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Detroit Paranormal Expeditions

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Location Detroit MI
Phone (734)407-9280
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Website www.detroitparanormalexpeditions.com/ 
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Detroit Paranormal Expeditions is a group of friends on a journey to better understand the unknown. DPX investigates reportedly haunted locations.🕸

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PFC Paranormal

  Contact Name Misty
Location Fernandina Beach FL
Northern Florida (Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Southern Georgia
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We are a registered non-profit organization founded in the state of Kentucky. We will be servicing the Northern Florida and Southern Georgia area. We are apart of the P.I.N.K. (Paranormal Investigators of N. KY.) family which handles private and public cases of phenomenon presumably caused by human “spirits” or locations said to be
“haunted”. For over 10 years, PFC-PINK has helped hundred’s of clients dealing with their paranormal concerns FREE of charge.

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  Contact Name  Ki Rama Wijaya
Location  Jakarta Indonesia
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We cleansing of rituals demonology and Pesugihan research in Nusantara
specific : Indonesia

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The Breastplate of St Patrick

The Breastplate of St Patrick

By Lillee Allee

Many paranormal teams choose to use a protection prayer. Some are self-written, some are said with the group and some are said privately. While many people know of the St Michael Prayer from the Catholic Church, few know or utilize the Breastplate of St. Patrick, also known as the Lorica.

The site Ancient Texts (ancienttexts.com) explains that the prayer itself is to be authentic. It is similar to the early Irish bard’s poetic verse and is the origin of Patrick’s Rune, another prayer. According to folklore, this recitation turned St Patrick and other believers into deer so that the King’s men could not persecute them. This is why Lorica is used as it means “cry of the deer.” However, lorica also refers to a prayer of protection, Latin for breastplate. Originally a morning prayer, it is now used for protection.

St. Patrick is one of the most popular saints of the Catholic Church. He was a missionary in the 5th century. It is also said he was the first bishop of his region. On March 17th, the day of his death, the Catholic Church celebrates his service, and it has also been a day to honor Ireland.

I arise today

Through a mighty strength,

the invocation of the Trinity,

Through belief in the Threeness,

Through confession of the Onenessof the Creator of creation.

I arise today

Through the strength of Christ’s birth with His baptism,

Through the strength of His crucifixion with His burial,

Through the strength of His resurrection with His ascension,

Through the strength of His descent for the judgment of doom.

I arise today

Through the strength of the love of cherubim,

In the obedience of angels,

In the service of archangels,

In the hope of resurrection to meet with reward,

In the prayers of patriarchs,

In the predictions of prophets,

In the preaching of apostles,

In the faith of confessors,

In the innocence of holy virgins,

In the deeds of righteous men.

I arise today,

throughThe strength of heaven,

The light of the sun,

The radiance of the moon,

The splendor of fire,

The speed of lightning,

The swiftness of wind,

The depth of the sea,

The stability of the earth,

The firmness of rock.

I arise today,

throughGod’s strength to pilot me,

God’s might to uphold me,

God’s wisdom to guide me,

God’s eye to look before me,

God’s ear to hear me,

God’s word to speak for me,

God’s hand to guard me,

God’s shield to protect me,

God’s host to save meFrom snares of devils,

From temptation of vices,

From everyone who shall wish me ill,afar and near.

I summon today

All these powers between me and those evils,

Against every cruel and merciless powerthat may oppose my body and soul,

Against incantations of false prophets,

Against black laws of pagandom,

Against false laws of heretics,

Against craft of idolatry,

Against spells of witches and smiths and wizards,

Against every knowledge that corrupts man’s body and soul;

Christ to shield me today

Against poison,

against burning,

Against drowning,

against wounding,

So that there may come to me an abundance of reward.

Christ with me,

Christ before me,

Christ behind me,

Christ in me,

Christ beneath me,

Christ above me,

Christ on my right,

Christ on my left,

Christ when I lie down,

Christ when I sit down,Christ when I arise,

Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,

Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,

Christ in every eye that sees me,

Christ in every ear that hears me.

[Note that people sometimes pray a shorter version of this prayer just with these 15 lines about Christ above. This is particularly a good choice for Christians who are not Catholic, or can edit to fit their beliefs. The conclusion follows below.]

I arise todayThrough a mighty strength,

the invocation of the Trinity,

Through belief in the Threeness,

Through confession of the Oneness

of the Creator of creation.

This prayer is particularly good for paranormal investigators as it basically creates a psychic shield around the individual and seals all five senses.

There are also pagan versions. While the original pagan Lorica was written by Ian Corrigan. The following version was written by Morgan:

A Modern Irish Pagan’s Lorica

“I arise today in joy

Through the strength of the sea,

Stability of the strong earth,

Endlessness of the eternal sky.

I bind to myself

The endurance of my ancestors,

The eloquence of the poets,

The truth of the ancient Druids.

I bind to myself

The speed of the hawk

The courage of the deer

The wisdom of the salmon.

I bind to myself

The inspiration of the Gods

The mystery of the Otherworld

The illumination of Spirit

I summon today all these powers

between me and any dangers

Every day that I recite this prayer

I am protected from harm

In the names of my gods

and by sea, earth, and sky”

Morgan. The Lorica . March 3, 2012. Retrieved from http://lairbhan.blogspot.com/search/label/lorica

St. Patrick’s Breastplate. Retrieved October 1, 2015 from http://www.ourcatholicprayers.com/st-patricks-breastplate.h…

The Lorica of Patrick. Retrieved October 4, 2015 from http://www.ancienttexts.org/library/celtic/ctexts/p03.html

Jan 31

Some Signs of a Demonic Haunting

Some Signs of a Demonic Haunting

By Alexander LaFountain

I have been asked a few times what constitutes a demonic haunting? How does a team of paranormal investigators going into a clients home, recognize demonic activity when it may be staring them straight in the face? How do we help those suffering from a demonic haunting? To be honest there are many things that could manifest in a demonic haunting of a home. Its important to understand that not every demonic haunting of a home is the same. They are all unique in their own way, though many cases exhibit some of the same signs found in other cases. Indeed the list below is comprised of some of the most commonly found symptoms in a demonic haunting. Its also very important that you understand, that this list is by no means an exhaustive list or a list that is meant to be the final authority on anything. This is simply a guide to help you identify what could be demonic. Its also crucial to note that not every symptom listed will manifest at a demonic haunting. Not ever haunting will have all of these symptoms and just because a haunting does feature maybe one or two of these symptoms, does not automatically mean its demonic. A good rule of thumb from my own experience with these situations, is that if the majority of these symptoms are present in a home, chances are good its demonic. If only one or two are present, its more then likely not demonic but some thing else entirely.

Banging or knocking, some times in spurts of three

People physically assaulted by an unseen force scratching, biting, punching, pushing, pulling, pinching, etc. Some times these physical assaults will happen in spurts of three such as three scratches, three punches, three bite marks, etc.

Random fires start in odd places for no reason. Example, bathroom sink catches on fire with no logical explanation as to how that happened.

Religious objects are destroyed, go missing, are defiled, or placed in positions that make a mockery of what they symbolize. For example, a cross with an image of Jesus Christ suddenly turns upside down with no logical explanation for that. Rosary beads are violently ripped apart during prayer or perhaps when left hanging on a wall, etc.

When people in the home begin to pray activity manifests or increases to distract the people praying. People may be unable to pray or suddenly find themselves very ill during the prayer.

Voices are heard speaking in what many have described as “inhuman tones” or voices are heard mocking, threatening, or insulting people in the home. These voices may be heard in the common language of the people in the house hold or some times spoken in other langues such as Latin, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, etc. May also speak in dead languages, though its very hard to actually recognize a dead language unless you have some sort of knowledge of it.

Strange smells present themselves such as sulfur, the smell of some thing burning, urine, fecal matter, rotting flesh, sweet perfume like smells, etc. These some times manifest before or after some thing else happens.

Items are thrown violently either at people or at random spots. These items are broken or damaged.

Shadow people are frequently spotted through out the house.

Children may start playing with “imaginary friends” who begin to reveal things that child could not have otherwise known such as the location of an unmarked grave, the details of a very old murder, an event about the future, etc. Often these imaginary friends soon turn on the child and the child will then report his/her friend being mean and becoming scary. The child also begins to express a personality different then his/her usual self because the imaginary friend told them to be bad or break rules.

Apparitions of truly horrifying figures appear or have been seen.

Apparent signs of summoning are present, such as a basement floor covered in a giant circle full of sigils commonly associated with demons.

The members of the house hold begin to have frequent nightmares, often being the same nightmare over and over. Often these nightmares involve their death or the death of a loved one and some times features the same “being” in each dream. On rare occasions the same demon may appear in multiple peoples nightmare at the same time in the household.

The personalities of the people inside the house begin to shift into a more depressed, easily angry, often violent state of mind with no medical explanation.

Activity some times seems centered around one person or perhaps one more seems to be more affected then the rest which potentially leads from the stage of infestation towards oppression and ultimately possession. (Infestation means a demon is present causing trouble and trying to find a victim to oppress. Oppressed means some one is under the influence of a demon and is constantly assaulted by a demon, and finally possessed means a demon or demons have gone into a person to inhabit their body. Clergy is needed at this point.)

Animals may react in unusual ways such as growling, hair standing up, and snarling or whining in a specific direction (as if responding to some thing there) where nothing is seen. Animals may also die suddenly with no logical reason as to their death. Example would be a dog with a clean bill of health from a vet, suddenly dying one night with other activity present.

When Clergy enter the home, there is a sharp manifestation of activity or some one responds negatively (such as screaming swear words at the Clergy member with no provocation) to the Clergy being there. I once spoke with a Priest who told me about the time he entered a home with a possessed boy. The boy was upstairs with his door closed and the Priest was down stairs talking with the mother, then the boy spoke in a loud deep voice telling him to get out.

As you can see this is a very lengthy list of symptoms. Remember that just because one or two symptoms from this list appear at a location, doesn’t automatically mean its demonic. Human spirits are capable of making knocking, banging, noises, are capable of speaking, are capable of moving objects, etc. Its important to observe and document as much of the activity as you possibly can, so that you can sit down and really look to see what is going on. Also please use common sense when investigating a place you think is demonic or the client says is demonic. Don’t walk in there screaming swear words at a potential demon or mocking it in an attempt to provoke a response. Such actions will potentially lead to danger both to the investigators and to the family of the home who may suffer after you leave. If you feel that at any point, a demon is indeed in the location, gather your team, get out and call a local Clergy member. Inform them of whats going, asking the clients if they would be open to a Clergy member coming to help them, and if they agree that a Clergy member is needed, try to get one to come out and help. I have shared evidence before with Clergy members on behalf of family members request, in order to get that Clergy member to come out and help. Do not attempt to take on a demonic spirit by yourself if you can help it. Above all, safety and common sense should rule.

Jan 31

Fallen Angels Part 1

Fallen Angels  Part 1

By David Scott

The history of demons goes back to the beginning of time itself. Demons did not always exist however. They were created as angels before man was created. As angels they were good in nature just like all the others, as God intended them to be. However, pride led to the downfall of many of them. It was this pride that caused these angels to not only think but to even believe that they were equal to God Himself. It was this pride that caused them to think that they did not have to stay in their assigned roles or duties, and thus put themselves above God and rule over even Him (Jude 6). Lucifer, who was the leader of this rebellion, would become known as Satan and the angels that followed him became demons.

It is important to know and understand one thing before I go any further. God did not create evil, he can’t. God is pure, love, kindness, omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. There is nothing bad or evil about God, there is no darkness in Him what so ever, only light.

It was the pride of some of the angels that caused them to sin against God, thus causing some of them to be chained and cast into the pits of nether gloom to be kept until the last judgment of Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 2:4) However, not all of the demons were chained and committed to those pits after the rebellion. The other demons were cast out of the third Heaven which is also known as the heaven of heavens. This is where Jesus Christ ascended to and now sits and rules over all having all authority, power, and dominion. Thus they were removed from the presence of God and Jesus Christ until the last judgment.

Once they were cast from Heaven they lost a great deal of their powers as a part of their punishment. When it comes to their powers they still have more power against non Christians than they do Christians. For example, against a non Christian they can control, possess, deceive, blind them spiritually, and trap them. To a Christian they can tempt, harass, and deceive them at times but never control or possess them. Demons can possess people and animals only, not dolls like some people believe. People will often hear stories of possessed dolls and toys and it is believed because the doll or toy was said to have moved on its own. What’s happening in those stories is that the doll or toy is being manipulated by the demon, not being possessed. Demons can not possess inanimate objects.

It’s not just the powers and abilities of demons that are popular, it’s their appearance too. Demons have even found their way into medieval art. During that era they usually appeared as little black evil creatures or “imps” in paintings. Of course demons do not actually have material or physical bodies. They can appear as a black humanoid form, but they can not duplicate the human form perfectly. This is because demons never were human. It is more common for them to appear as a black mass, red mist, or orange mist. Although demons have no true form or body they will also appear in an ugly, grotesque form to scare the people they are appearing before. This is to initiate a reaction of fear. Fear is what a demon feeds off of because it makes them stronger. Demons can also appear in more friendly forms though to gain acceptance into a home or life. For example, demons can appear to very small children as another child to gain acceptance into the child’s life and home. This is where some children get their imaginary friends. This is also a good example of how they deceive people to get what they want.

As I have stated before, demons will do whatever they can to get what they want, nothing is beneath them. Until the final judgment of Christ they have nothing but time, and the wisdom of the ages to do whatever they can to try and destroy mankind and make him/her suffer as much as possible in the process.


http://www.nademonicparanormal.com/fallen.html (no longer available)

Part 2

This article is a continuation of the first one that I wrote. In the first article I touched on some of the basics about demons, and their rebellion. In the first article I referred mostly to the demons that were cast out of Heaven in the rebellion with Satan and are now being kept in chains in the pits of nether gloom until the last judgment. That is the “Fallen Angels.” However that was only some of the demons. Not all of them were cast into pits of nether gloom and/or out of Heaven. I also went into a little detail about the appearance of demons. In this article I will be discussing the other demons, their kingdom, as well as one of the most popular misconceptions about them, which is their “names.”

The other demons that I’m referring to are the “free demons.” That is the one’s that are allowed to wander the earth with Satan stalking mankind. They are also known as the “principalities”, “powers of the air”, and “the powers of darkness.” It is these demons that still have access to the heavenlies, as well as the earth. These demons are the ones that seek to corrupt, possess, and destroy mankind. Before I go any further though I need to explain what I mean by the heavenlies. When Satan was cast out of heaven he was cast out of the third heaven also known as heaven of heavens. That is the Heaven where Jesus Christ ascended to and now sits ruling over all, and having all authority, power, and dominion. Satan was cast forever out of the presence of God until the last judgment, but, not out of Heaven completely. You have to remember that heaven itself is another realm, one that we can not see. Also, all demons are “Fallen Angels” there are just different ones.

Satan is of course the ruler of these demons, and has established a kingdom of his own. Just as there is a rank and order among the angels in Heaven that serve God and Jesus Christ there is a rank and order among the demons and their kingdom in serving Satan. Scripture indicates that there is a rank and order system among the demons when it refers to Abbadon. Abbadon is the ruler of the demons in the abyss. It is from this that we can reason that Satan has some type of ranking system within his kingdom, not to mention the fact that to assume that his kingdom and the demons that follow and serve him would be unorganized is not logical.

This is where we will get into the names of the demons. I’m sure most of you have come across websites that list all the names of known demons and their ranks. While some of the names you see are legitimate, you simply can not trust all of them. As a matter of fact, you can throw most of them out. The Bible does name some of the demons in scripture as do other ancient writings. The problem with trusting any other ancient writings is that they have been found to be inaccurate as well as contradict what the Bible teaches. It is for these reasons that the names of demons found in anything but the Bible simply can not be trusted. Having said that, that doesn’t mean you have to disregard what it says altogether because some of it could be true. You should just be mindful that it could also be wrong. Remember though that the Holy Bible is the ultimate authority and it will never mislead you. The fact of the matter is that most demons will take on the name of whatever they’re inflicting or doing at the time. I will list some of the names of demons found in the Bible below. Most of these are the “gods” and idols that the different cultures and people worshipped. Scripture indicates that it was actually demons that influenced this type of worship and activity.









Beelzebub (Satan)




Finally, I need to address an age old myth concerning the names of demons. That myth is that if you say or write the name of a demon you will be attacked. This stems from the old saying “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.” It is most unfortunate but there are some people that lead others to believe this. Saying or writing the name of a demon will not cause you to be attacked by one. It’s the fear and recognition that you are giving the demon that could cause an attack. Even then one would have to be around, and be strong enough to do anything. Not to mention several other things that would need to take place. I say the names of demons all the time, have just written a list of them above, and nothing happens.

In conclusion, there’s more to demons than most people realize. As I’ve said before, the only true way to correctly learn about demons and the demonic is through the Church, not your local library. Most of the websites on the internet that have information about demons are just not accurate or are completely wrong. The same goes for many of the books that have been written about demons. Unless you get your information through the Church, Seminary, or a Bible college you can not trust what is out there. Just like you shouldn’t believe everything you see and hear, you shouldn’t believe everything you read either.


http://www.nademonicparanormal.com/fallen2.html (no longer available)


Jan 31



By Shellie Langdeau

In Aztec mythology, Mictlantecuhtli was the skeletal god of death who ruled over Mictlan, the underworld, with his wife, Mictlancihuatl.

After the restoration of the sky and earth by Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl, the two gods decide to create people to inhabit the new world. In order to do this, Quetzalcoatl travels to the underworld to retrieve the human bones of the last creation. After a conversation with Michlantechutli, the Lord of Mictlan agrees to give up the bones if Quetzalcoatl will complete a task that involved Quetzalcoatl traveling around the underworld four times while sounding a trumpet made out of a conch shell. Michlantechutli, however, not wanting to give up the bones so easily, makes the apparently simple task challenging by not drilling holes in the conch shell. Quetzalcoatl, nevertheless, is able to complete the task by calling upon worms to drill holes in the shell and by having bees enter the trumpet.

When Michlantechutli hears the conch sounding, he at first allows Quetzalcoatl to take the bones, then quickly changes his mind, but his efforts are in vain as Quetzalcoatl is able to escape the underworld with the bones. Angry at the fiasco, Michlantechutli orders his minions to dig a deep pit, and as Quetzalcoatl runs towards it, a quail pops out and frightens him. Quetzalcoatl falls in the pit dead, and the bones are broken and scattered – the reason why people are different sizes today.

mikl2Quetzalcoatl eventually revives and retrieves the bones, and gives them to the goddess Cihuacoatl (Woman Serpent) who grinds the bones into a flour-like mixture and puts it into a special container. The gods are then able to gather around this container, shed drops of their own blood, & from the combination, spawn the peoples of today.


Jan 31

DVR Systems


By Aurther Mclelland

DVR Systems what are they used for? How are they used? And do you really need one. Will to answer this questions and foremost the question that is the biggest question what is it used for. A digital video recorder (DVR), sometimes referred to by the merchandising term personal video recorder (PVR), is a consumer electronics device or application software that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD or other local or networked mass storage device. The term includes set-top boxes (STB) with direct to disk recording facility, portable media players (PMP) with recording, recorders (PMR) as camcorders that record onto Secure Digital memory cards and software for personal computers which enables video capture and playback to and from a hard disk drive. A television set with built-in digital video-recording facilities was introduced by LG in 2007, followed by other manufacturers.

So let go over the history of them. Consumer digital video recorders Replay TV and TiVo were launched at the 1999 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA. Microsoft also demonstrated a unit with DVR capability, but this did not become available until the end of 1999 for full DVR features in Dish Network’s DISH player receivers. TiVo shipped their first units on March 31, 1999. Replay TV won the “Best of Show” award in the video category with Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen as an early investor and board member, but TiVo was more successful commercially. While early legal action by media companies forced Replay TV to remove many features such as automatic commercial skip and the sharing of recordings over the Internet, newer devices have steadily regained these functions while adding complementary abilities, such as recording onto DVDs and programming and remote control facilities using PDAs, networked PCs, and Web browsers.

Hard-disk based digital video recorders make the “time shifting” feature (traditionally done by a VCR) much more convenient, and also allow for “trick modes” such as pausing live TV, instant replay of interesting scenes, chasing playback where a recording can be viewed before it has been completed, and skipping of advertising. Most DVRs use the MPEG format for compressing the digitized video signals. Video recording capabilities have become an essential part of the modern set-top box, as TV viewers have wanted to take control of their viewing experiences. As consumers have been able to converge increasing amounts of video content on their set-tops, delivered by traditional ‘broadcast’ cable, satellite and terrestrial as well as IP networks, the ability to capture programming and view it whenever they want has become a must-have function for many consumers.

