Day 1 – What are Lightworkers / Star Seeds / Indigos?

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What is a Lightworker?
Lightworkers carry within them the ability to attain spiritual awakening at a rapid rate than most people. They also carry within them seeds for a rapid spiritual awakening. They consciously choose to become entrenched in the karmic wheel of life and experience all forms of confusion and illusion that go with it. They do this in order to fully understand Earth experiences which will enable them to fulfill their mission. Only by going through all aspects of ignorance and illusion themselves will they eventually own the tools to help others and state of true happiness and enlightenment.

What is a Star Seed?
If you have ever looked up into the sky and wondered if you came from the stars? Or perhaps you have a special affinity towards a particular star system or planetary system? Many people have a very strong emotional connection with the Orion, Sirius and/or Pleadian Star Clusters. Star Seeds originally came to this Earth School in order to assist in elevating its consciousness, and vibratory rate. In order to accomplish this extraordinary feat, we had to incarnate in the same manner as did the indigenous people of this planet in order that we fit-in, and get to know them from their perspective. Then again, even the indigenous people of Earth have come from many other solar systems – star systems (spiritually). They are all on their respective paths through their own enlightenment processes.

What is an Indigo/Crystal Adult?
The Indigo Children have been incarnating on the Earth for the last 100 years. The early Indigos were pioneers and wayshowers. After World War II, a significant number were born, and these are the Indigo adults of today. However, in the 1970s a major wave of Indigos was born, and so we have a whole generation of Indigos who are now in their late twenties, early thirties and forties who are about to take their place as leaders in the world. Indigos continued to born up to about 2000, with increasing abilities and degrees of technological and creative sophistication.

The Indigo and Crystal Children/Adults are composed of two groups. Firstly, there are those who were born as Indigos and are now making the transition to Crystal. This means they undergo a spiritual and physical transformation that awakens their “Christ” or “Crystal” consciousness and links them with the Crystal children as part of the evolutionary wave of change. The second group is those who were born without these qualities, but have acquired or are in the process of acquiring them through their own hard work and the diligent following of a spiritual path. Yes, this means that all of us have the potential to be part of the emerging group of “human angels”.

The older children (approximately age 7 through 25), called “indigo Children”, share some characteristics with the Crystal Children. Both generations are highly sensitive and psychic, and have important life purposes. The main difference is their temperament. Indigos have a warrior spirit, because their collective purpose is to break down old systems that no longer serve us. They are here to quash government, educational, and legal systems that lack integrity. To accomplish this end, they need tempers and fiery determination.

Those adults who resist change and who value conformity may misunderstand the Indigos. They are often mislabeled with psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The Indigo Children/Adults lead by cutting down anything that lacks integrity. Then the Crystal Children follow the cleared path, into a safer and more secure world.

The terms “Indigo” and “Crystal” were given to these two generations because they most accurately describe their aura colours and energy patterns. Indigo children have a lot of indigo blue in their auras. This is the colour of the “third eye chakra”, which is the energy center inside the head located between the two eyebrows. This chakra regulates clairvoyance, or the ability to see energy, visions, and spirits. Many of the Indigo children are clairvoyant.

Indigo Children/Adults can sense dishonesty. Indigos know when they’re being lied to, patronized, or manipulated. And since their collective purpose is to usher us into a new world of integrity, the Indigos inner lie-detectors are integral. As mentioned before, this warrior spirit is threatening to some adults. And the Indigos are unable to conform to dysfunctional situations at home, work, or school. They don’t have the ability to dissociate from their feelings and pretend like everything’s okay. They only wish to make the world a better place.