth is “Out There”

by Scotty Rushing

The word paranormal in the common vernacular typically conjures up associations of the unseen. Most people tend to regard paranormal activity as that which involves spirits, ghosts, entities and a host of other beings invisible to the human eye. As such, paranormal research is widely considered to be a very introverted endeavor. Researchers spend a lot of time looking within the psyche for answers.

The Cryptozoological branch of the paranormal tree is somewhat unique in that it focuses on a more extroverted approach to paranormal research. Those who have a fondness for Cryptozoology, or Crypto as it is often called, are excited by the possibility of visible observation of beings that are shrouded in mystery.

The kinesthetic appeal of Cryptozoology

Just as those who research a haunting are captivated by EVP’s and photographic evidence of the unseen, Crypto enthusiasts are enthralled by tangible evidence. A swatch of hair left behind on a branch, a footprint, evidence of a dwelling—these things are the Holy Grails of cryptozoology. As such, Crypto is a perfect avenue for those who have a more kinesthetic learning preference. Kinesthetics need to touch and feel, to be able to place their hands on physical evidence.

Some would say that those interested in other areas of the paranormal are more willing to accept things with a measure of faith that the Cryptozoologist does not possess, but this is an erroneous conclusion. Paranormal researchers as a whole are looking for hard evidence. All branches of paranormal investigation are willing to mix a healthy dose of skepticism and belief. It is faith in the existence of legendary creatures that drives the Crypto researcher forward in their quest. Without this belief, investigation is pointless.

All forms of paranormal investigation function at their most scientific when they are willing to place aside personal learning biases in favor of a balanced approach to research. That is the Catch-22 of all scientific endeavor. All science begins with an unproven theory which must then be validated by exploration and experimentation. In this regard, members of the paranormal community share a common bond.

Bridging the gap between worlds, Inner and Outer

Those with an interest in Crypto can learn from their peers in other paranormal fields, and they also have many things to teach. Within the paranormal research fields, it is best to function along the strands of the web which interconnect the various disciplines.

Cryptozoologists can benefit from learning to make the intuitive leaps made by other paranormal researchers. Although the creatures studied by Cryptozoologists inhabit the Outer World, a connection to the Inner World of spirit and parallel reality cannot be dismissed. It may very well be that beings which inhabit the unseen have a unique perspective to offer on Cryptozoology.

The appreciation of child-like wonder is something Cryptozoologists and other paranormal researchers have in common. In this sense they must forge ahead in a spirit of cooperation which encourages a healthy respect for the common goals all paranormal researchers share. In the end all paranormal research has the same ultimate goal—to demystify that which is unknown.