How to use DVR recording systems for ghost hunting. DVR-Systems-For-Ghost-Hunting It is not possible to properly investigate a potential haunted location with only a few people. Occurrences do not always wait for people to witness them and using DVR systems for ghost hunters can help with documentation. A DVR system has cameras, infrared boosters, and a monitor to analyze the investigation. Ghost hunters can set cameras in rooms where the most occurrences are recorded. While investigators travel from room to room, the cameras can remain in one location. This can help in two different ways. One way using DVR systems for ghost hunters can help an investigation is to allow people to record an event that an investigator may witness. This can help substantiate a claim of a supernatural occurrence.

Another possible way that a DVR system can help with an investigation is by recording events when ghost hunters are not in the room. Whether ghosts are shy or just not able to collect the energy they need at the right time, supernatural events may occur when a room is vacant. Beginner ghost hunters use regular cameras to help record phenomena. This is beneficial, but it has downsides. Standard cameras need to be checked on occasion to change tapes and check battery levels. Depending on the length of the investigation, the tapes may need to be changed several times. Using DVR systems for ghost hunters eliminates this need. It is possible to record hours of events from multiple locations without the need of a tape. A monitor for a DVR system can allow an investigator to watch several rooms at once. One monitor can show five or six different cameras, and can let investigators know what is going on at any particular location.

After an investigation, ghost hunters need to be able to review the tapes to see what may or may not have occurred. Using a DVR system for ghost hunters will allow investigators to stop, enhance, or rewind what was recorded from a particular camera. It is also possible to move a tape frame by frame to capture even the slightest detail. Not all phenomena are ostentatious. Some of the events that occur may be subtle. It takes a great deal of energy for a spirit to move an object; the subtlest movements may exhaust them. Frame by frame viewing may allow investigators to catch those small movements. A chair rocking, a ball moving across the room or a faucet turning on may be the proof necessary to justify mystical claims. Using DVR systems for ghost hunters lends credibility to an investigation. It can help verify eyewitness accounts and record phenomena that occur even when no one is in the room. Enhancing a particular frame can determine whether or not an occurrence is supernatural. Sometimes there is a logical explanation for what is happening. When there is no logical explanation, than the tape can be analyzed. Whatever is left, however impossible will have to be the answer. Be Sociable, Share!

Jan 31

Laser Grids More than just cool-looking Technology?

Laser Grids More than just cool-looking Technology

By Lillee Allee

The paranormal reality shows seem to bask in the green glow (or red) of a laser grid system. The idea certainly sounds appealing, but is it affordable to the average investigator and does it really make a distinct difference in the quality of evidence? Does the cost outweigh the interest in such a device?

Let’s look at what a laser grid is capable of producing for the team. First, the grid is turned on, and maps the area in question. Investigators will be able to see and record whether the grid is breached or not. After the breach, this equipment will allow the user to track the speed and size of an anomaly (or anyone or thing that passes through the grid). Grid equipment can range from using dots to visually see the grid or lines which resemble a three dimensional piece of graph paper placed on the area. Once the grid is focused on a solid area, the anomalies can be tracked and measured.

Tri-C Ghost Hunters use the grid system. Founders Greg and Kathy Feketik Jake Tolin and Todd S. Schelat founded this organization which has three teams in Ohio. Schelat is also lead investigator and tech specialist for the Canton, Ohio team. Schelat uses laser grids as part of the equipment for the team’s paranormal research and investigations. He states that a green grid tends to work better than the red. According to Schelat, “the theory behind the use of the laser grid is that it is projected in a hallway of in any area for investigating. If an entity passes by the lights it will break the beams and will show itself.”

Schelat cautions that when using laser grid penlights, the external IR lights must be turned off while recording on video. Otherwise the lights will “drown out” the laser grid. He also recommends that the grid should be used for a short time, such as ten minutes or so as they can overheat. Schelat would prefer a laser grid with its own cooling system, but they require an AC (electrical outlet) current and can be financially taxing to the team. Schelat also believes that false positives can occur with the use of the grid, as insects and other airborne contamination can affect the evidence adversely. The savvy investigator will use the grid and look for a full body shape, and discount any flicker or slight disruption on the grid.

Schelat states that his team so far has not captured anything significant with their laser grid, but will continue to use the grid during investigations.

A lot of people feel that these grids are out of their price range. Like so many other pieces of technology, they are surprisingly affordable for some. The GS1 (ghost-stop.com) sells for $89.95. It comes with a tri-pod mount, but the tri-pod itself is $14.95. A laser grid pen is usually under 30 dollars, and get the side on/off clap for the pen for $4.95. You can also add a laser mount head with the tripod for 26.95. Of course, the cost of batteries will be incurred for use, but that is true with most equipment today. The GS1 with all the gadgets, and with some deals, should cost less than 200 hundred dollars.

Techies may prefer at least one (they are stackable) of the Puck 360 degree GS1 (ghost-stop.com.) These actually look like a hockey puck, hence the name. Eeach one will set you back about 200 dollars and the more you stack the more, the more power you get. For those who have become frustrated over the years with all “the good stuff” happening just outside of camera view, this is a panacea.

It is important that while the new gear is lots of fun and opens up the field, one also needs the electronic equipment (such as cameras, computers and programs) to be able to read and evaluate the data. The best advice before investing is to talk to teams that are already using the grid system to assist you in deciding whether the laser grid is appropriate for your team and your budget.


LaserGrid GS1, Puck 360 degree GS1. Retrieved September 10, 2015 from http://www.ghoststop.com/Laser-Grid…/laser-lasergrid-gs1.htm

Schelat, Todd S. Interview via internet on September 14, 2015.

Jan 31

What is a Full Spectrum Camera?

What is a Full Spectrum Camera?

By: Sara Fawley

I have heard the term Full Spectrum Camera used many times as I am sure most of us have. I have some vague idea that it somehow captures from a light spectrum not visible to the human eye but that is as far as my limited knowledge goes. Due to this I thought I would do a little digging and see if I could explain it a little further for myself and anyone else who might be curious.

What I have found is this. A camera has a CCD sensor which in essence is it’s “eye”. This sensor controls how your camera “sees” the world around it. The sensor can only “see the visible light spectrum. Now there are other spectrums out there, the near infrared (IR) range and the UltraViolet (UV) range, that the human eye cannot see and that is also blocked out on your camera by an internal IR-cut filter in the camera’s lens. To make a camera “Full Spectrum” this filter is removed. Now the camera can not only “see” what the human eye sees but also the ranges beyond that. The theory is that these “invisible” ranges may be where spirits are “visible”.

What are the advantages to using a Full Spectrum Camera in the course of investigating?

The first advantage would seem to be that you do not need to use a flash in dark areas. While IR is invisible to the human eye it is very bright to the full spectrum camera.

The obvious advantage to no flash is that investigators are not constantly being blinded by the bright flash going off which can cut down on the tricks your eyes play on you in a changing light environment.

Another advantage is that environmental contamination “orbs” such as dust, lint, pollen and moisture are not going to be such an issue. These “orbs” are cause by the particulate being caught in the flash close to the lens. The only way this can happen with a Full Spectrum Camera is if the IR light source is to close to the lens. Keep the light source away from the lens…. problem solved.

Are there any disadvantages to a Full Spectrum Camera?

The major disadvantages that I found were that you cannot use them in the daytime or natural light because they cast a pink glow over the picture. The other thing I found is that you must have an IR light source and this can be a little costly.

So do Full Spectrum Cameras capture images of spirits?

We all know there is no conclusive proof of spirits or ghosts or anything else paranormal for that matter. To my knowledge to date there are no 100% proven photographs of spirits, full spectrum or otherwise but we keep pushing forward and trying to get that Holy Grail. If using everything technology has to offer us can get us there I say why not try.




Jan 31

Frequency and Sound Meters

Frequency and Sound Meters

By Aurthur Mclelland

Now as in last week we talk EVPs here is two pieces of equipment you can use prove you evps are true one is a frequency meter and a sound meter and here is why.

A frequency meter is an electronic instrument that displays the frequency of a periodic electrical signal. Frequency meter, device for measuring the repetitions per unit of time (customarily, a second) of a complete electromagnetic waveform. Various types of frequency meters are used. Many are instruments of the deflection type, ordinarily used for measuring low frequencies but capable of being used for frequencies as high as 900 Hz. These operate by balancing two opposing forces. Changes in the frequency to be measured cause a change in this balance that can be measured by the deflection of a pointer on a scale. Deflection-type meters are of two types, electrically resonant circuits and radiometers. An example of a simple electrically resonant circuit is a moving-coil meter. In one version, this device possesses two coils tuned to different frequencies and connected at right angles to one another in such a way that the whole element, with attached pointer, can move. Frequencies in the middle of the meter’s range cause the currents in the two coils to be approximately equal and the pointer to indicate the midpoint of a scale. Changes in frequency cause an imbalance in the currents in the two coils, causing them and, in turn, the pointer to move. Another type of frequency meter, not of the deflection type, is the resonant-reed type, ordinarily used in ranges from 10 to 1,000 Hz, although special designs can operate at lower or higher frequencies. These work by means of specially tuned steel reeds that vibrate under the effect of electric current; only those reeds that are in resonance vibrate visibly, however.

A sound level meter or sound meter is an instrument that measures sound pressure level, commonly used in noise pollution studies for the quantification of different kinds of noise, especially for industrial, environmental and aircraft noise. However, the reading from a sound level meter does not correlate well to human-perceived loudness, which is better measured by a loudness meter. The current international standard that specifies sound level meter functionality and performance is the IEC 61672-1:2013.

On top of all that the last thing you need is a camera recording all of them together at the same time and set to the same time I know it is pricey but if we all try a little harder and put up all the information with the evp it make it more proof that no one can disprove.

Jan 15

South East Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Team (S.E.W.P.I.T)

S.E.W.P.I.T Contact Name Kathy Poltrock
Location Racine, WI
WI, IL and IA
Phone 262-456-7523
Email email
Website sewpit.com
Follow Us facebooktwitteryoutubeInstagram
As a paranormal team, we investigate homes, businesses and other public locations to document and collect data to help our clients understand the activity they are experiencing as well as educate those who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the paranormal field.

Jan 15

TN After Hours Paranormal

 TN Afterhours Paranormal Contact Name Dean or Elaine Stout
Location Alcoa,  TN
Phone 865-679-6774
Email email
Website www.tnafterhours.com
Follow Us facebook twitter youtube
Historical locations, homes, bridges, roads, abandoned buildings

Jan 11

Three Knocks! Should I Be Scared???

Three Knocks! Should I Be Scared???
By Sara Fawley

Three knocks are heard. Is it the devil? Is it an omen of death? Or, is it folklore come calling?

Every time someone says they heard three knocks on their window, door or wall tons of comments pop up stating that it is evil or the devil. The reasoning they give is that the three knocks is a sign of mocking the trinity. Would it surprise you to know that this is not the original lore behind the three knocks?

The original and most accepted (outside of today’s paranormal culture) lore behind the three knocks is that it is an omen someone you know has died or soon will. Every culture has folklore and superstitions related to death from holding your breath while passing a graveyard to ensure you will be buried when you die to a bird flying into your house being an of death.

The 3 Knocks of death omen is no different. The Irish and Scots believe if you hear 3 knocks on the door or 3 taps on the window at regular intervals, lasting 2 minutes this is an omen of death.
Several Native American tribes believe the sound of a stick thumping on the ground 3 times or the beat of a drum 3 times is the omen that someone will die soon. Arab, African and Jewish traditions all hold the same superstition. It also dates back to Victorian times.

Now that we have read all the scary stuff, here is another surprise. 3 knocks is also associated with good. Have you ever heard the expression “Knock on Wood”?. The tale behind that in folklore of all cultures again , centers around knocking on wood three times to keep your luck from leaving you.

Some suggest that it traces back to pre christian times when many cultures worshiped or mythologized trees. Some used them as Oracles, Some cultures incorporated them into their rituals while others believed their deities resided in them. Many of the cultures who worshiped or idolized trees would lay their hands on the tree when asking for a particular favor or in thanks after a run of good fortune.

One of the popular theories on the origin of knocking on wood is that the practice of laying hands on a tree morphed into simple knocking on wood once the worship aspect was removed from it.

The interesting thing is that it all has to do with knocking to keep your luck from leaving you. What is the unluckiest thing that could happen? A death of someone close to you. Is there absolute proof that the “Knocking on Wood” and “3 Knocks of Death” superstitions are related? Well, no but the coincidence is pretty uncanny if you ask me. As always, do your research and you decide.


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Jan 05

Nevada Paranormal Task Force

 NPS-Default Contact Name Chuck Klenus
Location Las Vegas, NV
West Coast
Phone  702-883-0091
Email email
Website nevadaparanormaltaskforce.com
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Historic and Scientific. Our team is Historical. Scientific. We. Help those with Paranormal Activity. We cleanse, we also travel to haunted locations

Jan 04

Solutions For Your Paranormal Problems

 NPS-Default Contact Name Aryan Metzender
Location Patna India
Email email
Website globalparanormalhunters.webstarts.com 
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Our team solves paranormal cases around the world. We are basically based in India but we have members in our team from all over the globe. The name of our team is Global Paranormal Hunters but we are running our page on facebook with the name Solutions For Your Paranormal Problems. We have members with many psychic abilities & have many paranormal cases around the world. We do home cleansing, aura reading, aura healing, home blessing, face reading & reiki.

Other Social Media:

Jan 04

Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters

 grand-rapids-paranormal Contact Name Dan Schmidt
Location Grand Rapids, MI
West Michigan and beyond
Phone  616-951-5011
Email email
Website grandrapidsghosthunters.wordpress.com/ 
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Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters is a group devoted to helping families and individuals dealing with paranormal activity. I am a pastor and I have seen first hand the oppression that can consume an individual or family when a “spirit” or “ghost” or “demon” is present. My friend and paranormal research partner Wayne has also experienced paranormal oppression. Together we strive to accomplish two tasks. First and foremost, we want to help people understand what is going on and assist them in getting rid of negative paranormal entities. Second, we want to collect evidence of these paranormal entities to prove that they exist.

Jan 04

The Kansas Mystery Stone

The Kansas Mystery Stone
By Doreen Stadelman Wente

In 1913, a farmer from Beverly, Kansas, named Maurice Briand, was plowing his field. This field contained a limestone slab that he had plowed around for several years. He had grown tired of the extra work this stone had caused, so he went to get a hammer, pick, and shovel to remove it. The slab was 8 feet long by 4 feet wide. As he was clearing the debris, he found that a 12 inch long by 9 inch wide by 2 inch thick piece of the stone that contained a strange inscription carved in a 4” by 6” rectangular inset. The inscription was written with symbols that Mr. Briand didn’t understand. Mr. Briand’s first impression was that it must have been an old grave marker.

It is unclear what Mr. Briand did with the mysterious stone or its whereabouts for the next decade. In the early 1920’s, the stone was donated to the Kansas Historical Society where it remained in a back room for nearly 60 years. A representative of the KHS stated that it was never displayed due to questions about its antiquity. He felt the stone was too clean and un-weathered to be of any value.

In the mid 1990’s, historian Dean Jeffries began studying the stone. Mr. Jeffries focused mainly on translating the inscription. He agreed with Mr. Briand’s assumption that this stone was a grave marker and the inscription seemed to be a death chant. The inscription consisted of 16 symbols which he believes is from the Gaelic Punic language which was a common ancient language of the Iberian Peninsula. This language pre-dates the Latin alphabet and the Spanish language. He translated the inscription as follows:

“Thy Song. Strength which powers their journey. The one who strengthens all. Oh! Thy Song.”

If he is correct about the language, the people who inscribed it are Europeans he calls the Sun Worshipers. He believes that these were the first Europeans to cross Kansas. They would have been here roughly in 500 A.D., 1000 years prior to the Spanish conquistador Francisco Vazquez de Coranado who historically was the first European to visit Kansas in 1541.

We may never know who inscribed this stone or if it truly marked a grave, but it leaves one to wonder just who has traveled across our country in the past and just how long ago they were here. For now, we can study the stone ourselves by visiting the Kyne House Museum in Lincoln, Kansas. The stone was given back to Lincoln County in 1993 and has been on display ever since.

Salina Journal 11-16-92

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Jan 02

Old West Ghosts of Hays City, Kansas

Old West Ghosts of Hays City, Kansas
By Doreen Stadelman Wente

Every community has their share of local legends and ghost stories. Hays, Kansas is no different. Originally known as Hays City, the history of Hays is rooted in the old west. Many well-known “wild west” figures resided in or passed through Hays City. Wild Bill Hickok was the sheriff for a brief period of time, General George Custer was stationed at Fort Hays nearby, and the world famous Buffalo Soldiers were a part of Fort Hays during the Indian Wars, just to name a few. Hays City was a wild and rough town during its early years. With over 30 saloons and brothels, the soldiers from Fort Hays frequented the town. Card games, brawls and gunfights were everyday occurrences. It’s not surprising that Hays would have a good number of ghost stories to share.

The downtown, original area of Hays that was once full of saloons, brothels and merchants, has many stories to tell. One local legend says that anyone who was killed in the gambling hall was thrown down an old well out back. Other stories have the unruly being buried in the local Boot Hill cemetery. A railroad bridge at the edge of town became known as “the hanging bridge.” Anyone who actually live long enough to be tried in the court of Judge Joyce, was hung from this bridge if found guilty.

Kate Coffee, a saloon and brothel owner, was stabbed to death in her own saloon. The original building still stands. It has housed several businesses and has most recently been converted to apartments. Over the years, there have been many sightings of Miss Coffey’s ghost.

As the town of Hays grew and expanded north, the Boot Hill Cemetery needed to be moved. Many of the graves were moved to the new Mount Allen Cemetery located a few miles north of town. Many of the graves at Boot Hill had been lost, so not all of the bodies were moved. This area is now in the center of a residential neighborhood. As basements were being dug for new constructions over the years, many remains have been found. A good number of residences in the surrounding neighborhood have experienced strange happenings. The Boot Hill Cemetery is now a historical landmark and a memorial stand on the spot.

While there are so many ghost stories told about Hays City, the most well-known stories are centered at Fort Hays. Fort Hays was established in 1865 and originally known as Fort Fletcher. The fort was located along the banks of Big Creek 14 miles southeast of what would be Hays City. In the spring of 1867, the fort was destroyed by a flood. The site was abandoned and the fort was re-located on 7500 acres of land ¾ of a mile directly south of Hays City. The name was then changed to Fort Hays.

Fort Hays was a fully functioning fort during the Indian Wars, housing the regiments of the Seventh US Cavalry, the Fifth US Infantry, and the Tenth US Cavalry. The fort was abandoned at the end of the Indian Wars late in 1889 and turned over to the State of Kansas in 1900. A few original buildings still sand and are now part of a museum and a good portion of the land is now Fort Hays State University. At one time, two houses that were officer’s quarters were sold and moved to another are of Hays and used as private residences. One well known ghost story happened to a family who lived in one of these houses. The children always complained about voices and footsteps during the night. One evening, as the owner was returning home from work, she entered her house and began to enter the dining room. Around her dining room table was a group of cavalry soldiers playing cards. As she backed out of the room, the soldiers faded and disappeared. Many years later, the two houses were sold back to the museum and re-located to their original places at the fort. Occasional activity is still reported by visitors and staff.

The most well-known legend surrounding Fort Hays and Hays City is that of the Blue Light Lady. Sometime during the mid 1860’s Elizabeth Polly and her husband Ephriam came to Fort Hays. Ephriam was a hospital steward who came to the fort to attend to the sick and wounded. In 1867, a cholera epidemic hit Fort Hays. There were so many sick to take care of that Elizabeth joined in to lend a helping hand. Evenings, Elizabeth would often walk the two miles to Sentinel Hill to find spiritual comfort from the tasks she endured daily. Sentinel Hill over looked the fort and city and offered an wonderful place to relax and reflect. Late in 1867, Elizabeth contracted the disease. As she was dying, she asked her husband to bury her at the top of Sentinel Hill. He agreed, but when the time came, he found the limestone hill too hard to dig a grave. He buried her at the foot of the hill instead. Four limestone posts were used to mark the grave. Legend says that these posts were stolen by four thieves. Each of these thieves met with an untimely death. One was killed in a gunfight. Another was struck by a train. The remaining two died in a carriage accident. Because of the theft of the markers, Elizabeth’s gravesite has been lost. Attempts have been made to dig in the area in hopes of finding her remains. Several remains have been found, but there is no proof that any of them were actually that of Elizabeth.

