Curse Removal

by Virginia Carraway Stark

dec1People often wonder if they are ‘just cursed’ in life. There are a lot of people who believe in curses and although whether or not they are ‘real’ is in question, the placebo effect of having the proactive ability to do something to remove a curse.

It is difficult to be certain if you are laboring under a curse but asking yourself some basic questions can help to sort it out.

  1. Is there any other explanation for what you are experiencing.
    This is important because if you blame every bad day that you have on a curse then you remove your own accountability in life and you remove your own authority in your life. It’s best if you can fix your problems yourself without finding a ‘magical’ reason for things that have gone wrong.If you decide that things are too preternatural to be normal, then it is time to move on to the next question.
  1. Have you made someone very angry or very jealous?
    This question can be difficult to answer when there can be people watching us that we don’t know about. If someone is stalking you in life or in social media or both it can take time to realize someone has an unhealthy interest in you. So, examine this question as carefully and objectively as possible.
  1. Does the person you have upset have the knowledge and ability to place a hex against you?
    If you still believe you are suffering from a curse after asking yourself these questions and doing a bit of research into your social network, then have a look around your residence, your transportation, your work and any other places you would consider a place of comfort for yourself. See if you find any suspicious looking things bound up in black or red string, baggies full of mystery substance or anything else that looks as though it was placed significantly into you world. Check places that you wouldn’t normally look in and places that don’t get cleaned very often especially closely.

If you find something, it is generally believed that the best way to dispose of it is through burning it, putting it in running water or burying it far away from where you dec2live.

If you don’t find anything or if you find something and still feel accursed, then it is time to take counter measures.

Doing spells to remove magic and protect yourself is considered to be the whitest of magic and most faiths allow for prayers or annointing or other rituals of protection. Only do what you feel comfortable with and if you are worried for whatever reason that removing a curse isn’t ethical then don’t go against yourself.

I am going to briefly discuss the various means used to remove a curse, if you are interested in more information there are other articles that cover specifics for how to do these.

dec3A purifying bath is a common and time tested method for removing ill will. They vary according to beliefs and you should also be aware that some people may have allergies, so make sure you don’t before you immerse your entire body in a bath filled with herbs you’ve never been exposed to before. An old voodoo uncrossing bath calls for hyssop, salt, rue, sage and frankincense to be put in the bath while saying the 37th Psalm.

Evil eye amulets are used in many cultures to protect from evil eye curses. These curses are usually caused my jealousy and are often not intended but rather caused envy that a person can’t control. Usually these amulets use an eye as a motif and are most likely to be a vivid blue that is believed to be the most likely to repel this type of curse.

Other protective amulets and talisman are greatly varied and may just be something that provides the wearer with ‘extra’ good luck, like a rabbits foot or a four leaf clover. Crucifixes, pentagrams and an enormous variety of other symbols can be used depending on your faith and your background or beliefs.

Reflective spells that reflect evil back to the sender are a perfect white magic way to make sure that people are getting back what they are sending your way. The basis of the idea is that just as you can reflect sunlight in a mirror, you can reflect bad energy as well.

dec4A protective poppet can be made. A poppet is a little doll and you can designate it as the person who has cursed you and then direct all their ill intentions and bad mojo back to them. This is a more complicated and advanced method than many of the others I’ve mentioned here.

Slightly more ‘grey’ methods include binding spells and spell tablets, each of which are used to bind the caster from doing ill to their targets.

It’s best if you can avoid getting a curse put on you at all and good spiritual practice when dealing with people can help you avoid it. If you know who is causing the problem you need to severe all ties to them. One of the best ways to do this and to make sure that you don’t have any of their physical belongings in your house. These belongings form a bond with people and that makes it easier for someone who is malicious to put a curse on you.

Return the items or dispose of them but get them out of personal space. Also, make sure that you get back all your personal belongings from them. Don’t leave your hairbrush, socks or even a dvd with someone who might want to put a curse on you.

If you believe in the Divine, whoever you believe in or whatever your faith, pray. Your prayer and your faith are the best way to repel these ill intentions. Say a rosary or pray to Ra, whatever your belief set is, utilize your faith.

The last thing I will suggest is the most important and should be done regularly and thoroughly: Clean your house. Clean everything. Sweep, vacuum, mop, dust and then jump in the shower and wash yourself off to. Get dressed in clean clothes after and enjoy your tidy house and your tidy spiritual life.