Death Ship of the Platte River

ty1Death Ship of the Platte River By Katie Snow
between Torrington and Alcova
Wyoming U.S.A.

If you ever find yourself south of Casper Wyoming during late fall stay clear of the banks of the Platte River. Sightings dating back to 1862 of a phantom ghost ship swirl amongst the residents of this area. Looming out of the fog you see the gray sails, frosted crew and old time ship caressing the waters beckoning you to see its’ corpsly cargo.From a bygone era tales of those who cast their gaze upon it have found their loved ones deceased upon their arrival home or shortly there after.

The legend states that the first sighting was by a trapper Leon Webber. According to records he felt uneasy and a cold chill enveloped him, mere seconds later a ship appeared from out of the shroud of fog. It was that of an old time clipper type ship, with a crew covered in frost surrounding a body lying upon its deck. The crew step aside only to reveal the body in which they were feverishly working over is that of your loved one who upon your arrival home has succumbed to death or quickly there after.

Attempts to photograph the ship never turn out as it usually only shows a photo of solid grey or a white haze surrounded by the fog of the banks of the river.

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