The legend of the Blue Light lady began when people started seeing a blue, glowing ball of light floating in the area of Sentinel Hill. It is assumed that the spirit of Elizabeth Polly is looking for her grave. Others, still have seen a woman in a blue prairie dress and bonnet. One of the earliest known reports was in 1917 when John Schmidt, a local farmer, encountered a woman in a blue dress crossing his field. He attempted to call to her, but she just continued walking, entering a small shed on the property. Mr. Schmidt had his family watch for her all day. After never seeing anyone leave the shed, he went to check on the woman. To his surprise, there was no one in the shed and nothing had been disturbed. Mr. Schmidt’s farm was located close to Sentinel Hill.

In 1957, a member of the Hays Police Department was patrolling along the Interstate 70 Bypass that passes between Fort Hays State University and the old fort museum. He looked up to see a woman in a blue dress crossing the road directly in front of his car. He was positive he had hit her. He radioed dispatch to send an ambulance and got out of his car to help the woman. There was no one there. He never found the woman that he was sure he had injured.

In recent years, a crew of custom harvesters was cutting a wheat field near Sentinel Hill. Most of the crew had headed into town at the end of the day. One combine operator stayed behind to finish his “rounds”. He encountered a woman in a blue dress gliding across the wheat field. He called to her, but she ignored him and continued her walk. When he met the rest of the crew in town for supper, he told his story. The waitress told him that he had just seen the Blue Light Lady.

Whether Elizabeth Polly is actually the Blue Light Lady or just a wonderful woman who cared for the sick, she holds a special place in the hearts of the residents of Hays. A park in the city has been named for her and a memorial statue has been placed in her honor. Another memorial marker has been placed at the top of Sentinel Hill. There haven’t been any recorded sightings lately, but it seems she likes years that end in 7, so the community of Hays will have to keep watch in 2017. Maybe the Blue Light Lady will appear again.

Hays, Kansas is rich with ghost stories and old west history. Anyone with an interest in either of these subjects would not be disappointed in a visit to the area. This article only touches on a few of the stories and legends. There is so much more to discover in Hays, Kansas. And who knows? If you visit at the right time, you just might get to meet Elizabeth Polly.


2) www.legendsofamerica.com
3) www.ghosts.org/blue-light-lady-hays-ks

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Jan 02

The Penokee Man

The Penokee Man
By Doreen Stadelman Wente

The world we live in is full of unexplained mysteries. From the Nazca lines to Stonehenge to cave drawings, people have marveled at and wondered about these objects for centuries. Northwest Kansas has its own mysterious object; the Penokee Man.

Located in the Solomon River Valley of Graham County, Kansas, the Penokee Man is constructed of cobble-sized limestone rocks. These rocks form the outline of a man 57 feet tall by 32 feet wide. The figure lies with his head to the west and legs to the east on what is locally known as “Indian Mound.” It is believed that the Penokee Man was originally constructed of about 168 stones. Today 122 remain. The stones are thought to have been quarried from the Ogallala Formation just a quarter of a mile away.

The Penokee Man is one of less than 10 figures found in the United States and Canada. A few others have been found between Kansas and Canada leading researchers to believe they were constructed by the Blackfoot Indians of Canada. These figures are believed to be between 200 and 500 years old. Arrowheads determined to be more than 500 years old have been found in fields near the Penokee Man.

The figures were discovered when the great plains were being settled. The Penokee Man is 250 miles further south than any other known stone figure and is by far the largest. Many of the other figures have been destroyed due to agriculture. The Penokee Man is the most well preserved.

In 1879, a paleontologist from Harvard journeyed to Kansas to study the figure and determine its possible origin and use. Because of the figure’s positioning in relation to the Indian beliefs regarding the cardinal directions, he felt the figure may have had religious importance. After closer inspection, it was found that the Penokee Man had over-sized genetalia and was possibly a symbol of fertility. The Blackfoot tribes, however, have a legend named Naape. According to Don Blakeslee, Wichita State University archeologist, “Naape is not the creator of the world, but a heroic figure who transformed the Earth to make it suitable for human beings. The Blackfoot in the north believe that is what he was doing when he got tired and laid on a hilltop. He spread out his arms and marked where he was with a series of boulders. The view when you are at the Penokee Man is that you can see 360 degrees on the horizon.” (1)

A final theory of origin was presented by Erich Von Daniken, a swiss author of the late 1960’s. Von Daniken believed figures such as the Penokee Man, Stonehenge, and the Great Pyramids are all calling cards left by extraterrestrial intelligence who visited earth in the past.

Although residents of the nearby unincorporated town of Penokee, Kansas will disagree with the alien theory, they do feel strongly that the Penokee man once had great significance. The figure is located on private land and due to its deterioration over the years, it is not advertised as a tourist stop. However, the local people are fond of their Penokee Man and will always offer up their theories about the mysterious figure to anyone who wishes to learn more about him and area history.

(1) www.kansas.com/ne…/special-reports/kansas-105/article1053942
(2) www.grahanhistorical.ruraltel.net/stoneman/stoneman.html
(3) www.hdnews.net
(4) www.tauycreek.com
(5) www.kshs.org/kansapedia/penokee-figure/12167

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Dec 31

Delta Colorado Paranormal Investigators

 delta-colorado-paranormal Contact Name Cynthia Hammer
Location Delta, CO
Anywhere throughout Western Colorado
Phone 970-549-7054
Email email
Follow Us facebook
We seek out the Truth to help families and business find out what they are seeing and feeling. We do intense Research of the Property we are investigating. Some of our Investigations have been a double suicide in Crawford, Colorado, A couple of Investigation in the Canyons and abandon Cabins (hint: Mike does like Bourbon more then Coffee.), Private homes in the area and contacting lost love ones for family closure. We also investigated a lady that was murdered which gave us so much information on who and how she died. We bless homes and cast out any evil that may be lingering around. We never judge the dead for their pass life. Give us a call, we would love to help anyway and our service is always FREE and PRIVATE. We never give out the location we investigate for the owners privacy.

Dec 31

SMART PARANORMAL (Spirit Mediation And Research Team)

 NPS-Default Contact Name Steve DUNN
Location OKEANA, OH
Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky
Phone 513-816-6112
Email email
Follow Us
We investigate and determine entity identities…and figure out what it is that keeps them here, and try to determine if they could possibly mean harm to anyone or if they are passive…we offer our help to both the spirit and the living… (Spirit Mediators) if you will.

Dec 31


 shadow-and-paranormal-investigations Contact Name  MATT LEAR
Location Lancaster, KY
Kentucky, Tri State
Phone 859-339-2517
Email email
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We are here to find your issue,from hantings,shadow figures,or any tpresents of anything paranormal

Dec 30

Darkness Within Paranormal

 NPS-Default Contact Name  Judith Giramonti
Location  Ishpeming, MI
Ishpeming, Michigan and surrounding areas
Phone  860-987-8426
Email email
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I am a parapsychologist and my team does haunted buildings, houses and we also do exorcisms when needed.

Dec 30

The AfterLife Research Agency (TARA)

tara Contact Name  Tami Vang
Location  Campbell, NY
Southern Tier of New York
Phone  607-329-3751
Email email
Website  theafterliferesearchagency.com
Follow Us  facebook
TARA’s mission is twofold in nature. First and simply put, we want to research the afterlife. What happens to our souls after death – immediately after, three days after, three months after, thirty years after death? Do we retain the personal characteristics in the spirit world as we carried in this life? Are all of the spirits that humans encounter tied to this world for some reason (unfinished business)? Or, do some spirits just want to come back to visit their loved ones still living in this world of ours? These are some of the questions we want to answer in our paranormal work.
Since our team consists of different souls following different paths in this life, we each come from a different background and bring a different focus to TARA. This diversity creates a synergy with our investigations that allows us to question, test hypotheses and form opinions. Individually we are counterbalances for each other that create a smooth-running team.
The second nature of TARA’s mission is to help others in our community – whether located here in this little berg or in another part of our land. We have all had paranormal experiences of one shape or form and have come to terms with those experiences and the existence of spirits. However, we have all come across neighbors, relatives, friends or co-workers who live uncomfortably with their paranormal experiences. Our team is here to help those people better understand those interactions with the spirit world and bring them to a more comfortable place.

Dec 19

CPI Investigations

 cpi-investigations Contact Name TD McRoy
Location Orlando, FL
Orlando Florida Nationwide
Phone  407-929-0181
Email email
Follow Us  youtube
Other social media links:
CSI.CON Intro Video for our Oct. 27 release.

CPI Investigations is a paranormal research group made up of ex & current physic students. We have been conducting a concealed research project that begun on October 22, 2005. This secret project was founded by researcher TD McRoy under the original name only known as “COMUS.” The project to date has revealed many amazing cinematic phenomena since the 2005 inception. The eleven-year research project looks into the exhibition of quantum energy in its most rare form. Using quantum physics, our best determination is that quantum energy moves in a two-dimensional world.
Through the use of classical mechanics, our group was led to theorize that quantum energy could be photographed in nature by increasing the closing rate. Not only did we find instant success; we were now able to photograph
quantum images in nature. Since 2005, we have accumulated some two hundred plus images of spirit energy under near perfect daylight conditions that seem to move in a manner not yet explained by the known laws of physics. It is our goal to share those images with the public; we want you to be our witness as we have images of what many would call the best full-body evidence that’s ever been captured. On October 27, 2016 CPI plans to publicly releasing three dozen unpublished images of our quantum energy in nature, which we call “QEIN.” This particular date was chosen to fly in the face of the Las Vegas 2016 CSI. CON convention for skeptics. I hope we have your support.

Dec 12

Tennessee Paranormal

 tennessee-paranormalvi Contact Name Rodney Grundmeyer
Location Springfield, TN
Tennessee, Kentucky and surrounding areas
Phone  615-992-8173
Email email
Website  ofc211.wixsite.com/tennessee-paranormal
Follow Us  facebooktwitteryoutube
Tennessee Paranormal is a non-profit, paranormal investigation group; whose goal is to investigate incidents using high-tech equipment in order to determine whether or not the reported activity is caused from something man made or paranormal in nature.

Nov 28

Anomalous Research and Investigation

 anamalous Contact Name  Shawntel Darby
Location  Dublin, VA
Phone  540-818-7127
Email email
Website anomalousri.wixsite.com/arandi 
Follow Us  facebook
We research and investigate anomalies.

Nov 28

Paranormal Miners Research Group

 paranormal-miners Contact Name Kayla
Location Latrobe, PA
Pennsylvania but will cover other areas as well.
Email email
Follow Us  facebook
We are a husband and wife team with the wife being a medium who set out to prove the existence of the paranormal.

Nov 28

Four Corners Paranormal Investigations

 NPS-Default Contact Name Tessa
Location Durango, CO
Four Corners Area
Phone 970-426-1991
Email email
Website  fourcornersparanormalinvestigations.com
Follow Us
Our investigators conduct themselves professionally and with the utmost respect of all individuals or entities involved. We use scientific & experimental tools as well as digital/video cameras as, SLR cameras and voice recorders. All investigations are entirely free and confidential. If your home or workplace needs cleansed or you need to speak about your case just give us a call anytime 24/7

Oct 20

Space Orbs

Space Orbs
By Jamie Harris


There seems to be a lot of controversy about UFOs shot by NASA cameras in space. Some are questionable.. Some not so much.

As some of you already may know, “orbs” caught on camera during a lot of investigations are caused mostly by particles in the air, environmental contamination, near the camera lense. These particles which are usually dust or moisture captured close to the lense are out of focus and can appear to be far away when they are not.

Some footage recently came to our attention during a NASA tether project where they released a satellite attached to a tether from a space shuttle. A lot of people speculate that there were UFOs captured during this. One even appears to go behind the tether.

As stated before particles near a camera lense being out of focus can appear to be further away from the camera when they actually are not. Just like with “ghost orbs” they can appear to pass through people or objects and appear and disappear as they move closer and further away from the lens.

What is seen in the footage and photos from NASA do not appear any differently from orbs captured in paranormal investigations. What is seen here seems to be the same situation. NASA’s explanation for the footage is small ice crystals near the camera. I have to agree but you can judge for yourself.

STS-75 Tether Incident On Sunday, February 25, 1996, the Space Shuttle Columbia deployed an experimental tether into orbit. The experiment was…

Oct 20

Two Mysterious Holes in Khufu’s Pyramid

Two Mysterious Holes in Khufu’s Pyramid
By: Stephanie Kelly
Many people have speculated that there is more to Khufu’s Pyramid, part of the Great Pyramids of Giza, then researchers and scientists have been able to uncover. With the new information released recently, it would appear that the sceptics are right. Scientists, Researchers and the Ministry of Antiquities have always wondered if there is more hidden in the pyramid due to it’s massive size and the importance of Pharaoh Khufu in Egyptian history. With the help of the cosmos, the world may be a step closer to uncovering more of this Ancient Mystery.
In October of 2015, Heritage, Preservation and Innovation started the Scan Pyramids Mission in the hope of being able to scan all of the Egyptian Pyramids. After many test runs and examples of the methods used and their safety, Scan Pyramids Mission got approval to, with intensive supervision by the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, begin scanning Khufu’s Pyramid at Giza. The organization began work in June 2016 and it is still continuing as of October 18, 2016.
The Scan Pyramids Mission is using 3 different techniques to evaluate builds. Their first step was to conduct 3, 24 hour, thermal surveys of the front face of the pyramid. There has always been an odd indent in the front face and this became of the focus of the scans. After the information from the thermal surveys was completed and reviewed, Scan Pyramids decided it had reason to expand the area of interest and to begin the 3D reconstruction and analysis. When the reconstruction was complete and combined with the thermal survey it raised many questions for the researchers.
Researchers were not sure what was hiding in that area, but they knew they could get a step closer to figuring it out. The last test to be conducted involved Muography. Muography is the study of elementary particles called muons. Muons are still a little mysterious as they created by cosmic rays and have an odd ability to penetrate surfaces.
On the Oct. 15, 2016, Scan Pyramids Mission released their initial finding using the information provided by the Muography, combined with the thermal surveys and 3D reconstructions. Their press release states that they have been able to confirm a void in the North East edge of Khufu’s pyramid. They have also located a cavity behind special markers called chevrons not far from the main corridor into the pyramid.
Though there are still many questions and months of studies and scans left for Khufu’s Pyramid we know for certain that there are at least 2 hidden mysteries in this ancient structure. What is hiding behind the walls? Could these cavities or voids hold more information into the creation of these amazing structures?
National Geographic – Great Pyramid of Khufu –http://www.nationalgeographic.com/pyramids/khufu.html
History Channel – The Egyptian Pyramids – http://www.history.com/…/ancient-hist…/the-egyptian-pyramids
University of Rochester – Particles – http://www.pas.rochester.edu/…/partic…/particle_physics.html
Heritage, Preservation and Innovation; Scan Pyramids Mission –http://www.hip.institute/press/HIP_INSTITUTE_CP9_EN.pdf

Oct 19

The Miraculous Staircase of Loretto Chapel

The Miraculous Staircase of Loretto Chapel
By Doreen Wente

Fashioned after the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, France, the Loretto Chapel of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a Gothic Revival Style work of art designed by the French architect, Antione Mouly. Orignally named Our Lady of Light Chapel, it was built for the Sisters of Loretto in 1872. While this building and its legend may not be ancient, it’s spiral staircase remains a mystery.

As the story goes, Monsieur Mouly died suddenly before the chapel could be constructed. When work finally ended, the workers realized that there was no access to the choir loft. As was common in that time period, a ladder was suggested. The Sisters were not comfortable with this idea due to the long habits they wore. A traditional staircase was not an option. The chapel was too small to accommodate one.

The nuns prayed a Novena, an ancient devotion consisting of nine days of prayer. During this time, the prayed to St. Joseph for an answer. On the tenth day, a traveler knocked on the convent door. The man’s only possessions were a few primitive tools and his donkey. He told the nuns that he would build them a staircase, but he wanted complete privacy. The nuns agreed and the man locked himself in the chapel for three months. The nuns claim they did not see anyone else come or go from the chapel. They never saw anyone deliver wood or supplies to the stranger.

At the end of the third month, the stranger disappeared. The nuns found a beautiful, spiral staircase in their chapel. They wanted to pay the stranger for his work and inquired around town, but no one knew who the man was or where to find him. The nuns believed that the stranger who had helped them was St. Joseph, the carpenter.

The staircase was considered to be a miracle. It was constructed of wood not native to the area and was put together with wooden pegs instead of bolts. The staircase is 20 feet tall, makes two tight revolutions, does not have a center beam and was not anchored to anything. The nuns could not understand how this was possible. It defied all logic.

Over the years, for safety purposes, a railing has been added and the staircase has been anchored to a nearby pillar. May carpenters and others have studied the staircase. Master Carpenter Christopher Francis Ocean believes that due to the tightness of the spiral, a center beam is not necessarily needed and that the stair case is not miraculous, but a “magnificent work of art.” Author Ben Radford has also studied the staircase and believes that Francious-Jean Rochas is the mysterious builder, although this has never been proven.

Today, the Loretto Chapel is a museum and sometimes wedding chapel. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the chapel each year to see the Miraculous Staircase for themselves. Whether it is really a miracle of St. Joseph or not, it truly is a magnificent sight to behold and even though some claim there is no miracle involved, it is something that many generations to come will continue to question and admire.

Sources: Washington Post January 16, 2010

Oct 19

Abnormal Activity in the Retina

Abnormal Activity in the Retina
By Katie Snow


Many people go to the doctor and though they are on anti-depressant medications the rest of their health gets an A+ from their physician. Did you know that even if they go to the eye doctor they will come forth with a clean bill of health. However, as an investigator we all ask our clients if they are on meds and they say yes, but all is well with everything else they exclaim! But all may not be as well as they think when on anti-depressants. The client may say they see blurs or fuzzy beings in their homes and we will ask, have you seen an eye doctor? They swear their eyesight is 20/20 and they just had their eyes examined however anti-depressants will and do cause blurred vision at times that will go un-noticed and undetected by even the best ophthalmologist.

Side effects from these drugs can cause many things that can seem like a paranormal experience to our clients such as;
Blurred vision that doesn’t seem to be picked up in a standard eye test.
Reduced vision in low lighting this is called nyctalopia.
Bright lights remaining as after-images for longer than normal.
When looking at a plain background say a wall in low light it can seem to show a speckled haze or visual snow or graininess making it appear there are shadows on the wall.

It seems that unless a client gets a full electroretinogram that will bring up a side effect that will show as abnormal electrical activity within the retina this side effect will go totally undiagnosed. So when you are with your client take heed that what they are experiencing may truly be a side effect from an anti-depressant and even though they get a clean bill of health from their health care professional there still may be an underlying reason that remains unseen.

Source – WEBMD
Photo Source – Google Images

Oct 19

Fall Thunderstorms & Investigating

Fall Thunderstorms & Investigating
By Katie Snow
Many of us never think of checking weather conditions prior to doing an outdoor investigation. We pack our gear and off we go to an outdoor location previously chosen by our teams as a collaborated effort. Where I live a storm can whip up at anytime without notice and during the fall season those in the storm prone areas of the country where warm and cold fronts meet are sure to keep an eye to the sky. But what if your in an area that isn’t prone to fall storms and one brews up and your in a cemetery at 11pm with no one around but the rest of your team? Well the only way to be safe is getting in a shelter or a car. However, if getting inside is not an option, you can lessen the threat of being struck by lightning with the following tips. But don’t lull yourself into thinking you are safe as you are NEVER safe outside in a storm.

Know the weather patterns of the area you plan to visit. For example, in mountainous areas, thunderstorms typically develop in the early afternoon. There are many areas of the country that do have patterns. Always listen to the weather forecast for the area you plan to visit. The forecast may be very different from the one near your home. If there is a high chance of thunderstorms do not go investigating!

Here are a few tips from NOAA on safety during weather threats.

Avoid open fields, the top of a hill or a ridge top.
Stay away from tall or isolated trees or other tall objects.
Your team should spread out to avoid the current traveling between team members.
Stay away from water and wet items, such as ropes, and metal objects, like fences and poles. Water and metal do not attract lightning but they are excellent conductors of electricity. The current from a lightning flash will easily travel for long distances.
Remember There is little you can do to substantially reduce your risk if you are outside in a thunderstorm. The only completely safe action is to get inside a safe building or vehicle.

Source: NOAA
Photo Source: Dubois County Herald

Oct 19

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & The Paranormal

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & The Paranormal
By Katie Snow


As the time of year that heaters are turned on it is also the culprit of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odor as well as colorless gas and is very dangerous. It can and has caused sudden illness and eventually death. The gas is found in most combustible fumes and can be found in and out of our homes.
Fumes can be created by –
cars and trucks
gas ranges
gas fireplaces
and our heating systems. Carbon Monoxide can build up in places that don’t have flow of fresh air.

Did you know there have also been reports of paranormal hallucinations that can occur with it. In one such case the the American Journal of Ophthalmology published a case study involving a couple who moved into a house and promptly began to suffer headaches, listlessness and strange auditory and visual hallucinations (footsteps, mysterious figures, strange sensations, etc.).

