dn1Denmark is the smallest of Scandinavian countries and occupies the Jutland peninsula. The country also consists of several islands in the Baltic Sea. Denmark is the smallest of the five nations in the Nordic region with a total land mass about the same size as Finnmark County in Norway. The country is a constitutional monarchy and its most important sources of revenue are oil, the medical industry, agrigultural produce and shipping and IT services. For more information on Denmark, go here:…/the-nordic-coun…/facts-about-denmark
There are several reports of over 100 spirits within the castle walls of Draghsholm Castle but one of the more notable of the spirits is known as James Hepburn, the Earl of Bothwell. Hepburn was captured by the Norwegians (whom ruled that was then Denmark-Norway) in the mid 1500s. He was imprisoned at the Dragsholm castle and during which, the seclusion had made him mad. Given barely enough food and water to survive, he was eventually tied to a pillar and left to die. Guests today report seeing Hepburn on horseback, and and many visitors have heard the hooves of horses beating on the cobbled yard. During the 1930’s a skeleton in a white dress was discovered within a small space in the castle walls by workmen. She is believed to be Celine, the daughter of the noble Bovles family. Celina fell in love with a commoner and had become pregnant. This angered her father and he held her as a prisoner in one of the castle’s dungeons. This could explain the apparitions of the “white lady.” In the 12th century, the Bishop of Roskilde, Peder Sunsen designed Dragsholm. The last bishop of Roskilde, Joachim Ronnow was imprisoned in his own castle in 1436. Some speculate that his spirit still haunts the Dragsholm’s tower where his captivity had begun.

Just recently, the Denmark ministry of defense had released over 15,000 UFO sighting archives from over the last 30 years and have also set up a link where you can download accounts of the historic UFO sightings, click here to visit that site: The observations of the UFO sightings vary from China lamps, a bright planet, and other natural occurrences to what is known as the “flying gople.” The air force has stated that most sightings do remain unidentified due to a lack of precise details and some reports have ruled out aircraft and weather phenomena. One curious report occurred on January 5th 1981 at about 12:50 which states a flaming square disc was spotted about 45 degrees over frozen land neat the Thule Air Base. It had vanished as fast as it had appeared; coincidentally radar stations at the American base had recorded an unidentified flying object off their radar also at 12:50.

dn2If so far Denmark seems to offer much a mystery, then it should come as no surprise that the mysterious Sealand Skull was discovered by workers replacing sewer pipes in Ølstykke in 2007. The skull’s discovery didn’t make any immediate headlines nor was it acknowledged by science until 2010. Researchers examined the skull at a Veterinarian high school in Copenhagen concluded that “although resembling a mammal, certain features make it impossible to fit the animal into Linnaean taxonomy.”

Since we have already discussed the discovery of a skeleton at the Draghsholm Castle and a mysterious skull discovered, let’s take a look at Denmark’s 2,000 year old army of several hundred ancient warriors that have been discovered in a bog in the Alken Enge wetlands. The remains seem to tell a story of an entire army’s sacrifice. Some of the remains include a fractured skull and a sliced thighbone. Also unearthed at the site were well preserves axes, spears, clubs and shields. The area in which the excavation has taken place is so massive that archaeologists don’t believe they will ever excavate all of what remains. It is believed that these warriors lost a battle to an opposing tribe.

If occult is in your interest then you will be fascinated to learn that “if ever Denmark is in great danger, from his enchanted sleep Holger Danske will rise and the table to which his beard has grown will split in twain, as he can sleep no more in Denmark needs aid”. *quoted from the encyclopaedia of superstitions, folklore, and the occult sciences by Charles McClellan Stevens Danse is regarded as a Danish national symbol, he is also called Oger Le Danois, his name being the only link to Denmark. Danish national author Hans Christian Andersen had in 1845 written the fairy tale Holger Danse where he was described as sitting fast asleep with his beard having grown into the table in front of him and his sword in his lap, prepared to wake up to action in case Denmark had been threatened by outside forces.

Denmark has also more than 500 years of scientific research which provides the foundations of the Danish society as we know it today. One of the most well known inventions to come out of Denmark was Google Maps invented by brothers Jens and Lars Rasmussen. This technology is used all over the world and is one of the most popular go-to mapping services today. So while in Denmark looking for the next haunted location, just remember the Google Maps originated there and you will be sure to find your location as easy as a click.

dn3Finally, if you are looking for any hot spots while in Denmark, I would first start with Copenhagan at Dana Cup where reports claim a little boy was killed playing soccer and reportedly returns to haunt the area. Also be sure to route your way over to Dragsholm castle and see if you can have an encounter with the reported 100 ghosts that lurk within. Perhaps you could bare witness to the white lady, or even James Hepburn or the little boy in Copenhagan.

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