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NPS - Demonology
[ deemə nólləjee ]
  1. study of demons: the study of demons, especially those that are frequent in the folklore of some societies













Demonology From a Christian Based Perspective

Fallen Angels (Demons – Part I)

Fallen Angels (Demons – Part II)


Non-religion & Demonology

Some signs of a demonic haunting

The Monastery Of The Devil

The breastplate of St Patrick – a protection prayer

St Michael’s prayer for protection

Islamic Beliefs On Demons

Hindu Beliefs on Demons

Chinese Demons

Demons in Buddhism




Bahai Faith


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Demonology according to the encyclopedia of occultism and parapsychology

Do Buddhists believe in Demons?

Do Jews believe in demons?

Hindu Asura – Demons & Giants

Islam and the Jinn

Mananiti or Aniti

History of the Baphomet

Shinto Demons


Tribal Religions









Anneliese Michel Exorcism Video and Audio

What in God’s Name?! 

The Disturbing Exorcisms and Death of Anneliese Michel

Religious Demonology

The Demoniacal: Blogging The Demons, Monsters & Mysterious Creatures That Allegedly Haunt Our World.

Daemonary: Book of Phoexician Demonology (website)

On Demons

Angels & Demons

Demons (A-B) by Kerr Cuhulain… (Showing the difference between real Demons versus demonized Pagan Gods and Goddesses who are not Demonic)

High Ranking God’s And Crowned Princes Of Hell

Thailand’s Krasue


Strange Tails | Kushtaka And The Bay Of Death

Genesis of Demons (Blog)

Signing The Covenant with the Devil

The Male Penanggalan

List of demons in the Ars Goetia

Roman Catholic Demonology

Weird Encyclopedia: Demons A-Z


Grimoires And Manuscripts Books (49)

The Curse of Cannan: A Demonology of History PDF


NPS - Books







Mechanics of Demonology by G.P. Haggart

They Shall Expel Demons by Derek Prince

Spiritual Warfare Bible NKJV by Charisma House

Catholic Demonologist Handbook by Kenneth Deel

Practical Demonology: Tactics for Demonic Warfare by Conrad Murrell

The Demonology Of King James I Includes the Original Text of Daemonologie and News from Scotland
by Donald Tyson

Biblical Demonology A Study of Spiritual Forces at Work Today by Author: Merrill F. Unger

Demonology and Devil-lore by Moncure Daniel Conway

Demonology: Possession, Exorcism and the Kingdom of Darkness Dr. Carson Michael

The Complete Book of Demonolatry, Textbook by S. Connolly

Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon: The Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic Paperback – July 16, 2010, by S.L. MacGregor Mathers (Author), Aleister Crowley (Author)

Wisdom of Eosphoros: The Luciferian Philosophy Paperback – May 14, 2015, by Michael W. Ford (Author)

The Satanic Bible Mass Market Paperback – December 1, 1976, by Anton Szandor Lavey (Author)

THE BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY, by Michael Ford (Author)


NPS-Department Chair






Department Chair

I grew up in an area of Pennsylvania where there was an practice called “Pow Wow Medicine”. This is a type Root Medicine and Conjuring that is used by the Pennsylvania Dutch. It is a combination of Eastern European folk Christianity and superstition, ceremonial magic, Cabbalistic influence, Judeo-Christian folklore. And depending on what part of the Appalachian Trail you are from, shamanic practices, Native teachings and Hoodoo practices derived from the beliefs of Africans brought to the U.S. during the time of slavery. The word Pow Wow is early 17th century: from Narragansett powáw ‘magician’ (literally ‘he dreams’).. The proper name is Speilwork or Braucherei. Adepts are called Braucher, Hexenmeisters, or just Hexens.
it is Norse/Teutonic Pagan Folk Medicine. This calls upon the Old Germanic God’s for healing. This is the Folk Medicine that Pow Wow Medicine is derived from.
I also perform Spirit Repair.
I practice Hexerei. Hexerei is a form of this Sympathetic Sorcery. This is not “Polite” Sorcery. I also Craft Runes and wands , upon request.
As of July 2007, I am a Certified Reiki Master.
I do Readings of Tarot Cards, Runes and Bones. Pa. Law states that I have to say these are entertainment purposes.
I am also an Ordained Minister.
I can and will provide all Liturgical Services for the Living, The Dying and the Disincarnate.