Their symptoms were finally traced to a faulty furnace. A more recent case of theirs in 2005 involved a woman who was found delirious and hyperventilating after seeing a “ghost” while taking a shower; respondents discovered a new gas water heater had been improperly installed, flooding her house with carbon monoxide.
If you find yourself expierencing any of the following while in a closed space;

Chest pain

Get to the fresh air as soon as possible. It is important to research the areas you plan to investigate so that you know if any such perils can befall you or your teammates. It is also important that if you take on a new client you check the home for any CO leaks so that you can cross out CO poisoning during the heating months.

Source – Medline Plus

Sep 24

Common Hazards of the Fall Season

Common Hazards of the Fall Season
By Katie Snow

We all love the fall! A chill in the air, bonfires and the perfect time of the year for tripping hazards when paranormal investigating. The onset of fall brings many areas more rain and with rain comes slip hazards. It can take some time to adjust to the suddenly wet conditions brought about by rainy weather. Rain will lead to wetter sidewalks which will lead to wet floors in the entry ways of buildings and stairwells. When going on an investigation stay mindful of where you step.

Autumn also brings slippery leaves. We all love to peek at the bounty of beauty bestowed upon us and the trees are certainly one of them. Like a paintbrush taken to branches the beauty of the leaf changing season brings us leaves upon the ground in abundance. In abandoned areas, buildings and in many cemeteries this presents a trip hazard. In older cemeteries stone markers are short and many hard enough to see when uncovered but in Autumn the leaves cover them making them unnoticeable so make sure you scout out an area prior to going in darkness. With the wetness comes slippery leaves making them like a sheet of ice. Keep notice of where they pile up and on the weather conditions as being aware helps with most of the Autumn hazards.
If you are going into an area where current residents reside watch out for Halloween decor and wires leading to the yard. Tripping while on an investigation is no joke and could lead to injury. Many of the larger yard decorations have darker color wires to blend in with the ground so watch where you step.

To help always wear proper shoes. If it is going to rain rubber soles may be your best bet. Falling can be traumatic so before getting up regain your composure and make sure you are not seriously hurt. Once you regained your footing take your first few steps slowly making sure nothing is broken. If something seems not quite right tell a teammate and ask for help, there is nothing wrong with asking to stay with someone for a bit.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year though in Florida we get very little of it. It is a fun time for investigating and offers many opportunities to do ghost walks and harvest hayrides, just when you do, make sure you remember that your safety comes first.
photo source – Asheville daily photo

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature

Sep 24

The “Kongamato” of Africa

The “Kongamato” of Africa
By Katie Snow


Deep within the wilds of central east Africa there lies a creature called the Kongamato.
The large beaked flying bird with lizard like skin with membranous wings creature gained notarity
in 1932. This is when explore Frank Welland described it in his literary works “Witchbound Africa”
stating it is a reddish bat like creature with leathery wings totally devoid of any features with a wing
span of five or more feet, and with teeth in its huge beak.

It looks very much like a pterodactyl when a picture is shown to eyewitnesses. The evidence
for this is the fact that the natives can describe it to such detail and accuracy even when unprompted.
The natives consider it a demon also known as a Mulombe, a very awful thing which is much worse then anything
that haunts these vast african lands. Mr. Welland states in his book that if ever this creature could thrive,
a reptil type bird such as this could thrive in this land.

The Kaonde people of the North-Western Province used to carry charms called “muchi wa Kongamato” to protect
them at certain river crossings from the Kongamato”. In the 1920’s, Headman Kanyinga from the Jiwundu Swamp
area near the Zairean border instantly identified as Kongamato a picture of a pterodactyl. Nevertheless,
as recently as 1958, the science journalist Maurice Burton wrote in the Illustrated London News in 1958
that there had been several reports form Africa of a pterodactyl-like creature, with speculation that
the Bangweulu Swamps might be one of its habitats. He pointed out that off the coast of Africa,
the coelacanth, a deep sea contemporary of the pterodactyl, had been caught by fisherman…”
(Hobson, Dick, Tales of Zambia, 1996)

source – genesis park – exhibits – evidence – cryptozoology

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Sep 24

Alter Pictures Without Software or Apps

Alter Pictures Without Software or Apps.
By Andrew Alvarez

As part of the Photography Team for NPS, I look at data held within the file of the photo. We call this exhif data. It contains data such as time, date, how long the exposure was open, if the flash fired, iso settings etc. One key bit of information held in that data is the type of camera used. If no camera is listed, we can often times dismiss it as being altered or not an original file.

We review pictures, and I have personally aside from NPS, that have all the required exhif data in them, model of the camera included. There seems to be no reason this photo shouldn’t be considered an actual example of a paranormal occurrence. There are many things you can do to unknowingly alter your photo. Here are a few:

Movement: Movement does a few things and is probably the biggest culprit. A camera works by allowing light to enter a focal point and rendering it to an image either on film or digitally. The shutter is the device that allows the light in. For low light shots, it’s recommended to have a slower shutter speed and for bright light, a faster speed. The problem is today most cameras have an automatic mode and are usually set on them by default. In situations where the light detected by the sensors can either be low or high, the mechanism has a hard time deciding which way to go. This results in sometimes an even longer shutter time. While that shutter is open, unless the camera is on a tripod, we will likely move, as our bodies do naturally, and cause what’s called motion blur or light streaks in darker environments. For a quality shot to be achieved, the camera must remain perfectly still while the shutter is open.

When we breath, our bodies also move. And can create the same issues

When we move around, as in walking and sitting, we can also disturb dust or bugs which can cause the orb affect.


Dirty Lens : Often time oil from our hands (especially after we eat pizza) or dirt gets on a lens and we may not even know it. If you are using a cell phone, it’s especially difficult as the lens is about the size of an erasure on a pensile. The oil can distort the light coming through the lens and alter the image. Dirt, or other contaminants, can have the same affect. There’s been videos on social media posted with this as an example to create a vignette effect. The photographer smears petroleum jelly on their lens to get that effect.

Blocking the flash: Have you ever taken a picture and saw your finger in it? Well I think we all have. Unknowingly blocking the flash is just as easy. A flash is designed to wash or fill an area with light. Light travels in straight lines though. If part of the light source is blocked, the rest of the light from such a small light source, doesn’t have the chance to fill the area. Instead you are left with shadows or sometimes a person that looks like they may have an entity near them because they are darker than others around them.

These are just three things we come across as a photo analysis team. Learning what causes these and how to prevent them is an important step in our field. When we can eliminate the variables, our samples will be cleaner and scientifically more acceptable. What are some other things you can think of that can alter an image without apps or software?

Sep 24

The Paracas Candelabra, Peru

The Paracas Candelabra, Peru
By Stephanie Kelly

One of the world’s oddest and oldest mysteries is that of the Paracas Candelabra which is located in Pisco Bay, Peru. This unexplained geoglyph, also known as the Candelabra of the Andes, is approximately 650 feet long and estimated to be about carved into the hill at least 2 feet deep in most places. This man-made creation is large enough that it has, reportedly, been seen from up to 12 miles away by people viewing from both land and sea. The giant ground drawings have yet to be connected to any one civilization, but many artifacts have been located that confirm one or more civilizations residing around the Pisco Bay area.
It is not completely clear what these massive markings mean or what they are meant to look like or represent. It is also not clear when they were created but pottery that was found near this massive landmark were radiocarbon dated back to around 200 BC. Other items found at Paracas include paintings, etchings, and petroforms. Some of these items appear to depict animals and people along with different plants and what appears to be random shapes.
With all of the recorded unexplained geoglyphs, hieroglyphs and petroglyphs people wonder who made them. Could lease be special places or records for an unknown civilization? Would it be possible that these are actually markers and notes for tribes and civilizations that would migrate across the deserts?

Ancient Origins; The mysterious prehistoric geoglyph of the Paracas Canelabra – http://www.ancient-origins.net/…/mysterious-prehistoric-geo…
Heritage Daily; 8 Ancient Geoglyphs across the globe –http://www.heritagedaily.com/…/8-ancient-geoglyphs-a…/106304
World Atlas; Candelabra of the Andes – http://www.worldatlas.com/…/same…/attractions/candelabra.htm
The Basement Geographer; Geoglyphs of the Andes –http://basementgeographer.com/geoglyphs-of-the-andes/

Stephanie Kelly's photo.

Sep 24

Paranormal Activity Can Be Beneficial To Your Health!

Paranormal Activity Can Be Beneficial To Your Health!
By Katie Snow


I have seen many articles claiming the ill effects on the mind to those who may have been met with mental issues of a client, however, did you know there are also many mental health benefits to someone encountering paranormal activity in their life? There certainly are two sides of this argument but I wanted to bring you a bit of information that was a positive benefit to those of us whom feel we have had an encounter without explanation.

As I was searching the Internet I bumped into an article written for the well known magazine called “Psychology Today”. I was please that they offered a flip side to the mental health issue making “seeing ghosts” a positive verses negative impact on the brain and I thought I would share a bit about what they reported.

According to them belief in the paranormal can have a positive psychological effect by aiding many who are going through the grieving process. It seems it can help with the life coping mechanism giving many hope where perhaps there was none. The also go on to say “It can be a key to living. Knowing that you never really lose the ones you love brings peace. Just the knowledge that we go on after we die is enough for people to make positive changes in their lives.”

They do state that “It would be easy to dismiss these claims as a product of a grieving mind. However, there are just as many cases where there has been no trauma in the life of the person who experienced spirit contact.”

I find it a fresh way for the medical field to understand and perhaps change some of their thinking to be more compassionate to those of us who can not prove an experience but know in our heart of hearts we have had an encounter with something other worldly that simply not always has an explanation.

Source – Psychology Today
Photo – Goggle Images

Katie Snow's photo.

Sep 24

Paxton Manor

Paxton Manor
By: Kent Daniel S. Villavicencio

Paxton Manor also known as Carlheim Manor was a 765 acre property that was purchased for $50,000 in Leesburg, Virginia. Built in 1877 by Nationally Acclaimed New York based architect Henry C. Dudley to be a two and a half story main house covering 20,000 square feet and over 32 bedrooms mimicked the look of Italian villas.The property was built to be the summer home of Rachel and Charles Paxton and their only daughter followed by her only son but ended up being the families home for nearly a century until the time of their deaths. As the years went by, Margaret’s son passed away at the age of five and shortly after Margaret passed away as well. From Mrs. Paxton’s death until the early 1950s, the residence was used as a convalescent home known as the Paxton Home for Children, where children recovering from illness or injury would stay during the summer months. From 1954 until 1980 it served as an orphanage and from 1980 until 2004 it served as a childcare center. The property was quiet from 2004 until 2009 awaiting its next chapter: the arrival of The Arc of Loudoun and its associated programs for children and adults with disabilities and their families.
The properties history goes way back to when the Algonquian Indians, who believed in the afterlife and practiced shamanic rituals. Perhaps their efforts to reconnect with the deceased are what have left portals to the hereafter still open. Two other tribes, the Catawba and the Lenape, frequently butted heads, and had a particularly bloody battle right by Leesburg. You can imagine that the spirits of these warring warriors have been unhappily disturbed by the influx of present day tourists. Leesburg’s colonial era is also marked by much black magic and bloodshed. Though Virginia was not as eager as Massachusetts to prosecute those accused of witchcraft, it too had its fair share of trials. You can be sure that the spirits of the wrongly convicted have yet to move on from the area. Ghosts of dead soldiers are also believed to be a chief source of Leesburg’s paranormal activity. In fact, the famous Civil War Battle, the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, occurred right by the Carlheim estate. It is said that the Paxton house is haunted by traumatized troops who may have sought refuge at the building. There is a possibility that ghosts of dead soldiers and the wrongly convicted potentially of witchcraft, orphans and a man accused of animal cruelty are rumored to occupy the premises of Paxton Manor. Jedidiah Carver, a man who lived at Paxton and was exiled from Leesburg after being found guilty of mutilating animals is rumored to have not left the property, he and his family secretly relocated to the massive underground lake that lies beneath it.

Evidence that can be seen on Youtube by Antietam Paranormal Investigators shows a spirit box recording EVP stating “Help Me” and “No” from an entity on the premises located during the properties annual event “Shocktober” That takes place in October every year. It is rumored that Mrs. Paxton can be seen walking through the house and peering out windows pointing to something on the property. Witnesses say that other bizarre events are still happening throughout the house, like paintings moving from room to room and furniture being rearranged.
Antietam Paranormal Society




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 dashle Contact Name Sue Ash
Location Barre, MA
New England
Phone 978-257-8003
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House cleansings/Blessings
Haunting investigations
Psychic readings

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Society for Anomalous Studies

 sas Contact Name  Randy Sunby
Location  Janesville, WI
Southern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois
Phone  608-752-3597
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Website  sasghostresearch.com/
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The Society for Anomalous Studies is a cooperative of experienced paranormal researchers who have come together to conduct well-structured and objective investigations into claims of ghost and haunted locations, psychic and para-psychological experiences. The SAS specializes in historical research and investigations. We partner with historical societies to develop paranormal based fundraising events to support these organizations. Investigations we commit to are done free of charge.

Sep 22

GRAVES Paranormal Investigations

 grave Contact Name  Brenda Castellano
Location  Mexico, Maine
Maine, N.H,Mass, V.T. and some members travel to  Kentucky ,P.A. T.N and other States to meet up with other  teams.
Phone  207-418-2301
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We are a large team made up of diverse skills and personalities that include members from all walks of life bringing their experiences to the table. Our team takes pride in being trauma sensitive to the folks we serve as well as the afterlife we communicate with. We travel all over the country investigating the big Asylums and abandon buildings often seen on tv, most of all we bring education and humor to all we meet and are always open to learning from our experiences and new para colleagues.

Sep 11

(WISPS Paranormal) Wraith Investigators of Supernatural and Paradimensional Society

 wisps Contact Name  Brandon Bathrick – Founder
Location  Wellsboro, PA
United States – we go all over the US
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Team specialties:
Paranormal Research Group Looking for Possible Cases!
Hello Everyone! Let me introduce W.I.S.P.S. to everyone! We are a group of professional paranormal investigators located in the beautiful rolling hills of PA. If you, a loved one, or even a friend has any question or concerns about the paranormal; please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are composed of some of the most experienced investigators in the field of paranormal research. Armed with state of the art paranormal equipment. WISPS covers all aspects of the paranormal field. We strive to investigate, research, and obtain credible evidence of the paranormal. All sessions are kept completely confidential. We might be based out of PA, but are willing to go anywhere to help anyone in need. Our services are always free. WISPS is currently looking for cases to investigate. So if you believe you may be experiencing something paranormal please contact US. We can
be contacted through a variety of social media sources: Instagram – WISPSofPa, and last of all at
www.WISPSofPa.weebly.com. We are here to help!

Sep 11

Shadow Spirit Paranormal Investigation

 shadow-spirit-paranormal Contact Name Rick Ferrell
Location Buchanan, MI
Southern Michigan , Northern Indiana, and Chicago Area
Phone (269)-405-3143
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Got Ghosts ? SSPI specializes in EVP Recordings, EMF, Shadow Detection, Vibration Detection and Lots more. We are dedicated to you
and your privacy is our main concern . We do not charge for our services and we also offer clean-sing’s

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Phantom Paranormal

 Phantom Paranormal Contact Name Terry Derderian
Location Castleton, NY
Capital District, Central NY, Hudson Valley, VT, MA and other areas considered
Phone 518-366-3941
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Website Phantomparanormal@vpweb.com 
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We provide drama free investigations. Our motto is “Investigations that respect you and the spirit world”.
Location owners are welcome to join us on an investigation if they choose. We modern tech and old school techniques, such as dowsing rods.

Aug 30

Grimstone Inc.

 Grimstone Contact Name  Christopher Bailey
Location  Warren, MI
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Phone  313-444-4746
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Website  grimstone-inc.com
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Grimstone Inc. is one of the longest continual running paranormal research organizations in the Midwest with over 20 years of service. We provide free scientific discreet investigations for private homes and businesses. Contact us today to see what makes Grimstone so different.

Aug 27

LightSeekersc Paranormal Resolutions

 NPS-Default Contact Name James Maitland
Location Brookhaven, PA
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We specialize in negative hauntings and spirit removal.

Aug 27

Spirit Hunters

 Spirit Hunters Contact Name Bobby Fraser
Location Huber Heights, OH
Phone 408-375-7316
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Overnight lockdown investigations. I am a sensitive and have all the equipment needed to investigate. We do it as a hobby, and don’t charge.

Aug 27

Disciple Paranormal

 NPS-Default Contact Name Jared Davis
Location Oxford, MS
Phone 601-490-1308
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Website discipleparanormal.com
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Disciple Paranormal is a protestant Christian group. I normally work by myself to keep things as private as possible and to limit the impact on the family. I specialize in teaching what the bible says about these spirits, housing blessings, and helping with possession. Disciple Paranormal doesn’t do investigations. I interview clients to find out their beliefs, what may have caused this to happen, teach the clients about what’s going on (Christian View), and then taking action to try and get rid of the entity. Disciple Paranormal will also help other groups whether I need stand by during their investigation incase one of them is attacked or to speak with a client.

Aug 27

Laguna paranormal solutions

 NPS-Default Contact Name Anna
Location Elk grove, CA
Sacramento Area
Phone 916-790-2077
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Website Lagunaparanormalsolitions.com
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We are a experienced non profit team of investigators, mediums specializing in investigation, cleansing, blessings, and banishing troublesome spirits free of charge in the greater Sacramento area.

Aug 27

Waldorf Paranormal Society

 NPS-Default Contact Name Justin “Benji” Benjegerdes
Location Forest City, IA
Phone 641-420-0677
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We are a university club of students and staff with a passion for all areas of the paranormal and unknown. We use logic and science to attempt to disprove haunting and only until we have ruled out all other possibilities do we consider something “unexplained ” we are also advised by a local paranormal investigation team ministers of the haunted.

Aug 05

Is Akrotiri really Atlantis

Is Akrotiri really Atlantis
By Stephanie Kelly
Many have heard of the Quest for Atlantis; a, somewhat futile attempt to find this mysterious and lost city that many scientists and research refuse to give up on. The first, confirmed, mentions of the lost city of Atlantis was made in Timaeus and Critias by famous historian, Plato. Plato was well known between 424-328 BC and his story concerning Atlantis even had the Greeks split on its validity. Plato himself even states that the story of Atlantis was passed down to him from his grandfather who had heard it from a man in Athens. Plato also says that the Athenian had been told the story by an Egyptian priest. Though many factual stories have been passed down from generation to generation and society to society, Atlantis appears to have been lost without any evidence or finds connected to it reality.
We do know, from Plato, that Atlantis would of been a large island for the time located just past the Pillars of Hercules, commonly considered the Strait of Gibraltar. This island could of had at least 10 cities but the only two mentioned are Royal City and Metropolis. After the people of Atlantis had conquered Africa and Egypt and what is now modern day Italy they attempted to take Athens. Athens quickly defeated Atlantis and they were forced back by the Athena’s led army who also liberated the lands they had captured. Not long after the Atlanteans were forced back, the island was cursed with earthquakes and floods until it finally sank into a muddy sea. According to scholars, Atlantis would of met its end around 1,500 BC, possibly, according the information provided by Plato.
Now that we know the history behind Atlantis, let us fast forward to modern day research, developments and education. Currently in modern day Santorini lays an ancient town, known as Akrotiri, that appears to have faced the same horrific end as Pompeii. The only difference between Akrotiri and Pompeii is the lack of human remains since none have been find within the current excavation of the city. Akrotiri is confirmed as a Bronze Age settlement that left behind many artifacts such as pottery and jewelry that are currently housed as the Museum of Ancient Thira.
The museum appears to have items from Akrotiri that could just match some of what Plato says about Atlantis. Some of these items are fragments of items depicting African scenery and the Adorant Monkeys. The archeologists have been able to determine that the demise of Akrotiri was not sudden. This Aegean center could’ve easily had to deal with earthquakes and tsunamis until the final eruption would have hidden it forever.
Though many scientists, archeologists and historians of Italy believe that Akrotiri is Atlantis there are still many questions that have not been, and may never be, answered. What if we, as researchers, are overlooking the evidence? Could Akrotiri actually be Atlantis? Could Plato have completely made up this story to get people reading his writings? Could Atlantis of been real but Plato’s information is a little exaggerated or inaccurate because of the lack of written record?

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History & Headlines – 1600-1500 BC: Atlantis falls into the Ocean? –http://www.historyandheadlines.com/history-1600-1500-bce-a…/

Stephanie Kelly's photo.
Stephanie Kelly's photo.
Stephanie Kelly's photo.

Aug 05

UFO Spotted On ISS Live Feed – July 9, 2016

UFO Spotted On ISS Live Feed – July 9, 2016
By Stephanie Kelly

One July 9th, 2016, the live feed from the International Space Station was cut off after an unexplained object was seen flying into the earth’s atmosphere. A video of this event can be found on YouTube, posted by Streetcap1, here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FsvCAc4iTU). That alone is enough to make people question what was going on and conspiracy theorists appear to be having a ball with the possibilities, but let’s look at the facts!
First, the world is rather lucky to be able to watch a live streaming video from the International Space Station thanks to NASA. Although, it has had issues with signal loss and technical problems it is a rather reliable feed and can be found on the NASA website (https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/iss_ustream.html). The space station is also rapidly moving around the earth a rate of once every 90 minutes so let’s make sure to take that into consideration when looking at the video.
Secondly, it is a known fact that there is a large amount of space junk, satellites, other space stations and meteors roaming around the earth just waiting to get caught in the gravitational pull. To give a better idea of how many things are floating around; there are currently 1071 working satellites in orbit and at least 21,000 large pieces of space junk floating around freely! Also, let me add, that a Chinese Space Station, unmanned, appears to be lost in space and some believe that it could reenter the earth’s atmosphere at any second.
Lastly, I have not been able to find an archived copy of the feed for July 9th! I have been able to find out that at approximately 12:06 am EDT the ISS did dock with the Soyuz spacecraft. Other than this docking, NASA is saying nothing about events on that day.
With the information provided, what conclusion can you come up with to explain this UFO? Do you think it is extraterrestrial or space junk? What could explain the sudden loss of live feed? What information can you use to backup your views of this odd event?

NASA – www.nasa.gov
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YouTube; Streetcap1 video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FsvCAc4iTU
ABC News; International Space Station News –http://abcnews.go.com/topics/news/space-station.htm


Aug 05

Wright Patterson AFB & Hangar 18 – Dayton, Ohio

Wright Patterson AFB & Hangar 18 – Dayton, Ohio
By Stephanie Kelly

Most people are aware of Wright Patterson Air Force Base located in Dayton, Ohio. Wright Patterson was built in 1917 and is still one of the largest US Air Force bases in existence. This base is headquarters for the Air Force Materials Command with is responsible for research and development of cutting edge technology. The pass is the home for more than 60 units and well over 20,000 civilian and military employees.
Located on the base in the Top Secret Hangar 18. It is believed by some to be the first military location of Alien research and experimentation. A lot of this believe comes from a man named Marion Magruder. Marion was a WWII United States Air Force pilot who was also a member of the Air War College and was sent to investigate materials that were brought to Wright Patterson’s Hangar 18. Pilot Marion Milton Magruder, also known as Mac Magruder, was born in 1911 and died in 1997 at the age of 86. Pilot Magruder made a statement to his sons, on his deathbed, concerning what all he had seen at Hangar 18.
According to the children of Pilot Magruder, he said that he was rarely willing to talk about what happened, and what he had seen at Wright Field until approximately a month before his death. At that time, Magruder said that he was flown from the Air War College with others to Wright Field. Upon his arrival he saw pieces of debris, shrapnel, and two unknown aliens. He said that he saw 2 species at Wright Field; one appeared to friendly while the other was rather aggressive and was considered a military hostile.
Those present as Magruder was talking stated that his eyes would begin to well up as he talked about the aliens. Pilot Magruder, according to his children, arrived when the aliens were alive and watched as the Military performed multiple experiments until he watched them die. Magruder said that he helped move materials from Wright Field to Eglin Air Force Base, this included the corpses of the aliens.
To add to Pilot Magruder’s story, he was also stationed at Area 51! It is also documented that on July 26, 1952 a squad of motorcycle people arrived at Pilot Magruder’s home and escorted him to the Pentagon. This is approximately a week after the first sighting of UFO’s above Washington D.C and the night that the second UFO sighting in D.C. was documented.
Is this all coincidence? Is there something unexplained or extra terrestrial going on at Area 51? Was Magruder’s story true?

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UFO Evidence, Regarding Lt. Col. Marion “Black Mac” Magruder – http://ufoevidence. org/forums/ForumMessage. asp?ID=40182

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Aug 05


By: April Abercrombie

Lately people have been submitting photos (screenshots) containing weird faces from their Snapchat apps, which they are concerned may be paranormal in nature.

The Snapchat app has a facial recognition feature built into it that allows the app to map your face, creating a mask. This allows the user to add various silly faces and effects to their image. These masks are completely animated, and will move and react with your facial expressions. It is just for fun, but the technology really is quite remarkable.

How the filters work:

The facial recognition software uses your device’s camera to scan for your face, looking for contrast areas (areas that are lighter or darker in color tone), which tells it where to place a series of points. Once it places these points, it matches them up to its pre-programmed facial features, adjusting them where necessary to match your own unique facial features as closely as possible. It then creates a mask based on this data, which is fully animated and can move, and in some cases, emote with you.

It is not perfect. In all of that mapping and image comparing, it doesn’t always work as expected. You might get a mask that doesn’t fit quite right. Also, it can only find your face straight on front view. If you turn too far to the side or tilt the camera too far, it will lose sight of your face. Lighting is also a factor. Because it is looking for high contrast areas, if your image is too bright or too dark, it will have problems locating your face.

When the software loses track of your face, it tries to relocate it, and then redraws the mask. The problem is, it doesn’t always relocate your face. It can locate another object in view, and be tricked into thinking that is your face.

In other words, just like the human brain, it can experience cases of pareidolia. It may map a face on a ceiling, furniture, a light fixture, etc.

There are a series of different face masks you can choose, one in particular allows you to pick another person’s face out of your existing photos and it will place that face over your own. This can appear very creepy if it manages to map the face where you wouldn’t expect it.

I am including a sample screenshot taken from my phone where the face mask mapped onto a lamp behind me, when I panned the camera too far.

Could this Snapchat filter phenomena ever be considered paranormal?

The reality of it is, most likely not.

Firstly because there have never been any confirmed photos of ghosts. It may not even be possible to catch a ghost in a photo, even if they do exist.

Secondly, there are far too many variables involved with the facial recognition technology employed by Snapchat, not to mention all the variables that go into photography itself, to ever say for certain that your Snapchat filter has found a ghost.

So in closing… even with it being as creepy as it sometimes can be, weird snapchat filter images are completely normal and explainable.

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Aug 05

Lights over St. Louis, Missouri

Lights over St. Louis, Missouri
By: Stephanie Kelly

August 2, 2016 at approximately 2:30 am CT, a St. Louis City Surveillance camera caught something no one can explain. At the top of the left hand side of the screen, an unexplained light appears. It’s movement is rather erratic and it’s light seems to turn on and off like it is controlled by a switch. 
To give a little background into this sighting; an Illinois resident, Chase Rhoads, original turned a personal recording of this light to the local news station, KTVI-TV. After KTVI-TV’s story aired a man with the Illinois Metro East Parks and Recreation District decided to look at the surveillance videos and was rather surprised when he say the same light doing the exact same thing. The director with the Parks and Recreation District even made a statement along the line that though he didn’t believe in UFO’s but there was something weird with this light. The news station even contacted the Scott Air Force Base along with the FAA and both said that they didn’t know what the source of the light was.
This sighting has caught so much attention for many reasons. The main reason would appear to be that the Metro East Park and Recreation District published the surveillance video on August 3rd through their YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehzVYFSdVMs). To quote the video description, “We guarantee you will be perplexed if you watch all 5 minutes of this surveillance footage!”
Could this be a drone? That was my first thought, but the FAA and the local Air Force Base unable to identify, or give a possible answer to, the source of the light, it makes me thinks it wasn’t a drone. Thinking about it logically, it would be a safe assumption that the Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration know the basics of identifying drones.
Could it be weather related? According the National Weather Service through N.O.A.A. the weather at 2:49am was cloudy with a storm moving in and lightening can be seen in the background of the video. The wind was recording at an average wind speed of 4.9 South to Southwest. St. Louis is listed as having a high of 88 and a low of 73 along with the city only receiving .31 inches of rain.
What logical explanations can you think of for this light? How would you prove or disprove the UFO theory that is the main theory?

Metro East Park and Recreation District YouTube Channel –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehzVYFSdVMs
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NOAA weather report – http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php…

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Aug 05

The symbolism of the Cauldron

The symbolism of the Cauldron
By: Tamara Ortiz

Cauldron – a large vessel usually made of iron or copper, used for boiling or cooking. Usually associated with medieval times and witches, this is a large iron pot in which poisons, ointments and medicines were concocted.

The word cauldron comes from Latin caldaria meaning “cooking pot” in turn from caldārium, “hot bath” You will find many legends and myths throughout history that tell tales of magical cauldrons. The cauldron is a symbol of rebirth therefore represent the female energy and will often be viewed as the womb.

The cauldron is said to be the center of life for Celtic witchcraft and the most important relic that belongs to the Celtic witch. This is because in ancient times, the cauldron would have been used for all the household cooking, bathing and carrying water back and forth from their water source. For most Celtics during this time the cauldron was the most expensive item in the home and would have had religious and spiritual carvings to embellish the design of the cauldron. The higher the status of the Celtic the more embellished and extravagant the cauldron would be.

The legend of “Dagda’s great Cauldron of Plenty” is a legend that reaches far back into time. The legend states that the cauldron was one of four legendary relics of Ireland, called “The Four Treasures of Eirean.” These four items are Nuada’s Sword of light, Lugh’s Spear, The Lia Fail and Dagda’s cauldron. The cauldron was said to provide those that were worthy with an endless supply of food and water. Eventually this legend would merge with the legend of the holy grail after Christianity came to Ireland. The legend then merged the idea of the cup of Christ with the legend of the Dagda’s cauldron and they became one. Many Celtics churches because of this merge produces beautiful chalices to represent the legends of both the cauldron and cup.

Although I speak of the legend of Dagda’s great cauldron of plenty, there are many legends similar to this legend…these are just a few legends regarding the cauldron.

The Cauldron of Dyrnwich: The Cauldron of Dyrnwich is one of the 13 Treasures of Britain, according to Welsh folklore this cauldron would also only cook for the worthy and if any individual was not worthy, the cauldron was said not to boil.

Medea’s Cauldron: The folklore in ancient Greece speak of Medea and her bronze cauldron. The cauldron represented her power of knowledge, was used for herbal magic. Legend states Medea used the cauldron to help her lover Jason get past a dragon so may retrieve the relic of the golden fleece.

The Cauldron in Germanic and Norse: It is said in the folklore of the Norse, that every night, Andhrímnir slaughters the beast Sæhrímnir and prepares it in his cauldron, Eldhrimnir for the Gods and heroes to feast upon in Valhalla. The name Eldhrimnir means “sooty black from the fire”

The folklore, myths and legends surrounding the cauldron are plentiful and I can go on forever really. I am just going to end with this…an interesting element of all these legends tells the same story. If you are wise and work hard you will receive the fruits of your labor. I say this because the legends when they speak of the cauldron, they state that the unworthy will not be able to use or receive anything from a cauldron they didn’t pay their respects to or have a hand in working for. I believe this to be an important lesson.

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Aug 05

The Dingonek, West Africa’s “Jungle Walrus”

The Dingonek, West Africa’s “Jungle Walrus”
By Sara Fawley

9 to 18 feet long, covered in scales with a scorpion-like tail filled with deadly poison the Dingonek is one of the more fearsome cryptids. Also known as the “Jungle Walrus” due to the huge canines protruding from it’s mouth that is in a square head with a large horn protruding from the center of it. This semi-aquatic creature is said to inhabit the creeks, rivers and lakes of Western Africa primarily in the area that was formerly known as Zaire. This creature is said to be extremely vicious and territorial. It is claimed that it hunts crocodiles, hippos, monkeys, humans or basically anything that ventures into it’s territory.

The most noted sighting of the creature was in 1907 by explorer John Alfred Jordan who is said to have shot at but not killed the creature in the River Maggori in Kenya. The story goes that Jordan was hunting along the shores of the river with native Lumbwa guides. His guides came and told him they had just seen a Dingonek in the river and took him to the location. The natives described it at a cross between a sea serpent, a whale and a leopard. Jordan described it as being 14 to 15 feet long with a head as big as a lioness but shaped and marked like a leopard, two long white fangs sticking straight down from it’s up jaw, back as broad as a hippo and scaled like an armadillo. He also stated that it had reptilian like claws. Being frightened, Jordan shot the creature behind one of it’s ears. The beast sprang up out of the water, standing up on it’s tail. Jordan and the Lumbwa ran in fear for their lives.

Jordan’s story was recounted in a book by Edgar Bronson in 1910. There are many word of mouth tales that have been passed down for generations among the natives of Western Africa and to this day there are claims of sightings. If it were just the stories this would be easy to put in the category of myth or wives tale except there is one curious side note. In a cave at Brackfontein Ridge in South Africa there is said to be a painting of an unknown creature that fits the description of the Dingonek to a tee right down to the walrus like tusks.

So is Dingonek a real creature or just a myth passed down through local native tribes to keep the children away from the river banks? Is it a mis-identification of a known creature? Is it several myths and legends put together? Since there has not really been any investigation into the creature that I have found we cannot be sure. One thing is for certain, the locals of the region believe.


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The Dark Side of Louisville Paranormal Society

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The Dark Side Of Louisville Paranormal Society is a team of researchers dedicated to learning about and finding proof of paranormal existence. We provide services to the public at absolutely no charge. We want to help people like you learn and understand why paranormal activity may be happening in your home or business. We want to be able to help you in any way we can. We are a professional team trained in paranormal study. Any evidence we may find on your investigation is 100% confidential unless permission is granted to post it on our website.

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Animal Research & Investigation of the Paranormal

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Chickasha Paranormal Research Society

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We are a non-profit paranormal investigation team located out of Chickasha, Oklahoma. WE DO NOT INVESTIGATE PUBLIC CEMETERIES WITHOUT PERMISSION, we investigate houses, businesses, or abandoned buildings with FULL permission from owners or residents. Our services are completely FREE, but we do accept donations. We investigate throughout the state of Oklahoma and surrounding states. We honor all
confidentiality requests from our clients and we do not release any personal information without the clients approval.

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Michigan Spirit Quest

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2 person team who specializes in day time investigations. Have investigated all types locations as well as residential. No fees are
ever charged.

Jun 27


By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski

Demonology Team chair


“Belial means “without a master”, and symbolizes true independence, self-sufficiency, and personal accomplishment. Belial represents the earth element.” – “The Satanic Bible”
Anton LaVey (1969) Book of Belial: introduction

Of the Christianity, Judaism or Islam, has heard of Belial. He is Second on to Lucifer in the Hierarchy of Hell. Boys that did have the a Bris/Circumcision were called the “Sons of Belial”.

It is believed that Belial was Created as an Archangel right after Lucifer and helped Lucifer start the rebellion in Heaven. This made him one of the first angels cast out.

In Recent Movies:
More recent adaptations have taken Belial in many ways, sometimes only using the name.
The classic 1922 film Nosferatu says that the titular vampire originated from “Belial’s seed,” implying Belial’s hand in the creation of vampires.
One of the possessing demons in the later film The Exorcism of Emily Rose claims to be Belial, in this case possessing a small child.

In Literature:
Belial also figures in John Milton’s Paradise Lost (1667). There, he is the Fallen Angel responsible for making “atheists” of priests, including the sons of Eli. In Book II of Paradise Lost, Milton depicts Belial as handsome and smooth-tongued, but one who realizes that the war against Heaven is dangerous and hopeless of success. Thus, he counsels sloth and ease. His hope is that if Hell does not provoke Heaven further, that the fallen angels may grow accustomed to the pains and fires of the underworld, and live in comfort. Belial does not advise seeking forgiveness or pleading for mercy from the heavenly victor.

Master of the Earth:
Now, let’s get to the Demonolatry side of the story.
Belial is The Sixty-eighth Spirit. He is a Mighty and a Powerful King. He appears in the Form of Two Beautiful Angels sitting in a Chariot of Fire. He speaks with a Seductive Voice. He gives excellent Familiars, and governs 80 Legions of Spirits/Demons. King Belial must have Offerings, Sacrifices and Gifts presented to him by the Demonolater, or else he will not give True Answers. Remember, He is a King, treat him with respect.

Belial is the carnal side of man, the lust, sex, pleasure and therefore the principal drives that make living worthwhile. People derive all the principal emotions of the higher ego from Belial: Pride comes from self-control and suppression of Belial’s influence. Strength, pleasure and independence come from embracing it. Belial is the Master of the Earth, the force that holds Humankind by its short hairs, any security or stability are results of lessons learnt from dealing with Him.

Belial is the champion of simply being human, for the flesh, the material and the carnal. In essence, a reverence for Belial affirms how “good” the flesh/humanity is. Unrestrained by law or morality; lawless; immoral; dissolute; lewd; lascivious, Unrestrained; uncurbed; uncontrolled; unruly; riotous; ungovernable; wanton; profligate; dissolute; lax; loose; sensual; impure; unchaste; lascivious; immoral, dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure.

Belial is an excellent spirit to work with if you want a promotion or a new and better career entirely






Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.

Jun 25

Hershey Park

By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski
Demonology Team Chair

Hersheypark is a family theme park situated in Derry Township, Pennsylvania, United States, about 15 miles east of Harrisburg, and 95 miles west of Philadelphia. – Wikipedia
Address: 100 Hersheypark Dr, Hershey, PA 17033
Opened: May 30, 1906
Area: 121 acres
Phone: (800) 437-7439
Owner: Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company
Roller coasters: 13
Water rides: 14

Hershey Park was created by Milton S. Hershey, in 1907, as an outdoor recreation center for his factory workers. The park was an ideal setting for picnicking and boating (“Hershey, The Sweetest Place on Earth”). In the years following, amenities were added including a swimming pool, an outdoor amphitheater, and rides. Admission to the park was free, but the attractions had a pay-as-you-ride policy.

Pools were added in 1929. These were located across from the “Chocolate World” attraction. The story goes that over the years, several kids drowned in the pools. In the 1970’s, these where filled in and all that remains are Lighthouses that were located nearby. There have been reports over the years of children, in old swimming attire, running where the pools once stood.

Night Watchmen have smelled the distinct odor of Cigars. It is a known fact that Milton S. Hershey was a connoisseur of cigars, possibly checking in on the progress of his creation.

Another story of that Night Watchman is The Grand Carousel, with its lights ablaze and the Wurlitzer Military Band Organ piping out “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” revolving in the wee hours of the night.

In the 1970’s, several tracts of house where bought up from the surrounding land for an expansion. An Elderly women, stressed from the pressure to sell her house, committed suicide from the “Kissing Tower”.
Today people buying French Fries, at the stand nearby, claim to hear her moans and cries for help.

During that expansion period, new rides were installed including the SooperDooperLooper, the first looping rollercoaster on the East Coast. This was plagued with issues from the start. During its Inaugural run, July 4, 1977, the coaster broke down, with the park’s CEO in the front seat, stranding the passengers on the lift hill. All the VIPs had to climb out of the train and walk down the precarious catwalks to safety.

On August 25, 1977, William Harter, a sixteen-year-old Lebanon High School senior, was in a vocational training program, working at Hersheypark as a maintenance man. Harter was working on the SooperDooperLooper, removing bolts from a magnetic control device switch which normally stops the train. He was standing between the track’s rails with his back towards the train. The train suddenly started to move and ran over him. There are reports of seeing him walking the tracks at all ours. Still making sure the ride functions

“Hershey Community Archives – Hershey Park.”Hershey Community Archives. WordPress, 26 Aug 2010. Web. 23 Nov 2010.

“Hersheypark.” Hershey, The Sweetest Place on Earth. Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, n.d. Web. 22 Nov 2010

“Hersheypark Worker Killed When Roller-Coaster Starts .” Reading Eagle 27 Aug 1977: 3. Print.
“Park Fatality Probe Ends.” Reading Eagle14 Sep 1977: 15. Print.
Wolf, Christopher E. Ghosts of Hershey and Vicinity. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2009. 36-38. Print.






Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.

Jun 25

Perspective [per-spek-tiv]: Noun – A technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface

By: Andrew Alvarez

Perspective [per-spek-tiv]: Noun – A technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface.

Ever see one of those pictures where someone is holding up the Leaning Tower of Pizza or squishing the sun with their fingers. What you are seeing is a camera trick playing with perspectives. It’s the same reason we can cover the moon or sun with our hands. Obviously, each one of those objects is larger than our hand but we can block them out with such a small object.
Perspective also plays with shadows. Being in the paranormal field, a lot of our work is inherently done in darkness. We often get claims of shadows. A light source close to a small object can cast a large shadow. This is shown sometimes in a comedic manner in cartoons.

What does this mean to us? As paranormal investigators, we may from time to time also get shown pictures from people and asked to analyze those or get the “what do you see?” question asked of us. Part of the analysis we do should take perspective into account. If we get a claim of “See the figure in the door” yet the supposed figure is perhaps half the size of the door or larger, we know there’s most likely another issue such as pareidolia happening. The face in the mirror that covers the full dresser sized mirror is like caused by a combination of smudges and reflections. The large batman shaped shadow may be from your cat or kitten playing close to a light source.

Keep perspectives in mind when you’re analyzing photos and you’ll find more and more normal causes for the alleged paranormal.

Think, ask questions, analyze and re-create.

Andrew Alvarez's photo.


Jun 18

Anomaly Research & Investigations of the Paranormal

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Denver metro area
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We investigate residential only. We have a exorcism investigator (Demonologist) on the team.

Jun 18

Old Harmony Paranormal Research (O.H.P.R.)

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OHPR is a small group and we have investigated several places like OSPH, Waverly Hills, St. Albans and different places close to home. All members are working class and we do not do this for a living. Every investigation we learn something all the time. We are not like the big shots, we are down to earth and looking for ghosts.

Jun 18

Kurfman Paranormal Research Team

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We are interested in studying and leading all aspects of the paranormal and help make contact for reasons to help positive entities and also help deal with and help with negative entities.

Jun 13

A.C.I.D. Paranormal

 NPS-Default Contact Name Cody Green
Location Portsmouth, VA
Southeastern Virginia
Phone 757-944-0500
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Website  acidparanormal.com
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A group of individuals who feel a connection to other paranormal. We hope to investigate and discover the unexplained

Jun 13

Alexis Tumbev

 Alexis Tumbev Contact Name  Alexis
Location  Grand Rapids, MI
Phone  616-308-8772
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Was a member of Grand Rapids Ghost Seekers but now a solo Demonologist. I still would like to help in any way I can. Please contact me with any questions.

Jun 13

Columbia River Investigators of the Paranormal

 Columbia River Investigators of the Paranormal Contact Name  Joe Morancie
Location  Boardman, OR
Northwest Oregon and Parts of Washington State
Phone  541-371-1940
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Website  columbiariverinvestigatorsoftheparanormal.com
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EVP Specialists, Demonic Cases, Team Medium, Dowsing Rods, 30 years experience

Jun 06

Beavercreek Ohio Paranormal Society

 B.O.P.S. Contact Name Jeff Roemer
Location Cincinnati, OH
Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee
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Website  beavercreekohioparanormalsociety.com
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We investigate all things paranormal.

Jun 06

North Ohio Paranomal Scientific Society

 NOPSS Contact Name Mark Warner
Location Elyria, OH
We perform free paranormal investigations in Ohio and surrounding
Phone (440) 284-9991
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Website nopss.com/ 
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NOPSS was formed in 2009 and is located in Northeastern Ohio. We perform free paranormal investigations for private residences and businesses in Ohio and surrounding states. We are dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal activities, as well as understanding and continuing to learn about the paranormal. We feel that people should be able to live in peace and be comfortable in their homes or businesses. We handle all our cases with the utmost respect and complete privacy. If we can help someone in anyway to understand and be less afraid of what may be going on in their homes or businesses(whether paranormal or not) then we have done our job.

Jun 05

UPSTART – Uttoxeter Paranormal Studies Technology and Research Team

 NPS-Default Contact Name Ian McKay
Location Uttoxeter United Kingdom
Uttoxeter area only
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We have a love of our little old English market town, and that is where our sole interest in investigating lies. If ghosts truly exist, then there is no reason to suppose they arent everywhere. Seeing a location on a TV show, does not make it more haunted than a local inn, it just makes it more well known

Jun 04

The Bunyip of Australia

By Sara Fawley and Leisa Knox Papin


terThe Bunyip is one of the most fascinating of the water cryptids. This is not necessarily because of any special abilities or features it has but because the descriptions of the creature are so varied, Although Aboriginal accounts of the creature date back to the early 1800’s, the descriptions are all remarkably different even among the Aboriginal tribes from region to region.

Bunyip translates to “devil” or “spirit”. Judging by Aboriginal accounts of the creature this is fitting. In legend it is said to be a ferocious creature that will sneak up on unsuspecting people and devour them. It is said to emit terrifying, bloodthirsty howls before pouncing on it’s hapless victims. On the other hand, modern accounts of the creature report it as being docile and shy of humans, often retreating quickly when spotted and apparently an herbivore as it has been spotted graingon grasses and trees along the shoreline.

Physical descriptions of the animal vary even more. The descriptions of size range from enormous to being the size of a large dog, and everything in between. It is either smooth skinned, covered in hair or has feathers. Reports of it’s body range from like a hippopotamus to an ox to a dog. The head has been described as like a dog with large protruding tusks, the head of a horse and even a head and neck like an emu. It’s habitat varies from swamps to lakes to inland. The only thing really tying all of these sightings together is that the bulk of the reports are from the area around Lake George and Lake Bathurst., although a few do come from other areas.

In 1848, an unnamed Aboriginal from the Murray River region drew a picture of the Bunyip. The picture depicted a large animal with the body of a hippopotamus and the head of a horse. In that same time period another Aboriginal, this gentleman from the Victoria area also drew a picture. His picture showed a large animal with the head and neck of an emu.

One incident of note is that in 1847 a skull was found an reported to be that of a Bunyip. It was displayed at the Australian Museum in Sydney. The exhibit lasted a mere two days before quietly being shut down amid controversy surrounding it’s authenticity. At this same time an article was published in the Sydney Morning Herald regarding the skull. After the appearance of the article , people stepped forward in droves to report their own terrifying encounters with the creature.

How can one creature that has been reported over centuries have such a widely varied description? There are a couple of theories on that. One is that any unidentified animal spotted in proximity to these areas is being reported as a Bunyip. Many of these cases are most likely misidentification of known animals. Some could be seals, alligators, possibly even an actual dog taking a swim, or any other number of local animals whose sudden appearance in the water, at a distance could fool someone who wasn’t used to seeing it into thinking they had witnessed something remarkable.

Another theory, this one mainly dealing with the Aboriginal tales and variances in description is that it could be “cultural memories”. As with any indigenous peoples the Aboriginals have strong cultural practices which include the passing down of lore and legend through word of mouth stories. Thousands of years ago before the first outside settlers arrived, the indigenous peoples of Australia shared the outback with Mega fauna such as the Diprotodon, a giant wombat like creature that could weigh up to 2 tons. Stories of the Diprotodon and other mega fauna passed down through story and song could be the basis for the rarely seen Bunyip of Aboriginal legend and could explain the differences in descriptions. Tribes in different areas would not necessarily have the same creatures to deal with.

Other possible theories as to what the creature could possibly be include the doyarchu (Irish Crocodile), giant otter, undiscovered aquatic marsupial, an undiscovered species of freshwater seal, an Australian fur seal ( which is known to emit a loud cry like that attributed to the Bunyip), the Procoptodon (a giant kangaroo whose fossils have been found in the area) and the above mentioned Diprotodon,

So what is the answer? With so many widely varying descriptions it is impossible to say for sure. Most likely there is some truth in most, if not all of the theories. Sightings have tapered off over the years and while most Australians keep the Bunyip in the category of myth and legend that does not mean it has been forgotten. The National Library of Australia sponsors a traveling exhibition on Bunyips, there are several stories on the government websites about the creature and a set of four postage stamps commemorating this long time Australian legend have been issued. While it may never be proved it will ever live in the memories and folklore of Australia.




Sara Fawley's photo.

Jun 02

The James Ossuary

By Sara Fawley

What is an Ossuary?

Before we talk about the specifics of this artifact, let’s first talk a little bit about what an ossuary is. Ossuaries are small stone (usually limestone) chests in which the bones of the dead were placed after the flesh had decayed. They were very popular in the Jewish community during the Second Temple perior (40 BCE – 135 CE.) These “bone boxes” are generally 2 ½ feet long in order to accommodate the longest bone in the human body ( the adult leg bone.) They taper slightly at the bottom, have flat or vaulted lids and have designs chip-carved or chisled on the outsides. Some do have a red of yellow wash of paint but most decorations ( plants, buildings, animals) were carved. Many contain inscriptions carved on the side in either Hebrew, Aramic or Greek. The incription generally consisted of the name and status in the family of the person whose bones were interred. .

The emergence of the James Ossuary

In 2001 Oded Golan, a Tel Aviv antiquities collector, announced that he had possesion of a stone ossuary which bore the Aramic inscription “Yaakov bar Yosef akhui di Yeshua” which translates in English to “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”. Many biblical scholars and archeaologists went wild. Finally there was solid proof (albiet circumstancial) of the existence of Jesus of Nazereth’s existence. If then inscription held true, then this was the “bone box” of “James the Just” Apostle and brother to Jesus.

The inscription was validated by two of the world’s leading paleographers (experts in authenticating and dating inscriptions based on the shape and stance of the letters) Andre Lemaire of the Sorbonne and Ada Yardeni of the Hebrew University. The ossuary and inscription were also examined and authenticated by the Geological Survey of Isreal(GSI) and Father Joseph Fitzmyer ( the world’s leading expert in Aramic).

In October of 2002 the ossuary was displayed at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. Thousands of sholars and the general public flocked to the museum to see it.

The Controversy

In 2003, Oded Golan and four other gentlemen were arrested and charged with fraud and forgery of antiquities including the James Ossuary. The ossuary was seized by the Israel Antiquities Authority and tested by a panel of experts appointed by the authority. This panel included Professor Yuval Goren clay expert at the University of Tel Aviv. Goren reported that he had found fake patina added to the “brother of Jesus” portion of the inscription and that it had been added to the ossuary at a later date than the original portion of the inscription. This was disputed by Mr Golan’s supporters.

The Outcome

In 2005 the trial of Oded Golan for fraud and forgery of many antiquites including the James Ossuary began. The trial 138 witnesses, more than 400 exhibits and over 12,000 pages of testimony. Both sides provided many experts for and against the authenticity of inscription. In 2012, after 7 years of trial, Oded Golan was aquitted of all forgery charges. He was convicted and fined for some lesser charges such as selling antiquities without a license.
What Does This All Mean?

So does this mean the James Ossuary is without a doubt the “bone box” of James the Just? Not necessarily. In the judgement handed down it was made clear that the judgement was in no way authenticating any of the artifacts in question. The judgement simply provides that the prosecution did not prove by a preponderance of evidence that Oded Golan participated or was aware of any forgery or fraud in connection with the named antiquities. Both sides of the issue still have their experts and scholars who stand firmly behind their argreement or objection to the aunthenticity of the artifact.

The bottom line is even if the inscription were proven to be 100 % authentic this does not necessarily mean that the James inscribed on the box is actually James the Just. James, Joseph and Jesus were all very common names in that time period. Many argue that the odds of there being another James who had a father named Joseph and a brother named Jesus in the same time period are astronomical but the fact remains that it is still a very real possibility. Without a provenance of where the box came from (Golan aquired it in the 1970’s but has always been evasive as to from where) we may never know.






Jun 02

Shin-Au-Av; Death Valley’s Underground City

By: Stephanie Kelly

Shin-Au-Av; Death Valley’s Underground City
Death Valley, California

For more than a hundred years there has been a legends of the “Ghost land”, also translated to “God’s Land” by the Paiute Native Tribe. According to this legend, Shin-Au-Av was created when Shin-au-av-akaits was told to take a sealed sacked to the middle of the land and open it. Shin-au-av-akaits was young and curiosity got the best of him. When he could wait no longer, he opened the sack allowing hordes of people to escape the sack into the desert. As these people began to run toward the mountains another Godly figure named Tov-wots yelled, rather angrily, “Why have you done this? I wanted these people to live in the land to the east, and here, foolish boy, you have let them out in a desert.” These people, in the legend, reportedly began to dig a tunnel in order to hide for safety. And those the legend of the Death Valley Underground City of Shin-Au-Av.

In 1947, this legend became reborn thanks to a report in the San Diego Union dated August 4. This article appears to mention everything from mummies, ancient markings, signs of an ancient civilization structure and even giants!
According to the article, a man by the name of Howard E. Hill spoke in front of the Transportation Club. Mr. Hill said that a man named Dr. F. Bruce Russell had locate tunnels underneath Death Valley in 1931 and now, with the help of Dr. Daniel S. Bovee, the tunnels are going to be explored and documented. Mr. Hill also stated that crews have removed mummies from the caverns along with giants that were estimated, at the site, to be 80,000 years old.

Howard Hill also stated that he found a ritual hall that had markings and devices similar to what was then being used by the Masonic Order. Along with those findings were, as he stated, remains of animals such as elephants and tigers but it lacked any female remains of any kind.

Mr. Hill ends his speech by stating that a Dr. Viola V. Pettit from London will begin an inspection of the remains.

To add to this legend, the next day, an article was posted in the Hot Citizen Nevada Paper titled ‘Expedition Reports Nine-Foot Skeletons’ in which it was stated that many people were skeptical of Hill’s claims. Even to this day there is question about the existence of Giants and hidden artifacts related to these underground tunnels along with many other places. Some view this as just an exaggerated story while others consider it to be evidence that there is more out there, and possibly being hidden, than citizens can even begin to figure out!


Message to the Eagle: 10 Great Ancient Mysteries of North America

Legends of America: The Hidden City of Death Valley –http://www.legendsofamerica.com/ca-deathvalleyundergroundci…

University of Pittsburgh: Paiute Creation and Original Legends edited by D. L. Ashliman http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/paiute.html

OOPARTS & Ancient High Technology; Ancient Civilizations, Giants, Tunnels Beneath Southern California – http://s8int.com/giants9.html

Stephanie Kelly's photo.

Jun 01


By: April Abercrombie

This question comes up quite often – Do we have any authentic photos of ghosts that we can show? The answer is unfortunately no.

For the following reasons, no matter what any expert has said, there are no authenticated ghost photos in existence:

FIRST – Ghosts are not proven to exist. It is impossible to say there is definitely a ghost in a photo if we are not even sure they exist. Until we have proven scientifically that ghosts exist, we can’t say there is one in a photo.

If we ever do get that scientific proof, it is ONLY then that we might be able to photograph a ghost, which would give us an authenticated ghost photo with which to compare.

SECOND – It is impossible to say for sure that a supposed photo of a ghost is genuine and unaltered. There are tell-tale signs of a fake, but if those signs are absent, we still can’t be sure. With the quality of the softwares and talented graphic artists we have today, there can be some really convincing fakes. If only they would use their powers for good! 🙂

THIRD – Even if there is a strange image in a photo that we can’t explain and we are sure the photo is not fake, we STILL cannot say it is anything paranormal. There are so many variables that go into still photography of which we have little control, such as light values, angles, motion, air particulates and other environmental factors, etc. Due to these variables, sometimes we will get weird images in photos – weird, but completely normal images. This is especially true of cell, computer and tablet cameras, which are even more notorious for creating weird images.

We hear it quite often – someone will say they had their photo authenticated by a photo expert.

Well…what does that really mean? – No expert of any kind can do this. No seasoned investigators and not even a professional photographer can do it.

What can they do then? – Experts do have knowledge of known factors that create certain anomalies in photos. They do have softwares to use that can scan a photo for irregularities and they can look at the EXIF info of the photo. All of these methods CAN give some clues as to the authenticity of a photo, but these methods are not fool proof by any means.

The most any expert can say is that a photo does not appear to have been manipulated. In that statement, there is quite a bit of wiggle room.

Any person that calls themselves an expert and then tells you your photo definitely has a ghost in it is not really an expert. Any person who has real, extensive knowledge of photography and photographic softwares would NEVER tell you this.

Jun 01

Kongamato, the African Dragon

By: Tamara Ortiz

Hello Paranormal Seekers,

There is an unknown creature reported to be seen flying through the skies in Africa. This creature is said to be the Kongamato (less known names of Oliatau or Sasabonsam), Kongamato meaning “overwhelmer of boats” or “breaker of boats”. Although most reports come out of Africa, there have been sightings of the Kongamato in North America, Australia and parts of Europe. Some speculate that the Kongamato is an ancestor of the pterodactyl.

Pterodactyl – a pterosaur of the late Jurassic period, with a long slender head and neck and a very short tail

Pterosaur – an extinct warm-blooded flying reptile of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, with membranous wings supported by a greatly lengthened fourth finger, and probably covered with fur.

There are several descriptions of the Kongamato but most individuals describe a very large flying creature with reddish, brownish skin, some report feathers. They go on to describe a long neck, a long tail, pointy ears and a very large wingspan.

In 1925 a well-known British newspaperman, G. Ward Price and the Duke of Windsor learned of individuals that had been attached by a giant flying creature in Africa. Price interviewed the victims and showed them a picture of a pterodactyl, the victims stated that this was the creature that attacked them.

In 1956 an engineer by the name of J.P.F. Brown reported seeing two prehistoric looking creatures flying over Fort Rosebery, Zambia. Brown reported that the creatures had long tails, narrow necks, teeth and a wingspan of 3 and ½ feet. A year later in 1957 a man was treated for a chest wound at the Fort Rosebery Hospital ER; his report of the creature that had attached him was very similar to Brown’s report.

In 1988 cryptozoologist, biologist, vice-president of the International Society of Cryptozoology and Scientific Director of the Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau between 1965 and 1975 Roy Mackal PhD led an expedition into Namibia in search of the Kongamato because of reports he had read and studied. There was no hard evidence produced from this expedition but a team member, James Kosi reported to have seen the Kongamato at about 1000 feet above him.

There are many cryptozoologists that continue to search for evidence of this amazing cryptid. So if your ever find yourself in Kongamato territory, make sure you keep an eye to the sky in search of this illusive creature, do this to catch glimpse but also to stay safe, for it is said by many tribes in Africa that the Kongamato is very strong and can pick you up and carry you away.

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Tamara Mariposa Oscura Ortiz's photo.

Jun 01


By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski
Demonology Team Chair

Last night, I had a wonderful conversation with a person that was wondering about seeing large Black Birds (the nature type. Not Conspiracy Theory type).Could these be Demons? Can, indeed Demons shapeshift in to other creatures? Can a demon be bound to a location to repeatedly haunt it?

It has been my experience that they can change their appearance. Marbas is one that comes to mind. He is said to have a Head of a Lion and the body of a man. This can cause a lot of fear in the practitioner. This is especially true when he speaks with his powerful voice. The Summoner can request that he appears in a less frightening state.
This can also be the opposite. If the Summoner is requesting the Demon to appear threatening to an adversary, the Demon can choose to do so.
As I have found, in my experiences, Demons don’t Haunt on their own accord. They generally have a reason. Once the reason is done, so is the “haunting”. Demons are not bound to the Earth as a Spirit might be. Think of a Demon as you would a Deity, more or less. You wouldn’t find an Angel bound to a specific spot on Earth. Therefore, why would a Demon?
Trust me, if they stayed bound, my house would look like the Haunted House at Disney World.

In Demonolatry, They have no real need to Haunt humans. Lucifer is a big on Free Will. To scare someone would do the opposite. It would turn you away and toward “God”. IF, like the Bible says, he is so opposed to “God”, why push you towards “God”?

Now, I will get back to the Big Black Birds.

There are numerous accounts of “Black Birds” in Mythos all over the world.

Odin, or Norse/Teutonic Myths has two, Huginn and Muninn. Their names mean “Knowledge and Memory”. They are said to fly the Nine Worlds and bring him reports

In the Celtic Traditions, The Morrígan (“phantom queen”) or Mórrígan (“great queen”), also known as Morrígu, is often associated with Crows and Ravens.

In Native American Totem Animals; Ravens wisdom includes introspection, courage, self-knowledge, magic, healing, creation, rebirth, keeper of secrets, master magician, shape-shifter, mysticism.
Now to Raum.

Raum is a Great Earl in Hell. He commands 30 Legions. His appearance is that of a Great Raven. But, at the request of the Summoner, will assume a human form. His abilities are stealing riches from Kings, to destroy Cities and Dignities of Men, and to tell all things, Past , Present, and Future. He will also cause Love between Friends and Foes.
He would be one to call upon when you back is against the wall by someone more powerful or influential then you. To summon for learning knowledge of events that are to come.

His “Stealing of Riches” can also be interpreted as stealing of knowledge and secrets. So all of this this would make him and his Legion very formidable against some much bigger then you. Raum is extremely helpful in legal battles against large conglomerates.

It must be noted that Members of the Corvus Family (Crows, Ravens, Bluejays), have extremely well developed memories, can learn to make tools, and have facial recognition abilities. Mourn and bury their dead. They also remember people that have been good to them, and those that mistreat them. They are NOTORIOUS for stealing shiny objects.

Maybe this is a reason why we have collective nouns like; “A Murder of Crows” and “An Unkindness of Ravens”.

Just something to think about before you chase birds away with stones and brooms.







Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.


May 24


By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski
Demonology Team Chair



Address: 401 S Juniata St, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
Phone:(814) 695-2624
Hours: Open today · 11AM–11PM

The U.S. Hotel is open every day for food service. Plus, the bar is popular with locals also.
Built back in 1835 this historic location has its own history, along with legends and ghost sightings.

The U.S. Hotel located in historic Hollidaysburg (just one block off the Pennsylvania Rte. 22 at Wayne and S. Juniata Streets) is known throughout Central Pennsylvania as the mysterious haunted hotel. It has been the backdrop for several TV and Local Paranormal Investigative teams.

The original hotel was built in historic Hollidaysburg, PA, by John Dougherty, in 1835.The hotel has since had many different owners and at one point during World War II the Navy set up a radio school. Over time the hotel fell into a state of disrepair and the original relics that once sparkled and shined eventually were destroyed. Luckily Karen and Jason Yoder looked beyond the dust and debris when they decided to purchase the U.S. Hotel and bring it to its former grandeur of days gone by.

The business has been closed again Jan. 1, 2013, when former owner Karen Yoder signed over the deed to the property to Altoona First Savings Bank to avoid foreclosure.
Local building contractor Don Delozier, Has since purchased the U.S. Hotel Restaurant & Tavern.
Ghost hunters from all over have investigated the entire hotel. Interviewing customers and the owners and dug deep into the history while attempting to establish a reason why ghosts would inhabit the hotel. One report was of an answer came in the form of a unexpected panic attack causing one investigator that ran out of an upstairs room. They had witnessed an apparition of a pretty woman with long auburn hair lying on a bed in a room completely and utterly writhing in pain and holding her head.

Another report of a group witnessed the shadow of a male ghost carrying an axe. He is believed to be a man stabbed mortally in a bar fight. It is believe he roams the halls looking for vengeance.

The upstairs is no longer taking overnight guests that are among the living. It seems there is an abundance of guests that are permanent residences.

Customers have reported seeing ghosts walk through the banquet hall in period dress. Plates and glasses fall in the kitchen area.

It is said that when parties are held. People can here walking and laughing on the staircase, as if the non-visible residents are coming to join the festivities.

Ladies have reported that there is a “filthy” looking man that watches them lecherously.

Some have seen a bride looking frantically for her lost lover. It is believed that she might be the same woman that is seen in pain on the bed. It is rumored that she committed suicide after being left at the aisle.

Reports of Murder Suicides are believed to be the basis for some of the children that reported to roam the halls and play tricks on patrons. Keys disappear and reappear. People report hair being touched. Giggling and running in the empty areas.

This really seems to be a “Hot Spot” for activity and might be a location to investigate further.








Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.

May 21

The Antikythera Mechanism

By Julie Carter

Approximately 2,100 years ago, a massive ship was caught in a storm off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera. The ship was heavily laden with fabulous Greek treasures of bronze figurines, bronze coins, fine glassware, amphorae, marble statues, silver coins and more.

Fast forward to early 1900 AD. A group of sponge divers were caught in a storm and sought refuge near an island off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera. There the sponge divers dove into the waters and discovered a shipwreck that contained extraordinary treasure. Among all of these beautiful things was what turned out to be one of the greatest treasures of all: The Antikythera Mechanism. This mechanism has been hailed as the first computer ever devised. It was also used as a celestial calendar, predicting lunar and solar eclipses and providing astrological forecasts. There was a ball of silver and black for the tracking of the moon phases.

Throughout the time after this discovery, many scientists, including Jacques Cousteau (in 1976) were instrumental in retrieving many more artifacts from the shipwreck. But The Antikythera Mechanism itself, was considered the best of the find. It’s remains were found in one lump, looking much like a piece of rock, (later it was divided into three parts, now separated into 82 carefully catalogued pieces). It took modern scientists many years to be able to see inside the artifact due to the fragileness of the pieces. It wasn’t until 2006 when The Antikythera Mechanism was given a computed tomography scan, revealing more of what was hidden inside.

This shoebox sized artifact contained a very complex system of 30 intricate bronze gear wheels used to run a system that displayed the date, positions of the sun and the moon, the positions of the zodiac, lunar phases, a 19-year calendar and a 223-month eclipse prediction dial. The timing for the artifact was set to begin in the year 205 BC. The Ancient Greeks used complex arrangements of precisely cut wheels, with precisely cut triangular teeth ( just like the gears inside of a clock) and a ring divided into degrees (like a protractor). The calendar represented a 360 day year, divided into12 months of 30 days each, plus a five day period which corresponded with the Greek-Egyptian calendar. Like a clock, the housing of this artifact would have a large circular face with rotating hands. Located on the side there would have been a knob for winding the mechanism forward or backward. As this handle was turned, gear wheels drove at least seven hands at various speeds. Instead of hours and minutes, it registered celestial time. Unfortunately, most of the seven hands have never been recovered.

Researchers have found there were once dials present, as well as decorative, but functional pieces (now long gone) as noted in inscriptions found inside the mechanism. This also tells us they carried colored balls: fiery red for Mars and gold for the sun. The dial that represented the zodiac is a 360 degree dial divided into the 12 signs of the zodiac. The planetary dials listed the five planets that were visible to the naked eye at that time: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Antikythera Mechanism made astronomical predictions as well and, even predicted when the next Olyimpad would take place.

How did the Ancient Greeks have the necessary technical skills to create such an intricate mechanism? The doubters felt there was no way civilization could have come far enough to create something like this mechanism. There are plenty of researchers that say modern science does not give our ancestors enough credit. New analysis of the Antikythera Mechanism shows the 30 precise, hand-cut bronze gears to be more advanced than previously thought. So much so, that making anything comparable to the Antikythera Mechanism would take another 1,000 years.


Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism, the first computer


Antikythera Mechanism ancient celestial calendar


The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project

Photo Credit:


May 21

Symbolic Languages Used for Secrecy in the Occult

By: Tamara Ortiz

Hello Paranormal Seekers,

You will find that many practitioners of the occult will keep what is known as a “Book of Shadows”, the book will contain very important information regarding ingredients, incantations, rituals and things of this nature. The book of shadows for most practitioners is a very private affair and is usually not shared with anyone unless the practitioner is part of an origination, convent and or temple of some kind. Then the book is usually shared amongst its members but they will all keep the secrets known in the book of shadows. With the secrecy surrounding a practitioner’s book of shadows, more often than not the practitioner will write in some kind of symbolic language to further aid in keeping the information secret.

There are many different symbolic languages out there that are known and used. Practitioners will even spend years developing their own coded symbolic language that is known only to them. I am going to point out only three symbolic languages today, the Celtic Oracular alphabet, Enochian alphabet and the Theban alphabet. I use all three in certain rituals and when writing in my book of shadows.

The Theban Alphabet (also known as the Witches Alphabet or Runes of Honorius)

The age of the Theban alphabet is unknown, and what we do know of its origins is pure speculation. The first documentation of the Theban alphabet appeared in Cornelius Agrippa’s “Three Books of Occult Philosophy” published in 1531. In the third book of the series, Agrippa attributes the alphabet to Honorius of Thebes but there are no known works proving this theory. Also the letters “J”, “U” and “W” were not a part of the original alphabet and appear approximately at the beginning of the 20th century. The Theban alphabet adopted the name witches alphabet because the symbols are carved onto stone or wood and used in a similar way for divination like witches runes. This alphabet is often used in the creation of charms and talisman.

Enochian Alphabet

Enochian alphabet first appears in history around the 16th century. Occultist Dr. John Dee and his associate Sir Edward Kelly reported to have conducted hundreds of communication sessions with angels from 1581-1585. The results of these communication sessions became what is known as the Enochian alphabet. This alphabet is often used in what is known as Enochian magic.

The Celtic Oracular Alphabet (also known as Ogham)

The Celtic Ogham alphabet appears around the fourth century. This alphabet received its name from the Celtic god known as Ogmos, god of communication and knowledge. What makes this alphabet standout from the other two is each symbol has sub meanings. Such as the symbol standing for the letter “B” also represents the Birch tree and stands for purification, cleansing and new beginnings. All twenty symbols of the Celtic Ogham alphabet represent a letter, a different tree and have a divination purpose.

There are very many alphabets and symbolic languages out there. I would love for you to share any language or symbols you may use. Please share the history and mysteries found surrounding these symbols.

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May 21

Liberia Plantation – Manassas, VA

By:  Kent Daniel S. Villavicencio

“ I grew up on the property that used to belong to Liberia Plantation. When I was a small child, I used to tell my parents that I would see figures in the house, and they wrote it off as ‘overactive imagination’. It wasn’t my imagination. I knew I was seeing a woman in a torn dress looking at me for help. In August 2006, I was 16 years old. I was a rebellious teenager who looked like I had just walked out on Halloween. It was a Sunday morning. Mom and my brother were still asleep, and dad was out on a run. I decided to use the down time in the house to do my laundry. I walked down into the basement (which gave everybody the creeps. My dog wouldn’t even go down there without somebody.) and turned the corner. Standing in my laundry room, was a tall cloaked…thing. There was no other way to describe it. A tall, cloaked, black thing. Almost like how they described the grim reaper. I screamed but was frozen from fear. The thing ran through the wall, and I haven’t seen it since.
The cloaked thing wasn’t the only paranormal experience at my house. My dog would bark at the wall, but it was the kind of barking that made people see the pit bull in him. I would come over and calm him down, but he would stand between the wall and myself almost in a protective stance. I saw shadows at night that weren’t supposed to be there. I was hearing footsteps going and coming when everybody was in bed. The floating smell of lavender. Dishes clinking when nobody was in the kitchen. The biggest thing that freaked me out about these occurrences was that my neighbors all had the same things going on in their homes.”
-Amanda C.

“My sister is a firm believer in the paranormal. I used to think it was b.s. and my sister was crazy. I realized she wasn’t crazy in January of 2009. I was a young police officer in Manassas, and it had just snowed. Manassas had a tendency to shut down when it snowed, and I was excited about stopping by my parent’s house for comfort food and some down time in a warm environment. I received a call that an alarm was going off at Liberia Plantation. I headed to the old house tucked away in the woods, and met the curator of the house at the back door. The snow fell quietly as we stood on the back porch, and the curator offered to give me a tour of the house. I accepted since I had seen the house from the road, but had always been curious about the inside. The basement was creepy, and the curator told me that that’s where the bodies were placed. The main level and the second floor looked like an old farm house. The floor creaked underneath our feet as we walked around. We then went up to the attic. I remember seeing the snow on the floor of the attic and the curator explaining the massive roof repair. We both stopped when we saw the sight in front of us. Foot prints leading to the wall, but none coming back from the wall. That sent a chill up my spine. The curator made sure all the lights were off, and we locked up the door. I sat down in my cruiser to write my report, and felt something telling me to glance up. The light shone brightly from the attic onto the freshly fallen snow.”
name withheld

May 21


By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski
NPS Demonology Department Chair


In the Township of Hellam sits one of the biggest mysteries in York Pa.,“The Seven Gates of Hell”. It was the subject of one of Mike Argento’s York Daily Record columns http://ydr.inyork.com/

several years ago and can even be found on ‘Wikipedia’ www.wikipedia.com

, an encyclopedia web site.

In the 1800s a colossal mental asylum stood in the woods of York off Toad Road. Buried in the desolate Pennsylvania woods, it was viewed as the perfect place to ship the insane from all across the state. This was a nightmare straight from Hell. It was home of only the most deranged, most unfortunate souls in PA.

The area is an overgrown wooded area off Trout Run Road in the northwestern part of the Township. I will show rumors that are attached to the area. Supposedly an insane asylum located there caught fire. The patients did manage to get out of the Building, but seven gates surrounding the asylum trapped them. The scene was pure horror. Some of the most deranged and dangerous people in all Pennsylvania had disappeared into the woods as the Asylum burned spread throughout the area. When the fire was finally under control, officials set out to corral all of the inmates. Frightened of the asylum’s inmates reputations and unsure of how to handle the patients, the search party was aggressive with extreme prejudice. There where reports of beating into submission some of those they found and killing others. To this day, no one in York acknowledges this publicly. The ones that survived, reportedly lived on to stalk and murder behind the Seven Gates

Another story Is a typical “Mad Doctor” story. An eccentric local doctor Is said to have erected a large gate at the entrance to his property. Then the rumors sprang up that there was a series of gates. They were all beyond that large one along Toad Road (cue scary music) leading deep into the woods. Out of the Seven Gates, it is believed that no-one who passed the fifth gate ever returned.

Apparitions are often seen along these paths. Strange noises and menacing screams are heard frequently.
The official statement on the The Hellam Township Website, listed below is:
“Just as there seems to be no truth to the rumors about the “Seven Gates of Hell” (no asylum ever existed there, and the local doctor had only one gate and that was to keep out trespassers), there is also no truth to the story that Hellam Township was named for ‘hell’! The fact is that our Township’s name is a corruption of the name ‘Hallam’, named for Hallam, England.”






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May 21

Mysteries of the City of Cahokia

By: Stephanie Kelly

Located just outside of St. Louis, Illinois is the Cahokia Mounds. Most people, outside of the St. Louis areas, are not aware of a rather mysterious archeological treasure right under their nose! Cahokia is one of of only eight World Heritage sites in North America and by some miracle it still has survived through the development of the areas.

Sitting at about 4,000 acres, 2,200 of which are a preserved state historic site, Cahokia Mounds is classified as the largest archaeological site in the United States. It is believed that the civilization that created Cahokia dates back to around 700 A.D. The site consists of at least 104 individual mounds that appear to show a large and sophisticated civilization long before London or even Rome.

These mounds appear to be prior to some of the known Native tribes that later controlled the areas. It is believed, but not proven, that the Chickasaw, Seminoles and Choctaw were all descendants of the people that once inhabited Cahokia. Others lean more toward the Cherokee, Creek and Natchez being their descendants. All that is known for sure is that the Late Woodland culture inhabited this area about 700 C.E. and there appears to be approximately a 200 year gap between the Woodland Culture and the development of the Mounds.

It appears that Cahokia was slowly abandoned by late 1300 AD. Excavations appear to show no sign of any disaster, warfare or illness that could’ve caused the abandonment of Cahokia but scientists believe that overcrowding, social upheaval or inadequate supplies may have been a cause leading to the end of the Cahokia Mounds.

Not only does Cahokia have a mysterious scientific and archeological history but it also has a mysterious paranormal history. Many people have reported seeing shadows, balls of lights visible with their own eyes, along with hearing chanting or rattling on the ‘Monks Mound.’

Cahokia Mounds are still being excavated to this day and we could only hope that more information would become available concerning it. Who were the people that lived at Cahokia Mounds? Where did they come from? What could be the cause of the unexplained experiences at the Monks Mound? What happened to the tribe or civilization that lived here for so long?


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Stephanie Kelly's photo.
Stephanie Kelly's photo.
Stephanie Kelly's photo.

May 15

The Minhocao “Big Earth Worm”

The Minhocao “Big Earth Worm”
By: Tamara Ortiz

The Minhocao, which means big earth worm in Portuguese, this creature is said to reside in the forest of South America. You will find a few descriptions of the Minhocao but the most common description of the creature resembles a giant worm or serpent like creature with black skin, a mouth full of teeth that cannot be missed and a pair tentacles that come from its head. There are some sightings that claim the Minhocao also hasa pig like snout.

The Minhocao is said to be a burrowing animal and leaves enormous trenches and holes in the earth in its wake. From reported sightings of the Minhocao and investigations of the suspected trenches and holes from the creature suggest a length of 75 to 150 feet with a body diameter up 15 feet. There have been many alleged occurrence where the Minhocao has been blamed for houses and manmade sutures caving in and rivers have had their courses altered. These occurrences will happen after a very heavy rain, suggesting that the Minhocao prefers to travel during or after these rains because the earth is made softer for them to move easily through.

Cryptozoologist Karl Shuker has a theory that the Minhocao is of the giant caecilian family, the description of the Minhocao fits this theory but the reported size of the Minhocao is much larger than the description of the giant caecilian. Bernard Heuvelmans who was known for being a scientist, explorer and research suggested that these creatures were surviving glyptodont. (Glyptodon was a large, armored mammal of the subfamily Glyptodontidae, which lived during the Pleistocene epoch.)

There are many theories surrounding the Minhocao regarding its origin and its habitat. If you ever find yourself deep in the forest of South America and it happens to be raining you may want to keep your eye out for this allusive creature for it is said the Minhocao
can swallow a man whole…but of course this is just legend or is it.

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May 15

The Demon named Astaroth

By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski
Demonology Team Chair

The Demon named Astaroth
The Demon Astaroth is a unique Demon. There are many different tales related to this Grand Duke of Hell.

The one I will use is the one that is more plausible to me. That Astaroth is a Female Demon.

The name Astaroth (sometimes spelled Ashtaroth) probably derives from Astarte, a Canaanite fertility goddess worshipped by the Philistines and at Sidon. She was also an early goddess among the Sumerians, known to them as the “Queen of Heaven”. In each culture, though Her Role may have slightly been different, She was always a powerful mother figure. She was a caretaker to humanity in them all. She was possibly the most worshiped deity of her time.

It is believed that the goddess Astarte has become one of the most slandered deities since modern religions took over in the Middle East. Even the name “Astaroth” is a perverted version of Astarte. It is made to sound vile, evil and shameful in the pronunciation of the old languages of the time. When the followers of the “New Religions” came into power, they wanted to remove all sympathy for the old beliefs from existence. They vilified all the reputations of the Babylonian gods and goddesses into “evil demons”.

Astaroth is something of a politician among the demons. She will counsel both humans and demons alike. But she will only help those humans who still believe in her as a goddess. It’s only fair; you must treat a Lady like Lady. She has been beaten up over the centuries, some flowers and chocolates can go a long way. She can help one gain a good reputation. She can create friendships between her followers and people with power and social status in the community. She knows all about the past, present, and future. She also can show to her followers secrets through the prophetic dreams and visions. She can also teach all about the sciences and humanities as well.

Astarte/Astaroth is said to be very tall, beautiful, and elegant with fair skin and long blonde hair. It is said that everything she does is with great ease and grace. She will only work for the greater good of those who are Her true followers. Those who wish to use her gifts to take unjustly from others will be denied her good graces.

Astaroth is said to be the Great Duchess of Hell, in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; She is part of the evil trinity. To those in Demonolatry the relationship between Astaroth and Astarte can be significant because the possible connection indicates spiritual power. Such power which Modern Religions have strived to diabolize and destroy is returning to help the people.


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Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.

May 15


By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski
Demonology Team Chair


24 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Phone:(800) 329-2599

The Inn at Jim Thorpe in Carbon County is a New Orleans style hotel that dates back to 1849, when built in 1833.

The inn, originally built as the ritzy New American Hotel, was erected on the ashes of the burned out White Swan Hotel. The Guests have reported, the usual Paranormal sightings of, seeing orbs and shadows in their photographs, and even in their beds. TVs operate by themselves, objects move. Some guests in Room 315 have reported to be awakened to find the chairs in their room have been turned upside-down. It should be noted that several famous people have spent nights here, including Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, President William H. Taft, Buffalo Bill, Thomas Edison and John D. Rockefeller.

There is one ghost, that some say, remains at the inn because she is welcome there. It is believed, back when it was called The American House, She and her lover had planned a rendezvous there. They were supposedly to reserve a room on the same floor. But a clerical error by a new employee at the front desk, gave her a room on a different floor than that of her lover. Of course upon his arrival, he wasn’t able to find her. Desperate in her situation, and feeling spurned by her love, she ended up committing suicide in her room.

It became The Inn at Jim Thorpe in 1988.

Here are some other Rooms that might be of interest to Investigators.
It is reported that a Nurse becomes quite annoyed when you occupy the same bed as a patient she is tending to, in Room 310. If you lie down in the same the bed as her Spectral Patient, it is said you can feel her Icy Grip. You may also see her white figure. Another Spirit has been reported there, too, a tall man with slicked back hair.

Room 211 has a problem with the TV going on and off by itself. My belief, since it targets men, it’s a “Football Widow”, JUST KIDDING. Also items disappear then reappear in different spots. The Spirit is definitely mischievous. One Gentleman reportedly left his boots by the door, only to wake and find them outside his room. Towels are sometimes shoved in the toilet. The sounds of laughing children are heard when there are no children around. Cigar and cigarette smoke is smelled when no one is around,
Down the hall at Room 303, there are unexplainable shadows and orbs.

In Room 203, a guest claimed that a ghost put his cell phone in the refrigerator.
A faceless lady in Victorian attire has disappeared into closed doors. Guests have supposedly seen many spirit shadows in the downstairs foyer and lobby, and have orb and mist photographs to bolster their claims. The Innkeeper has even set up a little disclaimer about Spirits in the house.






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Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.

May 15

The Secret Language of Symbols in the Occult

The Secret Language of Symbols in the Occult
By: Tamara Ortiz

Sign and symbols rule the world, not words or laws. ~ Confucius

Hello Paranormal Seekers,

Many symbols used in the Occult and for magickal purposes share similar shapes, forms, ideas, meanings and histories. Knowing the similar histories and ideas of representation behind certain shapes and images found within symbols is “The Secret Language of Symbols.” What is wonderful about symbols is even in different cultures that don’t speak the same language, there will be an understanding of symbols shared amongst these cultures. The language of symbols encompasses the very simple in design to the very complicated. It can take many years to learn but learning how to read and decipher smaller/simpler symbols will lead you to being able to decipher more complicated symbols as you further your knowledge. I am going to discuss the most common symbols circle, triangle and the square.


The circle is a symbol of boundary and enclosure, moon and sun, life and death and is found in many cultures its representation is a powerful and profound one. It represents the infinite energy of nature, and of the universe. The circle represents many things but usually the representation is the cycle of a system such as the circle of life and other representations like it. The circle can also be the visual form of the word “us” when a symbol is placed within a circle this can mean group or can even trigger are brain to be drawn into the symbol within the circle, making the viewer connect with the representation involved.

The circle represents what is spiritual and sacred in nature. In Chinese symbolism the circle expresses the heavens and when this circle is viewed within a square (the square representing the earth) this symbolizes the union between heaven and earth. The well-known symbol of yin and yang is circular; this speaks to the duality for a unified balance. Many Celtics believe circles to be symbols of protection. In Egyptian cultures the circle had many meanings but one of its most profound was the representation of the sun god. Throughout the world you can find the symbolism of the circle and its many meanings.


The meaning of the triangle is structured in the number three, the vertical side will represent one aspect, the horizontal side another and then the two sides combining represents the hypotenuse, such as:

Mind, Body, Spirit
Past, Present, Future
Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Love, Truth, Wisdom
Waxing, Waning, Full

The triangle stands out from others shapes in its symbolism because it’s the one shape depending on your view, the meaning can change entirely. For example if a triangle is sitting flat on one of its sides it represents fire, male energy, active, up, father and solar energy but when you flip it on to its point it represents water, female energy, passive, down, mother and lunar energy. The triangle is very much tied to the number three, most practices of the occult incorporates the number three within its teachings thus represents three sides which equates to the triangle. You can find the triangle used in the Celtic culture in the form of the triskelion the triquetra and many other Celtic knots. Another well-known trinity is “Celtic Life:” Birth (renewal), Death (closure) and Life (transcendence). Triangles also represent the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Greek symbolism uses the triangle to represent to delta glyph and this is in representation of a doorway meaning through balanced thought and emotion you receive a higher knowledge.


The square’s fours sides and straight lines represent foundation, structure, stability, honesty, earth, integrity, male energy and the physical realm. Buddhist believe the square represents the human and the circle represents the divine and when together this means a balance within you. The square can represent the heart in some cultures, the four sides stand for angelic, diabolic, human and divine which equals awareness and inspiration. Although more often than not the symbolism of the square has four parts, it can also represent opposites such as light and dark, up and down, physical and spiritual. In the Hindu culture, the square represents the order of the universe. It is said when you draw the square in representation of the four elements it also stabilizes the elements because of the structural properties of the square.

Other symbolic meanings of the square:
The four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)
The four major season (winter, spring, summer, autumn)
The four cosmic elements (suns, moons, planets, stars)
The four common phases of human life (birth, child, adult, death)
The four prime elements (fire, earth, air, water)

The vast knowledge of symbols and the secret language found within is a never ending interpretation. There is so much more that can be discussed regarding this amazing secret language. Even the shapes and the symbolism I have discussed today could go so much further and deeper into what they mean, there use in the occult and the history from which they came.

So…When you see a single shape, do you see the symbolism behind it? If so then you speak the secret language of symbols!

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May 15

New Findings in the Drake Equation

By: Stephanie Kelly

In 1961, a man by the name of Dr. Frank Drake developed an equation in the attempt to get the Scientific Community talking about the possibility of civilizations other than on earth. To put it simple; the equation was originally meant to summarize the main concepts that scientists must think about when considering unexplained and questionable radio communication.

This equation, N = R* x fp x ne x fe x fi x fc x L, contains many variables including:
N – the total number of civilizations in the Milky Way
R – the average rate of star formation
Fp – the fraction of formed stars that have planets
Ne – the average number of planets per star that has planets
Fl – the fraction of those planets that have actually developed life
Fi – the fraction of planets with intelligent, civilized life
Fc – the fraction of these civilizations that have detectable communications
L – the length of over which these civilizations release detectable communications

For a little bit of honesty behind this equation; Frank Drake originally made this equation just to get people talking! He wanted to figure out a way of combining the work of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) with mathematics and science. Drake come up with this theory after reading an article by Cocconi and Morrison which fueled his desire to communicate with other beings.

Drake used a 25 meter dish at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory to document his search for signals not created on earth. He named this research ‘Project Ozma.’ Dr. Drake planned on hosting a SETI meetings at the observatory and his preparation for this meeting he, somewhat unintentionally, developed this equation.

Now, let’s jump ahead to 2016! Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan, with the University of Rochester, announce their findings after ‘tweaking’ the Drake Equation. Most scientists, prior to Frank and Sullivan, used the Drake Equation in more a research and technology setting and, even then, could only give a scientific guess. Frank and Sullivan where more interested in figuring out how many advanced civilizations, more or less, have developed in the plan of the universe. The first thing this team did was removed the L (length over which these civilization release detectable communications). After that, they got a little fancy; the developed a form of the Drake Equation for Archaeology use. This equation is A = Nast * fbt. This equation takes a new form but is based off of Drakes work. A is the number of technological elements that have ever developed. Nast is the product of R, Fp and Ne of the Drake Equation. Fbt is the product of Fe, Fi and Fc of the Drake Equation.

What did Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan discover? Their analysis and research showed that there is less than 1 in 10 Billion Trillion chance that human civilization evolved on only Earth! Does this mean that there are other life forms out there? Does this mean we really are not alone? What is the next step in Science and the Unexplained?


Tech Times; Tweaked Drake Equation – http://www.techtimes.com/

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May 15

UFO or Drone

By Stephanie Kelly

It would appear, from reports, that many people are seeing more unexplained flying objects all around the world. One possibility that has been brought up often is that of Drones or other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Could this uptick in UFO sightings actually be related to the private and professional use of this type of equipment? Drones have become rather commonplace in many areas ranging from a novice who just likes the ability to record a family outing or gathering to them being used by the Military, Law Enforcement and Movie Studios. With Drones being a rather new piece of equipment, it is important to understand what a drone is, what they can do and what they may look like in the sky.
Drones, also referred to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), are basically flying robots. Most personally owned Drones are flown using a controller by a person on the ground. Commercially owned and Military controlled Drones are known to fly using GPS through software embedded in their systems, thus, no person is required to be within a certain range as it flies. Most normal citizens, in the United States, can’t fly their drone more than 400 feet above the ground by law but Drones have been recorded as high as 3,950 meters above sea level. It is possible for people to get clearance to fly their drone above 400 feet depending on location, weather, insurance and expertise. Most of the military and commercial use of Drones is classified as UAV flight or RPAS, remotely piloted aerial systems, flights. These RPAS and UAVs are made from much higher and longer flights, more than 60,000 feet high for extended time periods.
Now, let’s say you are peering up at the sky after the sun has set and see odd lights in the sky. Drones are also known to have multiple light patterns and colors available, most of which can be adjusted or altered at the flick of a switch or push of a button. The most common light set up for a drone would be 4 lights, typically white or blue, located on the bottom of the craft. Circular drones are known to have lights all the way around. RPAS can have lights that are white, blue, red or green and all them can be operated individually or shut off for surveillance purposes. Just because these shapes, patterns or colors are the norm doesn’t mean they can’t be altered or personalized, most can be completely redone at the owner’s desire.
The next time you see something in the sky, before jumping to the unexplained, try comparing them to known Drone images. You would be surprised at how many different types of UAV’s and different color patterns are available for purchase.

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Stephanie Kelly's photo.
Stephanie Kelly's photo.
Stephanie Kelly's photo.


May 05

Skunk Ape

Skunk Ape
By: Jessica Stacey-Miller

The Skunk Ape is a bipedal humanoid reported to live in the South Eastern United States. There are reports of sightings in Arkansas and North Carolina but the majority of reports are from the Florida Everglades. The ape is possibly a Bigfoot and described as having reddish brown to black fur, red glowing eyes and an incredibly horrid smell like rotting, rancid food. Estimates of the creature’s height vary significantly, some as small as four feet up to ten feet tall. The ape has several known names: Swamp Cabbage Man, The Nico, Swamp Ape, Stink Ape, Florida Bigfoot, Myakka Skunk Ape, Swampsquatch and the Bardin Booger.

Reports of the Skunk Ape started in 1942 when a man claimed that one of the creatures hitched a ride on his running board for over half a mile. In 1997 foreign tourists traveling on a bus claimed to have seen the creature. That same year a naturalist working in the Everglades also reported seeing the creature and described it as being over 7 feet tall. In 2000 pictures of the Skunk Ape were sent to the police along with a letter from an anonymous elderly woman. The letter stated that a large ape had been entering her back yard and stealing apples and lemons over the course of 3 nights. Her husband believed it looked like an orangutan and complained the horrible smell lasted long after it left.

Joe Nickell is a skeptical researcher who has been researching the claims and reports of the Skunk Ape and believes many of the sightings are actually hoaxes or possible misidentification of other wildlife animals such as bears. The black bear has many of the characteristics that have been reported. The rancid smell could be explained by the logic that bears often scavenge for food in garbage bins and they also eat other animals. A large bear can reach around seven feet tall when standing on their hind legs. The National Park Service classifies the Skunk Ape to be a hoax as there has been no concrete evidence to suggest its existence. This has not stopped reports however and many sightings still continue to this day.

Dave Shealy claims to have seen the skunk ape in 1974 at the age of ten. He continued to search for the creature for many years, seeing him on three other occasions. He is the self proclaimed local expert and has even made TV appearances. On July 8, 2000 Shealy captured a video of the Skunk Ape. Though there have not been any verified claims and National Park Services has stated the Skunk Ape is a hoax, Shealy responds by stating the swamp is over 2.2 million acres and one of the largest areas of protected land which is rarely visited.

What do you think? Is the Skunk Ape a case of mistaken animal identity? A hoax? Or is the Skunk Ape real?






The Skunk Ape is a foul-smelling bipedal hominid or other ape, mostly sighted around Florida. Although reports of theape have been reported as far north as North Carolina, the majority of Skunk Ape sightings come from in and around the Florida Everglades.

May 05

The Lady of the Spiked Throne

The Lady of the Spiked Throne

By: Stephanie Kelly

In 2009, Archaeologist Massimo Vidale was invited to examine an artifact that is currently held in a private collection. This items has been named ‘The Lady of the Spiked Throne’ due to the fact that it appears to be a Queen or Lady of importance on a Throne of spikes. Vidale was so intrigued with this item that he extensively studied it with all available resources that were at his disposal. He took an amazing amounts of detailed photos and produced articles concerning the study and findings of this item. Even with this detailed and scientific research there still has not been an explanation for this item.

To most people this just appears as a man made carving of multiple people in a cow, or bull, shaped boat and a King or Queen on a throne. To a well trained eye it is much more though. Vidale and his team all agreed that this item was in the shape of a boat or, more likely, a chariot and does appear to have a bull’s head at the front of it. Inside this chariot are at least 15 figures that were once painted yellow, red, and black. The figures that are believed to be men appear to be wearing a cone shaped garment or adornment on their necks and heads. The other figures that do not have these adornments are believed to be women and seem to be placed in the more powerful positions such as the end and beginning of each row. Under the canopy of the vessel is a woman on a throne. What is odd about this throne is that it appears to have spikes all around it, this is why it is referred to as ‘The Lady of the Spiked Throne.’

Massimo Vidale insists that this is a true and authentic clay artifact dating back to around 2700 BC and resembles that of the Mehrgarh and Naushahro civilizations that were found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and eastern Iran. He also believed that this was one of many artifacts that had been smuggled out of the war-torn area in the past decade. Vidale also offered thermoluminescence tests that appear to confirm that this is authentic and not a recreation.

Mr. Vidale’s theory on this object is that the chariot or vessel was meant to represent an event such as a ceremony or ritual that was to be held, or had been held, by the community that created it. He also notes that the placement and appearance of the figures in the boat are an example of the common hierarchy in most civilizations at that time and it would appear that, as you view the figures, the farther back you view, the more detail and time was put into the items. To help back up the dating of the piece, he notes that the feminine figures would fit with the typical ideology of the early societies in that time frame and probable location this artifact was discovered in.

There are still many questions concerning the Lady of the Spiked Throne and it is not clear if any more examinations will be allowed on it. Hopefully, with time, more information will come out or be made available about this amazing item. Until then, we are left with multiple questions: Where did it come from? What group or tribe created it? What does it represent?


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The Lady Of The Spiked Throne: The power of a lost ritual by Massimo Vidale; published 2011, Department of Asian and North African Studies

Stephanie Kelly's photo.
Stephanie Kelly's photo.
Stephanie Kelly's photo.

May 05

Ulf Christiernsson’s sighting

Ulf Christiernsson’s sighting

By Stephanie Kelly

On the 1st of April 1954, The CIA sent out a report concerning a sighting in Sweden that was reported 3 times in newspaper articles. The articles were published in the Stockholm daily newspaper ‘Dagens Nyheter’ on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December 1953. Of all of the reports that I have gone through, this one is a little different. The first thing that caught my attention was the amount of redaction; the majority of released reports have no redaction but this one seem to have odd reaction such as “Please return to Agency Archives, ******, making it unclear exactly what agency controlled this information. Secondly, all of the other reports I have reviewed have the Classification and markings for whom the information was given to; this report has the Classification redacted and, on the only page with the grid viewable, has no one marked for other Government departments that were involved.

Ulf Christiernsson, a retired Captain with the Royal Air Force and at the time an employee of Transair, reported that on December 17, 1953 he saw a metallic round object, approximately 10 meters in diameter, in the sky while flying in a DC-3 with his flight mechanic Olle Johansson. He also stated “The mysterious object appeared suddenly on the air route traveled by all controlled air traffic between Bulltofta and Bromma airfields.” He gave, in great detail the events of that afternoon. He was positive that it was flying at a low altitude and it approached his aircraft at a “very high velocity” and what he estimated as “about that of sound.”

Captain Christiernsson estimated that the aircraft was in his view for a 5 second time span. He said in the article that it didn’t seem to have a crew and was nothing like anything he had ever seen more; seeming more robotically controlled than by a person. At the time of the sighting, Captain Christiernsson stated “we were flying at an altitude of 2,150 meters and the cloud ceiling was about 1,500 meters. Thus, the object should have been flying at an altitude of between 1,500 and 1,600 meters.” Both, Christiernsson and Johansson both agreed it had no exhaust or vapor trail following behind it.

Of course, Captain Christiernsson reported this immediately to the Air Defense Staff. Their statement on the incident makes this even more interesting. According to their release, at about 2:47 pm and unknown object was reportedly seen traveling at high speed and because of the low clouds it was not able to be seen from the ground. They also stated that, to their knowledge, there were no Swedish planes in the area that this occurred.

Of course the Defense Department in Sweden along with the Air Department there were working to solve this mystery but they were not able to come up with any exact answer. One Scientist, Bertil Lindblad, insists that the sighting was that of Geminids, a large group of meteors. Mr. Lindblad stated that these would of been visible mainly on Dec 13th but sightings could last for days. Research helped to lessen the possibility of this being the cause do to the speed and angle of what the Captain saw.

Many other explanations have been offered for this sighting, but it appears to be one sighting, by a credible witness, that has yet to be debunked! This sighting is a mystery and may always be.


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May 05

Południca – Lady Midday

Południca – Lady Midday
By:  Christopher M. Ostrowski
Demonology Team Chair

As a little boy, I remember my Polish Uncle and our Polish neighbors taking about Południca, on very hot days in the summer. They warn me about being out in the Hot Sun. That “Lady Midday” would “come and get me.”

The Lady of the Rye
Lady Midday is a Slavic noon-demon. Which is why, I see now, that my Great Grandmother would make me take a nap during the hottest parts of a summer’s Day. It is believed that She causes sunstroke and madness in fieldworkers. It is believed that, noon in the summer, is at the height of her power. The demon goes by many names, Poluudnica, Psezpolnica, Polednice, Polednica, Poludnitsa, Lady Midday Kornwyf and Pscipolnitsa, Lady of the Rye. She is reported to wear a white dress, carrying a scythe or shears, and can appear as a young girl, beautiful woman, or a an aged crone, whatever Her desire is at that moment. The Mythology tells that She would stop people as they walked through the countryside’s fields or while they were working. She would ask them difficult questions/riddles or perhaps simply engage them in conversation. This in itself is pretty harmless, right? Well, it seems that if she didn’t like your answer, or you failed to answer her question, or if they attempted to change the subject, the Lady Midday would cut off their head, or alternately, strike them with madness.
Slavic artists portrayed Lady Midday as a young woman dressed in white, roaming around the edges of crop fields. She would be shown carrying a scythe or a pair of large shears in her hands. The Field Worker, however, could see Lady Midday as she approached. They stated that She took the form of a dust cloud before becoming corporeal.

Południca, if nothing else is a useful tool in teaching farm workers about the dangers of the noon heat. What better reason to tell your Boss that you need to take a break?

She was also quite useful at scaring away small children who might be up to trouble around valuable crops.





Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.

May 05

The Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas
By Sara Fawley

The Codex Gigas (which translates from Latin to Giant Book) is the largest known manuscript in the world. It measures approximately 1 metre (3 feet 3/8 inch) in length and takes two people to lift. It took more than 160 animal skins to make. This manuscript also known as ‘The Devil’s Bible’ , due to a full page illustration of the Devil contained in it’s pages, is also one of the strangest works in history. It was written in Latin in the 13th century AD and while it’s exact origin is unknown there is a note in the manuscript that states it was pawned in the monestary at Sedlec by it owners, the monks of Podlazice. According to experts it would take one person working 24 hours a day 5 years to recreate everything in the Codex, excluding the illustrations. So realistically it would have taken whoever wrote it about 20 years to complete. The strange thing is that the writing is completely consistent all the way through from start to finish. It does not change at all as one would think would happen over such an extended periord of years.

So what is it that makes the Codex Gigas so strange? It is a strange compilation of works by different authors.It begins with the Old Testament of the Bible which is followed by ‘The Antiquities’ and ‘The Jewish War’, two historical works by Flavius Josephus. Josephus lived in the first century AD. Next is the ‘Encyclopedia Etymologiae’ by Isidore of Seville who lived in the 6th century AD. Following this is a collection of medical works from various authors including Hippocrates and Theophilus. After this is the New Testament of the Bible. The last of the long works contained in the book is a ‘Chronicle Of Bohemia’ by Cosmas from Prague who lived in the 12th century.

There also some short texts as well as illustrations in the book. The first short text is a work on pentinence which is followed by an illustration of the Heavenly City. Following the portrait of the Devil is a work on exorcising evil spirits. The last short text is a Celendar which contains the names and dates on which saints and local Behmian persons were commemorated. There is also one lost work, ‘The Rule of St Benedict’, a 6th century guide to monastic life, which was on pages that were cut out of the book.

There is a legend behind the book which says it was created in one day by a monk who was sentenced to death.The legend states that the monk completed the manuscript in one night with the help of the Devil. The origin of the legend is unknown. Another legend states that it brings illness and disaster to any who possess it. Since it has been in the National Libray of Stockholm for centuries I think we can dismiss this particular legend.

The Codex was pawned at the monastery at Sedlec in 1295, by the monks of Podlazice. It then found it’s way to the monasery of Brevnov ne Prague. All of these monasteries were in Bohemia which is now part of the Czech Republic. In 1594 Rudolf II took the Codex Gigas to his castle in Prague where it remained until it was taken by the army of Sweden during the Thirty Years War. The book along with many other treasures were entered into the collection of Queen Christina of Sweden and placed in the royal library at the castle in Stockholm. In 1877 the book was taken to the newly built National Libray of Sweden in Stockholm where it remains today.

So who wrote the Codex Gigas and to what purpose? Although the who will probably never be known there is a reasonable theory on the why.The Codex Gigas is thought to be a compilation of things important to Bohemia. The Bible is the most important book to Christianity. The other texts were thought to have been carefully chosen to accomany it because together they provided information about all of the important things, Jewish History, universal knowledge, medicine and local history.



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Sara Fawley's photo.

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